Francis And His Nieces (Mg+,nepi,toddlers,diapers,ws,scat)

by Francis

                                   PART 1

   Francis was a pervert.  He masturbated many hours every day to pictures,
videos and stories depicting the most perverted activities with very young
girls.  He had recently retired, and lived alone, so he had all the time in
the world to pursue his favourite and only hobby...masturbating to little

   Francis didn't have any friends (outside of his online pedo friends),
nor did he see much of his family.  However, when he got an invite to go to
a summer BBQ at his niece's house, he accepted.  His niece, Alisha was
married to Dennis, and they had the two most adorable and sexy twin girls,
Lisa and Lana.  They were both about 20 months old, and Francis found them
incredibly exciting and sexy.  So, he accepted this invitation to the BBQ
with other family members, just so he could be close to the little girls.

   At the BBQ, Francis was careful not to be seen to be giving too much
attention, but he could not help but stare.  His little pedo penis was half
hard in his pants the whole time.  As the afternoon wore on, Alicia
undressed the girls, and they were running around the house in only their
diapers.  Francis was getting so excited and he had to excuse himself to
the bathroom a couple of times to play with his penis.  He didn't
ejaculate, but he edged himself.

   At one point, Dennis told the girls to go sit with Uncle Francis, and
they both went and stood between his open legs, and he was able to touch
their bare shoulders.  He thought he was going to cum in his pants.  When
he looked up, he noticed that Dennis was giving him a knowing look.

   When it was time to go, Dennis took him aside and asked him to come over
to their house on Monday.  He said that he was laid off from work, but
Alicia was working, and he was babysitting the girls all day.  He didn't
mention anything sexual, but it was kind of understood....Francis readily
said yes of course.

   That night, all of Sunday and Sunday night, and late into the early
morning of Monday, Francis spent the entire time edging his sick, pedo
penis.  He didn't ejaculate though, because he wanted to be so horny on
Monday.  He didn't know what was going to happen on Monday, but he knew
that he wanted to look at the girls as much as possible.  He looked at vids
and pics and read stories and imagined his two nieces in their diapers and
had edge after edge.

   Monday morning finally arrived.  He went over at about 10:00 AM, and
Dennis welcomed him in.  When Francis walked in, his penis got a jolt of
pleasure, as he saw that both girls were completely naked.  Dennis told
Francis that the girls liked to be naked in the summer time.

   "Come and say hi to Uncle Francis", he told the girls.  They both ran to
their Great Uncle and hugged his legs.  Francis patted them on their head,
unsure of himself, wanting to touch the girls so badly, but not sure if he

   "I think they like you." Dennis said.  "Listen, I saw that the girls
were exciting you on Saturday.  It was evident, and I noticed that you kept
going to the toilet and I don't think it was to take a I right?"
he asked Dennis.

   "Umm..yeah..i guess so, yeah you are right", Francis replied.

   "Good", Dennis said.  "So, I though you might like to spend a naked day
with the girls", he went on.

   "Why don't you take all your clothes off.  The girls would like it, and
I am sure you want to." Dennis said.

   With that, Francis took everything off.

   "Oh, you are shaved everywhere, and what a cute little pedophile penis."
Dennis laughed.

   "Thanks." Francis stammered.

   Dennis took Francis and the girls to the play room.  In there, Francis
saw a large mattress on the floor and video equipment set up as well.

   "I want to video you and the girls playing, you okay with that?" Dennis

   "Oh yes, please do." Francis replied.  He couldn't believe this
wonderful thing was happening.

   "I will be showing your face and all, you don't mind, do you?" Dennis

   "No. I don't mind, I want everyone to see me." Francis replied.

   "I thought so, I will be posting it all over the pedo chat rooms on the
internet, it will be spread very quickly." said Dennis.

   "I will be the director, and you are not going to fuck them." Dennis

   So, it started, under Dennis direction.  Francis laid on his back, and
started masturbating and the girls knelt either side of him, and he kissed
them on their lips and the girls put their little hands all over his
smooth, naked pedo body.

   After a few minutes, one the girls said, "Daddy poopy".

   "I hope you like little girl poop Francis." Dennis said.

   "Oh god yes...I do!" Francis replied.

   Dennis positioned Lisa over Francis face, and held her and told her to
go potty.  Within seconds, Francis saw the beginning of her little turd
poking out of her cute bumhole.  His hand was moving quickly, but carefully
on his straining penis.  The turd fell out of her bumhole and into his
waiting mouth.  She peed at the same time, and the pee was landing on his
chest and neck.  He dutifully ate up her poo poo, barely avoiding
ejaculation, all while being filmed.

   Both girls said "peeeuuu!" and Dennis laughed out loud as Francis
seriously swallowed her entire turd.

