Pre-School Fun with Teacher (Mg,nepi,pedo,cons,mast)

By Vulvana

When I was 4 1/2, my Mommy and Daddy sent me to pre-school. They both had
their careers to worry about, and they wanted their little girl to develop her
social skills. Boy, did I develop my social skills!

There were 10 kids in my class, 5 girls and 5 boys, and my teacher's name
was Mr. Davis. He was handsome, clean-shaven with brown hair and had friendly
brown eyes. I remember he was very tall, but all adults were tall to me!

He had a helper whose name was Betty. She had red hair she always kept up.
I remember when she hugged us I could always feel her big boobies pressing
into me. I didn't mind, but she wasn't as nice as Mr. Davis.

I should tell you my hair is and was long, straight and blonde, which is
a nice compliment to my light blue eyes. People say I'm pretty, but it makes me
blush. I've always liked dressing up to look pretty. Many of the girls in my 
pre-school class wore pants a lot, but I always liked wearing dresses and 
skirts better.

My Mommy warned me about playing on the monkey bars, and said that boys love
to look up little girl's skirts. So I would purposely give them an eye full
of my little panties. I don't think that's what my Mommy meant! One boy liked 
looking all the time. His name was Hector and he always wanted to be my boyfriend.
I let him do some special things with me, but that's another story.

One day, when I was hanging upside down on the monkey bars shortly after
my fifth birthday, I noticed my teacher Mr. Davis looking at me. I was wearing
a white button blouse and a short pink flowery skirt, but that wasn't what
he was looking at. He was looking at my pink little Barbie panties. I swung there
as long as I could so he could get a good look. It felt so neat to know that
even Mr. Davis liked looking at me! He looked away when he saw me looking at him,
but I figured he was just being shy. I decided then and there that he was going
to be my new boyfriend.

One of our favourite things was when our teacher would read us stories. We
got to take turns sitting on his lap, and were always fighting to get our chance.
He was very fair and made us wait our turn. That day it was Juan's turn. Juan
was a fat little boy, and heavy, but Mr. Davis didn't seem to mine. But my teacher
promised that tomorrow was my turn. So I made special plans for tomorrow.

Even at the age of 5, I liked to pick out my own clothes. I always had a
taste for fashion. My mom suggested my blue jumper, but I wanted to wear something
special. After all, this was the day I was going to make Mr. Davis my boyfriend!
I picked out my lacy white dress with pouf sleeves, lacy collar and a big
pink ribbon. It was a beautiful dress and the one I wore to church for Easter
Sunday. My Mommy didn't want me wearing it to school because she was afraid I'd get
it dirty, but I insisted. She almost made me wear something else, but then I
had an idea. I told her we were having a special party today, and we could dress
up. She wondered why I didn't tell her earlier, but she was in a hurry, so she
let me do it. And I had something very special underneath in mind. I wore my
lacy white rumba panties with pink trim. They were getting kind of small for me
and were really tight, but they went nice with my dress. Lace on top and lace
underneath, I thought. I was ready for my little girl seduction.

My teacher noticed me as soon as I got to pre-school.

Mr. Davis looked at me and smiled. "You look very pretty today Sara," He said.

I beamed.

The first part of the day went pretty much as usual. We had finger painting
but I didn't want to get my dress dirty, so Mr. Davis let me color instead. I
drew a picture of Mr. Davis and me holding hands in front of a house. 

"That's very good Sara." He said.

"Thank you, Teacher. I made it for you," I said. I didn't tell him I drew
it to be him and me in front of our own house together.

I hugged him and he hugged me back. He wanted to let go but I kept holding

"That's very sweet Sara, but we do have to start putting the paints and
crayons away." 

So I let go, but before he could back away, I gave him a little kiss
on the lips. He looked surprised, but then just smiled, and didn't say anything.

I could hardly wait for story time so I could sit on his lap, but we had
recess first. Usually I would run right for the monkey bars, but today I didn't.

"Don't you want to go play Sara?" Mr. Davis asked me while Betty was pushing Hector
on the swing.

"No, I don't want to get my dress dirty, remember?" I reminded him.

"That is a very pretty dress," He said. "But why did you wear it to school
where you might get it dirty?"

I hesitated. Dare I tell him? "I wore it for you, Mr. Davis."

He seemed taken aback, not sure what to say. "Oh. That's, that's very nice,
Sara. But you didn't have to do that. But it is sweet."

