Copyright (c) 2005, H. Grant. All Rights Reserved

COMMENTS: Warning! This story heavily hints at sickening themes of
child molestation. If these themes offend you, DO NOT read this story.

STORY CODES: MF,g,pedo,manipulation,coercion,scat

STORY INTRO: Four year old Rebecca gets transferred from the safe hands
of DYFS to a new set of foster parents - both of whom are sick and
demented individuals in need of some "home made" photos to share and
swap with their perverted online friends.

Rebecca's New Parents

by H. Grant

	Her new suroundings were intimidating to be sure.  Rebecca's mind was
wirling with fear, sadness, and loneliness all at once.  Being only
four years old, she wasn't used to such a change in her young life.
She missed her real mommy terribly and was quite frightened when the
police had taken her into custody and seperated them for good.
Rebecca's mother was a drug addict and her father was a deadbeat drunk
who left one night and never returned.  She was the only child and too
young to care for herself without her mommy.  As a result of her
parent's neglegence, she was placed into the care of the Division of
Youth and Family Services - more commonly known as DYFS.

	It had been weeks before she had been assigned into the loving care of
Marge Madison and her husband Buck.  The couple had been on the waiting
list for a foster child for several years and with good reason.  They
wanted a white child and those were in high demand across the United
States.  Marge and Buck were not well off, and they lived in a low
income housing project in Kansas.  At a glance, one could see that they
were your typical run of the mill white trash couple.  Yet they had
waited patiently and had provided DYFS with sufficient evidence that
they could sustain a decent standard of living (such as it was) and
raise a child.

	What DYFS did not know was the circumstances under which Marge and
Buck met.  The two had met in a private chat room online back in 1998
and had discovered that they shared a common interest - a special kind
of interest.  It wasn't long before the two had learned that they lived
in almost the same geographic area.  After several online
conversations, things went pretty quickly from there.  The shotgun
wedding, the modest living conditions, and low income housing were
adequate for their needs.  They didn't need to be well off.  They had
each other - and a plan.

	Marge and Buck were both fat and looked to be in their late 40's or
early 50's.  Buck had greying hair and ugly wrinkles on his face and it
looked as if he had been a heavy drinker.  Marge was equally
unattactive.  She had an ugly wart on her left cheek and was even more
obese than Buck.  However, they had spend years preparing for the
arrival of a little girl.  They purchased pretty clothes and plenty of
toys and had lots of games to make little Rebecca happy in her new
home.  When she finally arrived, the custody official / case worker
gave each of them a firm handshake and thanked them for being patient
and willing parents.  Marge and Buck responded in kind, then ushered
little Rebecca into the house and closed the door.  It was a one story
house with a central living room, a small kitchen, and a hallway that
led to three bedrooms in the back.  There was only one full bathroom
and it was next to the bedrooms.

	The house wasn't the cleanest by any means.  The walls were in drastic
need of new paint and it was somewhat dusty with and old beat up rug
that passed for the living room floor.  An old TV set with an antenna
sat on a small rack in the center of the room and was connected to an
equally old VCR that still worked.  There was a computer with basic
dial up connection in the parent's bedroom, but that was kept out of
site.  The living room was furnished with an old jaded green couch and
a few simple cushion chairs.  Marge and Buck however, made up for the
dim demenor of the house with their cheerful dispositions.  They were
very generous and kind to little Rebecca from the get go.   They
immediatley lavished her with new and fascinating toys and plenty of
attention.  Coming from the home of a drug addict, Rebecca was no
stranger to low class surroundings and living conditions.  It wasn't
long before she felt right at home.  Marge and Buck were careful not to
shower her with hugs and kisses.  They wanted little Rebecca to feel

	"Isn't she just adorable honey?"  Cheered Marge as she stared at the
little girl.  "Say hello to your new daddy 'Buck' sweetie."

	Rebecca just stared at her new parents.  They were very big and
intimidating at first.  The cute little tart was wearing a modest pair
of shorts and a flowery pink t-shirt with short sleaves.  She wore a
cheap pair of sneakers with old worn out socks.  She said nothing, yet
indicated a certain level of curiosity in her new surroundings.

