Slide Ride  (Mg+,extreme pedo,nepi,toddlers,fronttage,oral)

by Porky Plupp

   As always, the DVD held my daughters' rapt attention.  Being good
parents Kristen and I didn't let them watch much TV, just a little PBS
every so often and then for far fewer hours than all their friends.  The
CGI fish flitting across the screen had all but hypnotized them.

   The older of the two at four and a half, Morgan, sat on the carpeted
floor with her eyes glued to the boob tube.  Equally enthralled by the DVD,
Morgan's barely two-year-old sister Madison sat on my lap.  Morgan was
still in her bathing suit, a thunderstorm had cancelled our planned day
beside the pool.  Maddie's suit lay on the couch next to me, as did her
diaper.  I was wearing my running shorts and nothing else.

   To my mind, cuddling with Maddie on the couch was far better than the
DVD.  The chubby little toddler wiggled and shifted as I petted her body.
The movement of her tiny bubble butt against my groin was delicious.  I
stroked her chubby legs and plucked at her tiny nipples.  Maddie
occasionally glanced at me and smiled, but the DVD held most of her

   The feel of the toddler's body could not be denied and my aching
erection throbbed within my shorts.  Nearly half way though the movie, I
decided I'd teased myself long enough and began slipping out of my shorts.
Maddie was briefly lifted and held against my chest as I tugged the running
togs down to my knees.  The child's plump, white bottom felt heavenly went
I lowered her back onto my cock.  Maddie barely noticed a thing.

   I shifted Maddie about until her rubbery ass cheeks framed each side of
my aching daddy meat.  The toddler did nothing but giggle at the antics of
the fish on the TV.  Cupping her ass and hips in my hands, I began slowly
moving the child up and down my lap.  Just the few inches I pushed and
pulled her felt oh so good.

   Morgan turned and looked over her shoulder at Maddie and I.  She surely
recognized what I was doing, I'd done it with her enough.  She wrinkled her
nose and turned back to watch the television.

   The pert globes of Maddie's ass slid back and forth across my erection.
They felt so warm and soft.  Maddie laughed again at the antics of the fish
waving her arms in glee.  The juncture between our bodies grew sticky as my
swollen meat leaked its usual pre-cum.  The toddler's flesh began to drag
and pull as I slid her around my lap.

   "Good girl, Maddie, good girl." I crooned in her ear.  I pitched my
voice low so as not to disturb Morgan.  "Daddy's going to lift you up
some." I parked the toddler on my right thigh and felt around for the baby
oil.  I'd placed both it and a towel on the couch after the rain spoiled
our swim.  Juggling Maddie and bottle at once, I popped the top and
squirted some on my cock.  Another squirt filled my palm.  Maddie's
attention stayed glued to the fish as I lifted her again.  She smiled at me
briefly when she felt me slather the oil across her chubby mons and ass

   Placing Maddie back on my lap, I cupped her chubby thighs with my hands
and began sliding her across my aching penis again.  The aroma of baby oil
seemed to fill the air around us.  The bubble of Maddie's tiny ass had felt
good before, but now with the proper lubrication it was heavenly.  I wasn't
going to last long.

   Lifting the toddler again, I tilted my hips to force my cock into the
pocket of flesh created by her thighs.  I lowered her slowly, groaning as I
felt my meat worm its way between them.  Maddie giggled again as she saw my
glans pop out into her lap.  Her stubby baby fingers grabbed at it causing
me to groan again.  Morgan turned around for another look, wrinkled her
nose, and went back to watching the DVD.

   Maddie giggled as she played with my knob.  For a few minutes, she
squeezed the weeping cock head jutting from between her thighs and clumsily
stroked a few inches of the shaft below.  The movie eventually regained her
interest.  With my daughter done playing on her own, it was time for me to
pick up the action.

   Holding Maddie's thighs tightly together, I began lifting the child up
and down.  My cock stroked along her oiled flesh.  The toddler's gaze left
the DVD and focused on the daddy meat disappearing and reappearing in her
lap.  She and I had done this many times before so the child knew something
was happening.

   I could feel my rigid shaft slide along Maddie's tiny slit.  The two
halves of chubby mons and her two chunky thighs formed a deliciously tight
pocket for daddy to enjoy.  She cupped both hands over the spot where my
glans appeared grabbing at it with oily fingers.

