Kitty Kat

By Daddy Robert

One day daddy was sitting in his chair and Kat was laying on the floor 
coloring. Daddy watches you and gets all excited cause your little 
panties are peeknig out from under your skirt. Daddy and Kat play nice 
games a lot. Daddy comes into your room almost every night and touches 
	Today though daddy has little Kat come to him.
	"Ummmm you look so cute in those panties Kat. Come here and give daddy 
a hug." I say as I reach out to hold you. When you arrive I  pull your 
little skirt off. Your panties are white with little Cat's on the front. 
I reach down and start to stroke you through them. Your little body 
sways back and forth against my fingers and I hear little whimpers 
escape from your lips.
	"Dadddy! play with my cunnie." You sigh as I pull the side of your 
panties back to get a better feel.
	Your a little wet and I can feel your cunnie lips take my finger in 
	"Oh my precious little girl! You know daddy loves to play with you. 
Daddy loves the feel of your sweet little cunnie. Daddy wants to feel 
your cunnie against my hard cock." After saying this you clap your hands 
and say "YIPPIE!"
	Soon daddy pulls his cock from it's confinment. It springs to life at 
the touch of your little fingers. Your hand stroking it back and forth. 
I almost feel like cumming but hold on with dear life. I want so very 
much to feel your cunnie. 
	Cupping your little bottom, daddy inches you forward a bit. I can feel 
your soft hair against my neck as I tell you to hug me tightly. Soon I 
have your panties down to your knees and my cock is pressed right to the 
entrance of your cunnie.
	"Do you want daddy to squirt you? Make daddy juice cum out all over 
your lips baby girl?"
	"Uh-huh Me love daddy juice!" You say with pride and soon my fingers 
are stroking my hardness. But as I continue I realise that my pleasure, 
our pleasure would be greater if your hands were stroknig me.
	"Oooh Kat, my sweet little girl. Take daddy's cock in your hand and 
help me make the juice come out." I moan and soon your velvit touch 
engulfs my hardness. 
	Back and forth, back and forth your little hand plays. Doing a 
delicious little girl dance. God! Daddy just loves little girls! Daddy 
is sooo happy that you are my little girl. I'm so pleased my Kat wants 
to taste and lick and feel all the neat things daddy has to teach her.
	Back and forth, back and forth. Your little fingers go faster and my 
hips jerk against your cunnie.
	"Can my little Kat feel daddy's cock agianst her cunnie? Feel how hard 
and hot it is. Its gonna shoot daddy juice soon....very soon!" My 
breathing becomes stronger as does yours and your pressing your lips 
hard and tightly against my cock. I can even feel a slight bit of my 
head enter you.
	Faster, faster your fingers go as my hand cups your bottom. Drawing you 
nearer to me. Closer to my hot, sticky cum.
	"Oooh Oohh daddy me feel your cock in my cunnie! Me feel it! Me feel 
it!" You cry as I push gently and fill you with my head. I am there 
ready, and feeling my own juice going up my cock and splashing against 
your cunnie lips.
	"Oh god Kat here it comes  here comes daddy's juice all up inside your 
little cunnie!" I feel it shoot and with each spurt I breath "God" 
Squirt! "I just love" Squirt! squirt! "little girls!!!!!!!!"" 

	I can feel the wetness of my cum splashing all over your cunnie and 
thighs. With one hand I reach down and aim some of it into your little 
panties. Your little lips and thighs are coated with warm daddy dick 
	I hear you sigh and feel you rock your hips up against the spurting 
cock that is your daddies. You hold me tight and feel all my juice in 
	"DADDDY JUICE! DADDY JUICE!" You yell and enjoy the gift I give you.
	Soon my cock drippbles it's last drops and daddy and Kat breath hard 
from lusts end. But wait? What is this?
	"Daddy? Can I have a lolipop?" You say with a grin on your face. Oh you 
sneaky adorable little waif! Daddy always loves it when you suck your 
	I take my fingers and scoop some of my juice from your little lips and 
press them upon another. Your tongue darts out and catches the creamy 
goo that I offer.
	Soon my little Kat will have her lollipop. Soon daddy will feed your 
warm cream. The dance never ends when it comes to daddy daughter fun!

