Copyright (c) 2006, H. Grant. All Rights Reserved.

Comments: Warning!  This story contains sickening themes, of child
molestation, sodomy, and scat related abuse involving a toddler girl.
If this type of story offends you, DO NOT proceed to read any further!

Story Codes: Mg,extreme pedo,toddler,oral,cum,anal,peeing,scat

Story Intro: In a small town in the heart of America, the local pastor
of a Babtist church holds several dark secrets and perverted obsessions
that he reveals only in the presence of small children.

Molesting Little Sandy

by H. Grant

	Pastor Jacob concluded his Sunday sermon in his usual manner. He spoke
of optimism in a clouded world, persistence in the art of rightful
doing, and continued faith in the lord. He believed none of these
things any longer, but kept that fact hidden from everyone else. He was
a pessimistic man with little belief in good anymore. Nowadays, he
spent his time at the top rung of the local Baptist church. At age 56,
he had been in this position for nearly two decades. He had earned the
trust of the local community and was renowned for his baptism of
children as young as infants.

	Pastor Jacob appeared to take baptism very seriously, and often
preached the idea that at least one week of private prayer and
preparation in his rectory was a prerequisite for the proper baptism of
any child.  During the particular week that a child was preparing, he
or she stayed almost exclusively with the pastor.  Indeed, he had
gained that much trust within his community. Not a single person
questioned his beliefs or methods of private prayer and worship within
his devoted congregation. He had a strong following of devoted
worshipers who swooned and applauded his every sermon. Indeed, he was a
master communicator in addition to being a good listener.

	Infants and toddlers were different. They were considered too young to
stay in the rectory for a full week. Therefore, Pastor Jacob insisted
on only a few hours a day with them. No one suspected what really went
on in the privacy of Pastor Jacob's rectory. And Pastor Jacob made sure
that no one knew or had any evidence to the contrary of what actually
took place during his "prayer and preparation" sessions. Pastor
Jacob's church was located in the heart of America in one of the Bible
Belt states. The state was rife with conservative Christian
fundamentalists. Most of the towns folk were poor, ignorant, and easily
led to believe almost anything that included the lord's name and the
phrase "Amen" in it. Pastor Jacob had chosen this small town
exactly for this reason.  He could get away with anything here -
provided he built up a cache of trust and was a wizard with words.  It
took him nearly twenty years of community service and thoughtful
preaching, but he eventually made believers out of the townsfolk. And
now they trusted him - not only with their hearts and souls, but with
their precious children as well.

	Pastor Jacob was quite careful and actually fond of easing any doubts
the parents might have had with regard to his rectory. He would invite
teenage and adult couples experiencing dating and marital problems over
for private worship and counseling.  He often used the opportunity to
show the parents around his private rectory. He would show them the
books and prayer methods he used for small children preparing for
baptism. He would show them the small nursery room he had built for
infants and toddlers that spent only a few hours in his presence.  And
most importantly, he would show them his credentials as a renowned
pastor and all the framed letters of respect and gratitude the
townsfolk had bestowed upon him over his many years of public service
within the small minded community. The parents and adult couples ate it
right up. No one suspected that pastor Jacob was a sick child molester
who liked abusing little kids - the younger the better! Indeed, all
was well with Pastor Jacob, and this would probably be the case for the
rest of his sick and disgusting existence.

	Gradually, Paster Jacob had taken a keen interest in the youngest
children in the church.  In recent years, he had passed on the baptism
duties of older children to his assistants within his inner circle.
Older children no longer "did it" for him. He wanted much younger
meat. Nowadays, he preferred little girls and boys who hadn't learned
to talk yet. He preferred toddlers! Tiny girls with little cotton
t-shirts with flowers and butterflies on them, cute disposable diapers,
and little bobby socks and black saddle shoes. He enjoyed the ones with
little pink party dresses and adorable powder white stockings. He also
liked little boys with tiny overhauls and little Winnie the Pooh
underwear. He liked the baby blue trim on their cute little diapers and
all the sweet little babbles they had to offer him. Pastor Jacob liked
it when little girls giggled and cooed while he "played" with them.
The sweet innocent smells of child breath and baby powder made his
elderly cock twitch and stand up erect every time.

	This particular Sunday, he had an important meeting with a distraught
couple experiencing marital problems. It was 2:00 PM in the afternoon
and Pastor Jacob had gone home to his private rectory and changed into
a cleaner pastoral robe in order to greet them. The couple (Mr. And
Mrs. Williams) came with their young child Sandy. Little Sandy was a
few months short of turning three years old and Pastor Jacob had shown
his fondness for her in the past - though only in a passing and non
obtrusive way.

	The sick degenerate Pastor greeted the couple warmly and with a firm
loving hand. He planted a kiss on little Sandy's forehead and marveled
openly about how adorable she looked in her cute little party dress
with daisies and flowers on it. She looked sexy in her cute white
stockings and black saddle shoes and smelled as if she had just been
changed. The fresh scent of baby powder was plainly evident to Pastor
Jacob as it appeared that Mrs. Williams had lathered the child's
private areas generously with the magic kiddie dust - probably
because little Sandy had made a big mess in her training panties during
church. Pastor knew that little Sandy was still in the early stages of
potty training and was frequently having accidents in her pullups
despite her parents efforts to train her otherwise. The child also
seemed a bit "slow" to learn. The perverted Pastor had observed
during many of his sermons as an embarrassed Mrs. Williams got up
quietly with her sniveling daughter and made her way down to the church
nursery. What a shameful little cunt Sandy was. Just the thought of
what she had done in her diapers made his cock twitch feverishly in his
trousers as he struggled to continue those sermons.

