´╗┐My 16 Month Old Son Brandon  (Mb,nepi,extreme pedo) 

by Story Teller

It was the next day and my wife went to work at the usual time.  I was off 
work so It my turn to take of Brandon today.  And of course I didn't mind 
watching him (grin).  It was 8 AM when I walked into his room and he was 
already up and playing in his crib.  As soon as I entered his room, his head 
turned and he giggled while holding his arms out to me.  He was so happy to see 
me while standing up in his crib wearing nothing but soggy diaper.  As I 
hugged him I took my right hand and placed it between his legs from the rear 
to see how wet he really was.  It made me feel so good touching him.  I looked 
at him and said. "Brandon's got a wet diaper this morning." All I could do was 
smile at him.       
     I picked him up and held him in one arm as I grabbed a clean diaper with 
the other.  All the way there he giggled and muttered baby talk, which was so 
cute to hear.  We got to the couch and I laid him down on his back.  His body 
curled up into a ball as he laughed and cooed while sucking on his pacifier.  
It was cute to see him slobbering as he sucked on it. I could see his chin was 
wet from his saliva so I kneeled down and gently kissed his chin.  As I pulled 
away from him, a small stream of salvia connected he and I Together.  I stuck 
out my tongue and tasted him. 


I thought to myself!  He tasted sooooooo good!  I couldn't believe how good my 
son tasted.  So I gently pulled out his pacifier and moved closer to his mouth 
with mine.  I started to kiss his soft lips until I managed to close my mouth 
over his.  My tongue connected with his as I could feel his salvia seeping out 
from his lips.  I was getting so excited!  I started to breathe heavier and my 
heart sped up a little bit. I did this very gently so he could get air and 
giggle with each breath he took.  I could feel his warmth breath upon my face 
which was so erotic!  By now I was so hard and was easily revealed since I was 
just in my boxers.   
      I continued to kiss him as my left hand started to caress his tummy and 
legs, just slightly touching the front of his diaper.  As I got to the front 
waistband of his pamper, I gently inserted my hand down the front and felt his 
little baby penis.  His diaper was so wet!  I located the head of penis and 
gently massaged it between my index finger and thumb.  He could feel what I 
was doing to him.  His legs started to move up and down and he was giggling 
hysterically!  He then grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled as I 
pleasured him.  I was so HOT at this point!  I continued feeling the inside of 
his diaper as I made my way further between his leg.  I gently took my middle 
finger and lightly rubbed the top of his butthole.  His legs suddenly went 
stiff as he laughed aloud!  It made me feel so good to pleasure my son in this 
way.  I then took my hand out of his diaper and licked my pinky finger and 
gently penetrated Brandon's little butt.  He would not stop giggling!  I could 
hear him grunt every time I slid my finger a little deeper!  I could feel him 
push against my finger while grunting.  It was so exciting!  Each time he 
giggled I pushed my finger deeper and deeper inside him!  He grunted out loud 
and wiggled his little butt!  He was so cute to see and he was enjoying his 
time with daddy.  
     I took my finger out of him and started to unfasten both sides of his 
diaper.  I wanted him naked with me!  As I gently pulled the diaper from 
underneath him, I kissed his tummy and licked his little nipplesJ they were a 
little hard and he couldn't stop giggling.  I then took both of his arms and 
put his hands in front of my mouth.  As I looked on I gently opened my mouth 
and inserted Brandon's right hand into my mouth.  I then gently sucked on his 
hand and arm!  I would suck it so deep that my lips went half way up his arm.  
Then I continued with the left hand and made him all nice and wet with my 
salvia.  He was absolutely gorgeous to me and was having the best time!  
     After a few minutes of kissing, I picked him up and carried him to my 
bedroom.  When we arrived I laid him down on my bed.  I took my boxers off and 
slid into bed with him and pulled him close and hugged him.  My penis was rock 
hard and my heart was pounding!  I then positioned myself on my back and 
gently sat Brandon on my tummy.  He was just a giggling as I bounced him up 
and down.  I then positioned Brandon to lay on my chest as his legs straddled 
my body.  I began to slide his body closer to my penis until this butt was 
touching the head of it.  Wow!  What a feeling!  Every time I poked the head 
of my dick into his little butt, Brandon would laugh and giggle so much.  His 
little body was so hot while laying on me and I could feel his heart beating.  
I'm so much in love with him and I couldn't control how I felt for him.  He 
was my life.  
    As he was lying on my chest, I continued to gently poke him a little at a 
time so as to make him laugh some more.  After a few minutes I then sat 
Brandon up with my penis securely between his legs.   I took his legs and held 
them together.  I could feel his soft chubby legs against my penis.  It felt 
so good! As he looked down, he started to play with the head and it shot 
tingles throughout my body!  I took both of his hands and applied them to the 
shaft of my penis.  I then gently started an up and down motions with his 
little hands.  I felt my heart pounding as he massaged me.  I continued to 
help him as I was nearing to orgasm.  It felt like my body was going to 
explode!  His soft small hands on me as my penis was between his legs!  I then 
started to move my hips with the rhythm of his hands!  Faster and faster I 
continued to thrust until I felt myself ready to cum on Brandon's little body! 
 I looked at him and began to moan as I continued to help him play with me! 
ohhhhhhhhhhh I was so close! Faster and faster!!!!!!!!!   His little hands 
continued to go up and down on my penis and then I couldn't hold It back!!!!  
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! yessssssss!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 
ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  I was cumin so hard!  I squirted upwards like a fountain 
of water all over Brandon and I!!!  I continued to cum all over us as Brandon 
giggled and laughed while playing!
     As I stopped throbbing, I took Brandon and laid him on my chest and 
hugged him.  I whispered, I love you, into his ear.  I can feel how sticky we 
both were with his body pressed against mine.  I placed his pacifier back into 
his mouth and held him for a few more minutes.
     After we lay there for a while I carried Brandon into the bathroom and 
ran the bath water for he and I.  I lathered his body up and clean him 
everywhere.  I would concentrate on his butt and little baby parts while he 
giggled.  After we both bathed, I dried him off and put a fresh diaper on him 
and laid him down on my bed.  I put on my boxers and slipped into bed with 
him.  I then pulled him close to me and cuddled.  We both fell fast asleep for 
our afternoon nap.

The End