Copyright (c) 2005, H. Grant. All Rights Reserved.

Comments: Warning! This story contains themes of pedophilia and intense
scenes of voyeurism involving pee and scat among small children. If
these themes offend you, DO NOT proceed to read this story!

Story Codes: M,g+,b,pedo,ws,scat,voyeurism

Story Intro: A middle aged park janitor gets his jollies from watching
little kids make use of the public lavatory facilities.

Potty Peeper

Written by H. Grant

     The recreational park in the township of Shylsburg was a hotbed
for little kids and their often negligent parents.  Phil Odis knew this
all too well.  He had worked there for several years as the head
janitor and trash collector.  Now in his 40's, Odis had to work almost
exclusively by himself.  Aside from the usual park rangers that took
shifts roaming around the park grounds in their appropriately decaled
SUV's, Odis pretty much had the janitorial duties all to himself.  This
was the result of the local legislature cutting the town budget by
nearly a third thereby forcing the recreational park to cut most of its
staff - including all the janitors save for Otis.  By right of
seniority, he remained on taking nine hour shifts six days a week.  The
township paid him his overtime of course, but it wasn't the money that
kept Odis there.  It was the opportunities to look at young children
that provided the most rewarding compensation for the middle aged

	Odis was a scruffy kind of man standing about six feet tall.  He had a
beer belly to go with his untrimmed beard that had grown quite shaggy
over the past several weeks.  Odis also has greasy dark hair.  A fake
gold chain adorned his neck with a cross on it - religeous crap that he
never really bought into.  It was mainly for show in case he had a rare
"run in" with a parent or two.  It was amazing how a religeous symbol
earned the trust of most ignorant parents.  The dummies never assumed
how sick and demented he really was.

	Odis has a unique porn collection in his trailer home.   Here is a
sample of what Odis likes to watch when he goes home at night.

	Inserts an old VHS tape with no label.

	Blank screen.

	Followed by some letters and numbers.

	An old man of about 70 years of age enters a basement room holding a
little girl of about five years old by the hand.  The old man is above
average in height for his generation standing at about six feet tall.
The little girl looks dirty and slightly underfed.  There are scars on
her arms and legs from some sort of fall or body blows.  She is wearing
an old worn out frilly dress that has a few tears in it.  The little
girl does not appear to be afraid or surprised.  It is as if she has
done this routine before - probably with this same man.  Without saying
a word, the man motions for the little girl to turn around and face
him.  Then he motions for her to stand in front of him so that her
sweet little baby face is directly aligned with the zipper on his
trousers.  The little girl does as she is told without hesitation.  The
old man unzips his pants and pulls out a rather small cock that is
quite limp at first.  It takes a lot to get this man's penis to rise.
He has been jaded by so many children and so many sexual experiences
with them.  It takes a lot more than just the average blow job, yet
this is where the scene begins to unfold.

	The old man in the video likes the little girl to make slurping sounds
when she sucks his cock.  It adds to her dehuminization.  It is
degrading.  This is what it takes just to get the old man started on
his journey to erotic bliss.  His soft cock begins to stiffen ever so
slightly.  He is not circumsized.  The little girl's soft baby lips
become moist with saliva and old man cock juices.  Odis imagines to
himself that she if probably tasting a comination of old dirty sweat
and salty excretions - probably hints of urine too.  The little cunt
sucks the old man like a pro.  Like a babies bottle, sucking and
slurping comes second nature to her.

	The old man's penis is semi erect now.  He grasps the five year old
cherub by the back of her hair and pulls her face toward his cock using
her soft bangs as a pully.  Odis knows the term for this type of sexual
assault all too well - skull fucking.  It is another form of
humiliation that brings him (and many other like minded perverts) great
delight.  The little cunt is used to having the back of her hair
pulled.  Her reactions are well versed - she smiles.  She continues
sucking and slurping while giving the old snake new life.  Like a
devilish worm, it pokes, prods, and slithers around in her soft wet
mouth.  The old man speaks to her for the first time in the video.

	"Make your mouth into a little cunt for me Mandy.  Good girl."

	Mandy.  The filthy child whore had a name.  Odis couldn't care.  He is
waiting for what will happen next.  He wanks his cock feverishly as the
scene approaches.