The Big Bed
by Daddy Robert

One Saturday morning daddy and you are laying in my big bed. We're 
watching cartoons. Your dressed in a pretty little nightie and panties 
and your soft hair is done up in pig tails. Daddy is wearing his briefs.
	"Does my little one like cartoons?" I ask, patting you on your little 
rump. Your soft little panties feel so nice against my fingers and I 
playfully tickle you there.
	"Daddy! That tickles." You giggle and squirm brushing my hand away as 
you want to really watch your show. Daddy gets a little annoyed so I 
playfully swat you on your little bum
	"Now Cheryl, you know that daddy likes to touch you. You know daddy 
wants to feel you all the time. You like that don't you?" I ask moving 
my hand back to your bum. I inch one of my finger against the material 
of your panties and begin to stroke your cunnie. I know that my little 
girl can't resist having her little pussy cat stroke. 
	"Oooo daddy! That not fair!" You moan and squirm. Pushing your little 
pussy into my hand I say 
	"What's not fair baby girl?"
	"You know daddy! Me was watching cartoons and now I'm all...a..what was 
that word daddy?" I smile at you and kiss you on the forehead whispering
	"Horny." As my lips breath the words my finger enters into your little 
	"UUUHHHH!! Daddy making me horny." You say and just rub your little 
hips up and down against my hand.
	"Well daddy wants you to be horny sweetie. Seeing you dressed like 
this. Your cute little five year old body all covered in lace and silk. 
God girl daddy could cum right now!" I groan and press my cock against 
the sheets and bed. I hear little whimpers come from your lips.
	"No cum yet..please daddy!" You beg and I stop 
rubbing. How could I refuse my baby girl her sweet juice.
	"Suck me sweetie while I play with your pussy." You nod your head yes 
and soon the T.V. is turned off. Your body and soul have more important 
things to feel.
	"Here baby girl, sit on daddy for a minute." I have you lay across my 
tummy with your lips just over my cockhead. I then pull your panties 
aside and begin to stroke you once again. 
	"OOOO DADDDY! IT FEEL SOOO GOOD!" You shout as you take my cock into 
your little girl hands. Up and down you pump it. Daddy can feel your hot 
breath just at the tip of his cock.
	"That's my precious little girl. Yessss lick it. Flick the head with 
your baby tongue. Oooooo God Cheryl your soooo special!" Daddy's hips 
move faster and faster as you take more of my cock into your little 
mouth. My fingers are fucking your soft little pussy and through your 
sucking I can hear you groan and whimper with pleasure.
	Daddy loves making his little girl feel so warm and sexy on his big 
bed. Daddy wants to squirt you baby squirt you full of his cummmm. But 
daddy knows that his little girl wants his cock in her pussy. 
	"You want it there don't you baby? You want it badly."
	"Uh-huh..uh...uh...uh..daddy please put it in my pussy."
	"Remember what daddy told you to say if you wanted it baby?"
	"Yes daddy...please daddy...please..F-U-C-K ME!!!! FUCK MEEEE GOOD. 
LIKE A GOOD LITTLE GIRL SHOULD!" You soon have tears of joy in your eyes 
as I take you in my arms and role over on top of you. I raise myself up 
over your little five year old body and have you open your little pussy 
for me. I have left your panties on cause daddy wants to feel the soft 
material against my aching cock. 
	"Get ready for it. Get ready for a ride on the big bed sweetie little 
daddies whore." I hiss and kiss you full on the lips as I enter you. My 
head splits your tender pussy lips apart and I can hear through our kiss 
the cries of little girl passion.
	"oOOOOO DADDDY!!!! T'S...IT'S ....IN ME...!!!" You shout as I thrust 
and hump against your small pussy. 
	"That's right honey pot. Daddy's little Kiddie Whore...I love you when 
your this hot baby. Daddy wants you to feel all of me...feel it all." I 
grunt continuing my fucknig of your soft pussy.
	"OOOOOO DADDY FUCK ME! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" You cry. Daddy is so turned 
on and moved to tears at hearing your little five year old voice begging 
me to fuck you. I love fucking my little Cheryl. My sweet, precious baby 
girl who take cock up her cunt so nicely.
	Sooo..nice...and...tight..little girl..pussy soo..nice..and...tight...