	"Do come in both of you."  He said warmly to the couple.

	The evil pastor smiled at them lovingly and winked at little Sandy.
Her mother was holding her with one arm around her cute little bottom
- her black saddle shoes dangling innocently at her mother's side.
Pastor Jacob led the small family into a large living room with several
comfortable chairs and a large leather couch.  Sandy continued babbling
small phrases and drooling on the front of her little pink party dress.
 Pastor Jacob's cock grew thick and ridged at the site of Sandy's
strawberry red hair - all done up in soft curly locks, and her fleshy
pink baby cheeks and wide green eyes. She looked so sexy and alluring
- even when she drooled.

	Mr. And Mrs. Williams seemed delighted to visit Pastor Jacob again.
This was their third meeting with him and already it seemed they were
making great strides to improving their marriage.  Pastor Jacob had
already given them the grand tour of his lavish rectory during a
previous visit and they were quite satisfied with his credentials as a
man of the lord.

	Pastor Jacob spent about an hour discussing the couple's various
efforts in working out their marital differences. He eased them with
his quiet and reassuring voice and pretended to listen carefully to
what they had to say. All the while, he watched little Sandy tottle
around the room out of the corner of his perverted eye. The sick pastor
was great at faking interest and pretending to listen to the couple's
joys, sorrows, and concerns. The only time he really payed attention
was when Sandy's name came up during the course of the boring
conversation. The twisted pastor indicated that he was quite fond of
little Sandy and quite glad that she had been brought along for the
session.  At another point during the conversation, he even allowed the
feisty little tot to climb up on his lap and sit while he continued
listening to the Williams couple go on and on about their stupid
pathetic lives.  From the bits and pieces he gathered, they were having
considerable money problems and were stooped in deep financial dept. Of
course, he couldn't care less. His only interest was in his potential
victim - their precious daughter!

	Little Sandy was curious about Pastor Jacob's black robe and would
often babble and interrupt the conversation in rude fashion.  The
trashy little cunt definitely needed to be taught obedience and
manners. She was not acting like a "proper" little girl should.
Hopefully, with her parent's consent, Pastor Jacob would change all of
that.  In the meantime, in an attempt to ease the child's curiosity,
Pastor Jacob spoke to Sandy as if she were older - explaining to her
what the robe symbolized and what it meant. Mr. And Mrs. Williams were
impressed with the way Pastor Jacob treated Sandy with the dignity and
respect that an adult deserved and they made sure to thank him for
doing so.

	"You sure have a way with lil' Sandy Pastor Jacob.  She seems to
like you a lot."  Said Mr. Williams.

	"Oh. I'm sure most kids do Mr. Williams.  By the way, have either of
you considered having her prepared for baptism?  I think it's time
little Sandy made a firm commitment with the lord."

	"Oh yes Pastor Jacob.  We were wondering bout that before we came
here today."  Mrs. Williams chimed in.  "Ain't she a lil' young an

	"A child is never to young to experience the joy and blessing of
baptism my dear."  Pastor Jacob replied soothingly.  "In fact, the
younger the age, the better start she will have in experiencing the
warmth and forgiveness of the lord above."

	"I cannot say how much we should thank you Pastor Jacob."  Said
Mr. Williams.  "We probably would be lost in a world of marital sin
if not for your divine intervention with us. We certainly hope lil'
Sandy can benefit from yer' wisdom too."

	"We'd love to have you prepare her as soon as possible Pastor
Jacob."  Echoed Mrs. Williams.

	The old Pastor stroked little Sandy's strawberry red hair and leaned
down to kiss her little red locks.  He inhaled the smell of soft baby
soap and shampoo, then he raised his head again and looked up at her
white trash parents.

	"I would certainly like to instruct your lovely child on the nature
and importance of heavenly baptism.  But first, I would like to know a
few things about her in order to better understand what is needed for
preparation."  He said quietly.

	"Go on Pastor. Shoot." Said Mr. Williams flashing his chipped
yellow teeth.

	"Well it is extremely important that the child understands the
meaning of heavenly discipline."  Said the evil pastor measuring his
words carefully.  "Tell me, has the child sinned today?"

	"She certainly has Pastor Jacob."  Said Mrs. Williams openly.
"We were sittin' in yer sermon today and she made a big poo poo right
in her lil' trainin' pants!"  We told her not to do that and that it
was a sin an' all, but she wouldn't listen."

	"Yeah she sure did Pastor J."  Echoed Mr. Williams.  "And man
did she SMELL to high heaven - had to carry her out and change her in
the nursery - the lil' runt."

	Clearly these parents had no idea what was truly a sin and what
wasn't. Jacob smiled down at little Sandy in his lap and stroked the
ignorant toddler's hair again. She was only doing what children at her
age did naturally in their diapers - peeing and pooping. There
certainly wasn't any shame in that.  But the evil Pastor was careful
not to admit this to Sandy's gullible parents.  Instead, he chose to
exploit the incident and take advantage of the opportunity to instruct
the young couple on how he should best "train" the child to behave

	"I think it would be best if I took little Sandy in beginning this
week." Said Pastor Jacob measuring his next words carefully.  "The
good lord above looks highly upon children who have learned the meaning
of good old fashioned discipline."

	"You mean spankin' Pastor Jacob?  Mrs. Williams asked innocently.

	"Don't be so surprised Mrs. Williams." Pastor Jacob continued.
"A lot of my children over the years have become closer to God - not
only through the act of baptism, but through these tried and true
ideologies of discipline.  I can assure you, the credentials in my
office can attest to my methods. They always work and the children I
baptize are better off for it."