   Picking up the pace, I opened my own thighs wide.  Maddie's toddler body
jiggled as it met my flesh on the down stroke.  The rhythmic slap-slap-slap
caught Morgan's attention.  She turned and looked a few times, wrinkling
her nose in feigned disgust.  Maddie gave up trying to grab my glans, but
kep her hands cupped above her groin.  My cock snout punched into the oily
pocket she created on each stroke.

   The feelings coursing through my penis were getting intense.  I leaned
my head next to Maddie's bouncing one and began singing the same silly song
I'd been singing for years.  Except for the name, the words were always the
"Slide ride, slide ride.  Maddy Daddy slide ride.  Slide ride, slide

ride, side ride BOOM!"

   On each 'boom' I slammed the toddler against my lap and she shrieked
with delight.  Her hands left her lap and began to clap in time with my
song.  Morgan couldn't ignore my singing.  She gave up watching the DVD and
turned to watch us instead.

   I continued singing and bouncing Maddie on my lap for a few minutes.  My
balls had been aching since before breakfast and I really needed to get
off, but I wanted it to be a good one.  I slowed the pace every so often
whenever I felt I was about to cum.  Maddie continued to clap and shriek
with every 'boom'.  Morgan stood up and joined us on the couch.  She looked
cross and put a tiny hand on my shoulder as she watched her sister's slide
ride up close.

   After a few more minutes, I had enough and began working the child up
and down my swollen shaft faster.  Morgan was standing on the couch by this
time, holding on to my shoulder and trying to peer down where my cock slid
between Maddie's thighs.  Maddie herself sensed that something was about to
happen.  She stopped clapping and grabbed my forearms.  The toddler stared
intently at my knob as it popped up and down between her thighs.

   In the few seconds before my balls cut loose, I quickly slid Maddie down
between my thighs.  Holding her thighs tightly together with a hand and a
leg, I cupped her head and pushed it forward.  My cock stood up from her
lap a good three inches, over a third of the way to the toddler's face bent
over it.

   I could feel the recoil as each greasey rope of daddy's special 'milk'
erupted from my glans.  Maddie shouted and struggled in my grip as the
ejaculate splashed across her face and neck.  Four or five powerful spurts
frosted her body.  The lesser follow ons failed to make the gap merely
spouting an inch or so before streaming down my shaft.  Maddie's lap was
soon as coated as her face.

   The orgasm had been as good as I had hoped.  Then again, nearly every
orgasm I have with a preteen is a good one.  I fell back against the sofa
panting and holding Maddie to my torso.  She was getting teary eyed trying
to wiped my load from her face and neck.  I grabbed the towel and began
cleaning her up.

   Morgan watched it all with a very serious look on her face.

   The toddler was soon cleaned up.  I stepped back into my shorts,
gathered her clothes, and carried her off to bed.  It was past time for her
nap.  Maddie never really gave Kristen and I any trouble about going to
sleep, something I wish I could say about our other girls.  I swiped her
quickly with some handi-wipes, changed her into her jammies, and tucked her
into the crib.  She was asleep before I left the room.

   Morgan had gone back to watching the DVD by the time I returned.  I sat
on the couch with a sigh, my orgasm with Maddie had tired me somewhat. 
Morgan heard me, stood, and walked over to the sofa.  She climbed up onto
it and then crawled into my lap to snuggle.  We both watched the silly fish
on the DVD for a while.

   I was absentmindely stroking her hair when she spoke to me.

   "Daddy?" She turned and looked me straight in the face.

   "Yes, sweetie?" I began stroking her back.

   "Did you have fun doing the slide ride with Maddie?" she asked.

   "Yes, I did.  I have fun doing the slide ride with all my girls." I

   "Then why haven't we had a slide ride?" she pouted.

   I realized with a shock that Morgan was near tears.  I quickly hugged

   "Oh baby, don't worry about that." I explained.  "Daddy loves slide
riding with you.  It's just that daddy didn't think you liked slide rides

   "I like them!" she protested "I always like them!"

   "Well daddy didn't know that, sweetie.  You didn't seem to like the
rides the last few times we did them."

   "That's 'cause you did it like I was a baby!" she shouted.

   "Shhh," I put a finger to her lips, "don't wake Maddie.  Use your inside

   "You did it like I was a baby!" she said again in a softer tone.  "I
wanna slide ride like the kind Mandy and Molly gets!"

