Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Sucking Baby (Mg,nepi,oral,extreme pedo) by The Anonymous Guy Four year old Amy is the cute little girl of the woman who lives next door. Her mother (Kathy) works nights as a waitress and I began babysitting little Amy about three years ago. Kathy and I were already neighborly acquaintances when her boyfriend left her high and dry when she was pregnant with Amy. Though there was never anything between Kathy and I, she figured she knew me well enough to ask her to babysit her 8-month old infant girl. I'm not married anymore and never had kids, so the thought of taking care of a baby scared me at first. Kathy was patient and showed me the finer arts of feeding and changing the baby's diapers. Now, you've got to understand that I've always had a fondness for little girls so I enjoyed changing little Amy's diapers much better than if she had been a baby boy. I want to say that there was absolutely nothing sexual involved when I changed little Amy's diapers, but I do have to admit that I enjoyed seeing a tiny little pussy a whole lot better than if it had been a tiny little dick! I had been babysitting little Amy almost every night for a week. Kathy would show up at my place at 6 o'clock every evening and I wouldn't see her again until she came dragging home exhausted just after midnight to collect her baby girl. Aside from the crying when she was hungry or needed to be changed, the baby girl was not much trouble to care for. I never go anywhere at night, so it gave me something to do ... a sense of purpose at night. On the sixth night, Kathy dropped off Amy in a routine which was now becoming quite familiar. Amy had already been fed (breast fed by her mother, I believe) and freshly changed. So, things would be quiet for about an hour. I had put the baby in the living room on a blanket on the carpeted floor and went to the bedroom to get out of my work clothes and put on my robe. That's usually how Kathy found me when she came after midnight to get Amy: Me in my robe and ready to go to bed as soon as she had gone. I went back into the living room, picked-up little Amy and settled onto the sofa with her to watch some TV. I put her in between my legs so she wouldn't roll off the couch. This, too, was becoming pretty routine. She would lie there and sleep while I watched the television. But, not tonight. Amy was restless and I pretty much just put up with it while I watched whatever happened to be on the tube at the time. Next thing I knew, baby Amy had worked the front of my robe loose and her little hands were pawing at the front of my underwear. I'm almost ashamded to say it, but I suddenly developed an incredible boner as her little hands explored and touched my dick through the cotton cloth of my briefs. I had gotten very horny and (to this day I still don't know what made me do it) I gently got up from the sofa, removed my underwear and got back down with my robe open in the front. I positioned Amy between my legs again, but this time my erecion was standing straight up and I pulled the baby girl up so her face was almost touching my erect penis. I layed there looking down at her as her little hands began exploring the bush of my pubic hair and almost went through the cieling with delight when those tiny soft little hands began groping around the shaft and head of my now throbbing dick. I reached down to touchher soft baby hair and slipped my thumb to her mouth. Just as I thought she would, little Amy begin sucking on my thumb which led me to the next crazy thing I did that night. I sat up a bit to angle the head of my dick down, then I pulled the hand of the thumb she was sucking toward the head of my penis and swapped it for the thumb in her mouth! Her mouth was so tiny that only the very tip of the head of my penis was getting sucked. But, it sure felt good watching that little baby down there holding my dick in her tiny hands like it was a baby bottle and her little mouth sucking on the head of my penis. It was becoming a messy affair as Amy drooled. He drool was begining to run down my shaft and I could feel precum beginning to ooze from the slit in the tip of my penis. I massaged her tiny head and soft hair with both hands while holding her head pretty much where I wanted it to be. I knew I was going to cum pretty soon and I dodn't want the cum to make too much of a mess. Better I get what I can in her mouth and clean it up from there! I had now positioned Amy and myself so her head was resting on my inner thigh while she sucked on her new "baby bottle"! I could feel the cum welling-up in my balls and I could feel the first spasms of an orgasm. Suddenly, I felt myself stiffening and my thighs began to quiver! The butterflies in my chest gave way to the incredible release of orgasm as shot after shot of hot white cum shot out of my dick and into