Sleeping Child  (Mg, extreme-pedo, cons, manipulation)

by MJK  

You never think a trip to visit family will necessarily be a fun time.
There's always someone that gets on your nerves or annoys you to no end.
And this trip was no different. I was having a pretty crappy time. It
was me, my siblings, and parents. I'm 22 by the way so you can see why a
trip like this has little interest to me. We visited my mother's sister
and her family down in VA. This included my two little cousins; Ben, 12
and Alyssa, 3. So no one for me to even hang out with really. 

On the second night into the trip, I simply could not sleep. I wasn't
comfortable in the house and even more importantly, I was horny as hell.
I went out into the hall, I figured I'd stroll to the bathroom and see
if I could relieve myself. On the way though, I passed by a partially
opened door. Even just the little of the inside of the room I could see
told me it was definitely the room of a little girl. I peered in quick
and there was Alyssa, sound asleep with the covers thrown off. She had
on cute little PJ's and her tummy showed. I couldn't help but notice how
cute her little body looked, and I felt my cock growing very hard in my
pants. I couldn't deny that seeing the little girl lying there was
turning me on. I went over to her bed, trying not to make a noise. As I
stood above her at the side of her bed, I had a sudden rush of
adrenaline and horniness when I realized I could use the little beauty
to finally relieve myself. 

I pulled my night shorts down my legs and off. As I saw my hard cock
looming above her, I couldn't contain myself anymore. I started stroking
my cock. It felt so much different than any other time I'd stoked it. I
pumped my cock hard with my hand. About 2 minutes later, I felt like I
was getting very close to cumming. I wondered if I should keep going and
cum on little Alyssa. I suppose that is why I went there in the first
place, but now that I was about to actually do it, I thought about it.
As the little child slept soundly, I reasoned that there was no harm in
simply shooting my cum onto her, she wouldn't even know and it would
feel so good. 

So, I stroked harder, knowing now for sure that I was going to blow my
sperm load all over this little 3-year-old. I got to the point where I
couldn't hold it any longer. I leaned my hips in close so that my cock
was right up close to her. I didn't have any more time to think. The
first stream of my cum shot out and landed on Alyssa's tummy. Then the
second and third big globs of my sperm shot out onto her midsection.
Then I just kept watching as more and more cum shot out of my cock onto
Alyssa's innocent little body. My sperm squirted all over her tummy,
pajama top and the top of her bottoms. Looking at her covered in my cum
was an amazing sight. I tried to wipe what I could off of her
afterwards, but some traces or my sperm couldn't be wiped from her PJ's.
She was going to be a little crusty down there in the morning. Oh well,
kids pee in bed all the time anyway. I left her like that and went to

The next day was so fun seeing her come running in wearing the PJ's I
had cum all over. She didn't say anything about it, but it was clear
that my cum residue was still there right on her midsection. The day
wore on and I couldn't stop thinking about the experience I had with
little Alyssa the night before. I knew when that night came I would have
to do it again. 

That night couldn't come fast enough. When it did, I didn't wait as long
as I had the night before. Alyssa had gone to bed earlier anyway, so I
figured she'd be asleep by then. I strolled down the hall and saw the
little beauty lying there once again. I was immediately hard and I went
in without hesitating. I walked over to her and was overtaken by her
beauty once again. Her precious innocent face looked so peaceful as she
slept. I wanted to get going, but for some reason I had this desire to
do more than last night. The thought crossed my mind as to what it would
be like to shoot my cum on her little innocent face. It just looked so
good as she lay there, it seemed like the ultimate act. Once I thought
of that I had to try it, I couldn't so anything else. 

