Sam, his Dad, and the Babies  (Mg,bg,extreme pedo,infant,nepi,inc,oral,cumshot)

by Sam T Sleaze

   I had been left alone with Tammi, but only for a few minutes at a time.
Now, due to my mom's job, I was going to be alone with her for a whole
afternoon.  I was finally going to get a chance to have a little

   A year ago, my father (Don) admitted to cheating on my mother (Sara)
with his new 21 year old secretary.  I never heard my mother use so many
curse words as that day.  Ann, the secretary, was already pregnant with my
half-sister when dad moved out.  I got to stay with him, in his new place
with Ann and eventually the baby every weekend.  Meanwhile, mom started to
date again and just two months later got married to Rick.  Right away, she
too got pregnant and three months after my half-sister Becky was born to
Dad and Ann, Tammi was born to mom and Rick.  The biggest upshot at first
was that as a 12 year old boy I wanted nothing to do with the babies, but I
did get a lesson or two in changing diapers.

   Then, when Becky was only 6 months old, something happened that changed
my life forever.  I found out about something from my past, something that
made me re-think everything.

   I had stayed at Dad and Ann's place on Friday night, and Saturday I had
a football game.  After a long and hard fought game, I nailed the winning
goal, and then headed back to Dad's.  For some reason he thought I was
going home after the game, and Ann was at work for the day.  I came in
through the garage, to strip off my muddy things, and came into the living
room.  There, I saw the most horrid, repulsive, and yet enthralling thing I
have ever seen.

   Dad was standing over his 6 month old daughter, laying flat on her back
on an ottoman, and the baby was sucking the tip of his dick.  The looks on
dad's perverted face was one of pure ecstasy.  He was stoking the shaft of
his cock with one hand, and fiddling with the babies tiny pussy lips with
the other.  He was kind of moaning, too, and as much as some of my mind
wanted to look away, or run and tell someone, I just couldn't.

   My own cock inside my shorts sprang to life.  It filled with my raging
blood and strained against the fabric of my jock.  I rubbed my crotch,
watching my father jack off his cock while my little baby sister continued
to happily suck the tip of his cockhead.

   When I heard dad grunt, I thought maybe he was going to force the baby
to drink his jizz, but he pulled out and sprayed his load all over the
babies tiny body.  Stream after stream of his cum shot out and splattered
all over the babies chest, tummy and tiny little cunny.  Just after dad was
done, I must have finally gasped for air (I'm sure I was holding my breath
he whole time) and father saw me.  He froze.

   He stared at me, not sure of what to say.  I knew what to say as I
walked into the living room and stripped off my shorts and my jock.  "Move,
old man," I grunted, shoving the stunned, sexually drained guy aside, "It's
your little boy's turn."

   I took the same stance that he had, standing over my little sister.  He
had trained her well, she knew just what to do.  I gasped from the sucking
she was doing on my dick.  She had almost the whole head of my 6 incher in
her mouth, sucking as hard as she could.  In case you didn't know, babies
are really good at sucking.

   Dad got down on his knees and held the babies little kicking legs apart.
He bent down low and began to lick her little cunt in long, broad strokes.
She was kind of giggling now as she continued to suck on me.  She was
absolutely loving the attention that both of us were giving to her.

   It wasn't very long until I felt a familiar wave flow over my body, but
it was much stronger than when I jack off.  My balls jumped, and I pulled
out of Becky's mouth just in time to shoot my load all over her body and my
own dad's face.  I thought he would be pissed off that I shot into his
face, but I couldn't have helped it.  I was wrong though, he seemed to love

   I collapsed on the couch when I was done, and looked up at my dad, who
was now cuddling with his baby daughter the way any other father would,
except that his was covered with her father's and brother's sticky cum. 
"Ann will be home in 42 minutes" Dad said without looking at his watch,
"Follow me."

   We went upstairs, and I grabbed my clothes and got dressed again.  So
did dad.  We went into the bathroom and as he bathed Becky, he talked.  "As
you found out for yourself son, it's a huge turn-on that you can't get from
anything else.  You just have to make sure that no one ever finds out."

   "I found out" I said.  Dad smiled at me, "I heard you come in and could
have had the baby upstairs before you got into the living room.  I heard
you in the garage taking off your cleats.  I just knew somehow that you, of
all people, would understand that I would never, ever hurt any of my
babies. It just baby-sex.  It's fun and harmless.  It's not like I try to
penetrate or anything.  It's just for fun."

   "What if someone finds out?" I asked, still worried because I had done
it just like he had done it and I could get into trouble the same as him.
"No one ever found out when I did it to your aunts when I was your age, no
one ever found out that I did it to their daughters a few times, no one had
found out that I do it to Becky all the time, and that I have done it with
Tammi twice." Dad grabbed the back of my neck and looked me straight in the
eyes.  "And no one ever found out that I did it to you."

   "Me?" I asked incredulously, "you never did that to me!" Dad smiled at
me and said, "Of course I did.  You sucked my cock and I sucked yours.  I
came on you, and later in your mouth, and you peed in mine.  Later, I
carefully had baby butt sex with you.  Until you were about two, we did it
all the time.  Think hard, Sam.  When you were four, you and I were both
home one day alone.  There was a thunderstorm and you crawled into bed with
me.  Part of you then must have remembered what I used to do to you,
because you sucked my cock that day, and I sucked yours.  I was scared for
weeks that you would tell your mom, but you never did.  That was the last
time that it happened between us."