	He let his voice trail off so that his words could sink in with this
ignorant couple. Then he continued his verbal manipulation with their
stupid little minds. The biggest part of gaining the trust of these
parents and access to privacy with their lovely little "cunt" of a
daughter was to lull the them into a state of total compliance and
acceptance. He continued stressing the importance of obedience and
discipline with regard to little Sandy.

	"All little Sandy needs here is some loving attention combined with
some basic understanding of discipline and obedience to the lord above.
By learning to obey me, she will undoubtedly learn the importance and
rewards of obeying the word of God. Then I think she will be ready for
the honor of baptism and she will fit right in - just like the big
girls in church."

	Pastor Jacob held little Sandy up and looked her right in the eye when
he mentioned that last sentence.  All little girls yearned to be mature
and respected like "big girls" and young little Sandy was no
exception.  Her little green eyes brightened up when she heard him
mention the words "like the big girls."  Little Sandy felt a warm
tingly feeling in her baby belly toward Pastor Jacob.  She immediately
grew fond of him as he plopped her back down on his lap and continued
stroking her lovely red hair in a soothing and caring fashion. Sandy's
sweet little training pants made a slight raspy noise as she fidgeted
in his lap.

	"I wanna pway wif pastor Jacob mommy." she babbled excitedly.

	"I'm sure ya do honey bun. But Pastor Jacob is not here to play with
you. He's here to teach you how to be a big girl and obey the good lord
above.  Ain't that right honey?"  she asked looking over at her
trailer trash husband.

	"She's right lil' sweetheart. This Pastor knows what's best for ya.
He'll teach ya how to behave and obey the good lord." Mr. Williams
said firmly - agreeing with his wife.

	Pastor Jacob nodded his head in quiet approval. Then he lowered little
Sandy off of his lap and stood up and offered his hand to both of her
willing parents.

	"I suggest you bring little Sandy over here tomorrow. You can drop
her off for a few hours - say between 1 PM and 4 PM and I'll get
started on her training to be a big girl in the eyes of the lord."

	"Oh thank heavens Pastor Jacob!" Mrs. Williams nearly hugged him.
"Thank you so much. We needed a break from lil' Sandy.  She's a
handful to take care of - ya know, terrible two's an' all."

	"I assure you I have everything a toddler needs."  Pastor Jacob
said reassuringly.  "You don't need to bring diapers or training
pants.  I  already have some in my private nursery room upstairs."

	"Yer one of a kind Pastor J." Said Mr. Williams offering his hand.
"I'm sure you'll take good care my precious daughter."

	With that, Mr. And Mrs. Williams took little Sandy by each hand and
turned to leave.

	"Wait a moment." Pastor Jacob said lovingly. "I have something
for little Sandy."

	Pastor Jacob removed a small square box from his robed pocket and
opened it. Inside was a small gold necklace with a solid gold cross on
it.  Mr. And Mrs. Williams gasped. They had never touched real gold
before. They had only seen it in expensive jewelry stores.

	"This is a for you little one." He said firmly as leaned down
facing little Sandy.

	The dumb little tot drooled a little and grew excited in her baby
tummy again.  She really liked Pastor Jacob.

	Pastor Jacob continued...

	"This is a symbol for her commitment to obedience and faith in the
process of preparing for baptism. It shows she is committed to becoming
a child of the Lord."

	Pastor Jacob opened little Sandy's necklace of slavery and looked up
at her parents.

	"May I put it on her?"  He asked in a most respectful manner.

	"You certainly may Pastor Jacob. And thank you." Mrs. Williams

	Pastor Jacob took little Sandy gently by the shoulders and turned the
little tot around. Her little pink party dress looked so sexy and
inviting. It was a good thing that Pastor Jacob was wearing a large
black robe.  His cock was exploding in his trousers. The stupid little
cunt looked and smelled like abuse waiting to happen.  The intoxicating
scent of her precious baby powdered bottom was an unmistakable reminder
of the little "brown sin" she had made in her training pants
earlier that morning in church. Pastor Jacob couldn't wait for the
opportunity to "train" her. More accurately, he couldn't wait for
the opportunity to MOLEST her!

	The sick Pastor wrapped the little gold chain around Sandy's soft
girlish neck and connected the clasp.  She was now going to be his
little toy slave for a week. And her parents had already pledged her
obedience to him.

	"Be sure to instruct your child on the importance of obeying me when
she arrives." He said as he kissed the little "kiddie cunt" on
her soft baby cheek. "I don't give away these gold crosses for

	Pastor Jacob made sure to emphasize the value and worth of the gift he
had bestowed upon their little white trash child.  It was probably the
only real gold this family was ever going to see in their stupid little
lives, and Jacob knew it.  He could tell by the way the Williams
dressed outside of church.  He could tell by where they lived.  He knew
that money and gold were cherished by them - perhaps even more than
their only child.  Because of their impoverished background, Pastor
Jacob had little difficulty convincing them that obedience was "a
must" in his rectory at all times.

	"Don't worry Pastor Jacob." said Mrs. Williams. "By tomorrow,
lil' Sandy will be ready to obey you in the eyes of the Lord."

	Pastor Jacob gave them a final nod of approval as he ushered the
threesome out of his private rectory. He was counting on Mrs. Williams'
last words.