This was a little more difficult to do. I wanted to get above her little
girl body to get right up close to her face. So, I dropped my pants to
the ground and off. Then, with my legs completely free, I gently and
carefully climbed onto her bed. I threw one knee over her and knelt
above her, straddling her little girl body. It looked so good to see her
little tiny frame lying under me with my hard cock sticking out over her
face. I started to stroke my cock once again. This time I looked down at
her precious little face under my huge cock. It was so hot to look down
and the sight was amazing. It was so good, but soon I was feeling like I
couldn't last much longer. As much as I wanted to do it, I was a little
nervous about cumming on her face. I was afraid I'd wake her up. But I
just couldn't help it, I knew it would feel so good. I let myself think
it would be fine. 

So I kept stroking, now prepared to shoot my hot load on this little
girl's face. I was quickly feeling a sudden rush that was stronger than
usual; I couldn't help but moan. As the moan escaped my mouth, little
Alyssa heard it. Apparently she wasn't as deep asleep as I thought.
Suddenly Alyssa rolled her head over and opened her eyes, looking
straight up at me. It was too late to do anything; I moaned because I
was cumming. So as soon as she barely got her eyes open, my cock erupted
and huge globs of cum splattered into her face. 

"MMMhhhhaaaaaa," she yelped as the warm goo splashed against her face.
She couldn't go anywhere or avoid it, she just took glob after glob of
my cum in her little precious face. And I didn't try to avoid it either,
even though I knew she was awake, I couldn't stop now, so I just kept
cumming in her face. I blew my entire load on her face, pretty much
covering it entirely in sperm. Once I was done Alyssa looked in shock as
to what had happened. It must have been really weird for her to feel
this warm sticky goo on her face. I hopped off of her and knelt beside
the bed, trying to sort of hide my cock. Somehow I thought that would
help even though my cock was just right in her face. 

Now what? What do you say to a little 3 year old girl whose face you
just showered in your sperm. 

"Oh honey, oh I'm so sorry," is all I could say. 

"What tis this?" she whined. 

"Oh honey, here," I said giving the girl her own little blanket to wipe
her face. 

After she was done wiping, she looked over at me, like she was trying to
figure me out. She whined and started to run out of the bed towards the
door. I knew if I let her get out, she was going to run to tell her mom.
I grabbed her out of desperation and pulled he little body in to me and
held her tight. 

"Let me go!" she screamed. 

I covered her mouth, I had no choice. 

"Honey, I can't let you go. You can't tell your mom about this, I'll get
into a lot of trouble," I said as if she would care. 

She was frantic. "You…you were naked, you did bad thing to me," she
said. Apparently even at 3 she had been told about inappropriate things.

"No honey, it's not bad, I had to," I said. 

"Why?" she asked. Now if I couldn't outsmart a 3-year-old, I had a

"Well you see, you need it or you'll never grow up correctly," I said. 

"What do you mean?" she asked 

"Well, see girls need that stuff from the boys to get into there body
and it helps them grow," I said. 

"What stuff?" she asked. 

"The stuff that was on your face. You see I was really trying to get it
in your mouth but I missed," I said. I was proud of myself in this
explanation so far. 

"You need me to get that white stuff in your body somehow and it really
helps you grow," I said 

"So how do I get it in my body?" she asked. 

"Well there are a few, but the best way is through your mouth, so it's
like taking medicine," I said. 

"Oh," is all she said. I could tell she was looking down at my cock,
which to her was the big thing that was in her face and shot cum all
over it. She looked like she was believing me. I was actually getting
hard again at the thought of where this could be going! 

"Actually honey, since I missed last time, you haven't got the juice in
your body yet and you really need to," I said. 

She looked concerned, so I felt that I really had her. 

"Honey, I want to give you some of the juice right now to be safe," I
said. "What do I do?" she asked. 

"Well, the only place that the juice comes out of is this," I said
pointing at my hard cock. "You'll need to put your mouth on it," I said.

She looked at it once again. Her little 3-year-old mind probably
imagining it in her mouth. 