	"That's OK darlin' you don't have to say hello, I know yer nervous."
Stated Buck in a sypathethtic tone.  "Would ya like to play with some
toys?  We got a whole bunch of um' for ya."

	Rebecca's eyes suddenly brightened.  She liked toys.

	"ok." she stammered shyly and managed a smile.

	She had the sweetest little girl voice the two had ever heard.

	"That's my sweetie."  said Marge.  "You just sit tight while we bring
them out."

	In the next few days, Rebecca found out just how special and generous
her new parents were.   They showered her with toys, dolls, and stuffed
animals.  They gave her candy and junk food whenever she wished.  And
best of all, they never made her go to bed early.  They let her stay up
and watch TV.  She loved the new clothes Marge and Buck had bought for
her too.  They had given her practically a whole new wardrobe of
dresses,  black saddle shoes, and knee high socks.  Strangely, they did
not buy her any shorts.  Instead, they encouraged her to wear only
dresses.  They were nice, pretty, and cute.  They all had little girl
themes written all over them.  Pink, yellow, white with flowers.  She
was also given a whole new set of underpants to ware - all of which
were the prettiest little girl colors.

	Within a week, Rebecca had gotten used to her new parents.  She even
began to like them.  She didn't mind it when they started giving her
hugs and kisses before she went to bed.  And she didn't mind it when
Marge gave her bathes.  They were so kind and generous to her, she
never wanted to go back to her old life.  It was as if she had entered
a whole new world of wonderous toys, clothes, and attention.  Marge and
Buck explained to her what home schooling was and she was delighted
that she would never have to go to school again.  Her new mommy and
daddy were so smart.  They could teach her everything.


	Little Rebecca was the product of a drug addict mother.  Therefore she
was already at a slight disadvantage both physically and mentally.  She
was rather skinny and did not have the cleanest skin.  When she first
came into their custody, her face was rather dirty and it looked as if
she had been playing outside in the dirt while the DYFS agency got
their act together that afternoon.  Yet everything about her was
perfect.  She was very small in height for her age and she had platinum
blonde hair and the cutest baby blue eyes.  She had the cutest dimples
whenever she smiled and the sweetest little legs and feet.

	Best of all, she didn't come across as being an intelligent child.  In
the days that followed, Marge and Buck had acutely noted that Rebecca
still hadn't gotten a firm grasp on her vocabulary skills.  She could
speak in sentences and understand quite well what others were saying to
her, but she didn't seem to have any enthusiasm to learn very much and
showed only a limited level of curiosity.  She was completely
mesmorized by the television set and loved to watch mindless cartoons
and other junk on TV.  Most importantly to Marge and Buck, she was
easily impressed with the toys and clothes they had given her and
almost always wanted to be the center of attention.

	Marge and Buck had tested her ability to be persuaded early on.  For
example, they offered her chocolate if she was willing to get in the
tub for a bath.  Rebecca giggled and clasped her hands when she heard
she would get candy if she took her first bath.  Marge and Buck were
very pleased with Rebecca.  They had a stupid little giggler on their
hands.  Perfect.


	Little Rebecca felt odd that she was being placed in what turned out
to be a big girl's highchair.  She had gotten used to sitting in a
regular kitchen chair propped up with small cushions to give her the
proper height for the table.  But daddy Buck had told her it was for
special little girls like her and that if she was a good little girl
and sat in it, she would get a new toy.  Rebecca giggled gleefully and
sat in the highchair.  She liked new toys.  Her mommy Marge smiled from
the other end of the table as Buck got out a small camera and began
taking pictures of little Rebecca.

	"Smile for daddy Buck darlin.  He's gonna take some nice pictures of
you."  Said Marge in her sweetest tone.

	Little Rebecca turned and looked at daddy Buck.  First he took some
pics of her holding her little fork.  Then he took some close ups of
her cute little face.  Then he told her to take some bites of her
spagetti and meatballs.  He got some nice shots of her stuffing the
fork in her mouth and munching on her food.  Little Rebecca wasn't the
cleanest eater and she took large mouthfulls.  Daddy Buck took some
more shots of her stuffing food in her mouth and some shots of her
cheeks bulging out the sides with food.  He didn't seem to mind in the
slightest that she was eating large mouthfuls of food at once.