I took his hand and held it, and he held mine back. We sat that way for a
few moments, then when I started to snuggle up to him more, he gently took his
hand away, pretending he had to look at some papers. But I could tell he was getting
just a little bit nervous. I was getting to him already.

Finally, it was story time! Usually whoever's turn it was to sit on his lap
would practically run over everyone to get to him, but I walked over, very
lady like. I turned my back to him while he sat in his chair, and he put his strong
arms around my tiny waist. I sat on his lap and then adjusted my short dress,
brushing it down. I also adjusted myself, and kind of wiggled my baby bottom
on his lap. I had seen Mommy do with that Daddy, and he always seemed to like

Mr. Davis started reading the story, which was a version of Little Red Riding
Hood, but I wasn't paying much attention. I kept having to adjust myself
on his lap, and wiggled my little bottom as much as I thought I could get away with.
I noticed his reading was getting just a little breathy, and he had to swallow
a couple of times. I also noticed a growing lump underneath my little girl

I'd seen an erection before and figured out what the bulge was, but didn't
know what it was for. But I knew that it felt really nice. Betty was getting our
snacks ready, and wasn't paying attention. My plan was working.

I also noticed something else. Mr. Davis would usually help us get on his lap,
then hold the book with one hand and turn pages with the other. But this time,
he was holding the book in his left hand as usual, but when his right hand
wasn't turning pages, it went back around my waist and rested on my tummy.
Only each time after he turned a page and put his hand back, it got a little higher.
By the time Little Red was at Grandma's house with the wolf in disguise in
bed, Mr. Davis' hand was on the front of my dress right over my right nipple!
He actually started rubbing it a little with his thumb through the fabric of
my soft white dress, but then he stopped suddenly and took his hand away. Maybe
he realized what he was doing, and decided to stop it. But not for long!

The next time right after he turned the page, I took his right hand with
mine and put it right back! He resisted a little at first, but then let me do
it. He was probably more worried about making a scene in front of the other children,
not to mention Betty, than he was about what our hands were doing. But Betty
was too busy over at the snack table, and the other kids were too interested
in the story, and didn't notice anything. His big hand sat there on my tiny chest.
I didn't have any breasts, of course, but I could tell my little five-year-old
pink nipple was becoming erect! But his hand didn't move, so I started moving
it with my hand. Again he didn't want this to be obvious to the other kids,
so he started rubbing very gently on his own. This encouraged me to rub my baby
bottom over his lap some more. With the bulge in his pants, it felt even better!
I wanted to feel it even more!

Then I had an idea. I kind of sat up just a little, acting like I had an
itch on my lower back. But what I really did was pull my dress up in back. When I
sat back down, my pantied bottom was sitting directly on his lap with no dress
in the way! No one could tell because the dress covered everything, of course.
But I knew the bulge in his pants was now directly pressed into the crotch of
my white lacy rumba panties! I didn't know why, but I knew it felt really good!

Unfortunately, the story was almost over. Mr. Davis turned the page, and
it was the last one. In this version, the wolf didn't swallow the grandmother but
just locked her in the closet, and they didn't have to kill the wolf, but took
him to jail.

Mr. Davis could hardly read it. He got through it some how. He then put his
hands on my waist.

"Oh, OK. So that, that's the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Okay, Sara,
it's time to-" But then he stopped. I knew he was about to have me get off his
lap and then we would have the snacks that Betty had been putting on the table.
I didn't know why he hesitated, but later I did. He didn't want Betty and all
the kids to see his erection!

"Are the snacks ready, Betty?" He asked.

"All ready, Mr. Davis," she said.

I rubbed my panties covered crotch on his pants bulge again. Oh, that was

"Uh, Sara, I, that is--" He didn't know what to say! I know why now. If he
told me to get up, everyone could see his bulge, but if I kept sitting there,
he knew I'd keep rubbing. Finally, he said "OK, everyone, time for snacks!"

Everyone got up right away and moved toward Betty and the snacks. "OK, S-Sara,
it's time to get snacks now."

I wiggled one more time, then said "thank you, Mr. Davis." I turned, licked
my lips, and kissed him on the lips again. This time I let my lips linger, but
he pulled away. "OK, Sara, you can get up now." He put his arms around my waist
to help me up, but I slid off. I noticed he took the book and held it in front
of his crotch, then turned quickly to put it back on the shelf. Usually he had
one of us put it away, but not today!

We had our snacks, and I had another plan. I didn't sit directly next to
Mr. Davis at the table, but sat on the other side of the corner with Hector in
between us. I only ate a couple of bites of my vanilla pudding when I
"accidentally" dropped my plastic spoon on the floor. "Mr. Davis, I dropped
my spoon. Can you get it for me?"