   "Fuck, that was good Francis.  You are really a fucking sick man.  The
perverts watching this video are going to love it!"

   Dennis wiped her bum with a tissue and placed the used tissue in Francis
mouth.  He dutifully ate it.

   "I don't want you to cum on this session." Dennis said.  "We will make a
part two tomorrow and you can ejaculate then.  Can you hold off until

   "Ohh...oh god, I guess I can." Francis said.

   "You have to, if I don't film a mind blowing ejaculation from you
tomorrow, I wont let you see the girls ever again." Dennis told him.

   "I will wait, I promise." Francis said.

   "Okay, the girls are going to lay down, and you can kiss and lick their
feet and legs and their nipples." Dennis instructed.

   For the next half hour or so, Francis was lost in a world of lust as he
kissed the girls beautiful toes, chubby legs and sweet nipples.  All for
the world to see on video.

   "Okay, that's a wrap Francis.  There is mouthwash in the bathroom, if
you need some." He laughed.

   "We start again tomorrow, same time.  I am sure you are going to home
and masturbate the day and night away, and that is fine.  Just make damn
sure you don't cum." Dennis said.

   "Yes Sir." Francis replied.

                                      PART 2

   With that, Francis left - giving the girls a goodbye kiss on the mouth,
and thanking Dennis profusely for everything.

   He rushed home, got at the computer, took his clothes off, and
started to masturbate while thinking about what had just happened and
looking at his favourite folder of little girl pictures.  There was still
nearly 22 hours before he got to go back to the girls.  It was going to be
an intense time.

   Francis had to continue to be so careful not to ejaculate.  He was very
afraid that if he had an accident, Dennis would realize it, and ban him
from future contact with the girls.  But, Francis was an expert at holding
back his cum and edging.  He very often went days, and had many 12-14 hour
sessions.  Some longer, and he didn't always cum at the end of those
either. But this was different.  What he had just experienced was the
horniest, most perverted thing he had ever done, and he loved every second
of it.  He couldn't wait to see the video of Lisa pooping directly into his
mouth.  Everytime he thought of it, he had to take his hand off his penis
very quickly.

   The hours went by, and Francis edged his sick penis well in to the early
morning hours.  He finally had a fitful sleep for a few hours.  He
showered, shaved his entire body, and headed over to the girls house.  He
got there 30 minutes early, and didn't want to be a bother, so he stayed in
his car and played with his penis for the next few minutes.

   Finally, it was time and he knocked on the door.  Dennis answered the
door, and as Francis entered. He saw that his niece, Alisha, Dennis's wife
was there.  He panicked a bit, and had a big lump in his throat.

   "Oh...hi Alicia." Francis said, not knowing what was happening.

   "Hey Uncle. Dennis showed me the video from yesterday.  Gawd I couldn't
believe it.  I always thought you were a pervert, but I had no!"
She said, but with a smile on her face.

   The smile eased Francis anxiety somewhat, but he didn't know what to
say, and just kind of stared.

   "Anyway, I wanted to see today's filming live, so I took the day off.  I
hope you don't mind." she asked.

   "Oh, not at all." Francis replied with great relief and increased

   "Girls, come here and say hi to Uncle." she called to the twins.

   The girls came to the front room, but today they were both wearing very
short sundresses.  They looked adorable and Francis told them that.

   "So, Francis lets get started." said Dennis, and they made their way to
the room with the camera set up.

   "Take off your clothes." Dennis instructed.

   Francis stripped naked, and now was the only naked one in the house. 
The girls had their cute sundresses on, Alicia had on very short pants and
a t-shirt, and Dennis was wearing his shorts and t-shirt.

   "Oh my Uncle, your naked body just screams out pedophile pervert!"
Alicia exclaimed.  "No hair, stiff little pedo penis, oh my god!" She
exclaimed, sounding excited.

   "Francis, we will start now.  On the mattress, you will see there are
two wrapped up used diapers.  The girls filled these last night, and we
kept them for you to play with.  So, please lay on the mattress, and we
will watch and film you as you play with those dirty diapers for a while."
Dennis instructed.

   Francis laid down and opened each diaper, exposing their treasures
inside.  Each diaper was pissy, and there was a cold turd in each of them.
One of the girls had a bit of the runs, and one diaper was quite messy. 
Francis was in a state of extreme excitement, his penis throbbing and
bobbing uncontrollably.  He knew he wanted to put on a good show for the
video and the family.  He placed one poopy diaper face down on his
straining pedo penis, and the runny one he put on his face.  He was
inhaling the nasty odor , while rubbing the diaper up and down and around
on his throbbing pedo penis.  He heard Alicia making "oh my god!" remarks.
He was totally lost in his lust.  He continued like this for a few minutes,
being so careful not to ejaculate.