	"Open your mouth Becky dear.  Let daddy Buck take a picture of your
sweet lil' mouth.  Daddy Buck just loves his lil' girl."  Marge urged
as she smiled brightly at Rebecca.

	 Rebecca giggled and turned her head once again toward daddy Buck and
opened her mouth wide.  It was filled with meatballs and spagetti.


	 Daddy Buck took a few more snaps of little Rebecca.  Then he told her
how proud he was of her and asked her to kiss him on the lips.  Little
Rebecca felt strange.  She had never kissed anyone on the lips before.

	"It's OK Rebecca.  I'll tell ya what.  If you give daddy Buck a nice
kiss on the lips, I'll let ya eat yer food with yer hands.  You won't
ever have to use a knife or fork again."

	 Rebecca grew excited.  She hated it when DYFS had told her to eat
properly with a knife and fork.  They were always trying to teach her
how to hold the utensils right and it was a real bother to her.  She
hated using a knife and fork to eat her food.  It was much easier to
use her hands.

	She giggled a little and said:

	"OK daddy Buck.  I wanna give you a kiss!"

	"That's my sweetums."  Smiled daddy Buck as he leaned his scruffy face
forward and planted his lips close to Rebecca's innocent little face.

        The little girl hesitated for a second, then she gave him a
quick peck on his lips.  She quickly withdrew her face from his and
giggled shyly.  Daddy Buck stood up and raised his camera again.  He
was satisfied (for now).  He thanked his little girl for the kiss and
told her how happy and pleased it made him.  Then he told her to pick
up some spagetti with her hands and stuff it into her mouth.

	Rebecca beemed up at her nice new daddy.  She was so glad she had made
him happy.  She scooped up some spagetti in her hands and began to mash
the little noodles into her cute little mouth.  The spagetti was loaded
with tomato sauce and some of it got on her cheeks.  Her hands were now
caked with the mess.

	"That's a good girl sweety.  Such a good little girl." Said daddy Buck
as he raised the camera again.


	The next morning, little Rebecca was woken by Marge.  She told the
little tart that she had a new dress for her to put on before breakfast
and that it would look really nice and make daddy Buck really happy.
Little Rebecca rubbed her eyes and jumped out of bed.  She was clad
only in her night time panties.  Marge gave her a big hug and kissed
her on the mouth.  Rebecca remembered that she had kissed daddy Buck on
the mouth the night before and so she thought it was ok.  Marge handed
her a pink ballerina dress that was kind of see through but very
pretty.  Little Rebecca put it on.  She was a little surprised to find
that the mini dress was kind of small for her and revealed her upper
thighs and a hint of her a baby white panties.  But mommy Marge had
told her that it would make daddy Buck happy and so little Rebecca was
excited about that.  She wanted her mommy and daddy to love her -
especially her daddy.

	"Don't forget your little white stockings Becky.  I'll help you with
your saddle shoes."  Marge chimed.

	The heavy set woman knelt down and helped little Rebecca finish
dressing.  Then she led the little girl out into the kitchen for
breakfast.  The little tart's eyes beamed when she saw daddy Buck.  He
was wearing his usual white tank top undershirt.  His hairy armpits
were in plain view and he was munching on some toast.  He glanced at
his little girl and smiled.

	"Well good morning lil' darlin.  House my sweety?"

	"Good daddy."  Rebecca smiled instinctively and headed for her high
chair.  She had gained a little bit of a tummy since last week due to
all the junk food her new parents were feeding her.

	"Today is a special day for you sweetie."  said Marge.  "We're going
to take some special pictures of your cute little outfit.  Wouldn't you
like that babycakes?"

	Rebecca smiled at Marge.  She was hungry too.

	"ok mommy Marge." she said.

	Fat Marge lifted the little girl up to hoist her into her high chair.
Daddy Buck got a nice glimpse of Rebecca's sweet little underpants
underneath her short ballerina skirt as she was thrust into the air.
Marge lowered Rebecca into her high chair and plunked her down for
breakfast.  They fed her some pancakes with lots of butter and syrup.
There were no utensils for Rebecca.  She ate with her hands.

