Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Copyright (C) 2002, H. Grant. COMMENTS: Warning! This story contains references to scat, watersports, and extreme pedophilia. If these types of themes offend you, DO NOT proceed to read this story! STORY CODES: Fg,extreme pedo,nepi,oral,anal,ws,scat STORY INTRO: A stunningly beautiful babyitter named Mildred gets the opportunity of a life time to be the household nanny for a wealthy couple in the suburbs. A perverse tale unfolds as we watch Mildred watch over little Melissa - a three year old toddler just out of diapers who is anxious to become a "big girl" and eventually go to kindergarden. Alas, Mildred as other plans for the sexy young tot! Melissa Pulls Down Her Panties By H. Grant Little Melissa toddled over to her toy box and pulled out her teddy bear. She was full of energy and excitement having just had her nap. The three year old cutie was an adorable little girl. She had the sweetest smile and a cute little bottom to match. Her parents, Jim and Dorothy, were wealthy and it showed in the way they dressed their precious daughter. She always wore the nicest dresses and smelled fresh and clean whenever she was in public. Her father Jim worked as an executive at a power plant not far from home. Her mother Dorothy taught 3rd grade at a nearby school. Being wealthy had its price, and it usually meant that both of her parents had to work simultaneously during the early morning and afternoon. Melissa wasn't quite ready for pre-school yet. She still had to learn the basics of sharing, eating food properly, and dressing herself on her own. She had come a long way in most of these areas, but her parents insisted that she perfected the art of behaving properly before she enter the public on her own. Hence, they acquired the services of a professional nanny to babysit her and perform the daily chores while they were at work. The nanny's name was Mildred, and she was of German decent. She spoke perfect English however and was very beautiful for a white Caucasian female of 31. Her long, platinum blonde hair was her greatest asset along with her large budding breasts. Mildred had come to the household highly recommended. Her services were not cheap by any means and she was very wealthy by her own account. Mildred didn't become a nanny for the money. She did it because she enjoyed children - especially little girls. She was a closet lesbian in every sense of the word, but few people (if any) knew this fact - save for the little girls she had molested on countless occasions. Nobody ever caught on that she was a child molester because she was very subtle about it. Very often the children she was molesting had no idea they were actually being molested. Mildred made it a point to touch the children only during the times when it seemed perfectly natural to do so - like during bathing, dressing, or potty training. She never left any marks or scars and most of her "touching" tactics were very softcore. In fact, sometimes Mildred didn't even use her hands. Instead she used her nose and tongue to do some of the work. Sometimes she would instruct the children to pose and use their hands themselves - all in the name of dressing, or bathing properly. Having earned the trust of Melissa's parents, Mildred had become a mainstay within the household. She would even stay and have dinner with Jim and Dorothy on occasion when they came home from work. In addition, Jim had a crush on Mildred from the get go and made it a point to keep her around as the household nanny - no matter what the cost. Mildred adored Melissa to the point of obsession. This was by far the greatest household she had ever worked for. Not only were they too trusting of her, they overpaid her as well based on her solid reputation and good looks. Mildred had hours and hours to play secret little games with Melissa during bathing and changing sessions. Five days a week of pure sexual enjoyment with the sexy young tot was definitely a dream come true. On this particular day, Melissa's parents were both taking the day off to go to New York. They asked Mildred to stay at the house longer than usual. They explained to her that they wouldn't be back until around 9:30 pm that night. Mildred was delighted to hear this and she began juicing at the crotch when she thought of all the sexual possibilities with little Melissa. Jim and Dorothy finished loading their belongings into their SUV and bid farewell to Melissa and Mildred. "Don't be afraid to spank her if she's bad." Said Jim. "Just make sure it's on her bottom and nowhere else." Added Dorothy. "Oh I don't think I'll need to do that." Replied the babysitter thoughtfully. "She's always been a good girl for me...haven't you darling?" Little Melissa nodded her head and smiled. "Now you behave yourself and make sure you do what Mildred says understand?" Said Dorothy firmly. Melissa nodded her head again and looked at her father. He smiled down at her and patted her head. Then the two of them were off for New York. "Come on in Melissa. How would you like to watch The Muppets?" "Ooooh goody!!!" Melissa cheered jumping up and down. She loved watching cartoons - especially The Muppets. She ran into the house - followed closely by Mildred. The voluptuous babysitter sat on the leather couch and motioned for little Melissa to join her. The little tart was sitting on the floor directly in front of the television. "Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap?" Asked Mildred in her lovely voice. Little Melissa got up and made her way over to the couch - plopping her cute little rear end on Mildred's lap. Mildred was cunning enough to place a soft hand under the little girl's panties and bottom under the guise of support. Melissa thought nothing of it as she stared at the TV. Occasionally she fidgeted from side to side - giving Mildred the pleasure of feeling her soft toddler