	Your body is thrashing and moving all about daddy's big bed. My hips 
thrust into your little body filling you up with creamy cum. Daddy's 
INCEST juice! Daddy loves looking at you this way. All sexed up, 
moaning, whimpering and loving every inch of it all. Daddy is very proud 
of his little girl.
	Soon though our bodies stop thrashing and moving. We are spent for 
now...Daddy falls upon his back carrying you over and on top of my 
tummy. The sounds of our juice melding together fill then= room as I hug 
my precious baby tight.
	"Now little one, wasen't that better then an old cartoon?" I whisper 
licking the beads of sweat that are upon your forehead.
	"Yes was super!" You say holding me tight.

Ride Daddy's Horsey

By Daddy Robert

	One morning I came into my baby girl's room. There was nothing 
different about it but I smelled a very strong scent. I saw you sitting 
on your bed pouting.
	"What's the matter little one?" I asked coming to you, my cock semi 
hard. Seeing you dressed in just your pretty Minnie Mouse panties always 
gets daddy hard.
	"Daa..daddy me wet the bed!" You cry and reach out your arms 
for me to enfold you. I hold you close to me and feel the wetness from 
your panties brushing against my hips. I look past you and see a big 
yellow stain that circles the middle of your Winnie the Pooh sheets.
	"Did my baby girl do that?" I asked, pointing to the wet spot. You look 
up at me and begin to cry and nod your head at the same time.
	"Why Angel, your a big girl now. You know how to use the potty. 
Remember daddy taking you into the potty at the park and having you sit 
on my lap and peeing?"
	"Ah-huh I remember daddy." You Sniff.
	"Then what did we do?" I smiled, feeling my cock get even harder 
waiting for you to say those wonderful words.
	" fucked me daddy!" You said with a joyous grin on your face. 
Hugging me tighter you begin to press your pussy hard  against my leg. 
	"Well..well I think my little girl needs another lesson." I said taking 
you up into my arms. I pulled my shorts down with one had and my cock 
sprang forth hitting your soft little bottom.
	"BONG!" You shout and giggle as my cock tickles you there.
	"Now let's see... little Angel wet her bed. Daddy like little Angel to 
pee on him. Did my baby girl do that for daddy?" I smiled and saw your 
face beaming.
	"YES!" Came your answer in a very energetic tone.
	"Well we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?" I said as 
I began to lay upon your wet bed. My back felt the cold dampness as my 
senses were filled with your five year old pee.  Hugging you I sigh and 
begin kissing you softly on the lips.
	"Oh baby you make daddy soooo happy!" I breath between kisses. Soon my 
fingers are playing with you through your damp panties. Tickling your 
wet little pussy.
	OOOO DADDDY! YESSSS! YESSS! YESSS!" You moan and whimper as my fingers 
start to fuck you hard. I can feel your little ass bounce up and down 
against my waist urging me to fuck you.
	"Does my wet little baby girl want something?" I ask teasingly 
fucking you faster with my fingers.
	" arn't we a little miss slut today." I whisper in your ear. 
"Are you a little Kiddie Whore today Angel? A five year old daddy's 
	"YES!" You whimper.
	"Tell daddy you want it..Tell daddy who you are today." As I wait for 
the words to come from your mouth I plunge my fingers even faster into 
SLUTY, SLUT, SLUT, SLUT!" You screamed it so loud that I was afraid the 
neighbors would hear but knew they couldn't. All that mattered to me was 
the pure joy upon your sweet little face. And the hard cock that would 
soon fill your precious pussy.
	"Want to ride the horesey baby girl? Ride daddy's horsey?" I ask 
pulling your wet panties off and helping you into position. 
	"YES DADDY! YES!" You breath as I give you a huge hug. Soon your little 
body was hovering over my eight inch cock. I held you steady with my 
strong hands as you began to ease onto me.
	"OOOO DADDY IT'S SOOO BIG!" You moan as the tip of my cock began to 
nudge your pussy lips. Looking down I could see them begin to split open 
as my cock entered you. I had to use all of my will power not to shoot 
at this sight!
	"Yes baby it's big,  but you can take it. My little girl can ride the 
horsey. Giddy up girl! Giddy up!" I shouted as I pushed more of my cock 
into you. I soon had a rythem going. 


