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COMMENTS: Warning! This story contains sickening themes involving the sexual
abuse of babies and toddlers in addition to extreme scat related activity. 
If this type of material offends you, DO NOT proceed to read this story!

STORY CODES: MF,Mg+,extreme pedo,nepi,toddlers,oral,cum,diapers,ws,scat,degradaton

STORY INTRO: Daryle is a middle aged business executive who happens to be a sick
pervert who enjoys sexually abusing infants and toddlers. He preys upon desperate
single mothers in order to get inside their worlds, then he preys upon their helpless
children in order to satisfy his sick and perverted whims and needs.

Predatory Nepiophile

by H. Grant


Daryle knew she was the desperate type just by looking at her. She was fumbling
through her cheap purse in the grocery line with a toddler in one arm and another
(slightly older one) clinging to her leg. Both children were little girls and no
older than three. The one in her arm must have just turned two. He looked at what
she had on the conveyer belt - a small bag of Huggies disposable diapers, baby 
formula, some fruit, a pack of Malboro cigaretes, and a half gallon of milk among
other odds and ends. He watched her withdraw some food stamps from her purse and 
lay them out clumsily on the counter. She looked totally disorganized, desperate, 
and above all else - exhausted. Her jeans looked cheap and worn to the bone. It
looked like her clothes hadn't been washed in a while.

Daryle eyed her up more closely. She had platinum blonde hair and was in her early 
30's. She was a bit heavy in the middle and her face looked much older - like that
of someone in her 40's. Smoking, along with sixty hour work weeks, had apparently 
taken their toll on this single mom. He could tell she was single due to the 
absence of a wedding ring and an obvious lack of money. The stupid cunt probably 
got knocked up by a loser boyfriend who refused to hang around after the second 
baby got plopped out. Now she was on her own with two young tots and very little 
to show for it.

Daryle had dated this type of woman before. He knew all the symtoms and signals of
a desperate single mom. He had systimatically used them, gotten into their personal 
lives under false pretenses of love and financial devotion, then molested their
children several times over before leaving unannounced and unexpectedly. He made
sure never to reveal his real name or where he worked to his helpless victims, and
he never married. The stupid cunts never pushed him into marrying them either. They
knew the score - keep the man happy (even if it meant letting him have his way with
their babies) and hopefully he would stay on as a "suger daddy" without actually

There was a line forming behind them as the desperate mother finished emptying her
purse and began pleading with the cashier to give her a pass on the one item she
couldn't afford - her stupid cigarettes. The cashier remained cold and unbending.

"If you can't afford it you'll have to put them aside Mam." Said the middle aged

"Please's all I've got!" The desperate cunt pleaded.

Daryle knew this was his cue to step in and "help."

"I've got you covered sweety." He chipped in holding a small wad of dollar bills.

The mother looking him over briefly before accepting the money. She really didn't
have a choice. Any man paying attention to her in her current state of distress 
was a blessing. She needed the money badly.

"Thank you mister..."

"Call me Daryle." He interupted and extended a warm hand to hers. "I can help you
carry your bags to the car if you like. I can see you have your hands full."

The single mom nodded silently and allowed him to follow she and her children out
to a cheap Ford Taurus outside the supermarket.

"Oh I...I don't know how to thank you." she replied choking back tears of 
desperation and guilt.

"You can thank me by letting me help you and sharing your aquaintence with me over
dinner. I don't believe I have been properly introduced to these pretty ones." He
suggested admiring the little tykes with his deviant eyes. 

"Oh I'm so sorry Daryle. The little one is Dana. She just turned two about a month
ago - 'say hi Dana sweety'..."

The little tyke in her arms just gurgled and flapped one of her arms. She was dressed
in pink pajamas and sucking on a pacifier. She had the cutest strawberry red hair 
with precious little locks and curls in it. Her cheeks looked so pale white and soft.
A little bit of drool seeped out of her soft baby lips. She was perfect!

"The other one is Alice...she's three and a half." The cunt mother continued.