crotch move back and forth beneath her hand and fingers. "Milly I'm hungry." She blurted out after a while. "What would you like to eat dear?" Asked Mildred stroking Melissa's beautiful locks of hair. "Frosty Flakes!" She said excitedly jumping out of Mildred's lap. Customarily, Mildred tended to avoid spoiling children. She disliked giving in to children's demands on a sudden whim. But with pretty Melissa, she couldn't help herself. She doted over the lovely toddler and wished on many occasions that she were her own. She got up and followed the excited toddler to the kitchen and fixed her a bowl of flakes. The tiny tot ate the whole bowl and asked for seconds. In addition, she asked for two slices of toast with honey. "My oh sure are a hungry little thing aren't you my darling?" Mildred said smiling down at the little girl munching away. Melissa was making a mess of herself and spilling food all down her little frilly dress. Mildred used the opportunity to kneel down beneath the table to wipe up the crumbs that had spilled onto the floor. Melissa didn't seem bothered a bit that Mildred was doing this because she was under the impression that her nanny was cleaning up her mess. What the dumb little tart didn't realize was that Mildred was not only cleaning up the crumbs with a damp rag, but she was also getting a perfect glimpse of little Melissa's baby cotton panties. They looked so cute encased around her fleshy little legs. Mildred stared between Melissa's legs and looked at the toddler's crotch. To her pleasant surprise, it appeared as if there was a slight damp patch in the place where her little "V" was located. Melissa had wet herself! "Spread your legs apart Melissa so that I can wipe the crumbs off of your chair." She said trying to contain her sexual excitement. Mildred was definitely aroused by this turn of events, and she became even more excited when sweet little Melissa spread her cuddly legs and provided an even better view of her pee pee stained panties. There was a slight yellow patch that was clearly magnified by the white cotton material. Melissa obviously had a long way to go as far as potty training was concerned. "Open your legs a little wider darling..." Cooed Mildred. "You seem to have spilled some food under your bottom." Little Melissa thought nothing of this request either. Her stupid little three year old mind could barely comprehend any deeper meaning than what was being asked of her directly on the surface. Again, she spread her legs just a little wider. Her frilly dress rose up a little higher as a result of this. Now Mildred had a complete view of baby Melissa's pee stained underpants. The scent of child 'wee wee' was unmistakable and quite intoxicating to Mildred's senses. Gently, she began to wipe between little Melissa's legs. She made sure to brush her palm and fingers "coincidently" against her tiny wet crotch - rubbing up against the child's puffy little vagina. Melissa squirmed in her chair as she suddenly felt the unexpected pleasure of this new sensation between her chubby little legs. Not knowing any better, she wanted to feel more of this "tickly" feeling. Mildred's eyes widened as she witnessed the child's attempts to push her baby crotch against her wiping hand. Melissa wanted to feel more! Mildred couldn't contain herself any longer. She quickly finished wiping - making sure to rub a few more strokes against the child's wet panties. Then she rose above the table again. She smiled lovingly at the cute little tart. Melissa had stopped eating and was now fidgeting openly in her chair. "Does my sweet little girl want to be tickled?" She asked in a deviant manner. The cute little blonde nodded her head - still trying to open her legs and wiggle her bottom against the chair. "OK then Melissa dear." Began Mildred. "First we have to address a little problem that I smell. Do you think you can guess what I smell?" Being only three, Melissa was only dimly aware of what her beautiful nanny was hinting at. However, she was already at the age where she felt embarrassed at having "potty" accidents in her panties. She remembered how her mommy would disgustfully announce that she had made a "mess" in her potty pants. She remembered how her mommy and daddy used to refer to the "smell" of such accidents before changing her. Perhaps this "smell" that Mildred was referring to had something to do with the damp feeling inside her baby cotton panties. Little Melissa suddenly blushed at this realization and put a baby finger inside her stupid little mouth. "C'mon sweetie. Tell me what aunt Milly smells..." Continued Mildred. Melissa stopped squirming in her chair, but remained silent - too embarrassed to say anything. "OK I'll give you a hint." Said the cunning babysitter. The beautiful nanny raised her hand to her face and pinched her thumb and forefinger against her nose - indicating a smelly odor. "C'mon sweetie." Urged the babysitter. "If you want to play 'couchie coo' you have to tell me what I smell." Little Melissa suddenly remembered the pleasant feeling she had felt between her legs just moments ago. She wanted to feel that sensation again. For some strange reason, only Mildred could provide such pleasant arousal down there. Finally, Melissa decided to answer. "pee pee..." she answered in her little wee voice. "That's right darling. And you KNOW what that means..." Hinted Mildred. Melissa bowed her head in shame. She knew indeed what was coming next - an inspection and a clean up. It wouldn't have been so embarrassing had it been her mommy or daddy, but the thought of having her favorite nanny do it to her was quite a burden on her sweet little mind. Even though Mildred had cleaned her many times before, it was still quite embarrassing. "C'mon Melissa've done worse in your panties before you know." The beautiful blonde babysitter lifted the little girl out of her high chair and placed her on the floor - remembering all the BM's the child used to make in her diapees. Leading her by her sweet little hand, Mildred took her back to the potty room to inspect her. Once there, the beautiful blonde nanny instructed little Melissa to lift up her dress and pull down her panties. Slowly the little tot obeyed. First she raised her cute frilly dress. Next, she placed her hands on each side of the waistband of her tiny underpants and began to lower them. Slowly, her pee stained panties began to slide down her waist - almost as if she were giving the nanny a deliberate strip tease. 