	The next morning, Mrs. Williams bathed Sandy after her morning
breakfast. She made sure to clean her daughter in all those special
places so that Pastor Jacob wouldn't find her a "smelly child" and
look down upon her. She wanted little Sandy to be clean in the eyes of
the Lord during her preparation for baptism. When she was finished
drying her daughter off, she swabbed her little pink tushy and cunny
hole with wet baby wipes and lathered her soft little bottom with baby
powder.  Then she placed a new set of Cinderella training pants with
purple unicorns on her and let the child pull them up herself.

	"See Sandy?  Yer a big girl now!" Her mother cheered her on as
Sandy pulled her training pants up her soft, pale white thighs and
snuggly around her cunny and hiney hole. "Yer gonna be such a cutie!
I think Pastor Jacob is really gonna like you."

	"I wanna see Pastor Jacob mommy!" chirped little Sandy as her
mother opened her little pink dresser.

	"I know ya do dear. I'm sure Pastor Jacob can't wait to see you too.
I think he'll like you even more if you do exactly what he says and
obey him without question. He is a man of the Lord and you will follow
his lead. Understand?"

	"Yes mommy." The little girl replied shyly.

	Mrs. Williams withdrew a beautiful pair of Rainbow Bright socks and a
pastel pink frilly dress with no designs this time. Then she had baby
Sandy put on her little white pantyhose designed to hide her shameful
training pants and compliment her dress. Then she matched the outfit
with her cleanest pair of black saddle shoes - the same pair she had
worn the previous day.

	Finally, Mrs. Williams did her daughter's strawberry red hair up in
precious little pigtails which made her look so adorable and cute. The
poor mother had no idea that this only served to make little Sandy more
sexy for her predator and further objectify her in the eyes of the sick

	Mrs. Williams dropped her daughter off promptly at 1:00 PM in the
afternoon and returned to her part time job. She felt so grateful to
Pastor Jacob for taking her little girl in for baptism training and
preparation at such an early age. She felt so honored and proud that
this renowned man of the cloth had taken a keen interest in her little
girl. She took great comfort in the thought that little Sandy was in
safe hands with this kind old man.

	Pastor Jacob greeted little Sandy warmly with a long and loving hug.
He let his hands message her back and shoulders for a lengthy moment
- allowing the little cunt to get used to the idea of him touching
her in such an intimate way. Then he took the stupid little cunt by her
soft tiny hand and led her upstairs to his private nursery. Once
inside, he turned on the lights and lowered the shades. Then he lay out
some toys and inspected the diaper pale to make sure if was clean.  He
had a part time maid who came in three times a week to clean things up.
Of course, he made sure to hide all evidence of sexual abuse that took
place in between house cleanings.

	In the meantime, he allowed little Sandy to explore her surroundings.
He admired her little pastel pink party dress, sexy white pantyhose and
black saddle shoes. He looked lustfully at her beautiful red hair which
was all done up in cute little pigtails and wide green eyes.  He also
looked at her the back of her little party dress where her bottom was
underneath the thin material.  He observed little Sandy's innate
curiosity with her new surroundings. Then he began to speak to her.

	"My sweet Sandy. How adorable you are. Are you ready to serve and
obey me as you would the Lord?"

	Of course, he knew that little Sandy was barely old enough to
understand everything he said, let alone take what she could understand
very seriously. He was counting on this. She would inevitably slip up
and disobey him.  That would be his cue to discipline her. But Pastor
Jacob also knew that in order to discipline little Sandy at the tender
age of two and a half, he would also have to balance it with nurturing
and affection - especially the physical kind!

	Pastor Jacob was horny right off the bat, but he restrained himself
and allowed his instincts to take over. He had nearly three hours to do
with Sandy what he wished. He busied himself momentarily by arranging a
slew of Christian picture books to designed to teach young children
Sandy's age the simple things about Jesus Christ and the Lord almighty.
He pulled out a big oak rocking chair from the corner of the room and
sat down. All the while he kept staring at little Sandy's ass. Of
course it wasn't visible through her pink frilly dress, but there was
plenty to imagine. The sick pastor loved it when parents dressed up
their little girls for him. The little pink pastel dress that Sandy was
wearing served as wonderful tease for his sick and demented cock.  The
disgusting middle aged worm began to twitch and stiffen at the thought
of what magical pleasures and girlish surprises lay underneath that
cute little dress. Indeed, this sick man could never grow tired of
little baby girls Sandy's age. They were so adorable, naive, and
gullible - which made them even more sexy and ripe for molestation
and other forms of sickening abuse.

	Little Sandy continued toddling around the small nursery room with a
dumb little finger in her mouth and her little black saddle shoes
making "Click Clack" noises on the hardwood floor - like a proper
little girl should. The sweet little red head eyed the stuffed animals
on the small shelf and started playing with them. A lot of them were
based on the bible story of Noah's Arc. There were little giraffe's,
elephants, dogs, cats, along with a host of other species designed to
be saved by the fictional account of the impending storm according to
the bible. Pastor Jacob beckoned to little Sandy and offered to read
her a story if she agreed to sit in his lap.

	"Come here my sweet little cunt." He degraded her. "I promise to
let you play with the stuffed animals and read you a story about them
from the book of the Lord."

	"Weelly Pastor Jacob? Ya gonna read me a stowwy?" she babbled back
at him exposing a gape in her yellow white trash teeth.  She was
missing a tooth in the middle.

	"I sure will little one. All you have to do is obey me and sit in my
lap like a good little kiddie cunt."