Daryle smiled down at little Alice. He could tell by the bulge in her baby pants that
she was still in pullups and learning to use the potty. She was also a pedophile's 
dream.  She had platinum blonde hair just like her stupid mommy and the softest pale 
white skin. She looked a bit chubby with her baby tummy sticking outward. Apparently 
she was well fed - most likely on junk food.

"I don't know about dinner. I barely know you Daryle." The young cunt suggested - 
trying in vain to hide her need for a boyfriend.

Daryle looked wealthy enough. At age 47, he still had the looks of a younger man, yet
he still looked polished in his suit and tie. The shiny rolex watch on his wrist didn't 
hurt matters either. He worked as a part time consultant and senior executive for a 
large computer firm in the nearby city. He was well respected by his co-workers and
peers. Yet none of them suspected his alternate lifestyle. Daryle wasn't just a 
typical pedophile. He was a "nepiophile" - a person who was sexually attracted to
very small children. He was a sick deviant who got his rocks off on infants, babies,
and toddlers! It didn't matter if they were little baby boys or giggling baby girls. 
If they were still wetting their underpants or pooping their diapers, they were just 
the type Daryle was looking for to abuse, molest, and enjoy to the fullest. 

Little Dana and little Alice were exactly the kind of baby cunts he was looking 
for, and he looked forward very much to getting to know the dumb mother better and 
becoming well entrusted and aquainted with her two little "kiddie whores."

"Well you know my name. That's definately a start." Replied the friendly business man.
"I didn't get your name..." (as if it mattered to the sick deviant).

"Oh sorry..." the young mother stammered "My name's Linda."

"Well Linda. I definately don't bite. I Just thought you might be interested in 
trying out this new place in town called 'Lambertes.' It's got some fine french 
cuisine and the tabs on me." The middle aged sicko suggested.

Linda had heard of it on the radio. It had been advertised as the next big thing
in the restourant business. She had also heard it was a classy and expensive place to
eat. As much as she was leery of Daryle at first, he seemed like a kind enough 
gentleman and well intentioned. Besides, the way things were going for her financially,
any port was good in a storm - so to speak. He also looked wealthy and rich which was 
a big plus in her naive and materialistic little brain. 

Gradually she came to her senses regarding her predicament. She was already up to her 
neck in child care bills and her job at Walmart wasn't cutting the mustard anymore. 
She needed help - and fast.

"Well I guess a dinner date wouldn't hurt. I'll try and see if my mother can watch the 
kids." She replied mustering her best smile given her stressful circumstances.

"Terrific Linda. How about Thursday night? Say around 8:00 PM."

Linda thought for a moment. That was three days away. That would definately be enough
time to find a babysitter for little Dana and Alice - preferably their grandmother.

"I...I guess that would be fine...thanks Daryle." she smiled weakly again and loaded
the babies into her car. 

Little Dana had begun to get fussy during the course of the conversation and little 
Alice had begun doing the pee pee dance. Daryle had taken notice of this. The little 
cunt looked sooo sexy in her desperation to use the potty. It made his sick cock 
twitch inside his expensive trousers. What a cute little whore Alice was! She would
undoubtably wet her training pants before she got home. This made him lust for her
little pussy even more!

Finally, Linda gave him her cell phone number and she got into her cheap car.

"I'll see you then Linda. Bye now." He said smiling warmly to his latest victim.

Then he headed off in the opposite direction toward his Mercedes.


Thursday night arrived finally with Daryle making the call to Linda's cell phone in 
avid anticipation. She seemed tired yet cheerful to hear him call. She gave him 
directions to her cheap apartment and awaited his arrival. She had spent almost an 
hour doing her hair and nails while applying just the right kind of makeup. She didn't 
have any classy clothes to wear so she put on the best mini-skirt she had. It was dark 
blue and went down to just above her knee caps. 

When Daryle pulled up in his grey Mercedes, she was quite impressed. She stepped out 
of her apartment and headed down the steps secure in the knowlege that her mother was
taking care of Dana and Alice for the better part of the evening. Daryle stepped out 
of the car and greeted Linda warmly. Then they departed for the inner city. 

