Nina, The babies, And Daddy  (MF,toddlers,nepi)

By E. A. Stone

    Nina had just turned twelve when began to receive offers of baby sitting
jobs from neighbors. She really hadn't had any experience with children. She
was an only child. 

    Her mother promised to be home to advise her if she ran into any problems
so she agreed to watch Mrs. Johnson's babies. Jennifer and Joshua were
eighteen months and three years old respectively. 

    She was very nervous as the time approached. Her mom agreed to come over
in half an hour and show her how to change diapers, clean butts, prepare
bottles etc. Relieved, she headed to her first babysitting job. 

    Mrs. Johnson greeted her at the door and showed her where she kept the
various supplies Nina would need. Nina took careful notes. Both of the
children were asleep when their mom left. 

    Soon Josh wandered into the living room. 

    "I gotta go potty" he said sleepily. 

    "OK, go" she replied. 

    "You gotta help c'mon" 

    She dutifully followed the toddler into the bathroom. He said "take my
pants off" 

    She pulled his pants down and realized he was wearing diaper/underpants
(Huggies?) he raised his arms, She pulled his diaper down and lifted him onto
the toilet. He put his hands down and held onto the seat. 

    She watched a stream of pee flow from his little penis. She stared
fascinated. She'd never seen a penis before. She had learned about them in
sex-ed but never before seen a real live penis. She stared in fascination as
the stream turned into a trickle and he started to jump from the toilet seat.

    "Wait, you aren't finished" she called out. 

    He stopped his attempt to dismount. She watched as a tiny drop stayed on
his little penis. "Wipe yourself" she instructed. 

    "I didn't poop" he said as she jumped down. He stood before her, waiting
for her to pull his diaper back up. 

    Nina felt a strange, but pleasant "tickly" feeling in her tummy. She
stared, mesmerized, at his tiny dick. 

    She reached out and tentatively touched it. It felt nice between her
fingers. Kind of soft but firm too. She was fascinated by it as she Continued
to roll it between her fingers. Josh stood quietly, not complaining or trying
to pull away. As she rolled it between her fingers she became aware that it
was getting longer and stiffer. 

    The feeling in her tummy was getting stronger and she felt a nice feeling
between her legs. 

    Very soon Josh's penis was more like a little hard stick than the worm it
had first appeared to be. She could no longer roll it around but she liked
the hard stiff new feeling. 

    "Bing Bong" She heard the doorbell. 

    She suddenly was very nervous, realizing that what she had done was
forbidden. She was sure that it was her mother at the door. She had to calm
down and not look so nervous when she opened the door. 

    "Hi mom." she chirped as she opened the door. Just then the baby began to

    "I'll bet she's wet. c'mon we'll change her" Mom said as she headed for
the baby's room. She picked her up and thrust a finger into the diaper. 

    "Yep that's it" she commented as she removed the diaper. "Watch carefully
Nina, Next time you'll have to do this yourself." She removed the baby's
diaper and Nina started to feel the same tickle when she saw the tiny baby

    Her mom matter-of-factly wiped her butt and slipped a fresh diaper under
her. Nina watched as the new diaper covered the previously exposed babyflesh.
"OK, lets fix her a bottle" Mom called out as she carried the baby into the
kitchen. Nina dutifully watched as her mom explained each step she took. Her
mind, though, was on the tiny genitals she had seen on her little charges. 

    Finally mom was headed out the door. Nina promised to call if she had any
problems or questions. All the time mom had been there Josh had been
following Nina around. As soon as she was gone, he asked to watch TV. Nina
put the cartoon channel on and Josh snuggled against her. 

    The baby was in her bed drinking her bottle. Nina put her arm around Josh
and gently slipped her hand into his diaper. He looked up at her and smiled. 

    As soon as she began toying with his little penis the tickly feeling
returned. This time it was even stronger than before. The feeling was back
between her legs too. She found the feelings more pleasant than anything she
had felt before. Even when she had touched that special spot between her own
legs. This was so exciting. 

    "That's nice" She almost passed out. She had been so lost in her own
thoughts that the unexpected voice had startled her. "Ohh! Josh, you startled
me. You like that huh?" 

    "feels nice" he repeated. 

    She remembered other things she had learned from sex-ed. 

    "Lets take your diaper off, It's in the way" she said as she pulled the
diaper down his legs and off. Seeing his stiff little pecker increased the
"tickle" and she began to breathe heavily in her excitement. She leaned over
and kissed his stiffie on the pink tip. He sucked his breath in but said

    She slipped it between her lips and sucked on it. 

    "OOhhh!" was the only response from Josh. 

    Nina was panting with lust, though she didn't know that was what it was.
She instinctively slipped her hand into her pants to touch her special spot
and was surprised as how wet it was. Her touch sent a sudden thrill through
her tummy. She continued to rub her button as she began to suck the tiny

    "Wait" she said as she pulled her panties off. 

