Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Loving Baby Girl (Mg,infant,extreme pedo) by Tasha I really hadn't meant to touch her that way. It was just that her skin was so soft I just couldn't stop myself. It started innocently enough. I changed her diaper for the hundredth time without ever once having sexual thoughts about my six-month-old daughter. But when she rolled over onto her belly and her plump little butt was on display a strange thing happened that surprised even me. My cock began to stir and harden in my boxers. But I told myself that there was no way I was being aroused by the tiny globes of my infant. And yet, moments later I weakened, and my hand reached out, and I just had to cup her firm little bottom. A sharp intake of breath and all of a sudden I couldn't deny it anymore. I was being turned on. Bt this just couldn't be happening! Quickly I covered her cute little tush with a diaper and carried her into the den. What could I have been thinking, for heaven's sake? I put the baby in the playpen and turned on the TV to distract myself from the thoughts that kept pushing their way into my mind. But no matter how hard I tried to focus the bulge in my shorts just would not go away. Two beers later and I gave up. I reached in my shorts and pulled my cock out and closed my eyes. The memory of the tiny melons was burned into my palm and I swear I could feel them all over again. My lustful craving intensified. There was no way anyone would know if I just touched her a little bit. And she couldn't talk yet, so... why not? I told myself that it was just his once as I picked her up and laid her on her tummy beside me. I squeezed her buns with one hand through her diaper, not wanting to rush things now that I had decided to indulge myself just this once. I slipped one finger into the leg of her diaper and fondled her silky melons, paying particular attention to the split down the middle. With the other hand I stroked my rod faster and faster. Part of me couldn't believe I was actually molesting my own daughter but most of me was overwhelmed that it felt so damn good! Impatiently I ripped the tabs open on her diaper and exposed her little bottom to my firm massage. She lay quietly letting me have my way with her. She was never this still and quiet unless she was asleep (which she wasn't). I let go of my rod just long enough to pull her cheeks apart so I could clearly see the puckered little dimple that hid between them. As I touched it I watched as it puckered even more, and I felt the muscles at the base of my engorged rod tighten and jerk at the sight. Picking up the pace I noted briefly that the head of my prick was purple from the 'abuse' I was subjecting it too. I had to taste her. I kissed both of her little cheeks before dipping my tongue into her fissure and seeking out the object of my desire. I licked her baby asshole all over and pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could manage, which wasn't very far. She smelled faintly of baby lotion and diapers, the most beautiful scent in the world, I decided. When her baby crevasse was nice and slick I straddled her. I rubbed my meat stick over my baby girl's ass, feeling her satiny warmth slide across my now aching member. I slapped her back a couple of times with it, just to hear the sound of wet flesh slamming together. I guess I scared her 'cause she started to cry, but she soothed quickly. My hairy balls hung between her bare little thighs and were nestled there. The contrast of my huge, (to her) adult sized prick sliding between her ass cheeks and up her back was just too much. As I frantically humped my infant daughter's bottom the same cum that had helped to give her life exploded from my body and planted three long rows of baby batter and a couple of smaller splashes onto her tiny frame. When the waves of the best fucking orgasm of my life started to subside I once again took my baby maker into my hand. I squeezed as much leftover cum as I could onto my little girl's virgin asshole and smeared it all around. After it was over I swore to myself that I would never do that again. After all, I wasn't some freaky pervert who molested little girls. I'd just gotten carried away. I had complete control over my actions, I told myself. Yeah... right. How can you cross that bridge and never cross it again, especially when the opportunity is there on a daily basis? It's simple... you can't. At two o'clock in the morning I woke up with my usual stiffy. I knew better than to wake my wife. It was still a mystery to me how when we were dating I could approach her any time for a romp, including in the middle of the night, but almost as soon as the 'I do's ' were said she was setting down rules about when and where. She used to love being woken up in the middle of the night by my fiery poker seeking out the entrance to her womb, but now I didn't dare wake her. I was about to turn over and go back to sleep like I usually do when thoughts of the day's earlier activities came crashing in on my brain. No, I swore I'd never do that again. I turned onto my stomach and closed my eyes. Ten seconds later I was cautiously humping the sheet and still thinking about my little angel's sweet body. Maybe I'll just go check on her to see if she's ok. My robe was most definitely tented in front as I made my way down the hall to