During the course of their "small talk," Linda revealed to Daryle what he had already 
suspected. She was working extra hours at Walmart to support her two little girls. Her 
ex-boyfriend had run off for a younger and more attractive girl in her early 20's and 
left her to cope with the mess. She was behind on her rent and her mother wasn't much 
help financially either (being white trash herself). 

It was all music to Daryle's ears. He enjoyed toying with desperate women and 
getting them to reveal as much about their blighted situations as possible. Then he 
would ultimately move in on them with kindness and financial "gifts" and 
generousity until they completely trusted him. Then he would move in on their 
helpless children. It was a script he could have written himself. A good portion of
American women were in Linda's position, so the odds of finding many more
victims with children were definately in his favor. Daryle's cock twitched in 
his trousers just thinking of the possibilities with this stupid cunt of a
woman. Linda was definately a dumb cunt. Best of all, she was materialistic and 
loved money - perhaps more than the safety of her own kids.

The dinner went smoothly. Linda ordered the most expensive stuff on the menu. She
ordered two glasses of the most expensive wine (no doubt she had ordered by the
price and not by her actual knowelege of wine itself - which was completely non-
existant). She ordered a New York Strip Steak in addition to dessert. She seemed
starving for food and ate like a pig with hardly any womanly manners. What a cunt!

Daryle didn't mind the tab. He had plenty of money to throw around. He was amazed
at how low class Linda actually was. Judging by the way she talked, she was not
very intelligent and had a limited vocabulary. She used the word "aint" a lot and
spoke in double negatives - a clear sign of a high school drop out. Daryle
cunningly offered to give her some money to get by for the week on the condition 
that she date him again. Being the gentleman that he was (or at least acted like),
it was hard for Linda to accept his gratuity and invitation.  He reached out to
her toward the end of the meal and placed a kind and gently hand on hers and 
assured her that everything would be alright if she would only "trust" him to
take care of her for a while.

All of Linda's basic inhibitions were melting away when it came to Daryle. He was
such a kind and trusting man. He gave her a wopping $500.00 to get her through
the week and catch up on her rent. Judging from the car he drove and the cost of 
the restourant bill, she knew he was quite wealthy and could afford to help her out. 
Her ditzy little mind was spinning with the prospect of dating such a fine man with 
lots of money to throw around. 

At the end of the evening, she threw her desperate arms around him and gave him a 
long kiss. When he darted his evil tongue into her mouth she didn't resist or pull 
away at all. She was all his. He seemed like such a kind and loving man. He could 
do no wrong. She went weak in the knees when she felt his slippery tongue enter her 
slutty mouth and worm it's way around like a predatory snake. It was coated with 
thick gobs of manly saliva as it sloshed back and forth inside her submissive mouth.

Daryle was kissing her like a true slut, but she was too desperate and naive to know
the difference between a kiss of "respect" and a low class kiss. Daryle could tell
she had no idea what a slut she was acting like. It just came natural to her to act 
this way. Her breath smelled like cigarette smoke - a true sign of a cheap whore in 
need of attention and money. 

Linda was just the type of woman he preferred - cheap, dirty, and desperate for love
and attention. And best of all, he knew just how to exploit these weaknesses in a 
woman to the fullest. From the looks of things, it would only be a small amount of 
time before she trusted him fully. The next step was conveying to her how "good" he 
was with very small kids. That was the next step in the seduction process.


Daryle began dating Linda frequently. He supplemented her salary over at Walmart so
that she could reduce her hours and spend more time with him. She was now working a
regular 40 hour work week. In return, she became more passionate with Daryle. After 
the second week, they were screwing each other on a regular basis, though it seemed 
to Linda that she was enjoying the love making a lot more than Daryle. For some 
strange reason, he didn't seem quite turned on by regular sex with a woman. He 
enjoyed it when she went down on him and gave him oral sex most of the time. 
Sometimes he was able to cum inside her during regular intercourse and sometimes not. 
Linda chalked this up to Daryle being an older man with a lower sex drive. 
Nevertheless, she made sure to take birth control pills at his request.