   Now that's interesting, I thought.  It seems that Kristen and I had been
wrong.  Morgan did enjoy our sex play with her after all.  Still I couldn't
give her the kind of 'ride' Molly gets.  Her older sister was nearly nine
and had been enjoying full intercourse for over a year.  Even giving her
what Mandy routinely got would be troublesome.  I doubted if Morgan could
take the inch or two that her nearly seven-year-old did sister did. 
Kristen and I had fingered Mandy and Molly for months before I even
attempted any amount of penetration.  Still, you have to begin somewhere.

   "Well, Morgie," I answered, "Mommy and I didn't know you still liked
slide rides so we decided to stop giving you them.  It's all just a big
misunderstanding, see?"

   The child nodded.  There were the beginning of tears in her eyes, but
she gave me a tiny smile after hearing my explanation.  I hugged her body

   "You know that Mommy and I love you very much.  We love all our girls
very, very, much." I planted a quick kiss on her cheek.  "What's more, we
have special love for each of girls too.  Molly gets special Molly love,
Mandy gets special Mandy love, Maddie gets special Maddie love, and..." I
left the sentence hanging hoping Morgan would finish it.  She did.

   "...  and I get special Morgan love!" she nearly shouted.

   'That's right!" I said hugging and kissing her again.  'Shall we have
some special Morgan love right now?"

   "Yes please Daddy!" the cute nymph answered.  She gave me a huge smile
and planted a kiss right on my lips.

   I settled the little girl fully onto my lap as we traded tiny kisses. 
She linked her arms around my neck, tilting her head upwards as we both
kissed and nibbled at each other.  My hands were busy stroking her back and
belly, squeezing her tiny ass, and brushing across her tiny nipples. 
Morgan sighed, giggled, and squirmed.  She stroked my face and hair,
clumsily trying to return the petting I was giving her.  She even surprised
me by darting her tongue into my mouth a few times.

   Kristen and I had definitely misjudged our daughter's recent aloofness.
She had begun to hold back from our sex play nearly two months ago.  We
didn't push things, we never did with the girls, and simply let her be. 
Molly had gone through a similar period after beginning first grade thanks
to all that 'improper' touching nonsense they drum into children these
days, but had come out of it within a few months.  Like any good parents
would, we discussed Morgan's behavior and blamed the change in her behavior
to either some 'lessons' in nursery school or on an aspect of her
personality.  It could simply be that Morgan didn't enjoy playing as much
as the other girls Kristen pointed out.

   Now I realized that Morgan's behavior was the result of simple sibling
rivalry.  She saw her older sisters, whom she envied and emulated, engaging
in very different sexual play than she did.  Making matters worse, she only
got to play in the same way Madison did and Madison was a baby.  No
four-year-old wants to be like a baby.  It wasn't that Morgan didn't want
to play anymore, it was that she didn't want to play like a baby anymore.
However, the child didn't know enough to tell us and we didn't know enough
to ask.

   Although I had recently enjoyed a wonderful orgasm with Madison, my
wriggling, giggling lap-full of Morgan got me very hard very quickly. 
Straining against my shorts and Morgan's thigh, my penis slowly shifted
about until it ran straight up along my belly inside my running shorts. 
Morgan felt my meat spring to life as it brushed across her leg.  She took
a quick peek at the bulge she'd caused, flashed me a huge smile, and
snuggled even closer.

   The child spread her legs wide and tried to press her groin against my
cock and belly.  I scooted forward on the couch allowing Morgan's leg to
slip behind me.  She used her new found leverage to begin grinding her
little mons against the upper half of my swollen daddy meat.  I cupped her
tiny bottom with both hands, running fingers inside the leg bands of her
one piece bathing suit and stroking the soft flesh inside.  Morgan wriggled
and ground faster.  She captured my tongue in her mouth and sucked on it

   Breaking our kiss for a moment, I rubbed my hands up Morgan's rocking
body to the shoulder straps of her swimsuit.  She didn't need any coaxing
or instructions.  She dropped her arms to her sides and I quickly skinned
the suit off her shoulders to her waist.  Cupping her thrusting ass again,
I bent my head to latch onto to a tiny, dusky pink nipple.

   "Oh DADDEEEEE..." Morgan cried.  She arched her back and grabbed the
sides of my head with both hands.  Her legs held her lower body tight
against me.  I gave the perky little point one final lick and then turned
my attention to its twin.  Morgan cried out again, shuddering against me.
Her arms wrapped around my head holding me fast to her chest.

   My cock was truly aching by now.  Morgan's repeated groin thrusts
against it seemingly bordered on torture.  I stood quickly, lifting the
child wrapped around my waist.  Holding her ass with one hand, I unhooked
each of legs in turn and stood her on the couch.  She smiled at me,
suddenly shy again now that our body contact was broken.  She held her
hands across her tiny breast pads and shook a little as I hooked my thumbs
into the swimsuit bunched at her waist.