	Your little body went as I fed you that which you love best DADDY COCK!
your little hips thrust down upon my cock. I could see your tangy baby 
juice running down your little thighs and drenching both of us. It made 
it that much easier for me to hump your sweet little pussy.
	Taking you into my arms I pull you to my chest and have you feel me 
that way. Your little rump moved faster and faster, bouncing in the air. 
Watching you thrust your hips like that soon had daddy's cumm churning.
	"Baby girl! daddy's also there! Gonna fill you up with cum! Yes! yes! 
fuck your pussy on my cock. Ride me little one! Ride the horsey!"
	Soon my cock just punched in and out of your pussy causing your little 
hips to bounce faster and faster. I had to hold you tight so you 
wouldn't fall off.
	"DADDDY PLEASE  ME WANT CUM!!! ME WANT CUM!!!!" You shout and soon your 
wish is fulfilled

	I could feel my cum blasting into your pussy, filling it to the brime 
and then leaking out all over our bodies. I felt your little hands take 
hold of it and pull my cock from your pussy. Hurriedly you scramble down 
so you can get a taste of the still spurting cum. A few white roopy 
shots hit your sweet little girl face and daddy laughs seeing you there, 
beaming with his juice smeared on your lips.
	"Good cock. Me love cummy cock!" You moan and begin to suck out the 
last drops.
	"Does it taste good baby girl?" You nod your little head yes and go 
back to licking my cock. I help to position your little body so that 
daddy can have a tasty treat. I see all my love juice still coating and 
dripping with yours and plunge my mouth over your pouty pussy lips. The 
sun beamed down from your window as we both have a second course of 
Incest love.

Fantasy Fun
	by Daddy Robert 
	There she is 
	My little lover
	All sweet and sexy
	Face angelic
	Tempting me with her smile
	A wink
	A flash of panties
	My heart melts
	My dick aches
	My thoughts race
	To the naughty games 
	We shall partake.

	There she is 
	My little love
	Dancing about
	In he Fundies
	Who do you wear today little one?
	Maybe Pocahontis?
	Who shall you revel to me this day
	As we begin the game
	We often play?

	Your face so sweet
	Hair of red
	Sweet little lips
	Giving me head
	Moving back and forth 
	With snaky licks
	You devour
	My hard pulsing dick

	"Sucky Sucky"
	I breath very hard
	Wanting your licking lips
	To last forever 
	Upon my stcik shift.
	You grasp it so tightly
	Stroke it and say
	"Where do you want to stick it today?"

	A groan escapes my lips
	"Your asking me?" I breath
	With ecstacy
	Strokig your soft gentle face
	I scarely beleive
	The luck that fate has brought to me
	My own little lusty girl
	With nympho, slutyy needs
	She beckons me,
	Teases me,
	But in the end always pleases me.
	"Ah huh." You whisper and then giggle
	"My bottom would like a tickle."
	"My botto would ike a jolt
	A plug
	A loving dick to call i own
	That's where I want you to drive it home!"
	So up you scoot 
	Doggy style
	My wildest dreams 
	Your upturned ass
	It winking there 
	Invites me in 
	With a dare.

	"Hurry up." 
	You demand
	With girlish glee
	As I take in hand
	The staff
	That will soon find land
	In your buttery little place
	I dream of so much
	Your tender little ass
	I will greatly fuck.

	I feel your yurning rings 
	Soon followed by your own
	Cries of need to be fed 
	Begging your little asshole to be filled
	Opening up,
	Receiving me,
	Yearning for a push
	So soon I place my hands upon your tushy globs
	My hardness enters.
	Yours lips cry out
	"Oh it hurts, 
	It's big, 
	I'm so little 
	But it feels...
	It feels nice and warm
	Like when I gotta poop
	I need you in me
	My little poopy shoot!"

	In and out
	In and out
	My hardness does envade
	Your tight little tush
	Your round little rump
	My little girls hershy highway!

	You moan as each thrust hits you
	"your so nice and hard 
	So wild and warm
	And even naughty too!"

	Yes my redheaded imp	
	Naughty indeed
	To be jacking off
	Thinking of you
	And the bottom that I see
	The bottom that I crave to touch
	The bottom that I crave to FUCK!
	Shall only remain in my mind's eyes
	With luck.

	But as I see my cock race through 
	Harder into you
	My cock spraying you with goo
	I imagine I hear from your sweet lips
	"Thank you lover, your the best
	I'll always be here to play these games
	Cause in fantasy there is no shame." 


by Daddy Robert

	She was so cute. Then again all little girls are cute arn't they? I was 
taking care of my niece Ashley who was five and a gem. I had known her 
since birth, well not in so many ways but was her "uncle" and she loved 
me and I her. I loved her in many ways, especially erotic.