Linda was also quite fond of the way Daryle behaved around her babies. He would
often play tickle games with them and blow on their baby belly buttons - causing
them to giggle and shreak with laughter. He would give them lots of candy and
read them bedtime stories. More importantly, he took on the duties of buying their
diapers (which were very costly these days at the supermarket) and training pants
for little Alice. Linda would get embarrased when Alice messed in her pullups and
began stinking up the small apartment, but she was relieved to see that Daryle 
didn't mind this at all. In fact, he was kind enough to offer to change Dana and
Alice whenever they had "accidents" to relieve her of doing it herself. He was so
kind and observent about it - as if he knew exactly when it was time to change 
their diapers and training panties. He simply dismissed it as "tots being tots"
and thats all there was to it. Linda became quite fond of Daryle. He was so good
with her children and spent lots of money on them. For the first time in a long
while, She actually had some spending money all to herself. She was now able to
go to the mall and buy better quality clothes and makeup. It was the perfect
relationship in her mind.

Gradually, Linda began letting Daryle babysit Dana and Alice while she was at work.
It was a tremendous benefit to her that she no longer had to pay for babysitting
services or part time child care in a daycare facility. Daryle was working part
time hours as a consultant at a big firm - at least that was all he would tell her. 
As a result, he was able to take care of the children while she worked her regular
shift over at Walmart. He was so good at giving them their bottles, changing their
diapers, and giving them naps at the proper time, that she completely trusted him
now. He seemed to know instinctively what the children needed and when - perhaps
even better than she did. On the occasions when they were both working, she had her
mother watch over the kids. It was the perfect three-way scenerio and the kids were
well fed and taken care of at all times - something they had lacked before during
Linda's financial hardship.


When Daryle was alone with the toddlers, his advances became more and more bold
and sexual with each passing week. His favorite was little Alice. He would wait
until she peed in her training pants, then he would call her over and message the
front of her pullup with the tips of his disgusting fingers before pulling it 
down to expose her little white pee pee hole. Then he would tell her to hold
still while he played "tickle tickle" with her baby vagina - so pink and puffy.

Alice would hold still and giggle while "uncle Daryle" played with her pee pee.
She liked the tingling sensations in her tiny little "box" and would often
fidget from side to side while he molested her tight cunny hole. Daryle would
bring his fingers up to his nose and smell the foul stench of child urine as if
it were a perfume or a flower. It was so sexy and entoxicating to smell baby
Alice in this secret and special way that eventually he became bold enough to 
unzip his trousers and pull his cock out to jerk off while the dumb little tot
stood there with a finger in her baby mouth and giggle. Baby Alice smelled so
sweet and sexy with her childish cunny all covered in piddle and the
entire front of her training pants all splashed with yellow pee pee stains.

Soon, Daryle began coaxing Alice onto her knees and telling her to "open her
sweet little mouth" and suck on his "special candy" while he held her pee 
stained training pants to his face and inhaled the entoxicating aroma of her
childish pee pee accident. The combination of little Alice's warm, wet, and
slippery mouth along with the smell of her shameful pissy accident made his 
sick balls erupt like a volcano. Thick gobs of gooey slime entered little
Alice's mouth - one splash after another until she almost choked. Little
slivers of semen began to seep out of her hot baby mouth and dribble down
her chin - just like a cheap little whore!

Daryle enjoyed little Dana too. She was only two years old and still made
poo poo in her diaper. That was what made her so special to Daryle. He would
lay her down on the floor and smell the crotch of her Disney pamper to get a
full blown whiff of her soft stinky bottom. Then he would use his fingers to 
message and smear the mushy brown mess in her little pink diaper until it was 
caked and smeared all over her chubby little hiney hole and precious baby
cunny. Then he would undo the tapes on either side of her diaper and pull it
downward - exposing the shameful brown mess she had made just for him. What an
adorable baby cunt she was!

