Baby / Toddler erotic fantasies phone sex (for nepiophiles only!):

Hello everyone.  I would like to thank you all for visiting the
Nepi Stories Collection.  Erotica involving babies and toddlers
in diapers is hard to find, so we are attempting to build this
excellent story collection one brick at a time.

I would like to take this time to welcome a longtime writer
of our story site:  His name is "Nepi." and he has written
several baby and toddler stories for us to enjoy over the past
couple of years.

I personally have gotten to know him, and he is truly a sick pervert
(our favorite type of author right?)

Anyway, he has volunteered to offer phone sex and compassionate
understanding to those who wish to share their fantasies with a live
person.  Of course, some basic rules apply before you contact him.

1. His number is NOT freely given.  You must establish some trust
   with him (the same way I did).

2. Once you have corrosponded with him via e-mail, you must outline
   ahead of time what your fantasies are involving strictly babies
   or toddlers.  DO NOT ask him for anything illegal - or he will
   assume you are law enforcement and cut you off!  Fantasy phone
   chat only!

3. If, and when you decide to contact him (or him to contact you), 
   be sure NOT to divulge his or your number to anyone else!  Use
   a blocked number if possible.

4. Remember, phone sex if perfectly legal provided it is confined
   to strictly talking about your urges and fantasies.  You will
   NOT be judged, and (having spoken with him many times this past
   year) you can be sure he will keep your basic info private!

5. Remember, phone masturbation for nepiophiles is a healthy way to
   get your urges out of the way without resorting to any illegal
   or dangerous activity.

6. Be respectful to him, as he is being very brave in offering this
   service to nepiophiles in needed of talking to a live person who
   understands infantophiia / nepiophilia urges and fantasies.  
   Nothing is too sick or perverted for him, as long as it is strictly
   phone chat.

For those who wish to contact "Nepi," you can get to know him first via
e-mail at:


Pamper Lover (Nepi Stories Moderator)