Nepi Phone Sex Testimonials

Hello to all our newborn, infant, baby, and toddler lovers out there!

Welcome to our first Nepi Phone Sex Testimonial page. As most of us
nepis are now aware, one of our beloved authors to the Nepi Stories
Collection was very dismayed to find that the Nepi Chatroom was closed
down.  In response to the attempt at censorship of our freedom of 
speech and to collectively gather in peace, "Nepi" has decided to be 
brave enough to offer compassionate and sexually gratifying phone
sex to those of us who wish to speak with a real live infantophile /
nepiophile who has written many stories involving babies and toddlers
over the years for us.

You can read up on the rules for contacting him and earning his trust
before you call (see the "Nepi Phone Chat" link on the Nepi Stories 
Collection main page  / directory for specific details and privacy

So, without further delay, let's get to the exciting and titilating
baby and toddler phone sex testimonials:

FROM: "T Lynus"

"I can't believe I finally found a soul mate who understands my deepest
and darkest sexual fantasies.  Nepi helped me understand that I am not
alone in this world, and offered the most stimulating sexual experience
I have ever had outside of physical contact. He is truly the best!"

FROM: "Laurence"

"I was very skeptical at first about chatting with someone directly 
over the phone about such a forbidden and taboo subject - even amongst 
other pedophiles.  But after speaking with him, I realized that not 
only did he genuinely care about me and my personal feelings, he
understood what turned me on and helped my achieve one of the best
nepi orgasms of my entire life!  The most perverted and sastifying
phone sex I have ever had..."

FROM: "Just another Mike"

"I don't know how to begin.  Let's just say I have a thing about babies
and toddlers using their diapers.  I was very timid about calling "Nepi"
the very first time.  After speaking with him, I realized I had a true
friend who understood exactly what I secretly liked, and offered to help
me achieve orgasm through some of the sickest and most perverted phone
chat I have ever had.  I have spoken to him twice since then, and I have
no regrets.  He is very private and confidential regarding my information
and, best of all, he has never judged me.  Bless him.  He is truly a fine
man (and erotic author to boot)."

FROM: "Jack"

"I'll keep it short.  Nepi is the sickest and most depraved nepiophile out
there, and that is why phone sex with him is very hot!  There are no holds
barred and nothing is off limits.  He understands all of us, and he gave 
me the greatest erection I have had in a long time. Cheers to him.  He'll
be offering Skype soon from what he tells me :)"

FROM: Alice

"It took me a while to earn his trust, because there are not many female
nepi pervs out there, and i think he thought I was law enforcement.  But
after going into detail about my love of baby boy's and their adorable
feet, he eventually gave me a chance.  I am so glad I spoke with him,
my pussy was dripping with baby and toddler lust after I hung up the
phone!  My only complaint is that he is so busy with other nepis, it's
hard to schedule with him sometimes.  Though he does eventually get 
around to chatting if you're patient."

NOTE: If you wish to contact "Nepi" regarding your need for baby and
      toddler phone relief, you can get to know him via his new e-mail