"Sure Sara," He said, and bent down under the table to get it. But when
he looked for the spoon, I'm sure he looked a little higher, for my little girl
legs were spread wide so he could get a clear view of my white rumba panties.
It did seem he took a little longer than usual to find the spoon. "Just take
a new spoon, Sara," said Betty firmly. "But if you drop it again, you aren't getting
another one."

Mr. Davis threw my old spoon away. But pudding or no pudding, I wanted to
give him another look. So when I had only one bite left to go, I dropped my spoon
again. This time was even better, for I managed to drop it almost right between
my feet. He had to get his face within a foot of my panties to pick it up.

"I'm sorry, I dropped it again," I pouted, looking like I was about ready to cry.

"That's OK," Mr. Davis said a little too quickly, "I'll get it." But then
he added "but you can't have another spoon today, like Betty said." 

I didn't care.

My plan was working. This time I'm sure he found the spoon right away, for
his head quickly went near my pantied crotch. I had my legs spread real wide
this time. But then, I felt something. When he lifted his head, right before he
pulled back from under the table, I felt a very gentle touch right on the
crotch of my rumba panties. I thought, "Wow, he touched me!" But there was more
to come.


After Mr. Davis had secretly fondled my nipple through my dress while I secretly
rubbed my crotch on his lap during story time, he seemed to avoid me the
rest of the day. He split us up into boys and girls, and he spent time with the boys
while his helper Betty spent time with us girls. I don't think he'd planned
it that way because Betty had to ask him what he wanted her to do. I was one
very disappointed five year old. After I had dressed in my lacy white Easter dress
with pink ribbon and worn my white rumba panties with pink trim just for
him, he was avoiding me. Things had been going so well!

In fact, I was so disappointed that I'd forgotten the final part of my plan
to make him my boyfriend. Betty always left right at 3 when our pre-school class
ended. I think she had another job selling women's clothes at Harris or
something. Most of the kids took the bus home, but a few of us including
me were picked up by our parents. My Mommy would always pick me up and then let me
play while she finished her work. But today when I told her we were having a special
party, I also said it was going to be after pre-school, and the bus was going
to take us all home together. So she wasn't expecting me until much later than
usual. I planned to spend the time alone with Teacher!

Betty left as usual, most of the kids went out for the bus, and the rest were
picked up. Soon, I was the only one left. Mr. Davis let me look at a book
while I was waiting, and seemed to ignore me. I was very disappointed, but even
more disappointed with what he said next.

"Well Sara, it looks like your mother's going to be a little late today."

That didn't disappoint me; that was part of my plan. But then he said "I guess
I'd better call her at work." That was definitely not part of my plan! I had
to think fast.

"Mr. Davis, my Mommy said she's working late today. She'll pick me up later."

"Are you sure that's what she said Sara?" He questioned.

"Uh huh."

"Well, I'd better call her to see when she'll be here."

Then, I had an inspiration.

"She's not at the office today. She's with a client out of town. She'll be
gone for hours."

"I see. Then how did she plan for you to get home today?"

Here came my inspiration. 

"I'm supposed to take the bus home. Oh, I forgot! The bus left and now I can't 
get home!"

I ran to Mr. Davis and grabbed hold of him, showing my sad blue eyes and
crying the best little girl tears I could. He hugged me, patted my little blond
head and reassured me. "That's OK, Sara. I can take you home."

"We don't have to go right away, do we Teacher?" I said, as innocently yet
seductively as I could.

"Well, I probably should...of course, your mother won't be home for a while,
and I couldn't let you stay there alone. I guess she figured the bus would take

This was going just like I'd planned. I couldn't wait to go to the next step.

"Can I sit on your lap some more?" I asked.

"Now, Sara, I think maybe we should talk about that."

"OK. Can I sit on your lap when we talk?"

"," He said. "Come here and sit beside me." I went, disappointed but
still planning, so I sat beside him. "It's fine when I read you kids a story and
one of you sits on my lap. It's like sitting on your Daddy's lap or Santa's lap."

"I like sitting on your lap, Mr. Davis," I said.

"I know, Sara. But there's something I should explain. When you sit on someone's
lap, it's good to sit kind of still."

"But I had to move to see the story," I said.

"Well, yes, I know that, and I don't expect you kids to sit totally still,
that's not normal for kids. It's just that you don't have to wiggle so much.
When you do that it can make a man feel, well, funny."