    She lay back and laid Josh on top of her, placing him so his tiny rod
touched her special spot. "OOOhh! Josh" she whimpered as the touch seemed to
go clear through her young body. His little hard rod rubbed against her
engorged clit. Each contact sent an electric jolt through her young body. 

    Little Josh started to get into the action, his hips began thrusting back
to stimulate the good feelings he was experiencing. Nina was lost in the
ecstasy of the moment, reveling in the wonders this tiny penis was capable
of. She began to wonder about bigger ones when, "Oww, Josh what did you do?" 

    The words fell from her lips as she realized what had happened. In his
wild thrusting his little penis had slipped down to the opening to her vagina
and penetrated her. Nothing had ever been inside her body before. she felt
both pain and pleasure as Josh's little rod was thrust in and out of her

    He obviously was enjoying the feel of a soft wet pussy holding his little
rod and sending pleasure through his young body. She removed her blouse and
put his mouth on her budding little breast. He eagerly began sucking on it.
The pleasure of the child's mouth on her breast was immediately telegraphed
to her pleasure center. 

    Thoughts and images of sex-ed lessons flashed through Nina's mind as she
pushed him between her legs and pushed his little peter into her thirsty
vagina. Her clit was being stimulated as was her virgin vagina. 

    Within a few seconds she reached her first orgasm. 

    "Ohhh god, Josh Ohhh yes AAaaaa" she moaned as she was enveloped in the
pleasure of her first fuck. Nina lay still trying to regain her breath and
regain her composure but the toddler continued to pump his tiny organ into

    The passion rose again and very quickly she was engrossed in another
orgasm. Josh wouldn't stop till she lifted him off her body and sat him down.
His tiny pecker was slimy with her juices. She was sure he was too young to
ejaculate so it must be all from her. 

    She now heard Jennifer crying. "I wonder how long that's been going on"
she thought to herself as she went in, nude, to get her. She brought baby
Jennifer back into the living room and lay her on the sofa and removed her
diaper as she'd seen her mother do earlier. She wiped the baby clean, staring
the whole time at her tiny pussy. 

    She spread the tiny pussy lips and examined it closely. She'd never
really been able to see her own pussy that well. she was fascinated with it. 

    She gently caressed Jennifer's pussy, touching the baby the way that felt
good to herself. The baby stopped whimpering and got very quiet. Nina leaned
over her and gently licked the tiny slot between Jennifer's pussy lips. 

    Jennifer laid very still and Nina continued licking and began to gently
suck on the tiny clit, knowing the pleasure that tiny organ was capable of
giving her. 

    All this time Little Josh was watching, fascinated by his baby sister's
body exposed before him. His tiny rod was still hard and fully erect,
pointing almost straight up. When Nina lifted her lips from the baby's tiny
pussy, Josh, before Nina realized what was going on, lay atop his baby sister
and pushed his stiff rod into the tiny pussy. 

    "Waahh" the baby cried out at the insult to her body. She's gone from the
pleasure of a soft warm tongue to an invasion by a stiff slimy penis. The
shock started her crying but as Josh pummeled her tiny vagina with his hard
peter she began to quiet down. 

    Soon she was as quiet as when her pussy was being licked and sucked by
Nina. Josh took to fucking like he'd always done it. Rapidly pumping his
little stiffy into his baby sister. 

    Josh showed no inclination to stop and Nina was afraid he'd leave bruises
on the baby's pussy and raise questions the next time her mother changed her
diaper. She pulled him off the baby and lay him on herself. 

    He quickly returned to his pummeling, this time Nina's pussy. She
presented her budding breast to him and he began to suckle. Jennifer began to
whimper so Nina put her astride her own head and lovingly licked her little

    Just as the baby's legs straddled Nina's face and her mouth began to open
and close allowing the baby's pussy to slip into her mouth and Nina's tongue
stroked her little crack, Nina's daddy George came into the house. 

    George stood motionless, in shock at first. He had expected to see his
daughter changing a diaper or feeding the baby. He was totally un-prepared
for the lewd sight of his daughter, naked, lying on her back. A three year
old boy pumping his tiny hard peter in her apparently hairless pussy. A baby
astride her face, her mouth hungrily munching on the baby's tiny pussy. "Oh
my god," he thought "Oh my god!" He also realized his cock was rapidly
growing and twitching in his pants. He hadn't seen Ni na nude since she was
about five. He couldn't divert his gaze from her pubescent body. Her newly
forming breasts were about two inches across and conical. Her nipples were
erect. Her waist was narrow and her body was just beginning to widen at the
hips. her legs were thin, more like a small child but her hips and breasts
belied that possibility. She was blossoming, not fully, but his daughter was
becoming a woman. He remembered the many times as she grew up when flashes of
desire for his daugh ter overwhelmed him. He was always able to leave the
room or change the subject when that had happened. This time, however, was
different. Her naked body was the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. His cock
was twitching and jumping in his pants. 