'A natural!' Mildred thought to herself as she observed little Melissa. The panties continued to slide downward, slowly revealing Melissa's cute puffy trickle. It looked ripe and pink - as if a little diaper rash were forming. "Looks like you might need some ointment on that." Said Mildred as she reached down in the cabinet beneath the bathroom sink. She made sure to keep an eye on Melissa all the while. The naughty little girl had her panties down to her knee caps now - openly displaying the damp yellow patch of piss inside her white cotton panties. The babysitter managed to find the ointment tube without looking more than an instant. She quickly undid the cap - her hands shaking with lust and anticipation. "Step out of those panties and open your legs wider my dear." Said Mildred. "It's time to spread some ointment on your little 'wee wee hole." The three year old cutie silently obeyed feeling embarrassed all the while. She stepped out of her pee stained underpants and opened her legs a little wider - as if doing a bit of a gymnastic split. Gently, the blonde babysitter began to apply a slab of ointment with her tender fingers to the reddened area of her puffy little pisser. This was the perfect opportunity the babysitter had been waiting for. She was fulfilling her promise of "tickling" Melissa in her special place, but at the same time doing it in a perfectly natural setting and fashion - a moment of necessity if you will - a moment that any grown parent would choose to do the same thing given the circumstances. Melissa's initial feelings of embarrassment gave way to feelings of intense toddler pleasure as she felt Mildred's soft tender fingers rub her baby clitty in a seductive, circular motion. Baby Melissa felt as if she were going to burst with pleasure as her tiny clit began to expand - albeit in a small way. The ointment acted as a soft lubricant as it became smeared all over her sweet cunny. Mildred was smiling while admiring her handing work. The feeling of the child's cunt, combined with that sweet innocent odor of child pee and ointment, made the blonde babysitter cream intensely in her pantyhose. As the minutes passed like seconds, Mildred became bolder, and decided to move her finger downward toward the toddler's hiney crevice. Mildred shivered with excitement. Encased in those precious cheeks was the most special prize of all - that magic brown hole - the little opening where "other" messes came out of little Melissa. "Reach behind you and open your hiney a little bit dear..." Said Mildred in a heavy husky voice filled with intense lesbian lust. "Milly has to check your bottom for infections." The little girl did as she was told. She was too horny and filled with tingly sensations to even think about resisting her babysitter's demands. Slowly, she reached behind her - placing a hand on each of her soft tushy globes. She opened them partially, allowing more room for Mildred's finger to probe her hiney down there. The blonde babysitter suddenly changed position and lay down on her back between the toddler's legs. The cunning babysitter instructed baby Melissa to squat down and hold her bottom open for the inspection. Pretending as if she were practicing to sit on her potty, little Melissa squatted down - almost as if she were attempting to make poopies. The blonde bombshell of a babysitter continued to stroke the ointment cream into Melissa's hot little crack while probing her sweet little anus with the other hand. Then she switched hands so that the hand with her lubricated fingers was concentrating on the child's soft little pooper. With a fully lubricated finger, Mildred eased it gently inside the child's sweet, soft, sugary bottom. Little Melissa felt tense at first, but her babysitter's constant attention to her clitty erased all of that within seconds. She was so engrossed in her intense feelings of child pleasure that she was only dimly aware of her babysitter's gentle probing of her anus. Mildred wiggled her finger inside of the toddler's soft bottom - feeling the dark smelly warmth of her magic "poo poo" hole and the slight hint of mushy BM trapped inside of it. Not enough had collected for the child to make potty yet, but from the feel of the soft poop, Mildred estimated it would only be a few hours before the urge would start to build in the child's baby bowels. The lusty babysitter gently removed her finger and held it to her nose - smelling the hint of soft shit on the tip of her digit. Baby Melissa was oblivious to most of this, having reached a tiny climax herself. The young child shivered with ecstasy as she felt sparks of pleasure ripple through her tiny little body. Meanwhile, the smell of the child's soft brown present was enough to push Mildred over the edge as well. A huge climax engulfed the babysitter's body and loins as her head flooded with nasty images of little Melissa and all the magical things she could do with her soft little potty hole. When both had finished their climax's, Mildred finished tending to baby Melissa's natural needs - dressing her in a fresh set of clean child panties. Then she led the child by the hand out of the bathroom and down the hall to watch more cartoons. THE END AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you enjoyed this story, e-mail me at: