Copyright  2001, H. Grant.

COMMENTS: Warning! This story contains scat and pedophilia themes.

STORY CODES: Mg,toddler,oral,ws,scat

STORY INTRO: Caroline is a three year old girl who enjoys an afternoon of 
kinky fun with her daddy!

Sweet Little Caroline

Written by H. Grant

   Young Caroline stood still while her daddy checked her panties for an
accident. At three years of age, it was time for her to start using the
potty properly. Mr. Edward was a warm and endearing man. His personal
qualities as a divorced husband included patience, temperance, and a sense
of timeliness. He had not rushed Caroline into toilet training nor had he
rushed her into preschool. It was only when Caroline began showing a
degree of shame, embarrasement, and physical discomfort when she messed her
diaper that he decided it was time to educate her on how "big girls" used
the potty. Today was one of her better days. Mr. Edward lifted her sweet
little dress and pulled her white flowered cotton panties to the side -
exposing her tiny bald pussy and hiney crevice. To his relief, there was
no hint of "wee wee" or "poo poo" evident inside her cute little
underpants. They were nice and dry. Mr. Edward knew that Caroline would
have most likely voiced her displeasure if something had happened in her
panties, but he wanted to double check to make sure. He enjoyed looking at
his little girl's cunny - so tiny, soft, and fleshy with hints of baby fat.

   "How's my sweet baby Caroline?" He whispered in here ear.

   "Feels good daddy..." replied the toddler girl as she felt her father's
fingers inch their way inside her undies.

   The endearing father probed his fingers between her cunny lips and
messaged them gently. Her soft white trickle began to throb with pleasure
as her father played inside her panties. Gently, her daddy began kissing
her ear and licking her soft pink cheek with his tongue. He loved his
daughter dearly and wanted this to be an enjoyable experience for her -
just like all the others. Mr. Edward had been molesting Caroline since
she was a baby. His wife Janice hadn't noticed anything peculiar about his
advances to his daughter or his over-extended "play time" periods with her
during the course of the day and evening. She dismissed such sessions as
those of a devoted father and husband who wanted only the best for his
sweet daughter. This was indeed true. Mr. Edward did love his tiny
daughter very much - so much so that his love for her blinded him to the
wrong he was doing to her psychologically over the long term.

   Gently, he messaged her tiny red locks of hair with his other hand. Her
hair was indeed beautiful - even at her young age. It looked strawberry
colored and had little curls at the base. Mr. Edward continued to play
with her cute little pee pee and lick her cheek.

   "C'mon Caroline let's go inside." He said as he withdrew his hand from
her undies and led her by the hand toward the house.

   Caroline followed her daddy into the house and into a small bedroom. 
Gently, Mr. Edward closed the door and locked it. Then he walked over to
his sweet little girl and kneeled down in front of her.

   "Now Caroline, I want you to lie down on your bed and lift up your
sweet little dress so that daddy can have a nice long look at your pee pee
hole again...that's a girl."

   Caroline did as she was told and lay down on her back. Hesitantly, she
hiked her dress up to reveal her soft cotton panties to her father. The
young man placed his nose against the cotton fabric and smelled the faint
aroma of child piss and cunny juice. It was a sweet delicate mixture that
was enticing enough to drive just about any man crazy with lust. Her tiny
legs were soft white and fleshy and oh so cute.  

   When he finished inhaling the sweet odor of girlie stuff inside her 
underpants, he pushed her legs together and raised them in the air. Caroline 
felt like she was having her diaper changed as her daddy tugged at her 
undies and pulled them down around her knees. Her sweet tiny bottom came 
into view along with all of its magical treasures. Her smelly brown opening 
winked up at him and her pee pee hole puffed outward and was very pink and 
soft. Mr. Edward couldn't resist the site of his child's bottom. He tenderly 
placed his face between her legs and began to lick and smell her girlish 
crotch. The odor of little girl pee was plainly evident now as he continued 
to hold her legs together in the air while her panties were draped halfway 
down her little knees. Mr. Edward licked and slurped hungrily at his 
daughter's bottom - craving the taste of his child's sweet juices. Caroline 
felt as if she was in heavenly bliss as she felt the soft damp moisture of 
her daddy's tongue against her ass. She felt the warmth of his mouth against 
her asshole as his tongue slowly darted outward and gently pressed against 
her anal opening.  

   Caroline felt hot with girlish pleasure as she began to realize what 
her daddy was trying to do. He was actually trying to stick his tongue up 
her "poo poo hole." Slowly, her daddy ran his tongue in a circular fashion 
around her tiny puckered opening - giving her the best rim job of her young 
life. Caroline wiggled and squirmed on her tiny bed as her daddy played 
"ring around the rosy" with her special 'potty' hole.  Mr. Edward removed 
his tongue from her ass and pressed his nose against her anus. Slowly, he 
inhaled the faint aroma of child BM as his daughter lay still and stared at 
the ceiling. The ceiling of her small bedroom was decorated with clowns and 
teddy bears and she liked the site of the clowns and bears very much.  