   "Okay, that's enough.  You will ejaculate if you don't stop." Dennis

   Francis stopped rubbing but kept the diapers in place.

   "Clean up the mess, and wrap the diapers up, and go clean yourself."
Dennis said.  "Can't have you kissing the girls like that." he laughed.

   He did as told, and cleaned up the mattress and went to the bathroom and
cleaned himself up, and came back to the filming area.

   When he returned, the girls were on the mattress - completely naked. 
Francis groaned with excitement.

   "Join them Francis. Lay on your back again." Dennis instructed.

   Francis laid down and the girls were kneeling on either side of him.

   "You can kiss them Francis, but keep one hand on your sick penis."
Dennis instructed.

   Francis gladly obliged and kissed the girls and touched them with his
free hand.  But the girls were kind of antsy, and they weren't staying

   "I think they have go go pee pee." Alicia said.

   "Perfect." Dennis said.

   "Girls, sit on Uncle and make pee pee", Dennis told them.

   They understood and they both sat on his pedo belly and started
squirting their pee pee out on to Uncle.  Francis groaned in his
excitement, barely able to keep his semen inside.  But, he continued to
slowly edge his penis, while the girls squirmed around on top of him.

   "Okay, its time for the finale!" Dennis cheered.

   He stopped the filming, and Alicia placed the girls on either side of him.

   The filming restarted and Dennis said: "okay, make it a good one Uncle."

   Within a few seconds, Francis started shooting out his sick semen.  He
let out a long groan as he passed the point of no return, and uttered a
groan of ecstacy as each strong stream and spray of his pent up lust shot
from his pedo penis.  The girls looked on with surprise, Alicia was saying
"Holy fuck. Look at that!" and Dennis was filming and saying "Well done."

   As Francis lay there, with little girl's pee pee and his own semen 
covering him, Dennis told him that the ejaculation was intense and perfect, 
and that there would surely be subsequent movies made.

   "I am going to sell this video to a select group of men, who will pay
good money for it.  The title is going to be "The Sicko." Dennis said.

   We will get paid well for it, but you don't get paid Francis.  Your
payment was being able to participate.  I think that's fair, don't you?"
Dennis asked.

   "Yes Sir." Francis replied.

   Francis said his thank yous to everyone and put his clothes on, without
cleaning himself and let himself out of the house.

   A few weeks later, Francis was doing as he always did, and was naked at
his computer, looking at pictures and chatting with other perverts, when
one of the other perverts put up a link to a new video called "The Sicko."
It wasn't the whole video, but a clip of it.  Francis watched it, and saw
his own face and sick penis and the scene where he was playing with the
diapers.  With that, he leaned back in the chair and promptly squirted a
huge load of cum all over his belly and chest.

                                  PART 3

   A few weeks had gone by, and Francis had not heard anything from Dennis
or Alicia.  He was hoping that they wanted to make another video, but he
was afraid to call them.  He felt totally subservient and inferior to both
of them, and did not want them to see him as a bother.

   So, in the weeks following, Francis settled back into his routine of
masturbating to his favourite pics and videos for many hours each day,
chatting with other perverts, pedos and nepis, and trying to hold his
disgusting cum inside for as long as possible.

   But, then the phone rang, which it rarely did, as Francis didn't really
have any friends outside of his online pervert circle.  It was Dennis.

   "Hey Francis, how are you?" Dennis asked.

   "Oh, thanks." Francis replied.  He was already shaking
and his voice was quivering.

   "Francis, we did very well off the first video.  With the money we made,
we invested in some more video equipment, and my little sister, who is a
film technician will be working with us." Dennis said.

   "Oh, that's great Dennis." Francis replied, not quite sure where Dennis
was going with this.

   "Anyway, we want to make another video with you and the twins." He said.

   "Oh would be great Dennis. Yes, it sounds wonderful." Francis
replied not hiding his enthusiasm.

   "Yeah, I thought you might be agreeable.  We want to do it this coming
weekend, Saturday, are you available?" He asked.

   "Yes of course I am, Dennis. Thanks." Francis said.

   "Okay, come on over at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.  It's just Monday, so
that gives you a few days to get ready, if you know what I mean." Dennis
told him.

   "Yes. I know what you mean." Francis said.

   "Good. No ejaculating between now and then. And also Francis, we need
you to follow every instruction and be agreeable to whatever we decide to
film, and we need you to continue to show your face on film.  You are okay
with all that right?" He asked.

   "Of course Dennis. Whatever you say.  I will do whatever you want."

   "I know you will. See you Saturday morning."  He hung up.