the baby's mouth and onto her face. I usually masturbate alot and hadn't come that hard in a very long time! When the pulsing finally stopped, little Amy's mouth was full of white cum and it was all over her face and hair and hands! There was cum all over my dick and in my pubic hair and inside my robe where I lay on it on the couch. For now, I didn't care about the mess! I just layed there feeling the afterglow of release and watched little Amy swallowing what was in her mouth as my dick went limp. I guided her back to my now soft penis and let her lick up some cum with her tiny little tongue. Before long, she seemed to act as though she had enough and stop her sukcing and licking. Now it was clean-up time. I took Amy into the bathroom and cleaned her with a warm facecloth. I also had to wipe out her mouth a little to get some of the traces of cum out and check to make sure there were no tell-tale signs of pubic hair in her mouth or other damning evidence. I finally got her all cleaned-up, put her back in the living room on the floor and went back to the bathroom to get myself cleaned. After washing my dick and cleaning the robe with the facecloth, I went back into the living room and got Amy between my legs again. About an hour later, I felt my dick getting hard again and got little baby Amy to suck the tip of the penis again. This time, there wasn't nearly as much cum, but the orgasm felt as intense as the first. Needless to say, it became a routine for little Amy to suck my dick almost every night she was with me. After a while, it became a little boring and it was time to do other things. One night, when Amy was about a year-and-a-half old, it was time to change her diaper. She was just beginning to get potty-trained, but still peed in her diaper more than she made it to the little potty her mother had placed in my bathroom. I took her into the bedroom, as usual for her diaper change and place her on the bed. She was smiling and giggling as I removed the soiled diaper and prepared to clean her up with the facecloth. Her little slit hardly looked like a pussy, but it was and I felt suddenly compelled to do something I had never done before. I knew she was just a baby, but I wanted to see how it would be to lick her pussy and see how she might react to it. She giggled as I pulled her to the edge of the bed by her tiny little legs and positioed my face between her legs. I began by softly kissing around her little mound and then began to lightly lick along the slit. As I continued licking, I worked my tongue in between the folds of her tiny pussy lips and worked the tongue back and forth. To my surprise, little Amy was squirming around and cooing while I licked. I began to get the taste of pussy juice and she began getting moist. I almost couldn't believe that a girl this young ... a baby ... could get WET like that from oral stimulation! I held her tiny little ass in my hands and pulled her genitals close to my face as I let my tingue savor her flavor. Naturally, my dick became rock solid! Suddenly, Amy stiffened and it was then that I realized that she had just experienced an orgasm! I reluctantly took the tip of my tongue out of her pussy and crawled up on the bed. I pulled her in between my legs and she began instinctively sucking on my dick as she had now done so many times before. Even though she was swallowing more cum now, there was still much that needed to be cleaned up when we were done. I don't clean her mouth with the washcloth anymore, I just let her eventually swallow the remnants in her mouth and watch her lick the cum from around her lips. Of course, I let her lick as much cum from my dick as she wants and even let her lick down around the base of the penis and my balls where she always ends-up getting a mouth full of hair that I have to help her get out! Now, almost 3 years later, little Amy is not a baby anymore. She's four years old now and talks quite well for a girl her age. She knows that what we do is a secret and I know she would never tell her mommy about what we do almost every night! As soon as Kathy leaves for work and I get into my robe, little Amy is opening the robe and pulling my shorts down. Sometimes I sit on the edge of the sofa while she kneels in front of me and sucks, but I also like standing there and sqautting down so my dick is at a comfortable level for her when she kneels in front of me. Other times, she stand there and her mouth is at the perfect height for sucking my dick. I mouth fuck her now and she seems to like that. Once in a while, when I am getting close to cumming, I get carried-away a bit and hold the back of her head while I shove my penis deep into her mouth. I pull back when she starts gagging, but I have to admit, that the gagging reflex does help with the orgasm so I am guilty of intentionally causing her to gag on occasion. I love it when