My Step Son (MF,Mb,Fb,extreme pedo,nepi,anal,child molesting)

by HaRkOnIn

     My wife and I found a new way to REALLY get going at it during love
making.  We would pretend that She is my little girl, and that I am her
father.  And whenever we would make love, she would always call me
"Daddy" and I would always call her my little "Princess".  She is really
quite good at it.  Infact it's become our biggest thing in bed.

     Recently, she once asked me what my deepest wildest fantasy was,
and whatever it was, she would fulfill it.  I told her right then and
there, that she didn't want to know, because she would think it was
too weird, and she'd never do it anyway, because it would involve
bringing in another party to our love making.  And at first, she
took offense to it, and thought I was talking about bringing in
another woman.  Boy was it ever hard to get her to stop yelling at
me and threatening to leave.

     When she finally calmed down, I sat down next to her, and I told
her, I said, "Sara, you know all those sex stories I write?"  She
said, "Yes, what about them?"  I said, "Well you know some of them
involve sex with children?"  She nodded in agreement and smioled.
She appeared to like them.  I said, "Well, there's one story that
I never actually got down to writing, and it's about you and...."
"Who?" she asked.  "You and...  Tim.", I finally said it.  And
I was waiting for her to reach up and slap me and leave the room.
But for some reason, she didn't.  She just sat there, and looked
deep into my eyes.

     she knew what I was asking.  I was asking her to involve her
3 year old son (My step son) in our love making.  And at first, I
thought she would never do it, cause she loved her son very much,
and din't ever want to involve him in anything like that.  But I
think she was dead set on making me happy or something, cause one
afternoon when I came home from work, I got the biggest surprise
in my life.

     I blasted through the door late in the afternoon as usual, I
was just on my way home from work.  I threw my bag on the couch and
removed my jacket and threw it on the floor in the living room,
what I always did when I was tired.  And as I approached the kitchen
to get something to drink, I could have sworn I heard a soft low
moan.  At first I didn't know what to think.  I figured it was just
my mind playing tricks on me, cause I knew my wife would never
cheat on me.  But then I heard a soft moan again.  This time I
was curious.  I had to know what was going on.  So I stomped down
the hallway as quickly as I could and threw the back bedroom door
open, and THERE, right in front of my eyes, was my wife, butt naked
on our bed, laying on her left side, propped up on her left arm,
head thrown back, her legs spread, and her fingers between her
legs.  She looked like she was fingering herself.

     But as I approached a little cloesr, I noticed a small figure
laying down behind her.  I was about to say something when I saw
a little head pop up from behind her.  It was her son.  He had
apparently heard me come in, and he popped his little head up to
see what was going on.  A look of sweet innocense was on his face
as his eyes met mine.  He simply put his arm around his mother,
and continued whatever it was he was doing.

     I looked back at my wife's face.  Her head was thrown back still,
her hands were between her legs, rubbing her pussy, and she was looking
deep into my eyes and smiling while rubbing her pussy.  When I got
a closer look, I noticed something that I had never thought I would
see in a million years.  Her son was not only behind her, but he had his
arms and legs wrapped around her from behind, and he was pushing his 
little penis in and out of her vagina.  It was the damndest thing I
had ever seen.  A little boy having sex with his other.  My wife was
actually fulfilling my wildest fantasy.  She was letting her son
violate her body.  And he actually appeared to be enjoying it.  A
little 3 year old boy enjoying a sexual act between himself and his
mom.  Now that was a first.  Ofcourse I had never seen anything like
it either.  So what did I know.  All I knew was that my cock was
getting extremely hard, very fast.  And ofcourse my wife being the
observant one, noticed this.  She quickly sat up and scooted off
the bed and stood up.

     She was no right in front of me, undoing the buttons of my
shirt.  All the while, kissing me softly and gently on the lips, and
moaning as she moved closer to me and began rubbing her pussy on my
pant leg.  She was really enjoying this.  As I let her undress me,
I simply looked over her shoulder at her son.  He was just sitting
there up against the back wall, cros legged, watching us.  That
look of innocense still in his eyes.