	Mandy's tiny lips encircled the old man's cock completely now.  Her
head is now being jerked completely forward.  The old man stops
thrusting for a few moments.  His old wrinkly hand grasps the child's
head tightly to his cock - almost as if he wants to choke fuck her.
But he is no longer thrusting in and out.  His cock is still thoroughly
buried within the depths of the child's moist little cunt of a mouth.
The child's head is no longer moving, but her tongue is hard at work
inside - dipping and dabbing at the old man's semi-thick penis.  Her
face is now a recepticle for what is about to come.  The camera zooms
in.  The old man thrusts her face as tightly onto his cock as possible.
 The little girl grimaces as if something has just happened inside her
mouth.  Her lips encircle his cock completely - yet suddenly drops of
liquid escape those enclosed lips.  Almost like a mouth full of water.
His filthy cock is buried deep inside her stupid little face, but
somehow the liquid escapes through the sides of her mouth as her soft
pale cheeks become puffy with a new complexion of complete and utter
fullness.  Something was exploding in her cute little mouth making her
pale cheeks bulge outward as of she were blowing up a baloon.  It is
not water.  It isn't semen either.

	Mandy looked up at the camera with her sweet baby orafice still
plugged up with the old man's worm.  More dribblets of urine began to
escape her lips and trickle down onto the carpet below.  Otis had
imagined that this was hardly the first time this scene had been
performed on this little piece of trash.  The whole basement probably
stank of stale urine from such repeated molestations.

	"Drink it like a sweet little whore."  The old man soothed as he
stroked Mandy's dirty matted hair.

	Mandy obeys.  She begins to swallow the salty fluid like a good little
girl should.  The old man has just peed in her mouth!  The dirty yellow
fluid explores Mandy's tiny mouth and throat.  It coats it with filthy
juices and makes her breath smell like dirty whore's.  Now the little
girl has given the old man's cock quite a rise.  He withdraws if from
her mouth and wipes the remaining residue on her mouth and cheeks.  Her
cheeks are now sweet, gorgious, and pissy!  The old man's penis is
fully erect now.  Little Mandy has become much more attractive to him
now - not to mention the rest of the audience that paid dearly for this
special video.  Her new smell has made her much more sexy to everyone -
especially the old man who can actually breath in her new pissy
perfume.  Odis too has been quite aroused by this video.  His cock has
reached epic proportions in size.  He paid $500.00 for this video.  It
was well worth the money.

	"Are you ready Mandy?"  Askes the old man in the video.

	The little girl knows better to respond verbally.  She just nods her
head and raises her worn out frilly dress exposing a soft and puffy
vagina with no panties.  There are some bruises and welts on her inner
thighs.  She has been trained well according to Odis.  She appears very
appreciative of the lovely golden shower she has just recieved from the
old man who is probably her great grand father or uncle.

	The little girl squats in front of the camera.  The old man kneels
down and begins stroking his old cock as he looks closely between the
child's soft little legs.  The camera zooms in on her dirty little
twat.  It is not so tight.  She has been violated many times before -
probably since the age of two!

	  Little Mandy begins to pee.  All over the floor!  Little girlie
dribblets and squirts begin to spurt, spit, and spray out of her puffy
little hole.  So cute and adorable.  She's learned how to behave like a
proper lady!

	More pee pee all over the floor.

	Mandy is a good baby girl.  Mandy has made pee pee!  Everyone got to
see her tinkle!  Isn't she sweet?

	The old man is pleased with her.  He rewards her by standing up and
aiming his cock at her face.  He continues wanking it feverishly until
the soft white candy that the little cunt craves splashes all over her
pale face and hair.  No wonder why it looks so dirty and matted.  The
old man doesn't want her to bathe.  He likes his little girls smelly
and filthy.  It's what turns him on.  A huge wad of goop splotches
itself against her left eyebrow.  Another one spouts outward like a
huge rope and encircles her nose.  Another creamy blotch spills against
her hair.  The camera is catching it all.  Mandy's face is now covered
in slimy goop.  Her hair has been matted down with semen.  So gross.
So pretty!  She is now worthy of the attention she craves.  All little
girls crave attention.  They think they are the center of the universe.
 Mandy is definately the center of the universe.  She is recieving lots
of attention.  This makes her happy.  She has been trained to enjoy
this kind of attention.  Her face is so gooey and pretty now.  Every
pervert who enjoys this type of movie wants to fuck it now.  Her face
is one big bulls eye.  Odis shoots his load.  The scene fades out.

	Now we have some idea of what Odis likes to watch when he is in his
trailer home for the evening.  Now let's look at what he enjoys doing
during his day job.

