Pacifier Love  (Mg,extreme pedo,nc,cum)

By H. Grant 

I waited for the mother to leave for work. Then I entered the nursery and looked 
inside the playpen. The little girl was awake and standing up. She was dressed 
in only a t-shirt and disposable diaper. She had a pacifier in her cute little 
mouth and I could see a little bit of baby drool seeping out from between her 
lips. She had the cutest round eyes and soft red locks of hair. Her name was 
Samantha and she was cute, soft, and adorably sexy.

Gently, I picked her up out of the playpen. The soft feel of her diaper greeted 
my hand when I placed it on her baby bottom. It felt warm and damp. Someone had 
made herself a pee-pee in there! Her little baby arms were soft, warm, and 
inviting. I pulled the pacifier out of her sexy little mouth.


I licked her cheek and scooped up all her baby saliva with my tongue.


My penis grew rock hard as I carried her to the changing table and lay her down. 
I unfastened the tapes of her puffy Cinderella diaper.


Her diaper popped open and I peeled the front end downward. Her cute lil' 
pee-pee hole greeted me with a warm smile - a smile only a pedophile could love 
and appreciate. A little puddle of yellow wetsy stared me in the face. Samantha 
had made a big wee-wee this time all inside her cute little diaper! I leaned 
down and smelled her diaper. The sweet smell of baby powder and wet tinkle made 
friends with my nose. My penis grew thicker. My mind grew even sicker.
I leaned down and licked her chubby little pisser. All pink and puffy, soft and 


The little cunt squirmed with innocent totty pleasure. I held her down and 
raised her Rainbow Bright t-shirt to reveal her soft, milky white belly button. 
I moved my face up toward it and gave it a huge French kiss - making sure to dab 
my tongue deep inside her belly button hole.

More giggling, squirming, and cooing. Samantha would never tell on me. She was 
too young to talk.

Gently I pressed my finger against her baby vagina and began to poke, prod, and 
tickle her spongy flesh. I wiggled my finger between her little baby folds and 
tickled her baby clit gently. The little girl wiggled and squirmed on the 
changing table. I held her down firmly and grasped her little baby ankles 
together. Then I raised her sweet little legs in the air and held them together 
so that I could keep her off balance and maintain control over her body 
movements. This also afforded me and excellent view of her puffy little pee-pee 
hole. It was all moist and shiny from stinky piss and my saliva. Little Samantha 
cooed and drooled as I went to work on her. I removed my trousers and pulled my 
cock out. It was hard and throbbing uncontrollably - like the lustful thoughts 
in my perverted head.

Slowly, I rubbed my hard pedo cock against her tiny little pissy hole. The head 
of my penis made friends with baby powder, saliva, and precious little tinkle 
stains. Samantha giggled even more as I rubbed my cock up and down the puffy 
little slit of her stinky vagina. It smelled like baby powder and stale urine. 
My cock didn't care. It wanted to explore inside of baby Samantha's precious 
little pee-pee hole!

I pulled little Samantha's legs toward me and pushed forward - inching my cock 
inside her sweet little honey hole.

Baby Samantha cried out in pain and began thrashing and crying. Lots of baby 
tears and child drool covered her cute little face. This made her even more sexy 
to me. I thrust deep inside her and broke her hymen. The child's face was now 
red with shame and terror. I held her legs together in the air by the ankles and 
she could not escape her destiny - to please me.

In and out I pushed. Such an adorable baby slut, all teary eyed and crying - so 
sexy and adorable that way - so cute and helpless. I pounded my cock in and out 
of her womb - making her nice and loose for the next time. She would soon learn 
to enjoy this and appreciate it.

I shot a huge load of evil sperm inside her soft little cunny - which was 
probably very sore by now. My hot jizz splished and splashed deep inside her 
belly. She was now my little child whore. My messy little cunt!
I pulled my cock out of her soft, warm, and messy cunny. I lowered her legs and 
proceeded to wipe my dick on her belly button - smearing the last traces of 
sperm inside her soft baby belly hole.

"Don't cry little time it won't hurt so bad. You may even begin 
to like it."

I wiped her clean and put a new diaper on her. Most men hate changing diapers. 
As for me, I couldn't ask for a better chore when it came to babysitting. 
Diapers were now my favorite thing to do thanks to my little baby slut - 

The End

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