"Here honey, let's go over to the bed," I said. Without waiting for an
answer, I walked over and sat on her bed. She gingerly walked over to
me. At 3-years-old she was the perfect height to reach my cock with her
mouth as I sat on the edge of her bed. I liked the feeling of power it
gave just to sit my naked ass on this sweet innocent little girls bed. I
was now going to use her for my pleasure and I couldn't help it. 

"Ok honey, I know it seems weird, but just put your mouth on it. Pretend
like it is a big lollipop," I said. 

Without saying anything she followed my directions and moved up right in
between my spread legs and right up to my cock. It pointed up at her
face and she just stared at it. I held it straight out with one hand and
I reached around her with the other arm and pulled her right in. 

"Come on honey," I said. I guess I pretty much forgot about my whole
reasoning as to why this little girl should suck a grown man's cock, but
I couldn't wait another second, I wanted the little girl to suck my
cock. As I pulled her in I held the cock right at her mouth and unless
she wanted to get stabbed in the face, she had no choice but to open her
mouth and take my cock inside her little mouth. She had to open her
mouth really wide in order to take my cock in it. Her little face looked
so stuffed with my cock forcing her mouth open wide. I only had like an
inch and a half of it in her mouth. 

She didn't pull back, but just held it there in her mouth, probably
trying to get used to it. 

"Ok honey, your doing great. Now to make the juice come out, you have to
suck on my thingy like a popsicle," I said. I didn't let go of my grip
or take my cock out of her mouth to talk to her; I didn't really want
her answer to be honest. 

"Go ahead honey, just suck on it like a popsicle," I said. 

She started to move her little mouth around a little bit and I could
feel the sucking feeling on my cock. It was so hot to have this little
3-year-old sucking my dick. 

"That's it honey, move your mouth back and forth over it. Yes, good
girl, you're doing great," I said. She really was sucking me good. I
knew I wouldn't last too much longer. Even though I had just cum,
feeling a little girl sucking my cock for the first time was so hot that
it was like I never even came. 

"Ok honey, I can already tell, the juice is going to come out soon, now
when it does, I want you to drink it all ok and then you will be all
set," I said trying not to forget my story. 

As she kept sucking a little longer, I felt like I couldn't go any
longer. I was very eager to feed this little girl my sperm. She
continued to suck my cock with a lot of eagerness to make me cum now, it
was so hot. 

"Oh honey, get ready, here it comes, oh yes, drink all of it, ahhhhhhh,"
I moaned as I felt the cum start to shoot into her mouth. The first glob
blasted off like a rocket and hit the back of her throat. It immediately
made her start to choke. And then glob after glob started spurting into
her mouth. By now she was choking on it quite a bit. But I couldn't stop
now. I held her head firmly in place and kept the cum flowing into her
mouth. I actually liked hearing her choke on it. I blew my entire load
into her mouth, and she swallowed most of it. I was pleased to say the

After I finished cumming in her mouth, I let her go and she pulled back
and my cock popped out of her mouth. She looked somewhat relieved and
she was taking deep breaths. I guess I didn't really give her much
choice but to swallow all my cum. I just held her there and shot it all
in her mouth. And when she choked on it, I didn't stop, I just kept

"Great job honey, you did wonderful. You're very smart to drink this
stuff, it's important, but a lot of girls don't realize the importance,"
I said trying to bring my story to a close. 

"Oh yeah, please don't tell you mom or anyone that I let you drink my
juice. They would get mad if they knew. You're technically a bit too
young to be taking the juice already, but it will help you in the long
run," I said totally rambling things off. 

And with that I got her back into bed and tucked her in and left. I said
"thank you", which was weird considering I was supposedly doing her a
favor as far as she knew. But the little girl just gave me the greatest
blow job you could ever get, so I said thank you out of habit. 