	Odis conducts almost the same daily routine.  He would rise at 6:00 AM
and have his usual breakfast (Budweiser) beer and eggs.  Then he would
go over to the park and use the employee shower since his trailer was
too small.  Then he would collect any trash that had been forgotten the
previous day around the various park restrooms and outdoor bins and
hall them over to recycling and garbage disposal.  Then the real fun
would begin.  He would perform his janitorial routine on all the
lavatories just before opening time.  He would check all the peep holes
he had drilled in the walls between the boys and girls rooms to make
sure no one had caught on to him.  They were very small and practically
invisible to the naked eye.  Odis liked to peek at all the little girls
when they were using the potty - or being helped by their mothers.  He
had also observed many a diaper change in his day through those same
walls.  Odis thought the idea of public changing tables was the
greatest thing ever invented.   The middle aged pervert was not wealthy
by any means and he could ill afford web cams. Hell if he had those he
wouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on overseas child porn
catalogs (which he could only afford on rare occasions when he recieved
his tax return for the year).  He would simply make his own pornography
and probably make a fortune on the profits.  Who knew how many peeping
Toms and voyeurs were actually out there lusting after the same kind of
filth he enjoyed - little kids.  Though he was relatively poor, Odis
had one quality that kept him out of trouble when it came to his
peeping Tom fetish - he was very meticulous.  He always made sure to
only uncover a few holes for the day and leave the other ones covered
with cheap puddy.  Then he would rotate and use the other holes on
different days while covering the previous ones.  This way there was a
certain level of unpredicatability and inconsistancy to his voyerism.
No one knew because hardly any family went to the park on a consistant
basis let alone to check the bathroom stalls.  There were virtually no
employees that checked on him due to the layoffs and the only thing his
boss cared about was whether the trash had been collected or not.  Odis
was an ace at his job and so his boss left him alone most of the time
except to remind him of any new duties he had to take care of.

	Today was a good day for Odis.  It was June and it was 86 degrees.
The sun beat down on all the children playing in their skimpy summer
outfits.  The swing sets were in full use as parents pushed their
children's behinds to give them sufficient momentum.  Toddlers were
playing in the sand with their snug little pants bulging out in the
rear - a sure sign of a diaper being present within.  Odis eyed a
little girl being pushed on one of the swings.  She was about three
years old and was only allowed to be placed on the junior swing for
tots.  Standard park rules.   But that didn't stop her frilly dress
from rising up in the breeze whenever she was pushed forward and up on
the swing.  This provided Odis with a brief - yet nice view of her
training pants.  Odis was too far away to notice the specific designs
because he was peering out of one of the bathroom stalls.  He was
changing one of the trash liners in the latrine and was pretending to
fix the screen window.  The trash bag in his possession was full of
dirty smelly diapers.  Some wet, some quite messy.  Odis kept them all
for masturbational purposes.  This job was truly heaven.  The borough
must have thought he was an excellent buy.  Cheap labor of course.
Little did they know about the certain "intangebles" and "perks" that
came with the job.  Speaking of perks, Odis noticed his trousers
getting quite pointy in the front.  He was still staring at the little
cunt on the junior swing set.  He was wondering if her training pants
were soiled.  Even if they weren't, she would surely have to use the
potty at some point.  Odis had a small drill ready to poke through the
wall and disable the puddy if she happened to choose a stall that
wasn't in his use that day.

	Odis marveled at the child's innocent beauty.  She was wearing a
yellow frilly dress (almost the kind he had seen in his favorite video
only much cleaner and in better order).  It was clear that this child's
parents took good care of her and kept her prim and proper.  But Odis
knew that beneath all the neat and tidyness was a disposable set of
training pants ready to be peed or pooped in.  It was only a matter of
time.  And even if the little tyke had been well trained by her
parents, she would still need to use the potty.  It was only a matter
of time.  Odis loved to watch little girls use the potty.  He reveled
in all the sweet odors and soft noises that came out of their cute
little pussies and bottoms.  Odis was a patient man.  It was only a
matter of time.  His cock was ready and waiting.

	Here is Mr. Odis's first sighting of the day.