"You mean like laughing?" I asked.

"Not exactly. More like tickling, I guess, only different." 

I looked puzzled.

"Also when you sat down and you kind of lifted your dress up in back, it's
better if you keep it down when you sit on someone's lap."

"But my Mommy sits like that on my Daddy's lap," I protested.

"She does?" He said. Then "Well, that's different if your Mommy and Daddy
do that. But a little girl shouldn't pull her dress up and sit on a man's lap
in...well...her panties."

"Should I take them off?" I asked, and started to lift my dress.

"Heaven's no!" He exclaimed.

"But my Mommy takes them off when she sits on Daddy's lap," I said.

This was too much for him. 

"When does she do that?"

"Well, I only saw her do it one time," I admitted. "Mommy and Daddy were
in the living room and they thought I was asleep. I was thirsty and came out of
my room and I heard something in the living room. I looked and saw Mommy sitting
down on Daddy's lap. He was holding her dress up in back and I could see Mommy's
bottom and it was naked. And she had her legs spread real wide and I could see her
brown hair down there. And then she sat down and Daddy wasn't wearing any
pants and his thing was sticking straight up like a lollipop!" I said.

Mr. Davis swallowed. "And then what happened?"

"I don't know," I admitted, twirling my long blond hair with my finger. "Mommy
kind of sat down real slow, and then she started bouncing up and down on
Daddy's lap. And they started moaning like it hurt and I was going to ask if I could
help, but then I thought they were playing a wrestling game because they
kept doing it. And so I got a drink and went back to bed."

He swallowed again. "Did you ever tell them you saw them 'wrestling'?"

"Uh uh."

He looked at me for a bit. "Um, Sara, I don't think your Mommy and Daddy
were wrestling."

"What were they doing, Teacher?"

"I can tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Promise?"

"I promise."

"OK. Sara, when a man and a woman like each other, I mean like each other
a great deal, sometimes they do a special thing."

"When they like each other a whole lot?" I asked.

"Yes. It's something Mommies and Daddies all do. It has a lot of different
names. It's sometimes called 'making love,' or 'having sex,' or, well, this
isn't a word you want to use, but sometimes it's called 'fucking.'"

"What's that?" I asked, curious.

"Well, making love is when a man puts his thing, his cock or penis, inside
a woman."

"Cocker-peanuts," I said.

"No," He laughed, and smiled at me as I sat beside him. "It's sometimes called
a cock, but the proper word is 'penis,' not 'peanuts.'" The things that hang
by it are sometimes called 'nuts' or 'balls,' but the correct word is 'testicles.'"


"No, test-, well just call them balls. Penis and balls."

"Penis and balls," I repeated.

"Yes, and then when the man has his penis inside the woman's vagina, they
kind of bounce, like you saw. That's having sex, or fucking."

"I remember! My Mommy said 'fuck me, Greg!' That's my Daddy's name, Greg."

"Uh, yeah, I know," said Mr. Davis. "Maybe I should let them--" He seemed
like he was going to stop talking, like he was nervous, but then he continued.
"Well, I am your teacher. You see, Sara, making love or 'fucking' feels really good
to a man and woman, really really good, and then the man usually squirts something
called semen into the woman's vagina--that's what you call the hole down
there where the hair is. Another word is 'pussy,' but the real word is vagina."

"But I don't have any hair down there on my pussy, on my va-gi-na." I said.

"You don't grow hair until you're older," He explained. "Just like little
boys don't grow beards or mustaches."

"Sometimes," he continued," when a man and a woman who love each other have
sex, the sperm in the semen meet a tiny egg in the woman, and the sperm goes in
and makes a baby grow in the woman."

But I wanted to hear more about the squirting part. "So when my brother grew
in my Mommy's tummy Daddy squirt in there?"

"Well, he probably did squirt in there when your brother was in her, and
when you were in her, but he squirt before that to make you and your brother."

I thought for a second. "Mr. Davis, do you like me?"

"Well, of course I like you, Sara," he said and gave me a little squeeze.

"Do you like me a whole lot?"

"Of course," He said.

"Then fuck me, Teacher!" I said.

He stood up in shock. Even though I had been sitting beside him and not on
his lap, it almost knocked me off. "Now, Sara, I said that's not a nice, I mean,
look, Sara, I do like you a lot, but you're a little girl. You're only five
years old. Only men and women are supposed to do that. Plus you are too small.
You can do that with your husband when you're married."

"But I want to marry you Mr. Davis" I said.