	Little Sandy had no idea she was being dehumanized and degraded for
the sick pastor's pleasure.  She thought he was complimenting her.
Pastor Jacob smiled invitingly to her. She was such a dumb little cunt
and quite easy to manipulate. The little girl grew excited and ran over
to the rocking chair where her Pastor was sitting. She was holding a
little stuffed horsey in her tiny hand.  Pastor Jacob observed her red
pigtails and pale white skin. She seemed well fed as her cheeks were
lush, pink, and full. Her little lips looked full and healthy despite
the poor condition of her baby teeth.

	"That's a good little girl. You're such an obedient cunt." Pastor
Jacob soothed. "Now I will reward you by letting you sit on my

	Little Sandy felt a rush of excitement course though her tiny little
body. She was so glad that she had pleased Pastor Jacob.  He was such a
nice man.  Her little baby tummy felt all soft and tingly at the
thought of sitting up on his lap.

	Gently, Pastor Jacob scooped the little kiddie tramp up in his
menacing arms and plopped her down on his lap. He immediately felt the
soft cushy material of her thick and thirsty training pants. They made
a slight raspy noise as she wiggled and fidgeted to get comfortable.
The evil pastor pushed his sick nose just below the base of her little
neck and breathed in deeply. The smell of fresh baby soap and the feel
of her soft kiddie skin made his thick penis grow more rigid and even
harder than before.

	Pastor Jacob knew that he had to get little Sandy to relax before he
tried any of his finely tuned molestation tactics.  He started by
opening a picture book that described Jesus. He began reading to her
slowly, letting his words sink into her dim little mind so that she
could understand the story - at least to the certain extent that her
mental age would permit. The ignorant little cunt leaned back
instinctively and lay her pigtailed head against his chest. Her little
white pantyhosed legs parted naturally to either side if his knees and
her black saddles shoes dangled toward the hardwood floor as Pastor
Jacob began to rock her back and forth on the rocking chair while he
read the story.

	After he finished the short story, Pastor Jacob commanded little Sandy
to stay in his lap and learn the beauty and importance of "quiet
time" on the rocking chair. The little tot remembered what her mommy
told her about obeying the Pastor, so she obeyed. She liked Pastor
Jacob a lot. She loved it when he paid attention to her and read her
stories. He was just like her real daddy!  She leaned her soft little
body back again and began sucking her thumb and staring blankly at the
little crib across the room.  It reminder her of her crib at home.
Gradually, she felt Pastor Jacob's free hand begin to gently message
her tiny red locks of hair. His hand and finger motions were smooth and
circular - focusing on her front temples and gradually work their way
back toward her pretty red pigtails. The sick Pastor continued rocking
the chair back and forth.  This caused little Sandy to grow sleepy. She
usually had her afternoon nap around this time, so if was only natural
that she had begun to feel tired. The rocking of the chair only
hastened the process.

	Pastor Jacob continued messaging her soft red hair and smelling the
sweet fragrance of her baby shampoo. It smelled like strawberries -
just like the color of her hair and her thick lush cheeks.  She was
such a good little girl. Very obedient, submissive, and passive. Pastor
Jacob liked toddlers who were quiet and docile. He liked the ones who
were well disciplined in following instructions.  Indeed, he would have
no trouble with little Sandy.  She was so soft, ignorant, and
compliant. He was what he liked to refer to as a "good little

	Little Sandy sighed and breathed more easily with each passing moment.
Her eyes were getting heavier and she became much more relaxed with
each stroke of her soft red hair and the consistent pendulum swing of
the rocking chair. It was like a natural drug designed to make her more
docile and relaxed. The little tyke felt another large hand wrap itself
around her little waist holding her tight against the pastor's body.
The sick man used his other hand to gently message her shoulders and
chest. Once again, Pastor Jacob did this in a relaxing manner -
almost as if he were a message therapist. The old pervert felt a little
drop of child drool spill onto his hand, but he didn't mind. It was a
symbol of the young child's helplessness and innocence. Gently he began
to caress little Sandy's baby breasts through her pink party dress. He
twithered and tweaked them ever so gently - causing the young toddler
to stir and coo a little bit. The twisted pervert held her tight around
the waist with his other sick hand making sure she wouldn't escape or
break free should she decide to become energetic again.

	But his sickening moves were flawless.

	Pastor Jacob had this special kind of shoulder and body message down
to a science. He had used this technique with many other helpless
children before he took things further and molested them - quite
often with their complete consent, willingness, and obedience. They
were just too comfortable and relaxed to panic in his arms, and little
Sandy was no different.

	Some children struggled against his arms, and Pastor Jacob would have
to turn them over his knee, pull down their panties or diapers, and
smack them hard until they whaled and cried out uncontrollably. No one
heard their cries of pain of course. The pastor always had his windows
down and the shades drawn. He would simply wait for the children to
calm down and resign themselves to his sick advances, then he had his
way with them - all of them!

	Little Sandy was different. She was very calm and submissive. She
would be no trouble at all.  She even seemed to enjoy his sick hands
caressing her tiny breasts through her little child like frilly dress.
The sweet little cunt was so relaxed that she didn't even notice the
little drops of pee pee squirting out of her puffy little pisser and
into her little pink Cinderella training pants.  Sweet magical drops of
potty tinkle squirted and splashed against the front of her baby pullup
- coating it with bright yellow child urine. Little Sandy sighed and
cooed again as she felt a little bit of moist warmth begin to surround
her puffy little cunny.  She was peeing her "big girl" panties! Yet
she didn't seem to care. It felt so good and relaxing making wetsy in
her training pamper. And she just loved the way Pastor Jacob was paying
attention to her body with his large and powerful hands.