   Francis hung up - his head spinning a bit.  Did this mean that Dennis's
"little sister" was going to be there as well?  How old was she? He
wondered.  He said she was a film technician, so it means she isn't a
kid, but wow - another person at the scene.  That was exciting.  He also
wondered what Dennis meant by Francis having to agree to everything that
they told him to do.  Of course he would, but he was very interested to
know what they were going to have him do.  Oh my...he couldn't wait!

   Francis didn't do anything that he didn't do normally over the next five
days - except to be even more careful not to go too far, and have an
unwanted ejaculation.  He wanted to really make sure to put on a good show
for the video and for Dennis, Alicia, Dennis little sister and of course
the twins, when they all decided that he could spurt.

   Finally, the day arrived. Francis got up early, and shaved his entire
body smooth, clipped his toenails and fingernails, applied clear polish,
and generally tried to make his pervert, naked body looked presentable.  He
arrived right on time.

   "Come on in." Dennis said.

   "Have a seat. I will get everyone." Dennis instructed.

   Francis sat down in the front room, but Dennis returned right away with
his wife, Alicia, the twins, who were both wearing bikini swimsuits that
were a size too small for them, and another girl, in her late teens or
early twenties, who was Dennis's sister.

   "You know everyone except Carol. Carol, meet Francis." Dennis
introduced them.

   She was quite pretty and sexy, and was wearing short shorts and a
t-shirt, as was Alicia.  Francis said hi to Alicia and then hello to the
twins. Oh, they looked so HOT and sexy in their little bikinis!

   He offered his hand to Carol as introduction, but she looked at his
outstretched hand and said, "no, I don't think so', and turned to Alicia.
"God knows where that hand has been."  She laughed.

   "Well I know once place it's been." Alicia said, making the jerk off
gesture with her right hand.

   At any rate, Carol did not shake his hand, and Francis understood that.
After all, he was a depraved, pedophile, pervert, and she was a gorgeous
young woman.

   "Okay lets go to the film room." Dennis said.  "Francis, take all your
clothes off please." He said.

   So, again, Francis was completely naked and hairless, with a stiff
little penis, and so exposed in front of 2 adult women, a man and two hot
little girls.  He loved it.

   "So, this is our new equipment." Dennis said, as he showed Francis the
new cameras and sound equipment positioned around the mattress on the
floor.  "I will do the directing, and Carol will operate the camera." He
went on.

   Francis noticed that there were four eye bolts in the floor around the
mattress, and he saw leather cuffs on the table.  He presumed, rightly,
that they planned to bound him to the floor, spread eagled.  But not just

   "Lay on your back Francis. Girls, go say hi to Uncle." Dennis

   The girls rushed to their Uncle and started running their little hands
all over his smooth, pedo body and touching his throbbing penis.  Carol
moved in closer with the camera to get close ups of their little hands on
him, and also of the ecstasy on Francis face.  Francis couldn't believe how
good this was again.  He moaned and groaned a bit and told everyone that he
will do whatever he is told.

   Carol looked over at Alicia..."I think he's excited"...they both

   "Okay girls that's enough for now." Dennis directed.

   Alicia went and got them and took them away. Francis looked at them
walk away, in their incredibly sexy bikinis.

   "Okay Francis, part of this film is to show how you, the pervert plays
with himself all the time, so we are going to set the cameras to
continually film you for the next couple of hours.  The girls and I are
going out to have breakfast, you stay here, on the floor and play with your
penis, while the cameras roll.  We will edit down to a few minutes later."
Dennis told him.

   "Oh, and you were probably wondering about the eye bolts on the floor
and the leather cuffs."

   At that, Alicia attached both ankles with the cuffs to two eye bolts on
the floors so that he was well spread, and one hand only to one above his
head.  She left one hand free, for his masturbation.  And then she put
little padlocks on each one of them to ensure he could not escape.

   "The next scene, when we get back is going to be you tied down to the
floor, spread-eagled, except we will secure your free hand as well, and the
twins will be doing stuff to you.  You can think about that while we are
gone too." Dennis said.

   "Dennis moved a large TV on a stand in front of Francis and the video
that they had made a few weeks ago started playing.  This will play in a
loop while we are gone, just to give you some extra excitement.  And for
fucks sakes don't you dare cum.  And if you have to go to the bathroom,
while I guess you are fucked there." 

   Dennis and the girls laughed at him.

   They watched him for a couple of minutes.

   "Have fun Uncle. We'll see you in a couple of hours." Alicia said.

   He looked as Carol and Alicia looked back at him and said something
between themselves and laughed. The twins were now in their sundresses and
he could see their diapers showing.