	When the little tart had finished stuffing the last piece of syrapy
pancake into her mouth, her face was smeared with the sticky substance.
 Her hands were sticky too.  Marge and Buck smiled at her and told her
she looked nice and sexy like that.  Rebecca didn't know what the word
"sexy" meant, but it seemed to make her new parents happy, so she just
smiled back.  Marge lifted her out of her highchair and lowered her to
the floor.

	"It's time for some new pictures of you Becky.  Come with us into the
guest room." Said Marge.

	Rebecca had never been in the guest room.  It was always locked.  But
today it was open.  Mommy Marge led her by the hand as they followed
daddy Buck inside.  Inside the room, little Rebecca was greeted by the
site of several strange objects and props.  On each side of the room
there were these tall tripod thingys that looked like they had giant
cameras on top.  There were two of them in the room.  There were also
several lamps and audio devices.  All of these things had been moved
off on either side to make room at the center of the room.  In the
center there were only two objects.  First there was a tiny matress
that looked quite old and fit for a very small child.  It had no sheet
or matress cover - just a plain tattered mattress that was quite
filthy.  Then there was a small hobby horse near to the mattress.  It
was brand new and had been ordered by the Madison's over the internet.
Rebecca grew excited when she saw the hobby horsey.  She liked it much
more than the old tattered mattress.

	"You like the horsey don't you Becky?"  Said Marge as she threw a side
glance over to Buck to see if he was ready.

	 The fat ugly man moved to one of the cameras and switched it on.
Then he did the same to the other on the opposite side of the room.

	"yeah...horsey!"  cheered little Rebecca as she moved toward it.

	"Oh no.  Not yet sweety.  Mommy Marge and daddy Buck want you to do
some poses for us before you can ride the horsey."

	"But I wanna ride it mommy Marge."  pouted the little tramp.

	"And you will.  But only if you're a good lil' girl and do as daddy
Buck tells you.  Understand?" Replied mommy Marge.

	 Rebecca stared at Marge, then looked at her new daddy.  Then she
feasted her eyes on the hobby horse again.  It was the biggest toy she
had ever seen - kinda like the ones in the story book pictures she used
to know.  She really wanted to ride it.  But she knew she had to do
what her daddy wanted first.  Then she could ride the horsey!

	 Rebecca turned to her daddy.

	"ok daddy."  she said and smiled.

	"That's my sweet lil' darlin'" Said the brutish man.  "Now you just be
a sweet lil' thing and crawl on over to that mattress right over

	"But I'm a big girl daddy Buck.  I can walk."

	"No darlin.' daddy Buck wants you to crawl like a good baby girl.  You
do this for me and I will be very happy with you.  And you know what
happens when daddy is happy.  He does things for his special lil'

	 Rebecca understood.  She lowered herself to the floor and began to
crawl on all fours.  Her back was to her parents and the camera as she
made her way toward the old mattress.

	"Slowly Rebecca.  We want to take some pictures of you."  Marge
reminded her.

	The little tart slowed her pace as she crawled toward the mattress.
Her ballerina dress had risen up over her backside exposing her
precious white panties with special lillys on them.  She had the
cutest, pert lil' bottom and her sweet baby butt cheeks were easily
defined and seperated by that cute little crevice in the middle.  Her
little cotton panties were extremely small and fit very tight against
her soft baby bottom.  This only served to amplify the view of her butt
cheeks and tiny little crack in the middle.  One of the cameras was a
video camera and made no noise.  Mommy Marge was behind it and swerving
it slowly to match Rebecca's movements.  The other camera was manned by
her daddy Buck.  It made several clicking and snaping noises as picture
after picture was taken of the little tart.  Pictures of her cute
little black saddle shoes, her white stocking covered legs, her cute
little underpants, and her pink ballerina dress.  Big daddy Buck felt
his thick ugly penis begin to stiffen uncontrollably.

	Finally she had reached the mattress.

	"Now Rebecca, daddy Buck wants you to lie down on your back and
stretch out those arms.  Good girl."

	Baby Rebecca lay on the old mattress with her little feet dangling off
the end of it with her arms open.


	More pictures.