It wasn't long before Daryle began to get nasty with little Dana. He would hold
his cock over her stupid little face and jerk off until big spurts of cream 
splashed all over her mouth and cheeks while she just lay there giggling and
cooing like a good little girl.

Weeks later, the real abuse began.  Daryle managed to convince little Alice
that her baby sister needed a "tongue bath"in her special "potty place." 
He told Alice to lick and kiss her little sister "down there" and clean up
her pee pee accident with her tongue. Alice didn't like this and began to 
sob and cry. She didn't like the smell of baby Dana when she made wee wee in
her pink little "diapee." But she didn't want to make uncle Daryle angry, so
she obeyed his wishes.  Baby Dana's pink little "trickle" tasted bitter and salty 
from all the pee pee wetness.

It wasn't long before uncle Darlye began introducing little Alice up close to 
the joys of Dana's poopy diapers as well. Little Alice didn't like "poo poo pants" 
and held her nose when she was forced to inspect little Dana's messy pamper. 
Little Alice remembered how it felt to make poo poo in her training pants. She 
hated how it felt - all mushy and sticky! She disliked the feeling of having her 
precious baby hiney glued together with the soft cruddy mess. Now, as she was 
forced to look at her baby sister's poop smeared diaper, she HATED the smell 
and held her little nose in open displeasure and disgust. That was when she felt
Daryle's evil hand palm the back of her stupid little head and push it forward -
pressing her sweet little face directly into the poopy diaper! 

"pfffwaaa...ahhawaaa..." little Alice cried out unable to open her mouth 
completely for fear of getting poo poo all inside it. 

Her cute little nose was completely immersed in baby Dana's charming little
poopies! The filthy crud felt so soft, warm, and inviting! The dirty mud
began to make friends with little Alice's face - coating it with soft brown
perfume and making her quite adorable and sexy to uncle Daryle.

When he pulled her face away from the open poopy diaper, it was caked and
smeared with Dana's "special potty gift." Little Alice looked like a very cute 
and adorable little whore now.

"Now you're just a dumb little slut now Alice." He degraded her. "Now be a
good girl and pull your training panties down so uncle Daryle can smell your
stupid little pee pee."

Alice smelled aweful with poop smeared all over her face. Dana's special soft
brown mud looked so cute and adorable streaked all over her baby face. It was
beginning to dry already and felt all sticky and uncomfortable to little Alice, 
but she didn't want to get spanked by uncle Daryle, so she sobbed a little and 
began to pull down her Disney pullups so her new uncle could have a good look at
her puffy little pee pee hole - so pink, adorable and sexy!

Daryle kneeled down and pressed his nose against baby Alice's soft smelly pisser.
Her child cunny felt warm and spongy against his nose and smelled of stale 
wee wee and soft baby powder - just like a white trash toddler. Her training
panties were still draped around her ankles and he could see that she had peed
herself from the stress of the ordeal. Alice peed a lot for a little tyke - a 
sure sign of weakness and insecurity - not to mention a desire to get attention.

After smelling her puffy little vagina, Daryle darted his evil tongue out and 
began to lick in soft little circles around Alice's private little hole. His 
sick cock had swelled up to epic proportions in his trousers and he quickly
removed it and started jerking it feverishly. He continued to lick and smell
Alice's "honey hole" and jerk with his left hand. He gently caressed her soft
baby bottom with the other - letting his fingers probe deeply inside her hiney
cheeks and probe her brown musky anus. It felt so tight, crinkly, and warm as 
he imagined soft little poopies coming out of it and plopping into his hand. If
only she had to make special potty now. It would be like heaven to feel Alice
bath his hand in soft smelly chocolate icing - just like a white trash birthday
cake! He wanted Alice to make "poopies" just for him, but the little tyke just
stood there sobbing with streaks and smears of her baby sister's BM all over her
mouth and face while her new uncle probed and molested her tight little holes.