   So, nothing for Francis to do except play with his penis...carefully. 
He watched the video of his first session playing over and over again on
the monitor.  He was thinking what "stuff" the girls were going to do to
him, he was thinking that their diapers might be full when they got back,
he was thinking how incredibly exciting it was to be such a pervert in
front of everyone, and his penis continued to throb.

   Francis had no idea of the time, but eventually, he heard the door
opening, and saw the twins come running into the room.

   "Hi Unca." They chimed.  Francis stretched out his free hand to them,
hoping they would sit beside him, but they ran on by to the play room.

   Dennis walked in. 

   "Hangin in there?" He asked.

   "Yes I'm good. Thank you." Francis replied.

   Then Alicia and Carol walked in. Alicia said hi, and laughed. Carol
said nothing.  Both Alicia and Carol were wearing very short pants, with
bare legs and bare feet, and he couldn't help but stare.  Carol walked very
close to him, and he mistakenly put out his hand to try and gently touch
her bare foot, and she immediately pulled it back and said " Don't you dare
touch me - gawd!"  He quickly recoiled his hand..."sorry," he said.

   "Well, its slick with your nasty precum, and you probably had your
finger up your bum, and then you went to touch me. I am sure you
understand." She scolded him.  "Anyway, I guess you aren't touching anyone
for a bit here." She said.

   With that.  Alicia tied up his free hand to the last eye bolt on the

   "The girls need to be changed." Alicia said.

   "We gave them a little bit of laxative before lunch Francis, and they
have pooped in their diapers now." Dennis went on.

   Alicia laid them both down beside Francis and opened up their smelly

   "Peeeuuu!" said Carol, who was busy filming the change, making sure not
to get Alicia's face in the frame.

   Francis was staring, his erect penis straining, but he was unable to
touch himself, even though he desperately needed to.  His penis throbbed
and bobbed uncontrollably as he stared at the twins bare vaginas, and their
poop covered bottoms.

   Alicia lifted Lisa up, and placed her directly on Francis' face, and he
greedily licked and slurped.

   "You clean the girls Francis." She ordered.

   Carol filmed with a look of disgust and revulsion on her face, as
Francis did as he was told.  He was momentarily afraid that his penis was
going to squirt without touching, but he got past that point.

   Once Lisa was clean, Alicia lifted her sister on to the same spot, and
Francis went to work cleaning her.  Due to the laxatives, the BM was
slightly runny, but this made it even more thrilling for Francis.

   Once the girls were clean enough, Alicia laid them beside Francis on the
floor, and did a proper job of cleaning them up, and putting fresh diapers
on them.  While doing this, she placed one poopy diaper on Francis face,
and the other on his straining penis.  When placing it on his penis, she
gave his throbbing penis a little pat through the diaper, and this very
nearly made Francis spurt, but he managed to hold back, somehow.

   "Can you pee, Francis?" Dennis asked.

   "I think so." Francis replied.  After all, he had not peed in a few

   "Okay, let it go all over yourself then", Dennis said, as Carol kept

   Alicia removed both diapers and they all watched as the pee started to
squirt out of his straining penis.  It was soon going through the air in a
high arc...the pee landing on his chest and then his face.  Francis opened
his mouth, and tried his best to get as much of his pee in his mouth as

   "Fuck. He IS sick!" said Carol.

   "I told you." Alicia chimed in.

   Once the flow had subsided, Carol kept filming.  Francis lay there with
the twins poop smearing his face and his penis, his body wet with his own
urine.  He was truly disgusting.

   Alicia untied one hand.

   "Okay Francis, time for the big finale, what you have been waiting so
long for." Dennis said.

   "Thank you Sir." Francis replied.

   "Go ahead." Said Dennis.

   Francis started quickly jerking and within just a few seconds, his
orgasm approached.  He cried out as the point of no return passed.  The
pre-orgasmic bliss between the point of no return and the first spurt
seemed to go on forever.  He was in heaven.  His cum started to squirt out,
but more in a steady stream than in spurts.  He had so much inside him. 
This stream then stopped, and the spurts started.  One after the other
after the other, shooting high in the air, and landing above his head, on
his face, on his chest.  The final weak spurts escaped his sick penis.

   Carol and Alicia were both commenting.  "Unreal"..."sick"..."I think he
was ready"...while laughing at him.

   Alicia freed his ankles and his other hand.

   "Clean up the mattress, the floor, wrap up those diapers, and clean up
yourself, and then you can leave." Dennis instructed.

   "Oh, and you can take those poopy diapers home with you." Dennis added.

   "Thank you Sir." Francis replied.

                                    PART 4

“Hi Francis." It was Dennis on the phone. 

“Oh hi there, how are you?" Francis replied politely.

