My Life As A Rape Merchant (M+g,b,extreme pedo,rape,brutality,piss,shit)

by Zack

   Okay, maybe I'm stupid.  Maybe my cock rules my brain.  Maybe I like
money a little too much.  But I really like what I do and I don't intend to
stop.  It's too hot, too much fun, and too lucrative.

   I like reading Internet stories of little girl rape, maybe because I
like to rape little girls.  I love the fuckin power I have over them, the
ability to do whatever I want.  It's exciting and stimulating to cause them
pain, to ruin their pathetic little cunt lives, to fuck them up physically
and emotionally probably for the rest of their worthless lives.  And Fuck!
It feels so incredibly good to sink my dick in a tight little pussy and
tear it open, to ram my dick in a tight little asshole and make it bleed,
to shove my dick down a little one's throat and make her choke and puke. 
Only trouble is, I'm not always sure how and where to find my victims
without ending up in jail.

   So many of the stories I read have a convenient plot device wherein a
lucky pedo dad loses his wife in a car accident or to cancer, then is left
to molest the kids.  Well, for me it wasn't just a lucky convenience; I
made it happen.  I married the cunt for the sole purpose of using her womb
to cook me some sex toys.  I got two girls and a boy out of her within four
years, and that's as much as I could stand.  I thought the world would be
well rid of the bitch if she just disappeared.  So, with the help of a
murderous pedo pal, the slag managed to "drive herself" off a cliff and
die. Unfortunately, the car was totaled so it cost me some bucks but her
life insurance left to me more than made up for it.

   I already had a substantial inheritance from my father, I was making a
good salary as a corporate executive, had big bucks in savings, real
estate, and investments, and the added zinger of the bitch's insurance, so
I took a chance and quit my job.  I had enough dough to invest in my dream
career as a Rape Merchant.  I wanted to make money, but even more
importantly, wanted to help my manly brothers who wanted to ruin some young
cunt to be able to do so.  Why should the Romanians and the Russians and
the Thai and the Mexican rapists and the African niggers have all the
product and we have to scrounge around in the USA looking for it?  I
decided to do my good deed for the hungry perverts of America (and tourists
too of course).

   I had an excellent partner in my friend Mike, the brilliant and brutal
cocksman who got rid of my wife for me.  Feeling forever in his debt for
that good deed, I invited him to join the enterprise.  Mike, 45 and built
like a man of steel, was a veteran, he claimed, of over 200 rapes, half of
which were girls between 3 and 13.  I believed his claims, because his
stories sounded very plausible, and also because we had raped close to 30
of them together.  Mike taught me everything I know, and he inspired me to
increase the pain factor when we fucked those little whores.  Watching his
10 inch cock penetrate the tiniest pussy or asshole was awesome, and made
me believe I could stick my mere 8 inches into anything.  He also
demonstrated the joys of punching, slapping, and kicking the stupid bitches
we used, all of which made the cock hard as a rock.  And why stop there,
when spitting on a bloody punched-in face was so satisfying.  And my
reluctance to get too dirty was erased my Mike's persuasive examples of the
joys of pissing and shitting on little cunts who were filthy by birth. 
Mike also called himself the Garbage Man, because he and some pals I'd
never met, knew how to throw the used-up bitches away so they're never
found, and our DNA-filled fluids disappeared as well.

   Mike was eager to help me set up the business, and what better place to
start than my own little pieces of fuck meat.  My 2-year-old Stacey was a
hot little toddler cunt, with lots of baby fat to hold on to when molesting
her.  My 3-year-old Peter (perfect sex name don't you think?) is a
pedophile's dream boy, with a tiny pink pecker and hot little white butt
cheeks.  And 4-year-old Connie (I call her Connie the Cunt) is a bit
retarded but that only enhances her vulnerable look that pedo rapists drool
over.  I had felt them up and fed them my dick since they were born, but
when the bitch wife died, I went to town on the little pieces of flesh. 
Connie the Cunt got my 8 inches all the way in her 4 year old pussy the
night of the funeral.  Fuck, her screams for her dead mother to save her
made me cum too fuckin fast.  And Mike, who normally only wanted to fuck
little girls, choked Peter with his huge stud peter.  And the real prize, 2
year old Stacey, became a fine little slut when Mike and I ripped her
asshole with 18 total inches of fuck meat.  A perfect start for their lives
as fine little fuck whores.

   The first thing to do was for the kids and I to move out of our fancy
apartment into a nice secluded house in the country.  We needed a place
where bad men could have a good time, where the screams of dirty little
fuck holes wouldn't disturb the neighbors.  With Mike's usual smarts to
lead us, we found a beautiful near-mansion on nearly 100 acres, quite
secluded, with seven bedrooms and a guest house with three more, perfect
for weekend perv parties.  Mike and I were building up our contact list of
truly perverted studs, mostly from internet chat rooms and various

   After we had lived in the house for about three months, it was time for
our "grand opening." Though I had entertained a few buddies in singles or
pairs who had done some fine damage to my little cunts, it was time for the
launch of Party Central.  We wanted the house to be a place where anything
goes, where guys from all over the world would come to do damage, and a
place to build a sizable fortune for both Mike and me.  The pervs of the
world are hungry, and it isn't always so easy to find victims, so they were
willing to pay the price to Pervert Paradise.