    The happy threesome were still in their lewd position when: 

    "Nina!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?". 

    Oh god, ... Daddy! 

    She lifted the baby from her position astride her face and looked toward
the sound. 

    There was daddy, watching the three naked children. 

    She jumped up, sending Josh rolling onto the floor. She could feel her
face, no, her whole body turning red in embarrassment. She tried to cover
herself from her daddy's eyes. First covering her breasts then her peach-fuzz
covered pussy. 

    George stood exactly where she had first seen him, apparently immobile.
His mouth stood agape, his eyes fixed on his naked daughter. She saw no
movement. Then, his eyes scanned her nude form. 

    She stood, frozen, looking at her daddy, trying to somehow cover herself.
She reached for her clothes. 

    "Don't!" she heard daddy say, in a quiet voice. 

    "Just stay where you are." She stopped. 

    "Move your hands to your sides." Nina, feeling very nervous and very
embarrassed, lowered her hands to her sides, allowing her daddy, for the
first time, an unobstructed view of her budding body. As she did so, she also
noticed a large lump in her daddy's pants. 

    "What are you looking at Nina?" her daddy asked. 

    "Wha, What is that?" 

    She suspected that his penis had gotten hard like Josh's but nothing had
touched it like she had Josh's. She didn't want to say anything like that.
What would make it hard? 

    Ohh, Oh no, daddy's penis is getting hard because he's looking at me!
He's just staring and looking all up and down me. He hasn't moved at all
except his eyes. It feels like I can feel daddy's eyes on me. On my breasts,
then between my legs, then all up and down my body. 

    Oh god feeling daddy's eyes on me is giving me that tickly feeling again.
Seeing the lump in his pants is too. I don't think I'm supposed to have that
feeling with my daddy. I guess I'm not supposed to get it with the babies
either. That was mostly curiosity though. 

    This seems different. This is making funny feelings all over me. Nice

    Her train of thought was interrupted when her daddy began to move toward
her. He held out his arms and moved against her encircling her small body in
a loving hug. 

    Oh good, she thought. Daddy's not going to be mad, He's hugging me. 

    Ohh his hands are rubbing my bare back. 

    Oh! No, he's got his hands on my bare butt. 

    Nina is afraid to move away but she knows that's not the way daddy's hug
their daughters. 

    George's hands began to roam all over her back and her little butt. 

    Her daddy backed away slightly and his hands began to explore Nina's
sides. They moved up along her budding little breasts. Oh! OH! a sudden
thrill went through her body when daddy's hands grazed her erect nipple. 

    "Oh Daddy!" The words escaped her lips before she realized she had said

    George, encouraged by her words, moved his hands along her soft immature
body, along her smooth tummy and toward her nearly hairless pussy. 

    Feeling her daddy's hands approach her pussy caused her to suddenly draw
in a breath. She didn't withdraw from his touch. In fact the longer he
continued to explore her young body, the more she liked it. The more she felt
the tickle, and felt her pussy gushing. 

    "Oh, Ohh Daddy!" she whimpered as her daddy's finger went between her
legs, slipping into her very slippery crack. Involuntarily, her hips pressed
forward pressing her pussy against her daddy's hand. His finger was drawing
circles around her special spot. Sliding along her very wet crack and
slipping briefly into her vagina. His other hand began to knead her very hard

    She felt his hand move away from eager pussy. Then she heard a zipper. Oh
God, he's unzipping his pants, she thought as she felt her daddy bend his
knees and move down. 

    She felt renewed contact against her pussy. "Oh goody" she thought "He
put his hand back on me. It feels so good." 

    "Owww! OOOOwwwww!" she cried out as she felt a stabbing pain go through
her, as her daddy straightened his legs. 

    "Oww daddy that hurts! What did you do? 

    Stop! It hurts!" she continued to cry out. 

    Daddy didn't seem to notice. His hips began to hunch forward and back as
Nina realized that her daddy was fucking her! It hurt so bad she couldn't
stand it, it also began to feel kinda good. 

    Daddy was panting in her ear as his hips pumped his hard cock in his
daughter's twelve year old pussy. 

    "Ohh GOD Nina, I've wanted this almost since you were born. I've wanted
to feel my cock inside of your body, to pump my sperm into you." He continued
talking as he pistoned his cock into his little girl. Mumbling into her ear
about how good it felt and how much he loved her and how much he'd always
wanted to make love with her. 

    Nina began to relax and enjoy the feel of her daddy's arms around her,
his head against hers and, most of all, his big hard cock thrusting into her,
no longer virgin, pussy. 