	Ashley and I were great buds and hung out as often as possible. I would 
steal no chance to get her to sit in my lap or next to me and caress her 
soft little legs. Her pouty little mouth and tickily little tummy. 
Ashaley had grown to enjoy runnnig about in her panties with me when I 
baby sat. Today was no different. She had on her Winnie the Pooh panties 
and was sitting on my lap watch cartoons. 

	Now of course Ashley was the curious girl. She being so, had wanted to 
know what that "pokey" thing was in my pants. I had always been aware fo 
how smart she was about my feelnigs for her but never activily sought 
them out with her. I did however have tons of pictures and a few videos 
of the little Sprite to work with while away from her. Now however, I 
had my little darling with me, on my lap and in her panties!

	"Uncle, what's that poking at my bottom?" She asked an wiggled it about 
to get a good feel. I am sure my groans could have been heard a mile 
away! I shifted and lifted her to face me.
	Well it was now or never. God was I nervous! I told my little darling 
that it was a special stick that licked her. Naturally she wanted to see 
it and started to tug at my pants.

	"Now hold on there little lady!" I gasp feeling for an instant all the 
world looking at us. I told her we should go to her room so I scooped 
her up and off we went.
	The feelnig of her little five year old body next to mine was Heaven! I 
wanted her so badly. I did want very much to stick my cock into her 
soft, little cunny but felt it just wouldn't be a good thing. After all 
we had plenty of years to explore. 

	Plopping her down upon the bed I began to take my shirt of and she 
stopped as I bega to pull my pants down. At first I thought she wanted 
to end our little game but soon found out she only wanted to help. So I 
moved forward and felt her little hands tugging at the wall that hide 
her special prize.

	"me want to see it!" She giggled as I tried stepping out of my apnts. 
She was the eager Beaver that girl was! Soon they came off and I stood 
before my little Niece in just my undershorts. 

	Ashley tenitivly took hold of my cock through them and whispered how 
big it was. She began to stroke it through the material with caution, 
not knowing what to expect. I reach over and began to caress her soft 
red hair and face. 

	"You know sweetheart, you don't have to be afraid of it. It might 
squirt stuff out of the tip but it would never hurt you baby." She 
seemed to be fascinated with the idea of it squirting, She asked me if 
it was like pee-pee and I told her no, more like a nice cream. Ashley 
wanted so much to see that happen!

	I wanted very much to touch her soft little cunny. To help her feel 
good as well. I had done so a few times while changing her diapers but 
doubt if she remembers that. I was soon to find out otherwise. "Please 
uncle, can you uh...tickle me like you did when me was in diapers?" She 
boldly asked! I almost shot off then!

	Sitting down upon her littl;e bed with the Little Mermaid sheets and 
stuffed animals seemed to make it that much more erotic for me. I loved 
being in Ashley's room. Her coloring books about, clothes strune here 
and there. Dollies too. I spent many days in that room playing silly 
games with my niece. Now I was going to play the most fun game of them 

	Taking her in my lap facing me I pulled her little panties aside. Her 
little cunny was so plumb and smooth! I began to lightly stroke it up 
and down and her soft maons filled the room. Soon I had my cock out for 
her to touch and caress and we both were oblivious to time and space. 
All we felt was pleasure!

	I could feel my little darlings cunny getting wet and soon hand one 
finger inside of her. Her little hips moved back and forth against my 
hand as her own little fingers did a dance upon my hardness.

	"Am I doing it good uncle/ Am I?" sHE BREATHED A SIGH AS HER LITTLE 

	"Oh yes darling Ashley your dooing sooo good." Does my finger feel good 
inside of you?" I asked knowing full well what her answer would be. 
Ashley shook her head a vigurous YES!

	I could feel her little hips weaving back and forth hard now. I had 
just put two fingers inside of my baby and found her little clit with my 
thumb. It was swollen and hard with pleasure. My cock was also ready to 
burst and my butt was bouncing us up and down off the bed. Ashley's 
squeels ang giggles added to the excitment.

	"Now baby I'm gonna squirt my juice remember me talking about that?" I 
said as I could feel it aproaching it's way. I held her tight and asked 
her to be a brave girl and not get startled as it go us all sticky. She 
soon had her little face, so beautiful and darlnig near my cock and I 
had no time to warn her. I was cumming and squirting into her face as I 
could feel her own little hips jerk with little girl orgasmic pleasure!

