Francis And His Nieces - Part 2  (Mg+,nepi,toddlers,diapers,ws,scat)

by Francis

   With that, Francis left - giving the girls a goodbye kiss on the mouth,
and thanking Dennis profusely for everything.

   He rushed home, got at the computer, took his clothes off, and
started to masturbate while thinking about what had just happened and
looking at his favourite folder of little girl pictures.  There was still
nearly 22 hours before he got to go back to the girls.  It was going to be
an intense time.

   Francis had to continue to be so careful not to ejaculate.  He was very
afraid that if he had an accident, Dennis would realize it, and ban him
from future contact with the girls.  But, Francis was an expert at holding
back his cum and edging.  He very often went days, and had many 12-14 hour
sessions.  Some longer, and he didn't always cum at the end of those
either. But this was different.  What he had just experienced was the
horniest, most perverted thing he had ever done, and he loved every second
of it.  He couldn't wait to see the video of Lisa pooping directly into his
mouth.  Everytime he thought of it, he had to take his hand off his penis
very quickly.

   The hours went by, and Francis edged his sick penis well in to the early
morning hours.  He finally had a fitful sleep for a few hours.  He
showered, shaved his entire body, and headed over to the girls house.  He
got there 30 minutes early, and didn't want to be a bother, so he stayed in
his car and played with his penis for the next few minutes.

   Finally, it was time and he knocked on the door.  Dennis answered the
door, and as Francis entered. He saw that his niece, Alisha, Dennis's wife
was there.  He panicked a bit, and had a big lump in his throat.

   "Oh...hi Alicia." Francis said, not knowing what was happening.

   "Hey Uncle. Dennis showed me the video from yesterday.  Gawd I couldn't
believe it.  I always thought you were a pervert, but I had no!"
She said, but with a smile on her face.

   The smile eased Francis anxiety somewhat, but he didn't know what to
say, and just kind of stared.

   "Anyway, I wanted to see today's filming live, so I took the day off.  I
hope you don't mind." she asked.

   "Oh, not at all." Francis replied with great relief and increased

   "Girls, come here and say hi to Uncle." she called to the twins.

   The girls came to the front room, but today they were both wearing very
short sundresses.  They looked adorable and Francis told them that.

   "So, Francis lets get started." said Dennis, and they made their way to
the room with the camera set up.

   "Take off your clothes." Dennis instructed.

   Francis stripped naked, and now was the only naked one in the house. 
The girls had their cute sundresses on, Alicia had on very short pants and
a t-shirt, and Dennis was wearing his shorts and t-shirt.

   "Oh my Uncle, your naked body just screams out pedophile pervert!"
Alicia exclaimed.  "No hair, stiff little pedo penis, oh my god!" She
exclaimed, sounding excited.

   "Francis, we will start now.  On the mattress, you will see there are
two wrapped up used diapers.  The girls filled these last night, and we
kept them for you to play with.  So, please lay on the mattress, and we
will watch and film you as you play with those dirty diapers for a while."
Dennis instructed.

   Francis laid down and opened each diaper, exposing their treasures
inside.  Each diaper was pissy, and there was a cold turd in each of them.
One of the girls had a bit of the runs, and one diaper was quite messy. 
Francis was in a state of extreme excitement, his penis throbbing and
bobbing uncontrollably.  He knew he wanted to put on a good show for the
video and the family.  He placed one poopy diaper face down on his
straining pedo penis, and the runny one he put on his face.  He was
inhaling the nasty odor , while rubbing the diaper up and down and around
on his throbbing pedo penis.  He heard Alicia making "oh my god!" remarks.
He was totally lost in his lust.  He continued like this for a few minutes,
being so careful not to ejaculate.

   "Okay, that's enough.  You will ejaculate if you don't stop." Dennis

   Francis stopped rubbing but kept the diapers in place.

   "Clean up the mess, and wrap the diapers up, and go clean yourself."
Dennis said.  "Can't have you kissing the girls like that." he laughed.

   He did as told, and cleaned up the mattress and went to the bathroom and
cleaned himself up, and came back to the filming area.

   When he returned, the girls were on the mattress - completely naked. 
Francis groaned with excitement.

   "Join them Francis. Lay on your back again." Dennis instructed.

   Francis laid down and the girls were kneeling on either side of him.

   "You can kiss them Francis, but keep one hand on your sick penis."
Dennis instructed.

   Francis gladly obliged and kissed the girls and touched them with his
free hand.  But the girls were kind of antsy, and they weren't staying

   "I think they have go go pee pee." Alicia said.

   "Perfect." Dennis said.

   "Girls, sit on Uncle and make pee pee", Dennis told them.

   They understood and they both sat on his pedo belly and started
squirting their pee pee out on to Uncle.  Francis groaned in his
excitement, barely able to keep his semen inside.  But, he continued to
slowly edge his penis, while the girls squirmed around on top of him.

   "Okay, its time for the finale!" Dennis cheered.

   He stopped the filming, and Alicia placed the girls on either side of him.

   The filming restarted and Dennis said: "okay, make it a good one Uncle."

   Within a few seconds, Francis started shooting out his sick semen.  He
let out a long groan as he passed the point of no return, and uttered a
groan of ecstacy as each strong stream and spray of his pent up lust shot
from his pedo penis.  The girls looked on with surprise, Alicia was saying
"Holy fuck. Look at that!" and Dennis was filming and saying "Well done."

   As Francis lay there, with little girl's pee pee and his own semen 
covering him, Dennis told him that the ejaculation was intense and perfect, 
and that there would surely be subsequent movies made.

   "I am going to sell this video to a select group of men, who will pay
good money for it.  The title is going to be "The Sicko." Dennis said.

   We will get paid well for it, but you don't get paid Francis.  Your
payment was being able to participate.  I think that's fair, don't you?"
Dennis asked.

   "Yes Sir." Francis replied.

   Francis said his thank yous to everyone and put his clothes on, without
cleaning himself and let himself out of the house.

   A few weeks later, Francis was doing as he always did, and was naked at
his computer, looking at pictures and chatting with other perverts, when
one of the other perverts put up a link to a new video called "The Sicko."
It wasn't the whole video, but a clip of it.  Francis watched it, and saw
his own face and sick penis and the scene where he was playing with the
diapers.  With that, he leaned back in the chair and promptly squirted a
huge load of cum all over his belly and chest.



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