   A few tugs had the suit down over her plump bum and knees.  Morgan held
onto my shoulder as she stepped out of it.  With my trembling four-year-old
daughter standing naked on the couch, I stepped back to remove my shorts.
Morgan's lit up in surprise when my penis sprang free.  She clapped her
hands across mouth and stared at me.  I stared too.

   Morgan was beautiful.  Slightly tanned legs and arms contrasted
wonderfully with the milky flesh of her torso.  Her blue eyes twinkled as
she stared at me.  The child's sensible black bob was mussed up some.  I
had run my hands through it several times as we kissed.  A lovely, rosy
blush covered her face and ran down to her chest where twin pink nipples
still glistened from my mouth.  A bit of baby fat still graced her tummy,
dimpling in around a delightfully inviting navel.  Her pudgy mons was red
and flushed from our earlier grinding.  I could just see the fleshy nub of
her clitoral prepuce poking out from the top of her chubby slit.  She stood
on the couch, staring, mouth opened, legs quivering, wating for her daddy.

   I didn't make her wait long.

   Gently lowering her to the couch, I lifted her legs into the air and
separated them.  Her bulging mons came into full view, but the fat outer
labia remained pressed tight together.  Just perfect for my tongue to
plunder I thought.  I bent my head to her groin and blew out gently on the
exposed girl flesh.

   "Daddeeee...." Morgan sighed.  Her hands found my head again and twined
themselves in my hair.

   I cupped her tiny ass globes and lifted her body slightly.  Dipping my
head, I quickly ran my tongue through her closed slit from bottom to top.
Morgan squealed in shock and tugged at my hair.  I nibbled her inner thighs
and ran one of my thumbs along the bottom of her slit.  Her mons and labia
were puffy marvels.  I licked and suckled my way across her secret little
girl places, prodding the tiny clit beneath it's prepuce, nibbling her
lips, and gently tonguing the doorway to her unused vaginal sheath.

   Morgan trembled and swayed in my grasp.  Squeals and gasps marked the
progress of my mouth and tongue over her genitals.  Her hands fell away
from my head onto the couch beside her.  I occassionally glanced upwards at
her face.  She was still flushed, eyes closed, and tongue caught between
her teeth.  Her hips began to slowly thrust upwards under my constant oral
plundering.  Brushing the pad of my thumb against her cunny mouth, I felt
the tiny oriface spasm.

   After a quarter hour or so, Morgan's genitals were bathed with my
saliva. My untouched cock throbbed painfully, a long strand of pre-cum
drooled from it's tip.  It was time for Morgan's slide ride, I thought.

   Lifting my head from her groin brought out a low 'nooooo' from the
little girl.  She held her arms out towards me, trying to coax me back. 
Her eyes were open, but her gaze was unfocussed.  Popping the top of the
baby oil bottle made her more fully aware.  Raising a brave smile, she
glanced between the bottle and I.

   "Ready for a big girl slide ride?" I asked filling one plam with the
oil. Morgan nodded a little hesitantly.

   I began applying the oil to her flesh.  Her hips slowly pumped up and

   "Will it..." she started to ask, looking up at me.

   "Will it what?" I asked in return.

   "Will it hurt?" she finished.  Her hips kept dancing in time with my
oily hand.

   "Well..." I began, "you're going to have big girl slide ride, but you're
not going to have the sort of slide ride Molly gets."

   A look of concern filled her face and her hips stopped moving.

   "Don't worry, sweetie," I said before she could speak, "you'll get the
kind of slide ride Molly gets soon enough.  You just need to practice
first. It's like swimming or riding a bike, okay?"

   "Oh..." Morgan's face brightened a little.

   "Remember when you learned to swim in the pool?" I asked.

   "Yeah..." Morgan answered.  Her hips began moving slightly again.

   "Well, you didn't just jump in off the diving board and swim all the way
to the other end your very first time did you?"

   "Uh, no.  I had to learn that stuff!"

   "Exactly, pumpkin!" I said.  "And you'll need to learn about big girl
slide rides too.  Molly and Mandy had to learn, so will you.  Today you'll
begin learning and before you know it you'll be doing big girl slide rides,
just like diving off the board and swimming!  See?"

   "Yeah, just like swimming or riding on my bike.  Right Daddy?"