	The sick pastor began to lower his large hand toward her belly button.
Even through her tiny party dress he could feel her soft and delicate
tummy. It was so small and tender. Once again, Pastor Jacob began to
run his hand in a circular motion - this time around her belly. The
warm and soothing rub down made little Sandy feel all warm and tingly
inside her tiny little tummy. Pastor Jacob made her feel soooo special
inside! A few more drops of wee wee trickled into her training pants.
The little tinkle spurts and squirts flooded her soft little cunny with
a soothing damp warmth. She felt so special!

	The Pastor's hand circled round and round, until he had lulled the
little cunt into a state of partial sleep. It was indeed nap time for
her. He could tell by her slow and heavy breathing.  Though she wasn't
entirely asleep (toddlers never were), she was as close to napping as
she ever would be under his slick maneuvering. The pastor's cock was
rigid and dripping pre-cum at the thought of molesting the little red
headed twat.

	Gently, he began to lower his circular motions toward the bottom
portion of her dress. With a sure handed and most delicate balance, he
grasped the thin material and began to raise it upward so that he could
have access to her powder white stockings and little white training
pants with pink trim! What an adorable little baby girl!

	Little Sandy was still partially awake, but she fully trusted Pastor
Jacob. She felt herself gradually being exposed as her little pink
party dress was slowly hiked upward. She had finished peeing in her
training panties and the feeling of warm and damp girlish piddle was
now engulfing her shameful vagina.  By now, her little pee pee hole had
become all swollen and puffy with the combination of wee wee and
excitement all at the same time.

	Gradually, little Sandy began to feel the open air against the upper
portion of her pantyhose covered thighs. Pastor Jacob had hiked her
dress up all the way - exposing the crotch area of her powder white
pantyhose.  Her pantyhose was rather thin and quite "see through."
This made it quite easy for the  perverted pastor to get a sick and
twisted glimpse of her little pink and white training pants underneath.
Slowly, his disgusting hand slithered it's way down toward her
pantyhosed crotch. Slowly and deliberately, he began to press his sick
old fingers gently against the frontal portion of her little pink and
white training panties.

	As Pastor Jacob began to push and probe little Sandy's pink pullups,
he felt the soft plastic material give way to his touch.  Soon, he
began to feel little hints of wetsy toward the lower portion of her
baby Cinderella panties. The little cunt had made a pee pee just for
him!  The evil pastor couldn't resist any longer. His cock was thick
and rigid as a brick. He really enjoyed molesting little kids -
especially ones like these who were too young to understand what was
happening and couldn't defend themselves.  With the ease of a master
hand crafter, he raised his hand toward the upper crest of her little
pink training pants and began dipping his sick and twisted fingers
inside! Gradually, her little training panties gave way to allow his
hand to slide in further and deeper! Pastor Jacob felt little Sandy's
soft and moist skin for the first time. It felt so smooth, soft, and
delicate.  His old and dirty fingers began to explore the lower part of
her abdomen as the little training pullup began to loosen and give way
to his evil molesting hand.

	Eventually, his dirty fingers began to touch the upper cleft of her
puffy little "potty hole" where she made precious little "child
squirts" and baby tinkles in her diapers. The ignorant little cunt
gave no resistance. She enjoyed the attention she was getting from
Pastor Jacob. Her little body was completely relaxed and docile.
Instinctively, she began to spread her baby legs wider so that the sick
old man could probe and prod her cunny more easily and without
resistance. She enjoyed the feeling of his big hands and dirty fingers
probing her soft little pisser. It felt all tingly and good inside her
little totty hole and all the way up to her soft baby tummy.

	The sick old man felt his cock twitch with avid anticipation as he
felt the warm wetness of her pee pee accident inside her Cinderella
panties.  Little Sandy's wee wee tinkle felt so moist, warm, and
childish - just like an ignorant child who hadn't been potty trained
properly. Her parents were probably quite uneducated in addition to
being complete morons, and it was this fact that quelled any fear
Pastor Jacob may have had about the young couple finding out. Besides,
little Sandy couldn't really speak full sentences yet anyhow.  She was
simply a stupid little girl who's only future lay in being exploited
- not only as a child, but as a teenager and young adult as well.

	The twisted "man of the cloth" continued inching his sick hand
further into Sandy's adorable training panties. Soon he felt the cute
little split in her soft chubby skin - indicating that he finally had
full access to her puffy vaginal folds and smelly pee stained pussy
lips.  What a treat!  What an adorable and obedient little cunt! Such a
good little girl. So cute, adorable, docile, and submissive. And most
importantly - little Sandy was ignorant.  The trailer trash children
were the most enjoyable for Pastor Jacob. Their parents rarely (if
ever) taught them right from wrong when it came to proper or improper
touching from a stranger. They were easily led to believe any lie or
deception and allow themselves to be exploited for simple gifts and
cheap treats like candy and attention. Pastor Jacob, eyed the little
gold cross he had placed around Sandy's neck and noted how costly it
was. Yet he knew the town jeweler and, as a result of his friendship,
had gotten a discount on the item in addition to several others. The
sick pastor reserved the jewelry for children he really wanted to get
close to (particularly toddlers) and for parents who would fall for the
power of money and gold - such as Sandy's ignorant parents already

	Pastor Jacob began to fondle and tickle little Sandy's "girlie
hole" with his sick and dirty fingers - gently prodding, probing,
and fingering the exterior of her soft little cunt. Little Sandy let
out a soft baby moan. Within seconds, the little piece of toddler trash
was cooing with a combination of ignorant bliss and innocent pleasure.
Another spool of wet baby dribble escaped her stupid little mouth and
fell toward the front of her little pink party dress.  Pastor Jacob
observed the ignorant child drool all over her clothes and snickered to
himself. This little one was definitely going to be a lot of fun!
Already he was flexing his large hand outward so that her training
pants would burst open from the pressure inside.