	"Now turn on your side and act like your sleeping darlin'.   Good


	Now lay on your back again and open your legs just a wee lil' bit.
That's a girl."

	Rebecca felt a little nervous.  Her new daddy could see her "undy


	Mommy Marge remained oddly silent.  Her face remained fixated behind
the camera.  It was a piece of equipment she was fiercly proud of. She
and Buck had scraped almost all of their savings together just to buy
the tripods and cameras.  Even the hobby horse cost a small fortune to
buy - at least by their standards.

	"Now put your hand down there and raise your purrty lil' dress just a
wee lil' bit darlin."  Snorted big Buck.

	Rebecca hesitated, but only for a second.  Now her daddy was gonna see
more of her undies.  She felt kind of embarrassed.  She didn't know
where this was leading.  But daddy Buck was a big man with an
intimidating presence and although he hadn't used it yet, the little
tart sensed that she did not want to disappoint him - let alone make
him angry.

	She took hold of the lower portion of her ballerina dress and raised
it a little.  A small portion of her frontal panties came into plain
site.  Daddy Buck smiled when her cute lil' camel toe came into view.
What a darling!

	"A little more sweetie."  Encouraged Daddy Buck.

	Rebecca blushed a little, but raised her tiny dress higher exposing
her little cotton panties entirely.


	"Now suck your thumb sweetie.  Margie and I think it's so cute when
you suck your thumb."  Said Buck.

	Rebecca raised her head slightly and looked at mommy Marge.  But her
face was pretty much hidden behind the tripod and camera.  She lowered
her head to the matress again and raised her thumb to her syrip covered
lips.  The residual stickiness of her breakfast remained smeared on her
lips and chin.  Slowly she inserted her thumb into her mouth and began
to suck on it.  She heard the snapping of more pictures from the still
camera.  Rebecca was growing more apprehensive by the minute.  This was
something her foster parents had never done with her before.  And mommy
Marge was acting so strangely.  She wasn't saying very much (if at

	 The heavy set woman must have sensed Rebecca's doubt, and she glanced
over at Buck for an instant.  It was time to give little Rebecca a
reward for her cooperation.  The fat woman withdrew a tootsie pop from
her right pocket and walked over to the little girl.  With some degree
of effort due to her bulky stature, she knelt down and offered the
lollipop to the little tyke.  The lolipop served a dual purpose.  It
could act as a reward, but it could also serve as a prop for more
pictures.  Little Rebecca raised her head and was pleased to see her
mommy Marge.  She was equally excited to be given a tootsie pop as
treat.  She loved those.

	"Now don't eat it all at once dear.  Remember you just had breakfast.
We don't want you to get sick.  Just suck on it for a while and daddy
Buck and I will take more pictures of your cute lil' face." Said Marge.

	"And yer sweet lil' body too."  Said daddy Buck getting more bold with
his directness.

	Marge and Buck had a small constituancy of online friends with whom
they conversed and shared files quite frequently.  The couple had grown
too fat to be attractive to one another sexually - let alone anyone
else.  So they preyed on children for their increasingly perverse
needs.  The couple were by no means professionals, and they did not
seek profit for the kiddie pics of Rebecca they were in the process of
making.  They only desired new material from their online friends for
their own personal satisfaction and pleasure.  The only way to do this
was to gain their trust by coming up with "home made" material of their
own.  Baby Rebecca provided such an opportunity for this specific kind
of material.

	The layout of pictures for this particular photo and video shoot was
quite simple for the first day.  They continued taking "clothed"
photographs of little Rebecca in several provocative positions.  They
didn't want to rush things with her.  The ultimate goal was to make the
child more comfortable exhibiting herself to her new parents.

	"Now lay on your back again dear and raise both of your legs in the
air.  That's it sweetie, you're being such a goodie goodie this
morning."  Complimented Marge in a soothing motherly voice.


	"Now hold yer legs together cutie pie and keep them raised high in the
air.  We wanna see more of that cute lil' panty covered tush of yers."
Said daddy Buck smiling down at his cute little prize on the mattress.

	 The little tart continued sucking on her tootsie pop while holding
her legs together in the open air.  Her lilly white panties were now in
plain view and the camel toe was now accompanied by a nice shot of her
lower bottom.