   As the weekend approached, the guests started arriving.  A few of our
special friends were invited to spend a week or two having private sessions
and mini-parties before the main event.  There was Hans from eastern
Europe, king of cunt-hate and expert at giving garbage what it deserves. 
Waddell was the Great White Hope of America, whose big white dick got
equally hard whether bashing niggers or raping toddlers.  George was a
boxer from Chicago, not the smartest of guys but his fists connecting with
little faces and guts turned us all into brutal nasty men!  One of the most
welcome guests was Henry, the local police chief, who used his spare time
to organize "disposals" of unwelcome niggers and other muds invading the
area.  He and Waddell had a great time comparing notes on coon killing and
cunt bashing.

   The night before the Grand Opening Party, these special guests joined
Mike and me in some warm-up exercises.  My three fuck toys were used and
abused over and over while constantly being told that this weekend would be
worse.  Little Peter didn't get it too bad; the dick between his legs made
all the guys respect him more than the cunts so he only got fucked and
pissed on.  Not so bad for him once his asshole stopped bleeding so hard.
But my two little bitches were in for it.  Stupid twats - they deserved
anything they got for having a cunt instead of a cock and balls.  And get
it they did.  I had to warn my friends to remember that the weekend was
coming.  Otherwise there would have been nothing left of them.  Hans
punched 4 year old Connie the Cunt so hard in the face that she lost
several teeth.  He made me feel better about it when he reminded me that
her mouth was now in much better shape to such even Mike's 10 inch ranmer.
Stacey, my 2 year old piece of shit, got shit on so much by all the guys
that I couldn't stand her smell.  Even after I threw her in the shower she
still smelled like shit.  But everyone assured me that she'd still be the 2
year old star of the party.

   At last the weekend came.  We had 42 men, all raring to get at their
mission of making little whores suffer and of making their big dicks hard
and shooting gallons of fuck juice.  No women were invited; I know some
guys get off on women pedos, but I don't like to see women ever having
power, not even over kids.  The only use for women was to bash and rape
them, but this weekend was billed as a pedo party and that's the way I
wanted to keep it.

   Twelve of the guys brought kids with them; mostly their own but a few
they had snatched from somewhere or had bought from kid sellers.  Peter was
one of only two boys because these guys were there for the cunt.  Mike and
I agreed on a charge of $5,000 for guys with kids, and $10,000 for guys
without.  A bargain, wouldn't you say?  All the guests were white so that
none of the White Power guests (including Mike and me) would be put off by
niggers or other scum.  I did manage to get some sarcastic remarks thrown
my way because some of the kid porn that was showing in various rooms all
weekend featured huge nigger dicks raping tiny white pussies.

   The weekend was a smashing success.  Everyone was impressed by my three
little ones and my encouragement for the guys to bash and smash and rape
them as much as they wanted.  Just so they didn't kill them, although that
would have been hot.  But I wanted them to play with for a few more years
anyway.  I provided a big supply of Viagra so dicks were hard and hot

   I still jack off to this day thinking about how incredibly stimulating
that party was.  Though I've had many since, the inaugural event was the
hottest, mostly because it was the first time I saw and participated in so
much lovely brutality.  Some highlights:

   Waddell kicking little Stacey's cunt with his steel-toed boots over and
over, so that her little pussy was in pain before she even got raped.

   Hans spitting on a two-month old baby cunt's face over and over for
about ten minutes.  It was fascinating to see her face disappear under
layers of man-spit, and to see Hans hold her eyes open and spit in them. 
He topped it off with a big load of piss in her face.  Her dad helped by
holding her eyelids open so he could piss in her eyes.  Lovely screams she

   My four year old Connie the Cunt taking all 10 inches of Mike's dick up
her pussy with blood pouring out of her.  She was screaming for Daddy to
help her, so I obliged by putting her on her side and raping her little
asshole while Mike ruined her cunt.  Connie the Cunt turned out to be the
most-used bitch at the party.

   Seeing a toddler of 18 months old tied up by her ankles and wrists while
our police chief pal shit a nice big cop turd into her little mouth, then
fucked it down her throat with his meaty dick.

   Seeing a pretty good game of soccer played with a baby cunt as the
football, kicked from end to end of our main room, with the goalies getting
the prize of taking her cunt and ass cherries with their athletic meat.

   Yes, it was the party to remember.  Mike and I knew that deciding to be
the Rape Merchants was the best life decision we'd ever made.  Money,
power, and all the tiny pussy you could handle.  Hey guys, cum to our next
Rape Party.  You won't forget it!


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