	The clang of the door to the opposite lavatory across the wall
seperating the two genders is quite audible to Odis - mainly because he
has a trained ear and has heard it many times.  This is the signal for
him to do what comes natural.  He steps down from his peeping position
and cautiously steps across the lavatory to the opposing stalls - all
are in the same BOYS room - just on opposite sides.  The stalls on this
side of the boys room are all "peep friendly." because they are
adjacent to the girls toilets on the opposite side of the wall.   Odis
had meticulously prepared each wall with a tiny drilled hole just large
enough for one eye to peer through.  Of course (as mentioned earlier)
the opposite ends of those holes are covered on a daily basis with a
small smudge of temporary puddy - just in case some curious parent
attempts to peer through to see if it is a peep hole.  The puddy on the
other side prevents any visual contact with the other side - thereby
dispelling any notion that it is indeed a peep hole.  Only a select
person with the knowlege that it IS in fact a peep hole AND who is also
armed with a small, low powered battery drill to push the puddy out on
the other side would know otherwise.  That man would be Mr. Odis.  Of
course, the dull noise of the drill might (in rare cases) attract
attention from the apposing girls room (not to mention the boys room
where he resided).  So Mr. Odis is left with two choices.  He uses both
options according to convieniency.  The first is to leave a select
number of holes uncovered the day before as mentioned earlier.  The
other is to wait until no one is around to push the puddy out of the
others.  Neither choice was full proof and there were indeed risks.
But according to Odis, these risks were minimal and quite tolerable.
In his perverted mind, he rationalizes that with no risk there is no
gain (or in his case - pleasure).  So, upon hearing the door to the
GIRLS lavatory clang shut,  he moves cautiously to a stall with a
pre-drilled hole without puddy on the other side.

	He peers through.

	Mr. Odis observes two pairs of legs below the opposite stall door - a
mother's legs and a child's legs.  But they do not enter the stall he
is peeping through.  They enter the one next to it.  Bingo.  The next
stall over also has a no puddy covering it today.  Mr. Odis moves to
the next stall.  It is still early and nobody has entered the boys room
yet.  He is free to manuever.  He peers through the next hole.  The
site greets him warmly.

	The little girl on the opposite side has been left alone to go potty
without her mother.  Apparently she was just being shown where it was.
It figured to Mr. Odis.  The little girl couldn't have been a day over
the age of four.  She must have been recently potty trained.  To his
immense pleasure and delight, the little girl begins to peel down her
pants, then her precious little underpants - all covered with zoo
animal designs.  Mr. Odis loves these types of girlie underpants and he
unzips the fly to his trousers and begins wanking almost immediately.

     The little girl had shiny red hair. It looked almost like the
color of dark strawberry red.  It was short and parted in the middle.
The little cunt pulled down her zooey underpants to reveal her soft
spungy bottom.  To his delight, she did a brief turn around to inspect
the potty seat (as her mother probably trained her to do in a public
place) and he caught a brief glimpse of her little pink "pee pee" hole.
 It looked quite soft and spungy with some baby fat still present.  Mr.
Odis's prick gave a significant jump at the site.  Sick and perverted
anticipatory thoughts began to creep into his filthy mind.  What he
wanted to happen.  What was about to happen.  It was all inevitable
now.  She was placing her tiny bottom as best she could on the big girl
potty seat as best she could without falling in.  She had to brace
herself with both hands on either side of the toilet seat to keep from
falling inside.  She was so small.  So cute.!

	The first sounds he heard were music to his ears.  The little kiddie
began to fill the potty with her soft little "tinklets" and "squirts."


	Mr. Odis imagined the little girl's cunny parting ever so slightly to
allow the urine to escape.  He knew that a vagina of any size did not
actually "part" themselves to allow for the passage of piddle.  But the
embelished imagery only served to fuel his sickening desires and
repulsive impulses.  He imagined the wet splashes of child urine
splashing against the inner sides of the toilet bowl and into the
waiting thirsty water.  He imagined the smell of residual girlish pee
stains that would inevitably cling to her soft and puffy little pisser
and later mix with her babyish zooey panties - making them smell more
like that of an innocent child who had just made a pee pee in her
panties instead of the potty.  He imagined the little yellow pee stains
that would adorn the base of the little cunt's "kiddie panties" when
she went out to play again.  He imagined the mother's wrinkled nose and
look of disgust when she would discover those shameful little "wee wee"
stains when washing her child's underpants.   Odis shot his load all
over the bathroom wall.  Lots of toilet tissue would be needed.  He was
in ecstacy.  He had already been compensated for his morning of "hard"
work.  The weekly paycheck would only serve as icing on his perverted
cake.   And best of all, there were plenty more sightings to come!