   I stopped dead and blinked a few times.  I did remember that.  I had
thought about it once or twice over the years, during thunderstorms. 
"Yeah," I said with a slight gasp, "When it storms out I remember.  But it
was just a dream." "Was it a good dream?  Is it a pleasant memory?"
"Y..yeah, yeah it is.  I remember that mostly I felt warm and safe and
loved.  I really don't remember the sex at all." "Yeah, well," said dad,
"your cock was only about a half-inch at the time.  You've grown a bit
since then, and so has your sex drive."

   As we left the bathroom and put Becky down for her nap, we both heard
Ann's car door slam in the driveway one floor below us.  Without another
word, we went right back into the day's events like it was all completely
normal.  And, as it turns out, for us it was.

   I thought I would explode sometimes in the next few weeks, as I waited
for an opportunity to put to use on Tammi all the things that dad had been
teaching me with Becky.  Dad and I shared Becky nearly every Saturday, and
I even bugged off a couple of football games by playing sick, just to stay
at Dad's and get it on with my sister.  Then came the weekend that I had
been waiting for.  Rick was out of town on business and mom would be at
work all day.  I had worked hard for over a month to convince her that I
was mature enough to be alone with my sister.  Now, all my hard work was
about to pay off.

   As soon as I was sure mom was gone, I took the baby up to my room.  This
was where I was going to do everything to her.  The first thing I did was
slowly take off my clothes, and then hers.  I took a lot of pictures of us.
I planned to blur the faces and post them on the Internet.  Even dad had
never done that before.  I posed with Tammi in front of the huge mirrors on
my closet doors, and took pics of the both of us naked.

   Next, I sat on the bed and fed her a bottle for a few moments.  Then, I
took the bottle away.  She fidgeted and kind of cried, so I held her close
and lifted her mouth right to my chest.  I moved her mouth right to my left
nipple and let her begin to nurse me.

   I was in heaven.  No wonder women put up with pregnancy and childbirth;
it was all worth it for the pure sexual sensations of a baby sucking on
your nip.  Tammi got fussy when she couldn't get any milk out of me, so I
turned her the other way and got her to try my other nip for a few minutes.
Again, my lack of milk made her fussy quickly.  I gave her the bottle then,
and soon she was full, happy and content.

   I lay her on her back as she finished the bottle, and licked her tiny
cunt.  I sucked on the lips and even ran my tongue across her anus.  Then I
removed the bottle, climbed over her, and replaced the bottle with my cock.
She grabbed the shaft like it was another bottle and she began to suck. 
The longer she sucked the more of my dickhead she took into her mouth, and
the hotter I got.  When I was ready to cum, I held my cock right there and
shot into her mouth.  Dad had made it clear that unlike Becky, who he had
trained to drink his jizz and urine, he had never done that the two times
that he had had access to Tammi.  I was her first.  Luckily, she seemed to
like the taste of my semen.

   I'm young enough that I still squirt watery cum, not thick and globby
like a grown man.  Tammi drank down my cum with no problems at all, she
really seemed to like it.  I sat with her on the bed, cuddling with her. 
She was cooing and giggling and seemed to have loved everything we had done
so far.  But I wasn't through with her yet.

   I had decided that since I can cum several times in a row, I was going
to shoot once in her mouth, and then move down to her pussy.  After a few
more minutes of cuddling with her, I got some Vaseline and used my finger
to rub in into her tiny opening.  I knew that I would really hurt her if I
tried to get any more than an inch or so of my dick into her, but that inch
was all I was going to need.  I greased up my cock too, and then laid Tammi
down on the bed, facing up.

   Talking gently and sweetly to her the whole time, I began to rub my cock
along her cunt.  I made sure to be gentle, and while she was a little
fussy, mostly since I was doing something to her no one had ever done
before, she seemed content enough.  I rubbed my cock back and forth across
her tiny cunt, building myself up towards an orgasm again.

   Soon enough, I re-positioned myself, and began to slowly shove my
cockhead into her tiny hole.  I got her pussy lips to stretch just enough
to get the tip of my dick in at first, and she got really whiny then.  As I
continued to move in and out, I moved faster and faster.  As my cum got
really close to happening, suddenly my whole cockhead slipped into her. 
Her eyes got really wide, but she didn't cry.

   My nuts jumped inside my sack, and with my hand on my cockshaft pumping
away I could feel the cum jetting through my cock, past the head buried
inside of the baby's pussy, and spurting out of my pisshole and into her
vagina.  Tammi never cried, and after I was all done, I lay there quietly
with her until she fell asleep, with my cockhead still inside of her baby

   I slowly pulled out, an audible "pop" sound when I pulled out made me
giggle a bit.  I was bleary from cumming twice, and desperately wanted to
fall asleep as well, but needed to keep it together for just a few more
minutes.  I got dressed, cleaned the baby up really good, made sure that
she wasn't split open or anything, and she wasn't, and put a fresh diaper
on her.

   I carried my sleeping baby sister downstairs and lay down next to her on
the floor in front of the TV.  I switched on a cartoon, and fell asleep
next to her.  The next thing I remember is my mom coming and hearing, "Oh,
look at my two babies.  How sweet!" Yeah, how sweet indeed.  Mom was
surprised when I volunteered to change Tammi's diapers that evening, but I
did and I carefully checked to make sure that she was okay.  Her tiny
little cunt was just a bit red, but that was all.  Mom didn't notice later
that night when she changed her, and all was right with the world.

   That night, late, I called dad and told him what I had done.  He was
proud of me, and I told him that we would have to get the girls together
soon, so that the two of us could each have a baby to do right in front of
the other.  He thought that was a great idea, so we made it happen.  Again
and again, for months and months, we made it happen.  When the girls were
too old, and might say something, we stopped.  But that was okay.  In the
meantime, Dad and Ann had twins.  A boy and a girl.

   So Dad taught me about baby butt sex.  Butt that's another story.

The End

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