her room. She was just fine, of course, lying there quietly looking for all the world like some heavenly cherub. I uncovered her and touched one of her chubby little thighs, making little circles and slowly working my way between them. My angel stirred and woke with a start, so I had to pick her up soothe her so she wouldn't wake the wife. I verified that her diaper was dry, then headed back into the den with her. I lay her on her back in a patch of moonlight while she kicked her precious little legs and looked up at me. I unbuttoned her sleeper and unfastened her diaper so she lay naked in the silvery blue light. Running my hands all over her baby body I drank in every little curve and fold of her, while she cooed and gurgled at the attention. I had to feel her softness on my rod, so I untied my robe and knelt between her chubby thighs in the missionary position. Rubbing my shaft over her mound and belly while my hairy balls bounced against her tiny, infant slit I was amazed at how fucking unbelievably good it felt. I just had to taste her again, this time aiming for her puffy little pussy mound. Her baby scent filled my head as I kissed her right over her tender clit, noticing once again how very still and quiet she was. I'm convinced she liked it even then. I poked my tongue inside her little clitty hood and found the tiny button that was hidden there. I licked and sucked my baby girl all over, saturating her privates with my saliva and leaving no crevasse or bump unexplored. Scooping up some of my precum from the cap of my engorged member I placed my finger in my baby's mouth. She clamped down on it with a force that surprised me and seemed to like the taste, so I decided to offer it to her from a more direct route. Placing her on her side on the couch I fed my huge mushroom between her slobbery, infant lips. She hesitated for a few seconds but her instinct to suck took over and she clamped down on my rod so hard it almost hurt. "Damn, baby girl. You sure like that, don't you?" I laughed as I milked the clear fluid into her hot, wet mouth. The feelings my infant daughter aroused in me brought me to the verge of shooting my load very quickly. I was afraid I would drown her if I came in her mouth, so I spun her around and onto her back and spread her little baby legs again and pushed my cock up against her wet clitty. Running my head up and down her slit I could clearly feel the tiny dimple that led into her depths and the little button that would one day bring her much pleasure. My balls felt like they were going to explode as I pressed my hole up against hers and jacked myself and waited for the inevitable. The first squirt of fatherly jizz ripped from my rock hard joy stick and tried to enter my infant's pussy hole. I like to think that some swimmers made it into her dark recesses and backstroked their way deep inside her. The next couple of rounds I pushed into her clitty and watched as the creamy white liquid spilled onto her bulging baby mound. I added a couple of good ropes to that while I rubbed my shaft left and right against her slippery gash. As the waves began to subside I almost felt faint. Earlier this afternoon my baby had given me the best time of my life, but even that paled to the orgasm I'd just had. I'd never cum that much or that hard in my life. Taking a moment to admire the cum covered baby before me I scooped a little creamy white fluid from my baby's slit and placed it in her mouth. She jerked as if startled and couldn't seem to decide if she liked it or not, but she gave me the pleasure of sucking my finger hard just once. There were some pearls of spunk on her chest and as my rod began to soften on her belly I rubbed her teensy little nipples with it. They were almost nonexistent, but her nubbins did stand out from her chest a little and I swear the bitty bumps got a little hard. Afraid to push my luck any longer I reluctantly cleaned us up and put my infant daughter's diaper back on. After returning her to her crib I crawled back in bed with my sleeping wife and fell into a deep, restful sleep. The next morning when the alarm went off for my wife to go to work, I woke up thoughts of our baby's cum soaked pussy and instantly had a raging boner. Luckily my wife was in a playful mood and climbed on top of me and brought us both to orgasm. Plus I had all day to spend alone with my baby girl. I fell back asleep and the last thing I remember thinking was what a lucky fucking guy I am. Chapter 2 It had been six months since that fateful day when the sight of my baby girl's exposed ass had kindled an irresistible desire to shoot my wad with her assistance any time I could. She was just starting to speak enough to be understood, and I was thinking very seriously that something had to change and quickly or I was eventually going to be caught. My paranoia came to a head the day my 12-month-old toddled over to my chair, opened her mouth and put her face in my lap with her mother sitting right next to me. I picked her up and luckily my shock and fear was enough to keep my traitor cock from jumping to attention. My wife didn't say a word and we both kept watching TV like nothing had happened, but I knew then it wouldn't be long. Sex with my wife after I had discovered how much I liked rubbing my cock in the soft, warm folds of my daughter's ass had been great at first. I