	As expected, the soft cotton material came undone and the front of her
training pants burst open and forward - exposing her chubby little
"kiddie cunt" to the open air! Pastor Jacob inhaled the scent of
baby piss and talcum powder all at once. His thick disgusting cock
bobbed and twitched with a mind of its own at the thought of molesting
little Sandy with it's twisted and uncircumcised head. Gradually, it
grew thick with evil gooey sperm. Within moments, tiny perverted drops
of pedophile pre-cum spat from it's evil, snake-like head into his
trousers beneath his robe.

	The sick pastor used his fingers to part the little vaginal folds as
best he could without hurting Sandy or causing her to bleed into her
training pants.  He didn't want any direct evidence of intrusion or
sexual abuse. With her puffy little lips open and exposed, the sick man
used his index finger to stroke Sandy's baby clitty. The little girl
giggled and squirmed on his lap, but the twisted psychopath held her
firmly to his chest.

	After several minutes of this, the perverted pedophile placed the
little cunt on the floor with her training pants falling around her
knees and ankles.  The cunning Pastor Jacob then proceeded to disrobe
and take off his trousers - all the while keeping an eye on the
little redheaded prize kneeling on the floor beneath him. She was
cooing and babbling about his "thingy" as it popped into the open
air in front of her big round eyes. After he was completely in the
nude, the sick Pastor knelt down and smiled at the helpless little tyke
in front of him - her chipped teeth showing as she grinned back at
him with her adorable yet mischievous smile. He took her by the arms
and raised them high in the air so that he could remove her little pink
frilly dress and get a glimpse of her soft little titties, all ripe
with pink fleshy baby fat.

	After her dress was removed, the pastor gazed once again at little
Sandy. Her training pants had fallen down to her angles - just
waiting to be stepped out of. The sick pastor turned her around slowly
and the little tot obeyed with hesitation. Her wee wee accident made
her smell a little bit, but she was still a beautiful site to see. Her
bare butt smiled lovingly at Jacob as he looked down at the crack in
her baby bottom. Within short order, the warmth of her tender brown
anus would caress his finger with a tight and loving embrace.
Toddler's poopy holes were so special because they smelled so sweet and
innocent with baby powder spread all around them - concealing the
shameful smell of their stinky BMs that inevitably came later.

	Pastor Jacob was counting on it as he commanded little Sandy to place
her hands on her knee caps and bend over so that her soft, powder white
bottom would stick out for him. Little Sandy giggled as she felt the
pastor's hands gently take hold of her butt cheeks and pull them apart
slowly - revealing her crinkly baby powdered hiney hole!  Pastor
Jacob leaned in closely and smelled the sexy aroma of her soft kiddie
bottom. The combination of baby powder and the faint hint of child
poopy greeted his nostrils with a warm loving charm and sweet tender
innocence.  The pastor's ugly penis grew more thick and rigid. More
drops of pre-cum leaked out of its monstrous head.

	Pastor Jacob told little Sandy what a well behaved little girl she was
as he gently pressed a finger against her tight, brown anal ring.  He
told her the good Lord above smiled down upon children who accepted
gifts inside their tiny little bottoms.

	Little Sandy giggled and drooled some more. Pastor Jacob wet his
finger with his tongue and gently began to push it against her smelly
brown anus. Little Sandy was still leaning forward with her hands
against her knees as her baby butt jutted outward for the sick pastor
to look at and play with. The dumb child whore was now completely at
his disposal to do with as he pleased. The little cunt winced a little
bit as she felt something large and ugly push into her tight round
"poo poo hole." She stopped giggling and began to sob. The pastor
told her it was alright if she wanted to cry and told her the Lord
above took great pleasure in watching little girls cry in pain.

	Little Sandy tried not to cry. Instead, she whimpered quietly as
pastor Jacob pushed his sick finger deeper into her baby brown hole.
The little spreads and sprinkles of baby powder surrounding her soft
little tushy couldn't hide what Pastor Jacob's finger discovered
inside. Buried deep in her tight little bottom, Pastor Jacob's finger
discovered the wonders and joys of little Sandy's soft poopy smears and
mushy brown logs of kiddie shit. It savored the touch and smell of
little Sandy's impending BM and began to push, prod, and wiggle itself
all around and deep inside her precious girlie poop! The stench of
shameful and disgusting child filth made his finger hungrier for more.
The ugly finger dug in hard and wiggled deeper into a friendly little
log of soft brown baby poop - scooping up a little smidgen as a gift
for it's master's nose.

	Pastor Jacob slowly removed his finger from Sandy's rose colored
bottom and watched the little anal ring close and wink shut like a trap
door. The sick pervert brought his finger to his nose and smelled the
little pile of brown mush that was smeared on the tip.  The dirty and
shameful pooey odor made Pastor Jacob's cock boil on the verge of a
climax - the likes of which he had never felt before in all his
previous experiences with children her age. The smell of kiddie poop
was actually DOING IT for him!

	Pastor Jacob commanded little Sandy to lie down on her back, open her
little baby mouth, and smile for him while he deposited a little white
"offering" into her tiny orifice.  He told her he had a special
treat that the good Lord gave to little girls who behaved themselves
and let strangers stick their fingers inside their tight little hineys.