“Yeah. All good here Francis. Hey, we have sold the last video for a 
really good price to a guy. He would like to meet you, and we can all 
talk about the next video." Dennis said.

“Oh, that sounds great." Francis replied anxiously.

“I would like you to come over to our house today, and plan on 
staying a few days. So, bring some personal stuff, but you won’t need 
clothes." Dennis said, laughing.

“Oh, that sounds great Dennis. Yes, I will be over as soon as I can." 
Francis replied.

In a state of some confusion and excitement, Francis prepared to go to 
his niece’s house. He had a bath and shaved his entire body, clipped 
his nails, and painted them a clear laquer. It sounded like he might 
be on nude display for a while and he wanted to make sure he was 

Francis knocked on the door, and his niece, Alicia answered. 

“Hi uncle. Come on in." She said.

Francis followed her to the front room and saw Dennis and Dennis’s 
sister, Carol, whom he had met during the last filming. The twins 
rushed to meet him and hugged his legs. He was so happy that the little 
girls still seemed to like him.  The twins were looking so sexy in very 
very short pants and sleeveless t-shirts. 

There were also two other people there that francis did not know. 

“Hey Dennis, Hey Carol." Francis said. 

“Hey francis." Dennis replied. 

Carol ignored him. She really did find him disgusting and revolting. 

“Francis, this is Ed and Lisa." Dennis introduced them.

“Hi. Nice to meet you." said Francis.

“Nice to meet you in person." Ed replied. 

He and Lisa and laughed. 

“We have seen your videos. Very perverted." Ed went on. 

“Thanks." Francis replied - unsure of what else to say.

“Anyway. Francis, please take your clothes off, get completely nude, 
and we can discuss what the plan is." Dennis said.

Francis did as he was told, and was soon standing completely naked - 
with his ugly penis starting to rise. 

“Here hun, come sit on the floor beside me." Lisa told him.

“Your penis is kinda tiny Francis. Have you ever measured it when it's
hard?" asked Lisa. 

“’s 4.5 inches when hard." He replied.

Carol snickered, and Lisa just said “cute." 

Francis was starting to like Lisa, she seemed to be really nice to him. 

Francis took his place on the floor, completely naked with his penis 
stiffening, amongst the clothed adults seated on the furniture.  

“Girls, go sit with your uncle." Alicia told the twins. 

The two little tots went over and sat beside their naked, perverted 
uncle on the floor. Dennis gave them some toys to keep themselves 

When the little girls sat with him, of course, the pervert's penis got 
very hard right away.

“So, Ed has given us some ideas on the next video Francis. One of them 
is that the feedback he is receiving is that your ejaculations are a 
favourite part of the videos, so we want to try and improve on them if 
that is even possible. So, that is why we want you to stay with us for 
the next couple of days before we do the filming. Just to make sure you 
are at absolute maximum excitement...for the cumshot." Dennis explained.

“Also, there will be some other new twists in the video, but we won’t 
tell you about them now, so that they are a surprise for you, but I'm 
sure you will love it." Ed laughed. 

“While you are here, before the filming, there will be some ground rules 
that Alicia will explain to you." Dennis said.

“Firstly, you will stay naked all the time." Alicia said. “Also, you 
will not be molesting the girls without my permission, and if I catch 
you doing it, everything will be over. Do you understand?" Alicia asked.

“Yes Alicia, I do." Francis replied.

“The girls are getting nicely potty trained, but they do need diaper 
changes in the morning, which you will do, under my supervision." Alicia 

“Also, I might let you help me give them a bath at night." she said.

“Thanks." Francis replied excitedly.

“And finally, we will be saving the girls pee and poop for the next two 
days to use in the video, so there is plastic bags in their potties. You 
will need to gather those bags after the girls have used them, and seal 
the bags and keep them in your toilet. Do you understand?" She asked.

“Yes, I do." Replied Francis.

“And you will sleep on the mattress on the floor where we do the filming. 
I have left a blanket and pillow there for you. You will use the toilet 
that is just off of this room. Dennis has taken the door off, so that we 
can keep an eye on you." She said. 

“And for food, you can eat our table scraps after we are done eating. 
Also, since you are here and available, you will be cleaning the kitchen 
up after we are done. Is that understood?" She asked.

“Yes mam, I understand." said Francis.

“Good. So I guess we're all set." Alicia added.

“Oh, and you should masturbate - without cumming of course - as much as 
possible for the next two days." Ed chimed in.

“Sounds like fun huh?" Lisa asked him.

“Yes, it does. Thanks a lot." Francis replied.

“Well, we will go now." Ed said. “See you for the filming." 