     "Mmm what are you doing baby?", I managed to ask, as she undid
the buttons of my pats and pulled them down to my knees.

     "Shhhh, just shut up and get on the bed.", she said.

     I didn't dare argue with that.  I stepped out of my pants and
passed her and got down on the bed.  I sat on the edge, both my
legs draped over the edge, facing her.  she grabbed the pillows and
told Tim to move out of the way, and she put the pillows right
behind me, and pushed me down on them.

     At first, she laid on top of me, and rubbed her tits on my face,
and chest, then she started slowly kissing my body, until she reached
my rock hard cock, which absolutely REFUSED to go limp after what I
had just seen prior to this, and she put her mouth on it and began
slowly taking it deeply into her mouth.  I simply closed my eyes
and laid there and felt her as she began carressing the head with her
tongue and occasionally would open my eyes just in time to watch my
cock sink deep into her throat, and then come back out again.

     Then suddenly she stopped.  I was about to object, but then I
looked up and saw her going to the closet, and pick up a tube of
KY and squeeze a considerable amount into her hand.  I figured
she was going to just rub it on my cock and finish me off my
jacking me off, cause she had done this before.  So I just closed
my eyes and laid there.

     Somewhere during all this my train of thought got intterupted
breifly when I felt a pare of small legs, straddling my body.  And
when I looked up to see what was going on (Because I knew my wife
wasn't THAT small), I saw Tim, her son, sitting on my lap,
facing me.  His hands were on my chest forleverage.  Apparently
he knew what he was doing.  He would occasionally lean forward
slightly and then would lean back.  My cock rubbing up against his
ass crack.

     *Oh my god*" I thought to myself as I felt Tim leaning
forward again, then leaning back, my cock rubbing on his ass crack
once again.  *This is heavenly*

     I looked up at his face.  He was smiling brightly.  He was
apparently enjoying this as much as I was.  Then I looked passed
him at my wife, and saw her reach out and pick him up and position
him so that my cock was in direct line with his little ass hole,
and she set him down.  The head of my cock barely breaking through
him.  His eyes lit up like silver dollars and he let out a soft
moan.  I didn't know if it hurt him, or if he was simply moaning

     But when he put his hands on my chest again and sat directly
up right and let his weight fall, causing my huge rock hard cock
to slide RIGHT inside of him, I knew exactly what he was doing.
And so did he apparently.  He was now letting out what sounded
like halfway between a moan, and a cry each time as he lifted
himself up, and let his weight fall back upon me, each time,
my cock sliding deeper inside his ass hole.  His eyes still wide
as silver dollars, infact, getting wider at this point.  His
mouth was wide open.  This little boy was enjoying this.

     At this point, I was SO turned on, I HAD to do something.
I reached up and wrapped my arms around him and pulled him
down on me, so that he was laying on my chest, his face directly
lined with mine.  My cock still inside his ass hole.  I held
on tightly to his little body and began thrusting my cock into
his ass hole as hard as I could, and he started breathing hard
and moaning louder.

     "Yes baby, that's it, fuck your daddy.  Let your daddy's
cock go deeper into your ass hole", I heard my wife blurt out.

     He didn't even acknowledge her.  He simply continued
staring into my eyes, moaning the whole time, louder and louder
as my cock slid deeper and deeper into his ass hole.  And at
this oint, I was about ready to cum.

     To stimulate the experience further, I reached up and
put my hand behind his head and pulled his face to me as hard
as I could, and our lips touched together. And I began to moan
loudly as I began pushing my tongue into his mouth, meeting his,
and moving it all around the inside of his mouth.  And just as
I pulled away long enough to shoot my load deep into his ass hole,
I heard him say, "I love you daddy", in which I replied with,
"I love you too son".

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