Daryle temporarely removed his face from the baby's smelly twat and looked down 
briefly at her cute little training pants. The entire crotch of her baby pullups 
was coated with yellow pee pee and smelled delicious and inviting!

Daryle didn't want to leave any marks on either of the girls that couldn't be
washed off before Linda got home, but he did enjoy rubbing his cock against
their baby cunnies. Dana was still laying on the floor - giggling and thrashing
her little legs in the air with poop smeared all over her hiney and caked inside
her cute squishy diaper. He instructed Alice firmly to lay down next to her baby 
sister and lift her legs in the air - just like baby Dana! Then he positioned
himself with his cock out in front of their baby crotches - fully exposed for 
him to look at, feel, smell, and enjoy! 

First, Daryle rubbed his cock gently against baby Dana's vagina - all caked and
smeared with soft little poo poos. He coated it with her sexy pile of totty crud
and moved over to baby Alice.  She held her legs obediently in the air for him
and exposed her pee soaked vagina for his sexual pleasure and amusement. The tip 
of his cock was now poisened with Dana's dirty BM and was quite warm and stinky 

Gently, he pushed the mushy brown cock head against Alice's chubby little pisser
and rubbed it up and down the soft little crack in the middle. Her baby hole felt
so warm, soft, and tight. It gave Daryle a sickening shiver of warm sexual 
pleasure - not to mention a feeling of immense dominance and power over the
helpless child. Gradually, little brown streaks and smears began to appear on
little Alice's trickle as her sick new uncle began coating her tiny moist opening
with Dana's poopy!

Daryle pushed gently to see how far his cock would get inside without actually
penetrating the stupid cunt. He didn't want to leave any marks of molestation.

As it turned out, only the poop covered tip entered - just barely. Daryle's sick
penis got a small gimpse of the inside of little Alice's pink little world. The 
inside of her potty hole was pink and moist and the poop stained cock was grateful
to explore Alice's sweet little "wonder land."

Daryle knew he was going to burst with cum within short order. Quickly, he removed
his thick smelly cock from the totty whore's puffy hole and held it over her sweet
little face. Alice looked so adorable with Dana's brown filth all over her face 
that it didn't take long for Daryle to cum - just from the sight and SMELL of it.

"Open your stupid little mouth sweety...that's a good little whore...just like 
your white trashy wide...that's it..."


The nepiophile's hot cum bathed Alice's sweet mouth and poopy face with large
globs of warm sick cream and thick smelly goop!

When Daryle was finished depositing his dirty load of semen all over baby Alice, 
her face looked like a sexy combination of her sister's disgusting poop and messy
white man cream. Her mouth was filled with sick pedophile sperm and it dribbled
down her cheeks and into her soft blonde hair. She smelled so sexy and adorable
now - just like a little baby whore should.

Daryle cleaned them both up and threw away their dirty diapers. Then he carried
each of them to the bath tub and gave them a thorough cleaning - making sure to
get inside all the cracks and crevices - both brown and pink little holes. Then 
he put a fresh baby pullup on little Alice and gave her some candy for being such 
a "good little whore" and fed Dana a new bottle of warm milk. He turned on the
TV and distracted them with cartoons while he made a few business calls on his
cell phone. There were clients he had to attend to and lots of money to be made.

Daryle's fellow co-workers were fond of him and enjoyed his company during lunch
breaks. He made such a good natured conversationalist and was very polite and
helpful with advice with computers. They looked up to Daryle and admired and
respected him. He was always dressed in the latest style and he looked almost
flawless for a slender middle aged man.

None of them knew his dark little secret...he liked little kids. Very young
kids.  Kids that couldn't talk coherantly yet...children that could only giggle
and babble...babies still in diapers...little baby boys who still peed in their
baby pants...little baby girls with puffy little vaginas and adorable poopy 
bottoms...drooling...giggling...and the sucking and slurping of pacifiers while 
he jerked off inside their mouths and cute little faces. 

No one suspected. And nobody would ever find out what Daryle truly was...
a sick nepiophile! 


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