    That began to feel better and better. Daddy was panting sexy words into
her ear as he continued thrusting his hard cock deep into her. "You are so
good. Your little pussy grips your daddy so tight. Oh baby OHHhh! Ohh Daddy
loves his little girl so much." 

    Nina had almost forgotten the pain. Her daddy telling her how much he
loves her and feeling him inside her had nearly obliterated even the memory
of pain. She was feeling the joy of his closeness. The knowledge that her
daddy loved her and wanted to make love to her was giving her a very special

    Her body was giving her an even more special feeling. She could feel it
building from deep inside herself. Welling up. Filling her with Joy and
pleasure. It got stronger and stronger till she didn't think she could stand
it any more. "Ohhhh! Ohh Daddy! Ohhh Ahhhhh! I, I, Wha What's happening to

    I, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" at that moment the feeling welled
up in her, filled her with ecstasy. She held her daddy tight against herself.
his hips still thrusting against her, driving his hard rod into her. 

    Her words and the way she was holding him put him over the top. "Ohhhh!
OhH baby, daddy's gonna cum in you. I can't stop I can't stop Unhh, Ahhh!"
and his cock began to spasm in his little girl. Shooting cum deep into her
womb. Both lovers were in another world. Lost in the moment of pleasure
between father and daughter. Gripping each other tightly, pressing their
pelvises together feeling a closeness not experienced by most lovers. A
closeness only a father and daughter can share. 

    Several minutes passed, no words were spoken between father and daughter.
The silence was broken with the words "Your pee pee is real big" spoken by
the three year old Josh as he stood behind George, his hand had snaked
between George's legs and his finger was poking George's now softening penis
where it entered Nina's pussy. 

    "My baby sister's crying, wanna see how I make her stop?" 

    George was at first irritated by the interruption. He had been savoring
the blissful closeness with his daughter. 

    The baby's crying now entered his consciousness. 

    "Damn" he thought "I wonder how long she's been crying like that." 

    "Yeah, yeah, I want to see how you make her stop." he finally responded
to the boy's question. 

    "Show me." 

    Nina felt her daddy's penis softening and begin to slip from her body.
Not wanting to lose the intimate contact she squeezed her pelvic muscles. The
result, of course was just the opposite, her daddy's softening member was
squeezed out like toothpaste from a tube. 

    She whimpered when she realized what was happening, at that moment she
felt warm sperm running down her leg. George handed her a tissue and sent her
to the bathroom to clean up. 

    After he watched her lovely naked body disappear into the bathroom, he
saw what Josh was doing to quiet his sister. He had her little pussy in his
mouth and was happily sucking on it. George just stood, staring at the scene
before him, for several minutes. 

    The baby was cooing and giggling, her legs spread wide for her three year
old brother. His tongue was lapping along her tiny pussy. 

    George had never before considered the idea of sex between such young
siblings. But he found this extremely arousing. 

    "Wanna try it?" Little josh said as he lifted his mouth from the wet baby

    He hadn't licked a baby pussy since Nina was a baby. 

    His cock, now soft, began to twitch and his mouth began to water as he
remembered the pleasure he felt when his daughter was a baby and he pleasured
her pussy with his mouth. Images of his baby daughter flashed into his mind,
even of his penis lying in her tiny crease as cum erupted and ran down into
her slit. 

    Yes he wanted to try it! 

    He kneeled alongside the sofa where the baby lay and licked the tiny
pussy. The flavors and scents of the innocent baby triggered more images of
the pleasure he and his baby daughter had shared. 

    His tongue slipped into the immature little crack. Feeling her tiny but
erect clitoris. Moving the tip of his tongue in circles around it. Dipping it
into the tiny opening of her Vagina. 

    He enjoyed hearing the giggles and feeling her pressing back against the
tip of his tongue. 

    "Wanna see what else she likes?" Josh was saying as he pulled George away
from the baby. 

    Josh's little pecker was standing up as he mounted his little sister and
quickly thrust it into her. 

    George stood, totally amazed not only that an eighteen month old baby
could accept even such a tiny penis, but that a three year old boy would know
what to do with his. 

    Suddenly the picture he had seen when he first entered the house
materialized in his mind. Josh was fucking Nina while Nina sucked on the
baby's pussy. 

    "Oh My God! My little girl taught them this stuff!" 

    Just then, Nina in all her delectable glory, came back into the room.
George stared at his little girl, she was beginning to blossom. She was, in
fact, a the stage that George found most beautiful. Her emerging breasts
stood proud. Her waist was just beginning to form. Her hips were just
starting to widen. Her cute little butt still had the cute baby bubble butt
shape. Her legs hadn't begun to take shape, still little girl thin. 

    "Nina, I" George began an apology when he was interrupted. 

    "When can we do that again daddy?" Nina asked with a look like a child
who had discovered candy and wants more. 

    "Soon baby, soon."