   Again her daddy placed his tongue against her baby crotch. This time, he 
moved it upward toward her pink puffy pisser. Caroline squirmed again as her 
daddy's tongue pressed against her pee pee hole. Her tiny rosebud began 
jutting outward and became very puffy and swollen with kiddie pleasure. This 
was certainly no ordinary feeling for her. It was special and deliberate. 
Her father made every attempt to make her happy - including making her feel 
all nice and special between her legs. The tiny tingly feeling reached a 
climax as the small child shuddered with blissful ecstasy and shook on her 
little bed. Her daddy held her firmly as he began to play with her baby 
clitoris with his finger. 

   Up down...all around...he circled his finger as he messaged her sweet
little nub. Finally, he released her legs and stood up. Little Caroline
looked up with loving eyes at her daddy as he removed his trousers. His
thick piece of pink fleshy meat bobbled up and down in rigid fashion as he
prepared to enter his daughter. Caroline had already done this twice
before and she was slowly getting used to this form of sexual activity. 
Gently, her daddy applied some soothing gel cream to her swollen pussy as
he leaned over her and placed his cock against her wet and willing crotch.
He lowered his face to hers and kissed her full on the lips as he slowly
eased his thick penis inside of her. The little child squirmed 
uncomfortably at first and her father had to place his hand over her mouth
to keep her from crying out. Soon however the feelings of delicate pain
were replaced by feelings of warm glowing pleasure between her sweet baby
legs. This was certainly going to be enjoyable for her after all. Slowly,
her daddy oozed his cock in and out of her baby womb - stretching it and
expanding it to bigger proportions.  He was indeed making a woman out of
her - and quite early. Mr. Edward continued to probe his tongue inside
the child's mouth making sure to worm it around and coat it with his slimy
juices. His daughter's baby breath was so sweet and innocent and he began
gorging his tongue in and out of her mouth with reckless abandon. 

   Caroline just lay there submissively while her daddy played special 
games inside her mouth and trickle. Her tiny little box was heating up with 
passionate sensations as her daddy plunged his thick worm in and out of her.
Finally, he came inside her baby womb and withdrew his dripping cock. It was 
still oozing thick globs of cream as he re-positioned himself over her sweet 
baby face and aimed it at her mouth.

   "Open up Caroline...that's my girl...swallow your candy." He panted
as he dripped the remaining remnants of goo inside her sweet little mouth.

   Caroline licked and slurped at his thick cream like a well behaved
little slut. Her daddy stared down at his sweetie and told her how proud
he was of her. As soon as she had finished licking his cock clean he
pulled up his trousers and pulled Caroline's panties back up her thighs. 
Then he lowered her dress and told her to stand up so that he could give
her a big hug. Caroline told him that she had to use the potty to make a
BM.  Mr. Edward followed her in and pulled her panties back down. Gently,
he placed her stupid little bottom on the potty and watched between her
legs as she made a little poo poo mess in the round hole. Caroline seemed
slightly embarrassed as she squeezed her poop out and she couldn't hide the
fact that she was blushing. Her cheeks turned red with embarrassment while
her father watched her make her "duty."

   "Lift your bottom sweetie so I can wipe your hiney...that's my cute
little girl." He said as he lovingly wiped her soft tushy with some baby

   Mr. Edward made sure to wipe inside her little brown crinkly hole and
all around the base of his little cunt's bottom. Then he watched as
Caroline made a little 'wee wee' inside the bowl.  After his little
sweetheart had finished her duty he gently he took another baby wipe and
swabbed her cunny off so that it was nice and clean. Then he lifted her
off the potty and pulled her little flowery panties back up her thighs and
kissed his darling on the cheek.

   "Now remember Caroline...never tell mommy about our special little play
time together. It will be our special little secret that only you and I
know about OK?"

   Caroline nodded her head and hugged her daddy. She was still
embarrassed that he had watched her make poopies on the potty, but he had
also touched her between her legs and it felt so good and tingly. She
loved it when her daddy played those special little games between her legs
and she would never do anything that would put a stop to that. She knew
not to tell her mommy about when he pulled her panties down and stuck his
tongue inside her sweet little bottom. She also knew not to tell her mommy
about how he had watched her make potty in the bathroom. Caroline loved
her daddy and didn't want to see him go away. Maybe tonight he would read
her a special bed time story. Caroline loved it when he read her bedtime
stories. Mr. Edward didn't just read her any old bedtime story. He read
her stories about sweet little girls and their precious 'pee pee' holes and
what grown men liked to do with those cute little 'pee pee' holes. 

   Sometimes he read her stories about what came out of little girl's 
"wee wees" and how grown men liked to play with that too. Her favorite story 
was the one about how three grown men gave a lucky little girl three 
lollipops to put in her sweet little mouth at the same time. They all looked 
like her daddy's penis and she loved the picture photo of the little girl 
getting special candy all over her sweet little face. Maybe someday her daddy
promised it would be her.


                                   THE END

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