	Odis took a break after his special morning wank and went to get lunch
at a nearby diner.  He was disappointed that he probably wouldn't see
the little three year old with training pants again.  Her mommy never
took her into the girls room that morning for a potty training session
or pamper inspection.  Further more, he hadn't recalled seeing her at
the park before and it was doubtful that she would ever return with her
folks in the near future.  But who knows.  Anything could happen.  Odis
yawned as he waited for the young teenybopper waitress to bring his
cheesesteak.  Her big boobs simply begged to bust out of her blouse and
get sucked.  He used to have an eye for big boobed bimbos like her.
But in recent years his tastes had taken a turn for the worst and he
now enjoyed extremely young children - particularly little girls.  His
thoughts reflected briefly back to the little girl in training pants
again.  Then he reflected upon the little red head who gave him a
special "tinkle" show that morning.  Odis sighed.  There were plenty of
little girls to spy on.  He had no doubt that he would have another
training pants hottie waddle into the restroom with or (preferrably)
without her mommy at her side.  There would also be plenty of diaper
changes - though these were difficult to spot because the peepholes
only afforded him a view of the opposite stall.  It was only when the
door to the appropriate stall nearest to the public changing table was
open that he could afford such a sick and twisted view.  It was rare,
but he had seen a few diaper changes.  These rare sightings had made
him cum almost instantly.  It was almost as if they were a delicacy to
his perverted eyes.

	But alas, Odis's favorite voyourism was watching a little girl go to
the potty.  He enjoyed watching them place their cute little hineys on
the toilet seat.  He lavished every moment as he would watch them
squeeze, squirt, or do both.   His penis would grow stiff with avid
anticipation at hearing the special sounds that emulated from the
child's stall.  It was too bad he could never afford a frontal view of
the process.  But he enjoyed imagening the process while he listened to
the little girlish sounds that emulated from the potty in use.  He was
such a reject, yet he didn't care.  He was obssessed with watching
little girls going to the bathroom.

	Odis returned to work after eating his cheesesteak and ogeling the
sexy teenage waitress.  He had even tried to flirt with stupid cunt but
she brushed him off.   What a bitch.  A brief vision of rape had
entered his mind upon her dismissal of his advances.  So he finished
his lunch and returned to the recreational park.  His watch indicated
that is was now almost 1:00 pm.  The park was in full gear with
activity.  Odis loved it when the elementary schools let their kids out
for the summer.  Because if was late June, there were kids a plenty at
the park.  Their cute little bums adorned the seasaws, sliding boards,
and swingsets like ornaments on a Christmas tree.  Odis's cock gave a
slight twitch.  He was getting horny again.  Not bad for a man in his
mid 40's.  His "mojo" was in good health.

	Odis goes to another twin set of lavatories on the other side of the
park grounds.  Of course, it borders another set of swings, teeter
totters, and plastic sliding boards.  A quick and convienent trip to
the bathroom for parents with a child in desperation.  The township
obviously had this convenience in mind when they constructed the park
in the late 1980's.  What they hadn't contemplated was the extreme
convenience the closeness of the lavatories afforded a pervert's view.
A pervert like Odis who liked to watch little kids and imagine their
cute little underpants encasing their soft fleshy genitals.  Odis was
feverishly sick in the head.  He didn't care and he didn't want to

	Odis noticed another little girl making her way to the "little girl's"
room.  She looked to be about six years old and was not accompanied by
her mother.  Odis was delighted.  His thick cock gave a jump in his
trousers as he made his way to the peeper stalls he had created.  Luck
was with him this time.  The little girl picked a stall with a ready
made peep hole - puddy already removed.  Odis closed his stall and
locked it.  Then he leaned forward and looked into the hole.  Then,
slowly and deliberately, he unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock
out again.