had been horny all the time and would have fucked anything that moved, all the while thinking about my baby. But as time went by I found it harder and harder to maintain woodage with my spouse as my whole sexual focus had shifted permanently. We also weren't getting along that great, possibly because I'd truly lost interest but the reasons are moot. It only made it easier for me to do what I had to do. I had tried to stay away from our baby's silky smooth body and oh so willing mouth, and I couldn't. Therefore it was obvious the only way to keep from going to jail was to take the baby and leave, which is just what I did. Obviously I can't say where I went but let's just say my wife has a snowball's chance in hell of ever finding us. I hid the baby on the trip out which was easy in the van, taking her out of hiding only after we were both safely in various hotel rooms along the way. During the day I somehow managed to resist the temptation to slip the tip of my baby maker between her soft, sucking lips so she could taste my fatherly cum. Once or twice I did pull into a rest area, but I was so close to my dream that for the most part I resisted. My new neighbors, friends and coworkers are not even aware that I have a daughter, much less that she is living in my house. We have a privacy fence and live far enough from the nearest house that I do take her outside often, but there are no toys or swingset or anything else that would give us away. The very first night in our new house I busted her little cherry. I'd been afraid to before and to be honest I found the whole business distasteful, but obviously it had to go. Getting my pinky inside her tiny hole was more difficult than I expected. After she stopped crying I finger-fucked my 13 month old baby some more, but I could only really feel it for the first minute or so. After that my finger went numb from lack of circulation caused by being so tightly constricted by my toddler's love tunnel. Some people will tell you there's no way a baby that young could have any sexual feelings, but I swear she loved it. She'd lay down and spread her little legs for me at the drop of a hat. Her little anal sphincter was much too small for anything more than my finger, but that was enough for now. I'd lay her face down on my rock hard cock facing my feet and thrill in the silky tightness of her much coveted bottom enveloping my finger while I slid her soft, smooth body back and forth over my one-eyed meat stick. I watched as my cock-head appeared and disappeared from between her legs and moan every time her wet little mouth slid over my ball-sack. When I felt my cum starting to rise I'd usually turn her on her side and hold her thighs together while I fucked my hot poker between them. I always made sure she got at least a taste of my baby-batter, scooping it up with my finger and placing it between her sexy, puckered lips. She was used to this and sucked heartily on my finger or my dripping cock-head, whichever had been presented to her. She'd learned to like the taste. By the time she was three I was able to get two fingers into both her petite little asshole and her beautiful pussy-hole. There is no way to describe how it feels to have your fingers imbedded in such a beautiful, loving child, and to have her loving every minute of it. By the age of three she was a pretty good cock-sucker, even though she could only get my mushroom cap into her obscenely stretched mouth. It was enough. I always warned her before I came, unless it was the third or fourth time that day (usually on the weekends) and I knew my load would be light enough for her to handle. The first time I spermed her tiny mouth without pulling out or warning her she was startled, naturally, but she didn't pull back. She more or less froze while my balls emptied their meager contents into her warm and willing receptacle. She quickly learned what signs to look for and after that first time I rarely caught her off guard. She loved to make me cum and when she knew I was getting near she'd suck even harder. When she was four I was able to tip fuck both her tiny holes, my huge purple-headed monster blanching with every outward pull. No adult woman had ever enthralled me the way my preteen daughter's willing vagina and constricting asshole did. A typical work day goes something like this... I normally wake up first, naturally with my morning hard-on. We typically sleep cupped around each other, so if I'm facing her it's not difficult to find one of her holes to slip into. So most mornings she wakes up already being buggered in her tight little ass or screwed in her juicy pussy by her loving father. After she's awake we change positions, mostly to one of our tried and trues, it being early in the morning and all. I love to spread her little legs wide and help myself to her holes, usually switching from one to the other and back again. I've heard you're not supposed to do this, but it's never been a problem for us. At four-years old her pussy's just as tight as her ass, but the texture is somewhat different and the visual is way different. When I'm fucking her nether region I like to stick my finger in her pussy so I can feel the head of my massive rod sliding against the thin membrane that separates the two. Another favorite is doggy-style, which I think might be her number one choice. I say this