	More pictures were taken.  Especially close ups and zoom shots of the
special area between Rebecca's little legs.  Her little butt looked so
cute and pert encased in those sexy cotton panties.  Her litte ass
cheeks looked so soft and inviting within the lilly white material.

	"Now let's get ya up on that horsey babycakes." Said daddy Buck
smiling down at the sweet lil' tart.

	Rebecca gave an excited yelp and giggle and quickly got to her little
feet.  The hobby horse was rather high in height and she needed to be
picked up and placed in the fake saddle.  Mommy Marge obliged and
lifted the little tyke up by her baby armpits and plopped her precious
little rump on the horsey's back.  Then Marge retreated out of site and
turned her video camera back on.

	More pictures were taken.

	First they took some snaps of little Rebecca hugging the horsey by the
neck and smiling with the sticky syrup still drying on her stupid lil'
face.  Then a few shots of her waving to the camera and smiling again.
Then a few shots of her raising her hips up and sticking her butt in
the air as if riding the horsey bare back.  Then they took some pics of
her lying backward on the horsey with her pelvis against the neck of
the horsey and flush against her tiny little crotch.  Next were a few
shots in the same position, but with her dress raised up so that a
future audience could see her lilly white panties mashed against the
neck of the horsey.  The little four year old definately looked sexy in
these poses and there was plenty more like that to come in the near
future - not to mention more explicit shots.  Mommy Marge and daddy
Buck were careful to introduce little Rebecca into the world of child
molestation very slowly.  This first day was only meant as a warm up
for more explicit photo sessions later.  The two perverts showered
little Rebbeca with lots of hugs, kisses, and attention.  Then they let
her rock on her new hobby horse for a whole hour as a reward for her
good behavior and cooperation.  The two sickos made sure to limit
Rebecca's enjoyment of her new toy to one hour only.  They wanted her
to keep craving her new hobby horsey as bate for future (more perverse)
photo shoots.  Candy and other assorted gifts and treats would begin to
be handed out on a limited basis from now on.  The amount and type of
toy or gift would soon be rationed based on Rebecca's good behavior,
willingness, and obedience to do more "things" for her sick foster
parents.  Indeed, the trap had been sprung, and little Rebecca had
fallen into a web of slow decent into stronger levels of obedience,
perverted games, and sickening servitude.  And there would be no way


	It was late afternoon the next day and Rebecca was once more led to
the bedroom where all the strange cameras and props resided.  She had
been taken out for a big lunch at Chucky Cheese and was quite full and
bloated.  Marge and Buck had taken her home and dressed her in nothing
but a pair of pink disposable training pants - the kind toddlers wore
during their potty training faze.  Rebecca had rebelled against this at
first, but was promised a trip to the amusement park later in the week
if she was a good little girl and did as she was told.  Her new foster
parents were carefully crafting the constructs of Rebecca's new mindset
- obedience.

	Today the props in the small bedroom were almost similar. But instead
of the mattress, a small child's crib had been brought in.  This was a
prop daddy Buck had rented for a week from the local kiddie store and
flee market nearby.  The hobby horse remained for "motivational
purposes" and future photo shoots only.

	Little Rebecca clasped her hands with glee when she saw the hobby
horse again, but was caught off guard by the toddler sized crib.
Gently, mommy Marge led her by the hand and placed her inside her new

	"Now lie down sweetheart and spread your legs apart just a little bit
so mommy Marge can take some nice pictures of you.  Good
thumb in the mouth...make suckie sounds...very nice darlin.'

	Little Rebecca lay on her back.  Her baby blonde hair and bare chest
were exposed to the camera and so were her soft and puffy baby fat
nipples.  Her cute little Disney pullup looked extremely sexy and
inviting.  Rebecca stared up at mommy Marge.  She was such a nice
mommy.  Soon daddy Buck's face came into view as he leared down at his
stupid little prize.

	"Now lift your legs in the air a little darlin' let's give your future
audience a nice view of yer pampered Disney butt."

	Little Rebecca did as she was told.  She raised her legs upward
exposing her pink covered Disney bottom.