	The little girl on the other side of the wall closed the stall door
and locked it appropriately.  She had long, sandy blonde hair and was
very slender.  She unbuckled her Guess jean shorts and pulled them down
revealing a precious pair of pink cotton panties with Poke A Dot
designs all over.  Odis could easily make out the outline of her hiney
crevice encased in the soft cotton material.  He could also see the
outline of her precious little crator between her butt cheeks.  Odis
jerked his cock feverishly imaging the soft brown anus enclosed within.
 He had already seen a little girl do her "pee pee" routine earlier in
the morning.  Now he wanted something more.  He wanted to see this
little girl make a slutty little poop just for him.  The little girl
did not disappoint.  She pulled down her pink cotton panties and sat
her tight little bottom on the toilet seat.  Odis could hear her
grunting and straining her bowels.  He heard the soft squishy noise of
her slick, greasy poopy ooze out of her tight little rear end and plop
softly into the thirsty potty.  For almost an instant, Odis had wished
he was the toilet bowl itself!  Then his sick demented thoughts quickly
returned to his view of the little girl's babyish bottom.  It looked so
soft, innocent, and spungy.  The little girl reached over and grappled
with the public toilet tissue and tore off a piece.  Then she leaned
gently to one side and raised part of her right ass globe and parted
her butt cheek with her tiny hand.  Gently she reached inside her soft
fleshy bottom and gave her tight little poo hole a few gentle swipes.
She had definately been taught to treat or her little stink hole with
kindness and respect.  She wiped herself very slowly and deliberately -
making sure to get all the messy streaks off of her precious baby
bottom.   What a thrilling site!  Odis came almost instantly before the
little cunt had a chance to flush the potty.  His cum splattered all
over the wall again.  Just another mess his janitorial skills were
meant to solve.  He watched the little girl lift herself off the potty
seat and pull up her undie pants.  Then she turned around briefly and
checked her poo.  What a precious little gift for Odis! When she was
satisfied, the little brat flushed the toilet, pulled up her jean
shorts, and exited the stall.  Odis's second sighting of the day had
proved more rewarding than the first.  He had to wipe of a substantial
amount of "pervert cream" from the bathroom wall.  It was a lot more
cream (and much thicker in content) than he had to wipe earlier in the
morning in the other lavatory across the park.  Odis smiled to himself.
 He would be having wet dreams about this little cunt - not to mention
what she had done in the potty for days to come.  Odis cleaned up the
rest of his filthy mess and exited the stall.  He was satisfied once

	Odis's next observation was a little boy entering the bathroom a few
hours later.  Odis wasn't really into boys, but he didn't mind the
occasional wank when it came to the site of a little boy's "pee pee."
The little boy was very small (about 4 ft 8 inches tall) and had to
stand on his tip toes to use the smallest urinal in the restroom.
Several hours had passed since the little girl "poo incident" occured
and he was horny again - albeit to a lesser extent.  Odis watched
through the bathroom stall as the little boy pulled down his shorts and
revealed his retro Dukes of Hazard under pants.  Odis had guessed that
all the hoopla surrounding the up coming movie had brought the classic
Dukes of Hazard show back into the spot light again and everything from
toys, video games, and underwear was sure to be on sale to promote or
piggyback off of the movie and cash in.

	Odis continued watching intently as the little boy pulled down his
undies and stood on his tip toes.  Odis could barely see the little
boy's "wee wee."  But he did manage to hear the familiar sound of the
child's pee pee entering the urinal.  He got hard listening to it
splash and splatter against the inside of the john.  To his extreme
delight, the little boy turned briefly before pulling up his underpants
revealing his soft little "piddler" to his naked eye.  What a treat!
Odis wanked feverishly again and again.  Soon, the site and sounds
brought about another intense wave of pleasure inside his sweaty balls.
 Drops of middle aged cum splattered all over the floor near the stall
door.  There were not as many cum drops this time around as Odis was
pretty well spent from the poo incident earlier in the afternoon.  Yet
there was still a sufficient amount of disgusting semen leaking onto
the concrete floor - enough to warrent a bit of caution on the part of
Odis to prevent the little boy from seeing the small shallow puddle of
goop that was forming just inside the bathroom stall.  The boy finished
pulling up his underpants and his shorts.  Then he walked out of the
lavatory without washing his hands.  The little runt.  He probably came
from a broken home with a loose set of morals and values.  Odis smiled
to himself.  These broken homes were a tragedy according to common
knowlege within society.  Yet it was these same broken homes that
produced the best kind of ignorent children - the kind that a pervert
like Mr. Odis was getting his courage up to eventually prey upon and

	Indeed, it was only a matter of time before Mr. Odis would eventually
cross the line into becoming a full blown child molester.  All it would
take was the right moment, at the right location, with the proper
ingredients:  A stupid or neglegent parent or guardian (Odis knew the
world was full of those) and an equally ignorant child - preferrably of
the white trash variety.  Odis smiled to himself again.  Just as the
saying went, there was a sucker born every minute.  If one were to
follow that logic, there would certainly be an ignorant child born at
roughly the same interval.  The world was full of these hapless
children.  Some of whom would eventually find their way into the
recreational park where Odis worked - escorted by their equally
ignorant parents or babysitters.  It was only a matter of time, and a
dirty old pervert named Mr. Odis would be waiting.

                                THE END

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