Ed, Lisa, Alicia, and Carol kissed and shook hands to say goodbye. Ed and 
Lisa kissed the twins, and Francis stood there and played with his penis. 
Lisa blew francis a kiss, and made the “jerk off” sign and motion with 
her hand, and gave a laugh. 

                                  * * * * *

The next couple of days went by in kind of a blur for francis. The twins 
were always around, and making him so excited. He played with his penis 
almost constantly. He just loved changing their diapers in the morning. 
He saved the diapers too, as per Alicia's instructions. And he also 
sealed the plastic bags from the potty after each girl had gone pee or 
poop in them. He cleaned the kitchen, ate the family’s table scraps, and 
tried to be as little problem as possible for them. 

On the second night, Alicia invited him to help give the girls a bath. 
When he arrived in their bathroom, they were already naked in the tub. 
He groaned a bit and instinctively started to rub his stiff little penis 
as he stared down at the naked little girls. 

“How come Unca’s thingy is always sticking out? One of the girls asked.

“It just means he loves you." Said their Mommy.

“But he is always rubbing it itchy Unca?”

“Yes. Something like that sweetie." Francis replied as he knelt beside 
the bath tub. 

“Okay, you wash their bare feet uncle. That will really give you 
something to think about all night long." Alicia giggled. 

Francis eagerly washed both girl's feet - sometimes urgently - putting 
his hand to his stiff penis. He was throbbing uncontrollably and, at one 
point, got really scared that he was going to ejaculate without touching. 

“Alicia, I need to leave the bathroom for a minute." He said reluctantly,
and he hurried out the door. 

He stood in the hallway and stared at the wall, gritting his teeth, 
willing away the overwhelming urge to spurt his sick, nepi juice all 
over the carpeted floor. 

Alicia came out into the hallway. 

"Are you okay?" She asked.

“Yes. I was really afraid of squirting. I'm so sorry." Francis said.

“Oh okay. You go lay down on your mat and try and cool down. I will dry 
the girls off. I was going to let you do that, but I think that would be 
a bad idea." She chuckled. 

Francis laid on his mat and instinctively touched his penis. Alicia came 
downstairs and told him that she was going to tie him to the floor, as she 
thought he was getting to the point where his ejaculation could happen at 
any second, and they had to be so careful. 

With that, she put the wrist and ankle cuffs on him and tied him spread -
eagled to the eye bolts on the floor. 

“We will see you in the morning uncle." She cooed down at him.

She pulled the TV in front of him and started the first two videos that 
they had made already, and put them on a loop.

“You can watch these all night, but can't touch yourself. I think that’s 
best for now." She announced. 

And that is how Francis spent the next eight hours...spread-eagled on the 
floor, unable to play with his penis, and watching himself on the big 
screen TV, over and over again. During the night, he had to pee. But 
could not go to the bathroom, so he had no choice but to pee all over 

                                 * * * * *

Morning came, and Dennis was the first one up. He hadn’t realized that 
Francis was secured over the course of the night. 

“Oh, I didn’t know Alicia tied you down...oh, and you peed all over 
yourself!" Dennis remarked.

“Yeah. I couldn’t help it. Sorry." said Francis.

“Clean the filming area up, and yourself too. We will start filming in a 
couple of hours." Dennis said as he released Francis from his bonds. 

Francis did as he was told, and then Alicia was there - and asking him 
how his night was. Francis replied it was okay, but he had to pee on 

Alicia laughed. 

“Okay. You can come and have our table scraps and then clean the kitchen 
up." She ordered him.

As Francis was finishing up cleaning the kitchen, he heard the door bell 
and Ed, Lisa, and Carol all showed up at the same time.

“Okay. Let's get started." Dennis told Francis. 

As with the other videos, Dennis did the directing, Carol did the filming, 
and Alicia helped the girls do what they were supposed to. 

Ed and Lisa sat nearby. 

Carol started all three cameras. 

“Lie down on your back and get your penis hard." Dennis told francis. 

It only took about half a minute for Francis to get excited, and his penis 
stiffened completely! 

Alicia came in the room with the little twin girls, and Francis's penis 
jumped noticebly. The twins looked absolutely yummy in their very short 
dresses...bare legs...bare feet. 

Francis moaned. 

Alicia also had the sealed bags of the girls pee and poop that Francis 
had been gathering over the last couple of days. The pee and poop had 
been separated as best he could, but Francis didn't know what the secret 
plan was.

“We are going to give you an enema with the girls pee. Alicia will insert 
the enema hose in your ass, and we will wait as the bags empty into you. 
Alicia will secure your ankles and one hand, so you you can play with your 
penis with your free hand. While we wait, show everyone how sick you are." 
Dennis instructed. 

The pee started to flow from the bags into the sick pervert's anal cavity. 