	Mommy Marge complimented her and gave her a teddy bear to hold onto as
a reward.

	More pictures...SNAP...CLICK CLICK...SNAP!

	"Now Rebecca dear, mommy Marge wants you to be honest and tell us if
you need to go potty."

	Little Rebecca thought about it for a moment.  She did feel quite full
and needed to make poopies.  Her bowels we filling up with quite a mess
to unload thanks to her big lunch at Chucky Cheese.

       "I wanna go potty mommy Marge."  she chirped in her babyish

       "What kind of potty dear?"  Marge pressed on in front of daddy

       "poo."  Rebecca replied blushing slightly as she realized Buck
was staring at her and listening as well.

	 Rebecca had grown comfortable doing "potty talk" with mommy Marge,
but she wasn't used to daddy Buck listening in - or staring at her in a
disposable pullup for that matter.  But she feared Daddy Buck for some
strange reason and didn't want to make him mad.  So she answered
Marge's questions openly and as honestly as she could.

	 "Why that's great dear.  Daddy Buck and I were hoping you had to go
'poo poo' today.  We have some special photos we want to take of you.
Today you don't have to use the potty - isn't that great?"

	 Rebecca smiled initially, but she felt it quite odd that her new
foster parents were not requireing her to use the "big girl's" potty.
It was strange enough that they had allowed her to eat her food without
a knife or fork.  They had let her use her hands and seemed to take
great delight in taking pictures of her getting her hands and face
messy.  Now it seemed they wanted her to make a different kind of messy
- in her potty pants!

	"Eeeewww mommy!  I don't wanna make poopy in here!"

	"But think of how great it will feel Becky.  Don't you want to feel
nice and warm inside your toilet pants?  We promise we won't tell
anybody."  Marge soothed.

	Daddy Buck chimed in.

	"It will make ya smell nice for the camera darlin' all ya gotta do is
lie still and squeeze."

	"Nooo...  I don't wanna go potty in my pants.  I don't wanna smell!"
Rebecca blurted - her eyes filling with tears.

	Mommy Marge looked at daddy Buck and nodded her head.  A little more
persuasion was needed.  Suddenly, daddy Buck became very angrly.

	"Now look here ya lil' cunt!  You do what yer new mommy tells ya or
yer gonna be in for a lot of pain!  You know what a spanking is cunt?"

	Rebecca choked back tears and nodded her head.  Her almost naked body
was still facing up and her pale white skin looked so smooth and
inviting to the filthy perverts above her.  Mommy Marge took a few
snaps of little Rebecca's tear stained face.  There were some perverts
online that liked little girls who cried while being photographed - it
make their penises grow bigger with lust!

	"Do what your daddy says darlin'" Soothed mommy Marge playing the good
parent bad parent role to a tee.  "You don't want him to smack you
around.  He can hit little girls like you very hard if he wants you.
Besides, you don't want your pretty little body to get all red and
bruised do you sweetie?"

	For the first time in the custody of her new mommy and daddy, little
Rebecca became quite fearful.  She didn't want to be smacked at all.
She was afraid of daddy Buck and didn't want to make him any more angry
than he was already.

	"ok mommy.  Please don't let daddy Buck hit me."

	"That's a good lil' girl Becky.  You'll make a nice lil' cunt for the
camera now won't you?"

	Rebecca just nodded her head.  She was too embarrased to respond.

	"Now keep yer stupid lil' legs in the air and squeeze darlin' so daddy
Buck can place the audio device near yer crotch."  said Daddy Buck more

	Mommy Marge smiled over at her husband.  He was truly sick.  He want
the little microphone to pick up all the sweet and wonderous sounds in
the beautiful world of Rebecca's sick little training pants.  Daddy
Buck placed the audio device near Rebecca's upturned crotch and turned
it on.  Then mommy Marge zoomed in with the camera.

	"Stick your sweet lil' thumb in yer mouth Becky.  The audience wants
to see how young and naive you really are."  Quipped daddy Buck.

	"That's it darling."  Marge soothed.  "Just relax and let it happen in
your potty pants.  No one will know about this.  It will be out little
secret - just the three of us."