"That's sweet Sara, but we can't..."

"Can I sit on your lap like Mommy does with Daddy?"

"Now, Sara, I don't think..."

"I felt your thing get hard. I bet if you took your pants off, it would stick
up like a lollipop just like Daddy's!"

"Really, it wouldn't be appropriate for..."

"You can play with my nipple again."

"Oh God," He said. "Sara, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. You just
got me so excited that I..."

"That's OK. I liked it. And I wanted you to get excited. Can't I please sit
on your lap?"

Mr. Davis hesitated. I could tell he was debating with himself. So to make
it easier for him, or rather "harder," I hugged him from with my face against
his crotch and rubbed my cheek against it. He was definitely getting hard. "Pretty

"Sara, I..." He took a deep breath. "Sara, you are way too little to make
love, to 'fuck.' I would be way too big for you, and you aren't ready yet. But,
well, I guess if you want to sit on my lap again," then his voice got kind of quiet,
"that would be OK."

"Goody!" I said.

"But please, Sara, don't tell anybody, OK? I could get in big trouble and
couldn't be your teacher anymore."

"Oh, I won't tell anybody!" I insisted. "I want you always to be my teacher!"

"Well, for this year, at least." He went to the door and locked it, then
sat down in his chair. "OK, Sara, you can sit on my lap now." Then I heard him
say quietly to himself, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

He put his hands on my waist, and I hopped up on his lap. I made sure to
lift my dress up again, of course, so that my tight white rumba panties were sitting
on his pants. I could feel his bulge right away. Then I started wiggling like
I did before. But this time I did it more, and his pants started feeling a little

"Mr. Davis, your pants kind of hurt." He started to look really disappointed
until I added, "can I take them off?"

He said, "well, OK, but I'll keep my underwear on. And don't tell anyone,

"I remember."

He stood and started to unzip his pants, but I said, "let me do it." I had
helped dress and undress my little brother, and knew what to do. When I unzipped
his pants he pulled them down, and I saw that unlike my little brother and
my father, who both wore briefs, he had on tan boxer shorts. He didn't want
me to take his pants all the way off, but just pull them down. He sat down, lifted
me onto his lap, and I started wiggling again. This time it felt much better.

It wasn't long before his hand went to my right side of my flat baby girl
chest again. I wanted to feel his hand directly on it, so I pulled down the top
of my white and pink lacy dress. He started playing with my little pink nipple,
and I could feel it get erect like my little brother's penis did one time when
I played with it. I pretended my nipple was a tiny penis. Soon, I began feeling
funny, as a warm tingling feeling went through my little girl chest - not
to mention my little girl crotch.

Mr. Davis' penis was not so little. I could feel it straining through the
fabric of his boxer shorts. I pushed down hard, and practically had it clamped 
between my thighs, its boxer-covered tip rubbing over the thin fabric covering my
hairless baby crotch.

"This feels really good," I said.

"Yes, it does," was all he could say. His breath was coming heavier.

Then I had an idea. "I want to kiss you, Teacher."

"OK" was all he said, and he helped me as I turned to sit on his lap facing
him. But when I sat up to turn, the bottom of my rumba panties rubbed against
his boxers, and somehow his erect penis found it's way out of the opening in
his underwear. To my little girl eyes it loomed enormous. I had seen my dad's
once in the living room but only at a distance, and my little brother's penis
up close many times, but my baby brother's was tiny compared to Mr. Davis' manly

"Wow!" I said. "It's so big!"

He was quiet for a second. I was afraid he was going to put it back in his
boxers, when he asked me "Would you like to touch it?" His breathing was


"Be gentle," He said.

I took it gently in my hand. Or at least as much as I could, for my tiny
hand couldn't go all the way around it. "Can I squeeze it?"

"Yeah, just be gentle."

I gave it a little squeeze. I felt so special being allowed to hold his big
penis and so warm inside that I jumped up on his lap and kissed him, my legs
around his waist. He was surprised at first, but then kissed me back. I just
pressed my lips against his, but then I felt something warm and wet on my

I realized he was licking my lips with his tongue! I thought that maybe they
were too dry, so I started licking my lips too. Then my little girl tongue
touched his and it felt wonderful! We began gently licking each other's lips
and tongues, and then he thrust his tongue in my mouth. This was even better!
We licked our warm tongues inside each other's mouths, and our mouths kept getting
wetter and wetter. I was so excited and it felt so wonderful that for a few
minutes I didn't even notice what else was happening. He'd had his arms around
my waist, but now his right hand was going down inside the back of my white
lacy toddler rumba panties and was fondling my bottom! And he was thrusting his
erect penis against the crotch of my little girl panties! And I noticed something
else - my mouth wasn't the only thing that was getting wet! What I now know was
pre-cum was soaking into my panties!