   "You're such a smart girl," I smiled down at her, "it is just like
swimming and riding your bike."

   "Good.  I want to learn." Her hips began moving faster under my hands.

   I knee walked up to the couch and pulled Morgan's body closer to the
edge.  She smiled at me again, pulled her legs back towards her shoulders,
and focussed on the swollen penis now aimed at her crotch.  I placed a hand
on her belly, fisted my cock with the other, and leaned in to make contact.

   Morgan squealed with delight when my glans slid across her mound.  I had
to quickly choke down on my bloated shaft to avoid splattering cum all over
her.  Slowly, I dragged my cock snout up and down her fat slit.  At the
top, I'd lean forward a bit to poke her hidden clitoris.  At the bottom,
I'd do the same to prod her cunny mouth.  Watching Morgan watch the motion
of my meat was better than watching it myself.

   At first, she had to crane her head around my arm holding her belly
still.  I quickly removed that hand once it was clear she wouldn't scoot
away from me.  With my arm gone.  Morgan's gaze was fixated on where my
penis slid up and down her child's groove.  She snaked both hands down he
thighs and cupped my cock to her groin.  I nearly came again.

   "Good girl, Morgie," I grunted.  Releasing my cock, I took hold of her
hips and began stroking my big daddy meat along her tiny slit.

   "Mmmm, daddy, this feels good." Morgan moaned.

   "Yes," I answered, "that's why big girls like to do it." I bent quickly
and kissed her forehead.

   Morgan looked up me and smiled.  "Thank you daddy." She pursed her lips
for a real kiss and I bent again to comply.

   We were coupled like that, mouths hungerily working against each other
and adult penis sliding along preteen labia, when I dimly heard the front
door open.  Kristen and the older girls were back from the market.  Mandy
found us first.  Bounding into the fmaily room, she took one look and
hollered to her mother.

   "MOM!" the second grader shouted, "Morgie and Daddy are slide riding!"

   "Don't shout," Kristen chided her, "your baby sister is sleeping."

   I broke my liplock with Morgan and smiled up at my wife.  Kristen smiled

   "Looks like we'll need to talke when you're done." she said.

   "Oh yes," I laughed, "we'll talk."

   "I'm learning about big girl slide rides Mommy!" Morgan giggled.

   Kristen raised an eyebrow, shrugged and winked at us both.  "Let's go
put away the groceries, honey." she said taking Mandy by the shoulder and
steering her out of the family room.  I smiled, then bent to kiss Morgan

   The friction between our two bodies was delicious.  Morgie's tiny hands
and pudgy labia formed an exquisite pocket for my turgid rod to traverse.
The child pumped her hips in time with my thrusts.  I hunched over enough
to tongue her nipples bringing about more gasps and squeals.  A few times
Morgan ran a tiny hand up over my chest and toyed with my nipples, but
mostly she kept both firmly clasped over our joining.

   My thrusting continued for a good long while.  Towards the end, I
realized that Molly was standing alongside the couch watching us.  The
nine-year-old had one hand under her skimpy halter top busily toying with
the puffy cones there.  Her other hand was equally busy inside her shorts.
When she saw my attention on her, she smiled and blew a kiss.

   "Will you fuck me tonight, Daddy?" she asked in a whisper.

   I nodded yes and motioned with my head that she should leave.  Molly
blew me a kiss and walked off still playing with herself.

   Morgan hadn't noticed a thing.  Her eyes had been clenched shut for
minutes now almost as if she were trying to concentrate on something.  Her
beathing was rapid and the fush across her upper body was much deeper.  I
was getting very close to cumming and decided it was time.

   Drawing back from the couch, I withdrew my throbbing meat from the
pocket formed by Morgan's hands and labia.  The child's eyes flew open as
she felt my penis being removed.

   "Nooo...  Daddy...  please..." she whined.  She made a few grabs at my
penis trying to capture it and return it to where she wanted.

   "Don't worry, pumpkin, it's not over." I quieted her.  "Just time for
something new." I held my cock and aimed it carefully.  "Hold your legs
open, sweetie."

   Morgan dutifully grabbed her legs behind the knees and drew them back
towards her shoulders.  Her chubby mons and slit shined rosily from the oil
and our frottage.  I reached out and mashed her clit with my thumb. 
Morgan's hips jolted upwards and a grunt escaped her lips.  Continuing to
frig her tiny flesh pearl, I leaned in again carefully guiding my cock.