because without being taught she one day started to masturbate her baby nubbin while I was tip-fucking her, and to this day she loves to masturbate while we make love. My favorite is definitely her on top. When she first learned to fuck she mostly stood above me while I rotated my hips to repeatedly stretch one of her holes with my engorged member. But she quickly learned how to bounce on her own, with minimal help from me. I love to cum in her tiny, hairless gash and watch as it spills out around my pulsating shaft, drenching us both with milky-white baby-batter. I just adore fingering her immature snatch when it's sopping wet, full of my sinful jism. One of her favorite post-coital activities is to run her slickened hands all over my dick and hairy balls. She's well aware that this will usually mean I'm going to stay hard or get hard again, which means she's going to get screwed again, so obviously she enjoys it. Naturally I accommodate her as much as possible. Anyway, after our morning fuck I go to work while she stays inside and does whatever. When I come home I usually scoop her up and give her lots of kisses, French, of course. Sometimes I bend her over the arm of the couch and stick it to her right in the living room. Other times I'll lay her on the kitchen table or set her on the edge of the couch, or maybe lay down and let her climb on top. I spend all day thinking about pouring another batch of molten man-seed into or onto her little body, and plugging one or all of her three holes. Filling her with my cum is my only priority when I first come home. After dinner and a shower we generally watch TV for a bit before retiring to the bedroom. More often than not we simply lay naked together and cuddle, eventually falling asleep with her sweet head on my shoulder. Two or three times a night I'll wake up with a hard-on and usually I'll wake her up and have her suck me off for one of these. If I haven't shot my wad in the first few minutes I'll plug her tiny cock-sheath or snug little ass, sometimes fucking her to my orgasm and sometimes simply falling asleep with my cock still buried in her warm, snug body. This pretty much describes a typical day and night. My sweet angel is now slightly over five-years-old. She can easily handle about four inches of me in the front and about three in her tiny bunghole. We've completely given up wearing clothes around the house, as they only get in the way. To say that my preteen sweetie is a nympho is an understatement. I swear she'd fuck all day without eating, drinking or anything if I could keep up with her. I try, but on my best day the most I can manage is four-six orgasms. She loves to hang her head upside down over the armrest of the couch and wag her tongue at me, tempting me into letting her suck on my cock. She nearly always gets her way. I piston in and out of her muscular throat at my leisure, since she's long ago learned to control her gag reflex. I love the feel of her throat muscles pulling on my massive meat as she tries to swallow me. How could a man resist her? Sometimes at night but definitely on the weekends we like to try new positions. The possibilities are endless when your cock is so long compared to the diminutive size of your partner. A couple of weeks ago she climbed onto the chair I was sitting in and stood with her feet on either on the arms, wanting me to lick her puffy little cunny, which I did, of course. I never taught her to run her hands through my hair while I'm lapping at her immature love box, but she does. She's picked up a lot of things without being told, and I think it's because she was naturally born to fuck. Her hands encourage me to continue and I do, licking her from her puckered sphincter to the opening of her love-box and on to her little love-button. As her folds and bumps slide over my tongue and lips I can't help but get excited by her yummy love-candy. It wasn't long before she bent her knees and took hold of my swollen rod, directing it toward the tiny opening to her womb. She inserted me into her immature cunny hole and bounced up and down on me in a way that few, if any, grown women could. Her legs were spread way far apart so that her tight little hole sliding over my rod felt as if it was trying to pull my mushroom cap right off. My little preschooler bounced her cervix off my helmet rapidly while I massaged her pointy little clit with my thumb. Even though the sight of my swollen baby-maker stretching her cunny to capacity was erotic as hell, I'd already cum twice that day. By the time my balls started drawing up and my cock began to swell I knew my little angel was tired. But she never missed a beat and finally my oversexed rod erupted its steamy white contents into her well-fucked little pleasure hole, once again soaking her insides and spilling down my shaft and onto my hairy, bouncing balls. When it was over I wilted rapidly, but my nymphette stood between my legs and licked every last drop of cum off of me, smacking her lips erotically as she went. She then put one leg on the seat cushion and began to scoop my small load out of her soaking snatch with her finger and eat it. But no amount of eroticism could get me hard again, not just yet. Sadly, I needed food and a little time to make some more tiny swimmers for my baby girl to work out of me. Life is just so hard sometimes. THE END