	We both moaned and cried as our bodies held tight in their combined 
rush. I could see my cum milking it way up and all over little Ashley's 
face. Filling her cheeks and chin and even mouth as she had it open with 
my sperm. My own hand was drenched with her jiuce and I brought it to my 
lips and began licking it off of my fingers.

	"Better then Chocolate!" I sighed and gave her a hug. I looked at her 
and seeing the goo dripping from her face I asked her how she liked it. 
"Better then Chocolate too!" She exclaimed and we both kissed.

	Since then my little Ahley and I have found many times to play. I 
really love her and hope someday to show her what it feels like to have 
her favorite uncles cock inside of her little cunny.


"Licking Ashly's Lips."

This a work of fiction. No real children were envolved in illegal, or 
thought to be illegal acts. Just the product of a very active 

	My little niece and I had become lovers. It was a dream come true 
albiet a very risky one. She being only six years old. Lovers? That's a 
very strange concept for a man and a six year old girl. Usually it was 
just an adult and child. But when the adult was so passionately in love 
with the little girl what else could we be?

	The first time I made love to my little niece was while in her room. 
Her sitting upon my lap in her pretty little panties. Stroking my hard 
cock as I gently fingered her little cunny. Ashley's cunny pouted, it 
was a beautiful puffy little mound that felt so silky to my touch. Her 
soft voice moaning as I fingered her there.  Ashley's fingers moving 
faster and faster upon my hard cock when all of a sudden I pop all over 
her little smooth tummy and beautiful face! Such began our lovemaking 
and I had something new to share with her.

	I fell in love with Ashley's little cunny when she was three years old. 
Just begining to get out of diapers and into trainers. Her parents were 
going through a divorce and I took care of my little lover a lot. Funny 
why I didn't start to play with her then? I guess it had to do with all 
of the other things she was going through. Now she lived with her mommy, 
my sister and we had become best buds. 

	I did on occasion tickle her little mound while changing her. I love to 
linger with the lotion upon her smooth cunny lips. I also made sure her 
little bottom was well protected with cream. She would wiggle her bum as 
my finger worked it's way up her little shoot. 

	Oh how I wanted to taste her then! 

	Now though I was able to introduce my little one to to that pleasure. I 
was taking care of her one afternoon and as we played tea party I put 
down my cup. Comming near her I put my arm around her shoulder which was 
a signal for play.

	"Does my little one want me to teach you something new?" I ask, 
massaging her shoulders and giving her a gentle kiss upon her cheek. 
Ashley looked up from the party and smiled wiggled herself about in the 
chair and said yes.

	"Well first we must take your little shorts off as well as your 
panties." She was wearing some bright green shorts and a pink top. I 
hadn't been able to see her panties that day but soon I would! 
	Even though the bed was inches away I picked her up and carried her 
like a little bride. I thought to myself "What would she say if I asked 
her to marry me?" Shaking my head I put the thought from my mind. What 
we were doing was more then enough!

	Pulling her shorts from her little hips I was pleased to see that she 
was wearing the special pair of panties I had bought her. They were 
lacey split crotch panties, pink with little hearts on them. I have a 
friend, who lis also into girls make them for me. 
	"Hey you look very cute in those little one." I breathed and sat beside 
her on the bed. She smiled and reached over to play with my cock. 
	"We'll get to your lolli in a few minutes sweetheart but first uncle 
wnts to do something special for you." She looked up at me and twitched 
her little noise. I told her that what I wanted to do was kiss her 
little cunny. "Would you like that baby?" She smiled and nodded her 
little head viguriously!

	I gently pulled Ashley's legs to the bottom of the bed and bent down 
upon my knees. I then pushed her little thighs wider apart and just 
started breathing in her wonderful smell. Oh God what a delicious smell 
this six year old had. I was a mixture of pee and just a sweet salty 
smell. I remember how she taste on my fingers when we palyed for the 
first time and several afterwards.
	"Now this is going to be better then when I put my fingers inside you 
baby. Are you ready?" She gave me an answer by moving her hips up and 
down and whimpering. "okay..okay...just asking!" I giggled and took hold 
of her little bottom. Soon my lips moved to her little cun