Well the next day came around. I only had one more night that I would be
here visiting them. Seeing how good things went with Alyssa, my mind was
churning as to what I could do with her while I had a chance. The last 2
nights I had shot 3 incredible loads of cum. One on her body, one on her
face, and one in her mouth. So things seemed to be increasing as we went
on. I felt confident that I could at least get Alyssa to suck my cock
one or two more times to get her juice if I wanted to just do that. But
I also thought of something better. She was only 3 so still very young,
but that also led me to think she wouldn't argue much with things I
suggested we do. My biggest desire of all was always to one day know
what it felt like to stick my cock into a little girl's vagina. To
actually fuck a little child. And with Alyssa, the chances of me being
able to fit my cock in her sounded very slim, I mean even a pre-teen
girl would be hard to get inside. 

So I thought about that all day. Both the reality of ever fitting my
cock inside the 3 year olds vagina, and the thought of how hot it
sounded! Well by the time that night wore around, I knew I at least
wanted to try. I even told Alyssa to stay awake for me and wait until
the parents went to bed and that I would come in after that to give her
some more juice. So this time when I crept to her room she was awake
waiting for me. I think she would rather that, then fall asleep and wake
up to me cumming on her face. 

"Hi Alyssa," I said as I walked in and quietly closed the door behind
me. She waved at me and smiled. I think I had her in a good mind set
about all this. There was nothing sexual about it as far as she was
concerned, it was all for health. And maybe there was something
interesting to her about seeing a boy's cock and all that. 

I walked over to her and sat on the bed next to her. She looked at me as
if waiting to here me tell her to get in between my legs again and suck
my cock. But I didn't because I had even hotter plans. Seeing the little
girl there in her PJ's and looking at her small frame, the thought of
fucking that little child seemed so hot, that's what I was going to try
to do. 

"So Alyssa, I wanted tonight to give you some more juice. I was trying
to think of the best way to give it to you," I said. By now I was also
thinking of other things, such as what happens when I go home. Will she
go up to her dad and ask for the juice. I couldn't have that happen. I
had to bring my "juice" story around so that once I leave she doesn't
ask for it anymore. I had a random thought anyway. 

"Now Alyssa, be honest, did you like having to drink that juice last
night" I said. I knew what the answer would be and I wanted her to say

"No, no' really, it tasted funny," she said. That was a good answer for
where I was about to go with my story. 

"Well, actually I know a way that we can make it so that you never have
to drink the juice again!" I said. 

"Really, how?!" she said perking up. This was a good sign. 

"Well see, you can keep drinking the juice, but then you'll need it all
the time to grow. But there is a way I can give you some juice and then
you never need it again and you'll grow perfectly fine!" I said. 

"How?" she said looking really interested. 

"Well, it's a bit hard to explain. But I need to like squirt the juice
right into your body, so I can't do it through your mouth. So we need to
squirt it in through a different hole," I said. 

"Oh," she said looking down and thinking. I think she knew where her
other holes were anyway. As to what they were used for, well I suppose I
was about to show her in a way. 

"Yes honey, I think you know what I mean. We'll need to take our pants
off. And you have a little hole down there like all girls do. If I can
put my thingy in there, I can squirt the juice right into your body and
then you will never need it again to grow," I said. I thought I was
doing really well. 

"Ok, do you tink it'll hurt me," she said. Well I don't blame her for
asking. She had seen my cock already and saw it's size compared to her. 

"Well it might a little, I have some things I will do first to like help
make it not hurt so much, but we still need to take our clothes off so
maybe we should do that now so we can get started," I said. I had
already layed the story out so now it was better for me to just direct
her, she seemed to go with what I said as long as I made it sound good,
which I think I did. She at least knew she didn't want to have to choke
on cum every day as far as she knew. 

So with that she seemed content to follow my lead. She was lying on her
back, so I began to slide her pajama pants down her little legs and off.
Just seeing her in her panties was getting me hot. I didn't waste time
in case she got cold feet. I slipped her little undies down, uncovering
her little kiddy pussy for me to see. She was completely naked from the
waist down. I actually kept her little shirt on. It was a cute "Little
Princess" shirt so I thought it would be hot to fuck her while she was
wearing that. It would remind me how young she was. 