	Mommy Marge was lying of course.  There would be plenty of people who
would know their sick little secret.  Many disgusting perverts would
shoot their loads and cream their panties at the the site of little
Rebecca's cute little dilemma - especially the shots that would come
later in the series.  The "Exposed" shots!

	Little Rebecca forced herself to regain her composure.  Mommy Marge
turned on a little music box with child themed tunes to relax her.
Rebecca was greatful for this and she wanted to please mommy Marge.
Soon she became oblivious to the audio recording device that was
planted at the base of her pullup covered bottom.  Slowly she began to
relax as she felt her BM hole become pregant with her soft child feces.


	Rebecca's Disney pullup had grown accustomed to Rebecca's sweet, candy
colored bottom.  It was an adorable delicate mixuture of pale, white
trash skin with pinkish undertones.  It had made friends with the sweet
little 'V' at the front of her baby crotch along with all the sweet and
tender secretions that the soft puffy little hole had to offer once in
a while.  It had also befriended the smooth globes of her tight
pre-teen hiney.  It also embraced the charming brown "flower" hole that
resided within the crest of her cute little babyish bottom.  It emitted
dark warm odors and fragerences that the friendly baby pullup enjoyed
and embraced. It had longed for a "gift" of friendship to be bestowed
upon its soft cotton and plastic interior.  Now it was time to be

	The tender, crinkly brown opening of Rebecca's tight little anus began
to pulsate with a slight inner pressure that pushed the little oval
opening outward slightly - then back in again.  Something was trying to
open the sweet childish door of her crinkly brown hole.  Suddenly the
soft anal eye of Rebecca's "poo poo hole" began to open ever so
slightly, then closed again.

	The pullup was disappointed.

	The tiny brown childish ring began to open again - this time expanding
a little further to provide a glimpse of the inner treasures that
awaited departure from Rebecca's precious baby bowels.  A soft round
glob of childlike mush was invited to ooze forward towards the opening
and explore a whole new wonderous world of plastic and cotton.  The
audio device picked up the faint crackling sound of the movement within
Rebecca's sweet little training pants.  It was so charming and lady
like and... oh so precious!

	Little Rebecca blushed crimson and pink as she felt the first glob of
soft warm clay smear itself through the walls of her anal opening -
slither and sliding into her soft Disney underpants.  It felt so soft,
warm, and...charming!

	The little cunt stared up lovingly at her parents - desperately
seeking their approval.  Daddy Buck and mommy Marge smiled lovingly
back at her and took lots of pictures.  Their facial expression
indicated approval and acceptence - the two things that dumb little
Rebecca craved the most.

	Rebecca's soft anal ring began to expand again - emitting a gassy wift
of the next portion of child fudge to come.  It was very long and
squishy and it slithered out in one long piece - coating the back of
her undy pants with soft smelly mush and crud.  Little Rebecca began to
smell like the white trash child that she really was.  Daddy Buck's
penis began to grow stiff at the first hint of Rebecca's little brown
"mistake" in her pants.  The disgusting smell of soft "potty poo" was
unmistakable - and it made mommy Marge secrete a large amount of
vaginal fluid in her panties.

	Little Rebecca felt the soft gooey globs of poo poo smear against her
hiney cheeks and spread and ooze themselves all around the base of her
pink Disney pullup.  The sweet little pullup welcomed the warm child
mud as the BM spread itself out and caked the entire bottom portion of
the hungry pamper.  A little trickle of pee pee splashed out of
Rebecca's soft puffy cooter lips and splashed into the front of the
Disney pamper - decorating the frontal portion with a beautiful yellow
residue.  The Disney characters fell in love with little Rebecca's
private areas.  They smelled so wonderful and sexy now - just like a
cute little girl should.

	Rebecca felt the ugly warmth spread all around her soft baby bottom.
It was so sticky, so squishy, and so...sick!

	She couldn't help the tears from coming back to her eyes.  They
trickled down her crimson colored blushing cheeks.


	More pictures were taken - capturing Rebecca's shame and guilt in all
of its wonderous beautiy and entirety.  The perverts online (friends of
Marge and Buck) would capture every detail of this sick humiliation.
It would be looked upon as being cute and sexy.  And it would make them
lust for more!

The End

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