Francis carefully played with his penis, while the group waited for him to 
fill up. He noticed that the twins were sitting next to Ed, which made him 

After a few minutes, the bags were empty. Now the pee was deep inside of 

“Hold it in Francis, don’t let it out." Dennis instructed. 

Francis constricted his asshole as tight as he could. Alicia took the hose 
from the bags and placed it in his mouth.

"Now, you are to drink your enema Francis. The twins will sit beside you 
with their clothes off to give you some incentive. Also, if you do a good 
job, the twins have a very special surprise for your penis when you are 
done. So, start sucking on the hose." Dennis instructed. 

Alicia tied his free hand again, so that he could not please his throbbing 

Francis did as he was told, and started to suck on the enema tube - 
bringing the girl's pee and some of his own poop into his mouth. 

He stared at the twins bare bodies - his penis aching, bobbing, and 
throbbing with intense pleasure! 

The enema tasted vile, but he wanted to please the twins and everyone else 
so badly that he endured. And the humiliation and pervertedness of it was 
overwhelmingly exciting. He noticed that Ed had taken his pants and his 
underwear off. To his surprise, his lovely wife Lisa, was slowly jerking 
him off. 

Francis thought how lucky it was that Ed got to be jerked off while 
watching Francis eat his own enema...a little girl's PEE enema! 

Finally, the bag was entirely empty.

“Well done Francis." Lisa remarked. 

“Holy fuck Alicia, your uncle is really the most disgusting pervert ever!” 
Carol remarked.

“He sure is!" Alicia replied.

“Okay, now for your little surprise." Said Dennis. 

Francis thought maybe the twins were going to jerk him off, or make him 
cum even...wrong. 

Alicia produced a plastic bag with dozens of small alligator clips. 

“The girls and I are going to put these all over your penis and balls." 
Said Alicia. 

Francis groaned.

Alicia and the girls got busy putting the clips on. 

There were dozens of them! 

The twins were having trouble putting them on him, but they did get a few. 

Alicia put the majority of them on. With the last few, she clipped them 
on the tip of his penis, which stung a lot. 

When they were finished, they admired their handy work, and Carol took 
plenty of close ups of his tortured penis. 

“It looks great uncle."  Alicia said. “How does it feel?"

“It hurts a bit." Francis admitted. 

Everyone laughed. 

Francis noticed that Ed was now completely naked and very hard, as Lisa 
continued to play with his penis. 

“Okay Ed. Are you ready?" Dennis asked. 

“Oh yes!" Ed replied anxiously.

With that, he came over to Francis and kneeled on the floor beside his 
head and chest. 

Alicia had the twins start to play with Ed’s penis, showing them how to 
jerk him off. 

It didn’t take long, and Ed let out a long groan and started spurting his 
semen all over Francis’ face, neck, and chest. 

Carol got plenty of close ups, making sure not to get Ed’s face in the 
picture, but making sure that Francis face was well displayed with Ed’s 
cum all over it. 

“Fucking well done Ed!" Dennis cheered. 

“Yes Ed. That was great. so many spurts!” Alicia chimed in. 

“You came so hard with those little girls jerking you Ed." Lisa laughed.

“Well, okay Francis. Now it's your turn." Dennis said.

Francis thought maybe the clips would come off and the twins would 
masturbate his ugly penis, but he was wrong again.

“The clips stay on, and you jerk yourself off now and make yourself cum." 
Said Dennis.

Alicia untied both of Francis's wrists and gave him the plastic bag of 
poop that he had meticulously collected over the previous days. 

“Use the girl's poop to make yourself cum harder." She commanded him. 

Everyone watched as Francis spread the cold and crusty poop on his chest 
and face - mixing it with Ed’s sperm. He also tried to get it on his 
penis, but the clips were in the way. He was jerking his hurting penis, 
and he felt the orgasm approaching. 

“I'm going to cum!" He uttered. 

Carol got close with the hand held camera.

“Arggggg...ohhhhhh...GOD!" Francis cried out, as his nepi semen started 
to come out of his sick and tortured penis. 

At first, it came out like pee - in a solid stream for a few seconds, just 
streaming up to his chest. Then the spurts started...many many spurts! 

Francis could hear them landing on the floor beside his head and then they 
were landing on his face and chest. 

Finally, the last few dribbles oozed out of his sick, pedophile cock. 

“Fuck! That was a good one Francis! Dennis cheered him on excitedly. 

“You did great uncle!" Alicia chimed in. 

“OH FUCK he is SO SICK!!!" Lisa chimed in.

Carol was busy filming the aftermath on his pedo body and vicinity.

“You can take the clips off now." Dennis instructed. 

Francis meekly did as he was told.


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