Nepi Author Recognition Page

To all infantophiles and nepiophiles: welcome to our very
first Nepi Stories Author Recognition Page!  As you will
note over time, this is currently a work in progress, and
will continue indefinately as more nepi authors come out 
of the closet to submit some of the FINEST erotica on the
Internet today.

If you are an aspiring nepi author who wishes to write a
story or three regarding your deepest baby / toddler fantasies,
feel free to cut and paste your story into your e-mail and
submit it to me at:

You may choose to include your return e-mail address at the
bottom of your story submission to receive feedback from 
other baby and toddler lovers and fans of your work.

There are only two rules to follow:  1. The story's main
character(s) MUST be under the age of 3 years old (still in 
diapers or training pants). 2. Be sure to proofread your
story BEFORE submitting it to the e-mail address listed
above.  If you submit a story that is too short, or is a
complete and utter mess with regard to spelling, punctuation,
and grammar, it will NOT be posted until it is corrected.

There are NO LIMITS on what you can submit or write about -
provided your story meets the two criteria listed above.

Now it's time to recognize some of our latest nepi authors
and contributors:

Author:  "Nate"

Nate is a recent author who has contributed some very fine
erotica involving baby and toddler boys.  Some of his most
recent work(s) include:  "Closet Stash" and "Everyone's Price"
among others.

Author:  "Sid Phillips"

Sid is a brand new contributor to the Nepi Stories Collection.
His very first story: "Hurting Ben" knocked it out of the park.
I received a lot of praise for posting that story, and I'm
certain he received a lot of positive feedback as well.

Author: "Gabriel G."

Gabriel G. submitted his first nepi story recently.  It was
titled: "Perverted Friends With Benefits."  For those of you
who enjoy reading about little baby boys being used as personal
toilets, Gabriel's first story submission is right up your ally.
We thank him so much and hope to read more baby / toddler 
stories from his erotic keyboard! 

Author:  "Full Diaper"

Full Diaper has been a very kind and generous contributor to 
our Nepi Stories Collection over the course of the past year
and into the present.  His stories focus on little babies and
toddlers pooping into their diapers and the sexual pleasure 
that can be derived from it from infantophiles and nepiohiles
who share this secret baby / toddler fantasy.  His most recent
story: "Good Morning Joey - Changing Table Anal" can also be
found in the NEW SUBMISSIONS folder within the Nepi Stories
Collection main page / directory.

Author: "CJ"

"CJ" has only posted one story so far, but it was so powerful
and gripping, I had to stop myself from cumming before I 
finished it.  If you enjoy violent nepi erotic, CJ fits the 
bill perfectly.  His writing involves physical abuse, urination,
drug use, and snuff involving a little one year old girl.  The
story title is:  "Rape On the Range."  And I highly recommend
it for infantophiles and nepiophiles who secretly get turned on
by sexual violence and abuse of very young children.

Author: "PedoMom"

"PedoMom" is one of our rare female nepiophile contributors, 
and she is quite a story writer.  Her recent story series:
"Captive" (submitted in five seperate parts so far), deals with
a mother who is initially kidnapped along with her baby daughter
by a sick pervert, and is eventually seduced into becoming a
nepiophile herself.  Soon, she learns to enjoy abusing her very
own child as much as her male captor.  Very hot story series!

Well, that's a wrap for this month.  Hope all of our nepi
readers and writers have a great New Year, and plenty more 
nepi material to digest in the near future!  


Pamper Lover (Nepi Stories Collection Moderator)