I pulled my mouth away from his long enough to ask him "Mr. Davis are you
peeing on me?"

He looked shocked at first, then laughed. 

"No." He said. "My thing, my penis, is getting excited. That's pre-cum, it's like 
the semen that makes a baby."

"Are you going to make a baby in me?"

"No." He said. "We aren't going to fuck, remember? And a five year old can't
have a baby. You have to be older."

"But I want to see it squirt!" I said.

"Oh, my little Sara," He said. "My God. I can't believe I'm doing this but,
yes, you will see that. Just start playing with it."

So I stood in front of him while he sat, and started playing with his penis.

"You just kind of pull up and down on it, gently," He said. It was so big
that I started using both my hands. 

"That's really nice." He said. "You can pull up and down just a little harder."

I did as he said. 

"Oh, that's very nice." 

I played with his hard penis and it got harder! It was fun, me making it big and 
hard. He moaned. Then he said, "that feels so good. Now let's make it wet."

"How do I do that?" I asked.

"You can use some of your spit."

"My spit?"

"Sure. When we kissed each other, we used spit, right?"

"Oh, yeah," I said.

He told me "You can spit some in your hand, then rub it on my penis."

I spit a little of my baby girl saliva into my tiny hand, then rubbed it
up and down on my teacher's big cock. "Oh, that feels really good," he said. "Now
use a little more spit."

I started to spit in my hand again, but then I remembered the kissing. "Why
spit in my hand," I thought, "when I can put it right on his penis?"

So I leaned over, moved my tiny mouth close to his huge organ, and spit.
Only I barely hit it, and most of it dribbled onto his balls. I thought again about
the kissing, and remembered that my mouth got the wettest when his tongue was
in my mouth. So I opened my mouth and slid it down onto his erect cock. It was
so big I could barely get the end of it in, but I stretched my lips around his big
penis, and let the spit come.

"Oh, Sara, what are you doing?" I thought at first I was in trouble, but
then he said, "that feels wonderful!"

I felt really happy then, and special. I was making my teacher feel good!
He had liked my hand rubbing up and down, so I started moving up and down his penis
with my toddler girl mouth. I couldn't get down his cock very far because it was
so big, so I used my hand to slide up and down the rest of his shaft. Some
of my slobber was running down the shaft of his penis, so it was getting good and

Then I noticed my panties were feeling wet again, only it couldn't be his
pre-cum. I was afraid I might have peed, so I slid my other hand inside my
panties to see. But it wasn't pee! My little hairless slit, my vagina, was
opening up and it was wet! I started rubbing it and it felt really good!

Then I heard Mr. Davis say "let me do that for you." He pulled down my white
rumba panties, then set me beside him on his right thigh. He kissed me,
thrusting his hot tongue deep in my mouth, and I did the same. He fingered
my little pussy, and I stroked his penis with both hands. It felt so good!

"Oh, Sara," He said, "please do it faster!"

So I rubbed up and down faster. His cock was getting wetter with pre-cum!

"Oh, Sara, that feels so good!" He thrust his tongue deep into my five year old
mouth and licked like crazy.

Then he suddenly stopped kissing me, and started moaning real loud. 

"I'm going to cum!" He said. 

I didn't know what cum meant, but I kept stroking faster. Then he said... 

"Oh, my little girl Sara, I'm going to squirt my hot semen into the
air! It feels so good! Oh, little Sara! I'm cumming Sara, I'M CUMMING!"

I quickly looked at my two tiny hands thrusting up and down around his huge
wet cock. Suddenly I saw a hot sticky liquid shoot from the tip! It shot up and
landed on his tummy, but then it shot again right away even harder, and this
time it shot so far it landed on my tummy and on my flat little girl chest
close to my pink nipples! It felt nice, so I aimed his cock toward me and it 
squirted again. I aimed low, and his cock shot semen right onto my little pussy. 
He squirted a few more times on me, and some of it dripped down the crack of
my little pussy. If I couldn't get it in my pussy, I'd at least get it on it!

I felt really special then. I was only five, but I made my teacher squirt
all over me! 

He gave me a big hug and kiss, and made me promise not to tell.

I promised. But that wasn't the last time we got together. I'll write more
about that in another story!

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