I kept my clothes on for now. I wanted to loosen her up with my finger
first and I figured better to keep my cock hidden until I was ready to
stick it in her. 

"Ok Alyssa, I'm going to try to put my finger in first, just to like
loosen you up a little so it won't hurt so much," I said. She just
nodded and looked down intent on watching what I was about to do. 

First I just caressed her little pussy and enjoyed the sensation of her
soft puffy lips. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, feeling her
little clit and small vagina opening. I felt her pussy all over,
enjoying the feel of my first kiddy pussy. After a little bit, I began
to slowly guide my index finger into her vagina. I could barely slide my
finger in her she was so tight, I couldn't imagine how I would get my
cock in there. I slid my finger in further, she winced a bit as she was
penetrated for the first time. I slowly worked it in, I moved it back
and forth. There was no real science here, I was just moving my finger
around trying to loosen her up. I tried to start working it in and out
faster. She breathed heavy as I finger fucked her little pussy. I worked
faster and faster and slowly her vagina started to feel looser. It could
only feel so loose though, she was still amazingly tight. When I felt
like I could work my finger in and out without a lot of resistance, I
decided to switch to my middle finger. I slid that inside her vagina,
which once again took some time at first. I worked her with that for a
while trying to make her more loose. After awhile it was time to just go
for it. It was going to be hard to stick my cock in her anyway, so may
as well get to it now. Plus sticking my fingers in her pussy made me so
horny cause I could imagine my cock in there. 

"Ok honey, I think that was good to do to get you ready, I need to just
put my thingy in now so I can give you your juice," I said. 

"Ok," she said. She was content, but I'm sure still worried about me
sticking my cock in her tiny pussy. But she looked at it as something I
"had" to do this once. And I was fine with that, I wanted to fuck her. 

So with that I began to take my clothes off. I pulled down my pants and
underwear and out popped my hard cock. I actually took my shirt off too.
This might be my one and only chance to fuck a little girl, I wanted to
do it all the way and be naked. She didn't have to be cause she looked
cute in her little girlie shirt. So now totally naked, I had Alyssa
looking at me once again with amazement and almost shock. Now she was
seeing an older boy completely naked. Her innocent little girl mind
would be changed forever. And soon so would her innocence altogether,
but I couldn't worry about that now. The thought of fucking her was too

I moved up in between her legs and spread them apart wide. She looked so
sexy lying there with her legs spread. Only 3 years old and about to be
fucked for the first time. I took my cock in my hand and placed it at
the entrance to her little girl vagina. I couldn't believe I was
actually about to have sex with such a little girl. I began to guide my
head inside her. She winced as she felt my cock enter her for the first
time. It was obviously much bigger than my finger (give me some credit).
This was going to be very interesting, even just feeling my head in her
felt so tight. But I couldn't stop now, I just had to feel it inside
her. I pushed forward more and my cock slowly sank a little deeper
inside her. It was already so tight, I didn't know how much more I could
get in her, but my cock felt like it was crying out to get inside her
warm, wet little pussy. 

"Ok Alyssa, you're doing so great, I need to get it in at least a little
more, just take deep breaths and relax your muscles, that will make it
easier," I said trying not to forget about her well being while I was in
my horny state or trying to just fuck her. She didn't say anything but
just nodded like she was somewhat glad to hear she was doing good. 

Meanwhile I was really wanting to get more of my cock in her. A little
less than 2 inches was inside her so far. But I needed more. She was so
tight, but I needed to get more. I gripped her hips with both hands to
hold her hard in place. Then I did it. I just bore down hard with my
hips, pushing my cock forward hard. Her young little vagina could do
nothing but give way to my cock as it sliced it's way deeper inside her.
She winced hard in pain and I saw tears in her eyes. Now no longer a
virgin and in great pain. But now my cock was a good 4 inches deep
inside her vagina, which was plenty good for me and she felt so good
wrapped around my cock. She was crying now and I looked down and I could
see some blood leaking onto my cock. I knew this wasn't going to be
pretty but now the reality was setting in. I may have done some real
damage to her little pussy. It was stretched so wide and she was still
so young. 