I cum and I can hear her swallowing in gulps while breathing best she can through her nose. Sometimes, the cum actually come out her nostrils! That's not good though, since it means she's almost drowning in my cum. I've had to pull out and cum all over her face on more than obe occasion as the cum got into her nasal cavity and caused her to gag and choke. Just the same, she's developed a taste for my cum and I do love the sensation on my dick when she gurgles and gags and coughs cum all over my dick! The good thing about that is that when she's done swalloing my hot pulses which have drained my balls dry, she now gets to lick all that come from her hands and my dick! I know this sounds gross, but about a month ago, I started licking my cum from her face ... the cum she can't get with her own tongue. It doesn't bother me to lick my own cum and she seems to like it, too! Of course, darling Amy has become quite the little nymphomaniac these days! I'm afraid I've got her going down a twisted path this early in her life. With as much sucking as she does on me, she also demands that her pussy be licked until she's good and ready to have me stop! Sometimes, as soon as her mother is gone, little Amy is pulling her panties down from beneath her nightie and telling me it's my turn! Isn't that great?! I don't have a problem with her being so eager to get her tiny little pussy licked. She nows cums several times during a good licking and her pussy juice is tasting better every night! Usually by the time she's had enough, my face is soaked with pussy juice and the precum is dripping from my erection! Just last week, I tried something new with Amy. After I gave her pussy a good licking, I decided it was time to see how much of my dick I could squeeze up that tight, tiny, hot little cunt! Of course, my boner was oozing precum and I was using one hand to spread it ober the tip of my throbbing penis while her held her firmly by the ass with the other hand so I could keep my tongue deep inside her girlhood! She protested a little when I took my tongue out of her wet little girl vagina ... and how sweet tadting that little vagnina is! I pulled her to the edge of the bed by her little legs and positioned myself over her. I guided the head of my penis to her tiny wet little slit and gently pushed the tip of my throbbing cock at her. At first, it seems like it would even go in at all. But, I played the tip of my dick back and forth and up and down a little and suddenly the head of my penis slipped in between her tiny hot pussy lips! I held her by the hips as I worked my dick ever so slight back and forth. Each time, it slipped just a little further inside her. I haven't broken her cherry yet ... I haven't been able to last that long yet! It's hard to describe just how hot and tight and wet her little pussy is!! I work my boner back and forth until just the head of my penis is inside her and WHAM! I'm pulsing cum like a jackrabbit! Since I first fucked little Amy, I've tried a couple of variations. The first time it felt so godamned good and came so fast that I just came right inside her tight little pussy. JESUS! Now, I wait until I'm just about ready to come and pull my dick out and shoot my load all over little mound and tummy. Last night, I told her to open her mouth nice and wide. I pulled my dick out and pulled her closer as I tried to get my dick up to her mouth. It dodn't quite work as planned! I started coming about halfway up to her mouth and got cum all over her tummy, chest, face, hair and the bed! Clean-up was lots of fun, though and Amy gave me another boner by licking all the cum off my dick. She sucked on my boner for about twenty minutes ... which, by the way, was 20-minutes of heaven! But, I just couldn't cum! I had one hell of a stiff and throbbing dick, but I could tell she was getting tired and I began feeling a bit guilty about all her hard work since I kbew she wouldn't get a reward for all her effort. That changed about an hour later, though. My dick was still oozing precum and I developed another boner. I held it in my hands and called, "Amy!" She immediately went down on me and sucked me to a really nice intense orgasm. She didn't get much cum, but it sure felt great! That little four-tear old girl sure knows how to suck a dick! I'm not sure how long this will go on. At what age she may decide that she rather be with boys her own age. Hell, she may even see me for the pervert that I am and rat me out! But, I'm not going to worry about any of that right now. I'm in pedo heaven with a little girl that really enjoys it when I lick her tiny pussy, sucks a mean dick and loves the taste of cum, and now let's me fuck her! Who could ask for anything more? If she weren't so godamned young, I'd MARRY her ... well, at least until she gets old enough were I've got to find another young girl to molest! THE END