   The gasping child squealed in equal parts shock and fright when my cock
snout socketed itself in the lower part of her slit.  Her chubby labia
oozed aside easily thanks to the oil on both of our genitals.  Morgan
stared at me wide-eyed as I slowly rotated my hips looking for her sweet
spot.  I quickly found the mark and pressed my knob hard against her tiny
vaginal entrance.  Flicking her nub, I pressed and released, pressed and
released against her trembling hole.

   "Oh...  oh...  oh...  OH..." Morgan gasped in time with my rubbing thumb
and thrusting cock.

   "Good girl, good girl..." I moaned back.

   I wasn't going to try and penetrate her, that would require quite a bit
more training than just a twenty minute slide ride could provide.  What I
was trying to do was to get her accustomed to the feel and heft of her
daddy's erect penis.  Using manual clitorial stimulation to drive to her to
whatever passed as an orgams for a four-year-old while slowly pressing
against her vaginal opening was a good start.  After a few of these
sessions, Morgan's body would link the pressure of my cock against her tiny
cunny hole with pleasure and not with fright or pain.

   Something else that was soon going to happen would prepare her for big
girl slide rides too.

   It was time.

   I increased my stimulation of her baby clitoris.  Forming a ring with my
thumb and forefinger, I also began to rapidly stroke my cock.  My hand was
a blur between my balls and glans.  Holding still, I pressed my knob as
tightly as I dared against the quivering entrance to Morgan's unused sex
sleeve.  The child's eyes widened and her breaths came in gasps.  My
scrotum grew tight, the familiar leaden feeling filled my groin, and cold
rushes passed over my stomach and legs.

   The first blast of semen was so heavy I felt a noticable recoil. 
Morgan's jaw dropped and her hips began to shake.  When the second rope
surged into her tiny tunnel she screamed in fright and tried to get away. I
was ready, one hand pinned her hips in place while the other kept my cock
firmly socketed in her.  Rope after rope pulsed up my shaft and into the
child.  Morgan shrieked with each surge, feelings she had never know flowed
from her groin frightening the child.  I quickly lost count of the spurts,
the feeling of my own orgasm and keeping Morgan in position took all my

   When the last dribbles oozed out, I pulled my cock back and replaced it
with a finger.  I gently worked over her opening, stroking and soothing. 
My thumb returned to her clit.  Morgan's fright quickly left her.  She
stopped gapsing and began to groan.  When my tongue flicked across her
oily, semen smeared quim, the child reached her tipping point.

   Her stomach tensed, then grew taut.  Her legs at first flailed, then
stuck straight out.  Her tiny hands grabbed my head and hair painfully. 
The trembling of her hips stopped, only to be replaced by violent upward
thrusts against my face.  Morgan rammed her preteen pussy against my mouth
over and over while I hung on.  It may not have been an orgasm in a
clinical sense, but it sure as hell looked like one to me.

   "OH-NO...  OH-NO...  D-D-D-DADDY!" Morgan squealed.  She flailed in my
grasp for over a minute before quieting.  I pulled her hands off my head
and straightened up.  I was exhausted and panting myself.  My little
four-year-old was laying splayed on the couch, eyes closed, legs and arms

   Kristen touched me on the shoulder and handed me a warm, wet face cloth.

   "Thanks, honey..." I puffed.  I began cleaning myself with the cloth
while Kristen used another on Morgan.  The child stirred briefly when her
mother began cleaning her.  Kristen moved her lengthwise on the couch,
making soothing noises as she dabbed at the oil and fluids on the preteen's

   "There, there...  there, there..." Kristen cooed.  "What a big girl
Morgie is, what a big girl..."

   I stood with a groan.  "Shall I carry her into bed?" I asked.

   Kristen shook her head.  "Let her sleep here.  I'll get a blanket and

   We tucked a blanket around Morgan on the couch.  Kristen stroked the
child's hair as I put my clothes back on.  When I settled into the easy
chair, my wife came over and sat on my lap.  She kissed me long and hard.

   "What happened?" she asked, "I thought she didn't like that anymore."

   "Sibling rivalry and envy," I answered.  "She wanted to play like the
big girls and not like little Maddie."

   "Oh..." Kristen tilted her head to look at Morgan.  "Makes sense I
suppose, or as much sense as a four-year-old can make."

   I nodded in agreement.

   "You should take a nap too," she said poking my chest.  "I saw Molly
before she changed into her swimsuit and she is really worked up.  I may
just have to eat her out a couple times just to keep her under control
until tonight."

   "Wake me for lunch." I sighed.  "It looks as if I'll need the energy."


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