I held it still in her for a while. I didn't want to move and hurt her
more, but I also didn't want to pull out. Feeling her tight little
vagina squeezing my cock was exactly what I wanted to feel and now I was
feeling it. I couldn't stop now, I had to get her to let me fuck her for
a little bit. I knew it wouldn't take long to cum, but I still had to do
a little fucking in order to cum. 

"It's ok honey, this is a one time thing, then it will be over, you
don't have to do it again," I said. Obviously one day she would, but it
wouldn't be like this. 

"But we made it this far honey, we need to finish so you don't need to
do it again. I need to squirt the juice inside you, ok," I said. 

She nodded a "yes" and seemed to calm down a bit. She wasn't having fun.
But I definitely was and I had made it this far with her, I had to

"I need to move my thingy in and out for a little bit to make the juice
come out, I have to know exactly where to squirt it," I said trying to
justify why I had to fuck her in order to give her the juice. 

With that I began to slowly pull my cock back out of her vagina. She
almost seemed to be relieved, but then I slid it back in her to the same
length making her wince again. I began to slowly repeat that motion,
just slowly withdrawing my cock then sliding it right back into the same
depth. The sensation on my cock was amazing as her tight kiddy vagina
massaged my naked shaft as it slid in and out of her. I was now actually
fucking a small little girl, just like I had been dreaming of, and she
was actually letting me do it. 

I began to pick up the pace a little. Not much, but enough to get to a
steady fucking pace. I just kept working my cock in and out of her tight
little pussy, letting it squeeze and pleasure my cock. I could see blood
on my cock in between every stroke. But now that I got going, seeing the
blood only made it hotter for some reason. It certainly wasn't going to
make me stop, not now. 

I kept fucking the little tiny girl, watching her face wince with each
thrust of my cock and hearing her heavy breaths was making me so hot as
I fucked her. The pleasure on my cock was getting to feel too good. I
wasn't going to last much longer. I'm sure little Alyssa would be happy
to know that I was getting close. So, I didn't mind that I was almost
done, I knew I was really hurting the little girl, which I didn't really
want to hurt her, I just couldn't help it while I was so horny for her
young body. Plus, one of the major reasons for wanting to fuck a little
girl so bad was to experience the feeling of squirting my sperm into her
little vagina. Just the fact that I could shoot my sperm right into her
vagina and not have to worry about a baby was so hot, plus little girls
are just so hot and it sounds so hot to cum in their little bodies. I
was about to cum right in little Alyssa's vagina, and it's what she
wanted now! 

As I felt myself getting close, I couldn't help but want to tell Alyssa
what I was about to do. I probably ended up basically blowing my cover
story, but I couldn't help it. I was so horny. I didn't want to tell her
about juice and all the crap, I wanted to tell her that I was about to
fill her vagina with my hot gooey sperm. 

"Oh god Alyssa. Oh yes baby, I'm almost there. Oh god Alyssa I'm going
to cum so hard in your little pussy. Oh god baby I'm going to shoot my
sperm right in your little vagina. Oh yes, I'm going to fill your little
baby womb with my sperm!" I moaned loudly as I felt the sharp tingle in
my cock. I made one final big thrust into her as deep as I could go,
maybe deeper than before. Then my cock exploded inside her. Hot globs of
my sperm began to blast into her vagina. I held my cock all the way in
her while I felt my cock spurting sperm right into her little premature
womb. Finally I felt the cum stop spurting into her and my cock began to
slowly soften. I held it there in her a bit longer while I came back
down to earth from the most tremendous cum I had ever had. 

Then I pulled my cock out of her and my first fucking of a young child
was complete. And it was overwhelming how amazing the experience was.
Well, I suppose I'd better go clean the kid up…