	Little Sandy did as she was told. Tears of pain were quickly
transforming into tears of shame and embarrassment. But through the
shame, she smiled and opened her mouth obediently. The Lord above
wished for her to do it. The pastor had told her what a good little
girl she was. She didn't want to make the pastor angry after she had
been such a good little girl.

	Pastor Jacob stared lustfully at the child's open mouth and bright
little smile. He didn't pay attention to the tears of guilt and shame.
That would ruin it. He focused only on how "happy" little Sandy
looked and how it seemed that she enjoyed these sick little games. She
actually liked being molested and treated like a trashy little cunt or
piece of "child filth."

	"Open wide Sandy. Pastor Jacob has a gift from the good Lord
above." He told her breathing heavily with lust.

	The sick pastor was sweating at the brow as he leaned forward with his
cock directly over Sandy's stupid little mouth. Once again, he pressed
his poop stained finger to his nose and inhaled the sweet smell of
Sandy's mushy brown poopy smears. He thoroughly enjoyed the site and
smell of a toddler's "toilet marks" and "potty smears" on his
fingers whenever he had the chance. Gradually, a strong surge of evil
and sickening semen rocketed up Pastor Jacob's thick ugly shaft and
shot out of the snake's head.

	The first burst was huge! It splashed against little Sandy's outer
lips and fleshy baby cheeks - missing the mark entirely yet finding
more tender and sexy targets to decorate. Some of it dribbled down each
side of her baby face toward her red pigtailed hair and ears. The
second shot was more direct and landed deep inside her baby mouth with
random precision - coating her soft little tongue, gums, and chipped
baby teeth.

	Little Sandy lost her smile as the first taste of the sickening salty
fluid registered in her ignorant little brain. Yet she was too young to
realize just how "objectified" she had become in the pastor's eyes.
 The sick pervert raised his cock a little higher and took aim at her
strawberry red hair.


	More cum landed on little Sandy's face and beautiful hair - coating
it with a soft, white, gooey shampoo! Another thick glob of slimy white
goop splashed against a sensitive area and glued her left eye shut.
Little Sandy looked so cute, sexy, and adorable this way. She was now a
pedophiles dream.

	After he finished shooting his load all over her soft chubby cheeks,
Pastor Jacob told little Sandy to suck his cock like a sweet lollipop
and get it all clean for the Lord above. Little Sandy obeyed and took
his soft limp penis into her baby mouth and began to suck and slurp on
it like a pacifier. Once again, the little totty cunt tasted the salty
stench of her master as well as the future of her existence - that of
a cum stained slut that would probably turn into a white trash
prostitute in her later years.

	Indeed, little Sandy would soon make the perfect fuck toy for almost
any man.  All she needed was a few more traumatic experiences with the
Pastor in order to change the course of her impoverished life. Then she
would be a sexual servant forever. No one would ever know her full life
story - let alone suspect that her downward spiral in life actually
began in the sanctity of a holy church!

	Pastor Jacob smiled as he withdrew a small digital camera from the
nursery room closet. The next two hours were spent making little Sandy
pose for pictures and stick small objects into her tight little anus.
Pastor Jacob loved to have little girls stick the arm of a Barbie Doll
inside their sweet little bottoms and smile. He liked it when they
posed with their cute little bottoms in the air and a teddy bear close
by. He especially liked to take pictures of little Sandy going to the
potty - on the floor! He took special shots of her soft child poop as
it slithered out of her crinkly brown hole. He took even more pictures
as the soft smelly globs of shit plopped onto the hardwood tiles which
rested beneath the lovely round globes of her powder white baby bottom.
 Then he made her sit in it and mush it around so that she would look
more sinful and smell more stinky and sexy for the camera. He took even
more degrading pictures of her smearing her shameful poopies all over
her soft round tummy and tiny little titties.  The sick pastor climaxed
two more times before the afternoon was over. He shot a load of cum all
over her tiny poop smeared tits. He shot his third and final load all
over her white trash cunny.

	When all was said and done, little Sandy was reduced to a simple
puddle of semen, urine, and messy brown filth all over the nursery room
floor. Plenty of pictures had been taken for him to share on the
Internet with his perverted friends.

	Finally, the sick child molester washed the little cunt off in the
bathroom.  Then he dressed little Sandy in a new diaper and put her
dress back on.  He told her that this was all part of her baptism
training and to not tell anyone about it. Not that Sandy could speak
coherently anyway. It was indeed a full proof plan. Little Sandy wiped
away her eyes and smiled up at Pastor Jacob.  He leaned down and handed
her some chocolate candy and kissed her on the cheek.  Little Sandy
liked chocolate candy.  After a few moments of chewing on it, she had
forgotten all about how ashamed she had felt and how sore her little
baby bottom was. Pastor Jacob was such a nice man. She couldn't wait to
see him again tomorrow.

	Sandy's mother dropped by to pick her up at 4:00 PM. Her daughter
looked so happy as she munched on the chocolate candy bar that Pastor
Jacob had given her.

	"I hope she wasn't any trouble for you Pastor Jacob."  Mrs.
Williams said quietly as little Sandy finished chewing her chocolate
candy bar and began to fall asleep in her arms.

	"Certainly not Mrs. Williams." Pastor Jacob responded. "Your
daughter is well on her way to becoming a child of the Lord.  She was
no trouble at all."

	Pastor Jacob meant it.  And Mrs. Williams drove away feeling good
about what she had just heard. Her daughter had fallen fast asleep in
her little child seat. She must have had a busy day.

	The young mother smiled to herself. She suspected nothing.

                              THE END

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