COMMENTS: The following story contains sexual actions between a 
young man and a very young girl. If this type of subject matter is
offensive to you, I urge you not to read this story. 

Little Cutie Gets the Job Done  (Mg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,oral)

by MJK

To begin, I want to say that I work at this amusement park in the
summer.  I am 21 years old and just finished my senior year of
college.  And in this line of work there are obviously tons of
little girls around of all ages.  That is one benefit to working
there; I get to see all these hot little girls.    But I always
kept it to just viewing for obvious reasons.  There are always
tons of people around for one and parents of course, so the idea
of acting out any of my desires that built up while working there
was slim to none.  So, I kept my feelings inside and well intact
and just did my job like I had to.  That was until the one night
I was working on one of the kiddie rides.  This ride was
specifically for young kids, you know one of those with an actual
maximum height limit.  So all the kids that rode it were on the
very young side.

Well on this one particular night, I was working this ride.  And
it was getting late, probably after 9.  The park closes at 10, so
we were in the very late stages of the night.  Most little kids
have gone home by this hour, so it is always very dead at a ride
like that late at night.  On this night, very late, I actually
did have this mother approach the ride with her young daughter. 
The girl honestly looked to be no older than 2 or 3 years old. 
The mother looked very worn down and tired, probably from a long
day at the park with the little girl.  Well the girl wanted to
ride and the mother helped her on, like most parents do.  But
this mother was dogging it, you could just tell she just wanted
to get home and get the kid to sleep.  But the little girl was
very excited about the ride and the mother was dragging herself
along.  So the little girl rode the ride.  She was the only one
on it, but was having a ball.  The ride was these planes that the
kids can pull a lever to go up and down with like they are flying
a real plane.  So it's popular with little kids and this
particular little girl really liked it.  After the first ride she
wanted to stay on and go again.  Her mother let her go again. 
Then she wanted to go a third time and the mother seemed to get
to a point of over haul.  She asked me if I would let her
daughter ride a few more times while she went over to the bench
and sat down for a bit.  I said yes, not really minding if the
girl rode over and over, it didn't bother me at all.  So the
mother thanked me and told her daughter she could keep riding and
she was going to go sit for a bit.  The little girl, with her
soft voice replied, "Ok," and turned her attention right back to
the plane for the next ride.
After the next ride was over I noticed the mother was sitting on
a bench that was facing the other way from the ride.  Her head
was back and I could tell her eyes were closed and she was
basically dozing off she was so run down.  Her little daughter,
who was dressed in only a cute purple bathing suit, still wanted
to ride.  This time I strolled over to her plane, since the
mother was gone.  I stood next to her plane and asked her if she
wanted to go again.

She said, "Yes" really excited about going again.  Suddenly my
mind started spinning.  After working there so long, and loving
little girls.  It was now late at night, the park was empty.  I
looked over and her mother was still out cold on the bench.  My
mind spun.  I had this sudden thought that maybe I could actually
get a little relief from all the desires I had built up working
at the park.  I didn't see anyone around and the angle the ride
was in blocked most of the pathway view anyway. I thought I could
actually get away with doing it and no one would see.  What was I
going to do though?  And how could I get this little toddler to
do it?  I felt I had some leverage on her.  I knew she wanted to
keep riding.  And on top of that, she seemed to be too young to
really know what were right and wrong things to do, plus her
mother hardly seemed to have the time to teach her.  The
circumstances seemed to be laid out, not I just had to follow
through and do it.  

"Hey honey, I'll let you ride again, but you have to do something
for me first," I said slowly, hoping she would understand the

"What?" she said in a perky voice.

At this point I had to actually make a physical move.  I undid my
belt; popped open my pants, zipped my fly down, and yanked my
underwear half way down my thighs.  My cock popped out into the
night air, not too far away from the little girl.  She looked on
in surprise at suddenly seeing my hard member exposed in front of

"Ok sweetie, I need you to put it in your mouth ok," I said.

I figured this would be best.  It was the easiest thing based on
our position and plus we didn't have a lot of time.  Plus what
could be better than a little toddler girl sucking your cock. 
She looked hesitant at my direction, I'm not sure if it was lack
of understanding or not wanting to do it.  But I continued

"If you do it honey, I'll let you ride as many times as you
want," I said finally working in my leverage.  She lit up when
she heard that.  Suddenly I realized that she might actually do
it, I might actually get her to suck my cock.  I moved my cock
right up to her little face.

"So come on honey, put your mouth on it, go ahead sweetie," I
said urging her on as kindly as possible.  She still hesitated
for a moment.  "Come on honey, you can ride so many times if you
just put it in your mouth, go ahead honey, do it," I said.

I wasn't sure if my coaxing was working at all.  Then suddenly,
the little sweetie opened her little mouth and wrapped her tiny
lips around the head of my cock.  It was heaven at first touch,
to feel her wet little mouth on my hard cock.

"There you go honey, good girl; now suck on it, suck on it
sweetie," I said directing her more.  At that point I did feel
her little mouth start to suck on my cock.  It was like she was
sucking a huge pacifier.  "That's it honey, good girl, keep doing
that, oh yes honey," I said.

I tried to feed a little more of my cock into her mouth.  She
couldn't take much of my big cock in her little mouth; her mouth
was already stretched wide around my big hard cock.  I held her
head very gently and I just slightly slid my cock back and forth,
just letting the little bit of my cock that she could take move
in and out of her mouth.  It was enough to create good friction
with her mouth and she was still sucking so it really was turning
into a little toddler blowjob.

"Oh yes, good girl, oh you're such a good little girl, oh yes
honey that's it, suck on it just like that, oh yes little baby
girl, oh yes," I said as I continued to get head from this little
toddler.  I felt a few times like she wanted to pull back, but I
figured if I let her, then she would want to stop.  I gently held
her head so she couldn't pull back easily and she kind of just
kept going.  It seemed like she would've stopped if I let her,
but didn't hate it so much that she cried or really wanted to
stop.  I kept looking around to see if anyone was looking,
especially her mother, which she wasn't.  But most of my
attention was on the little sweetie sucking my cock.

After a few moments, I really felt the sperm churning in my balls
as the little girls sucking was getting too good to bear.  I
wasn't too upset; I was somewhat in a rush to want to stop before
someone saw me with my cock in this little toddler's mouth.  And
feeling a little toddler's mouth on my cock for the first time
was proving to be the most amazing experience of my life.  The
little sweetie was giving me a pleasure I had never come close to
experiencing before.  And whether it was right of not, gross and
immoral or not, I didn't care; I decided I was going to give this
little 3-year-old her first taste of male sperm.  It might be my
only chance to experience something like this.  I felt kind of
bad, but not enough to stop me.  I mean this little girl was
being so good to me by pleasuring my cock with her hot little
mouth, trying to please me so she could ride again, and now I was
going to deposit my sperm into her innocent little mouth.

Well debate time was over; I could feel my cock about to explode
as the little toddler sucked it to completion.  I grabbed her
head firmly and held her in place with my cock as far in her
mouth as I could get it without choking her.  I felt the first
hot stream fire out of my cock and splash against the back of her
throat.  Then a second, and a third, blasted from my cock,
hitting the back of her throat.  "Ahhhhh," I moaned as I felt the
sperm start to shoot into her mouth.  Her eyes lit up as she
suddenly felt the warm spurts in her little mouth.  She naturally
tried to pull back but I just couldn't let her go at this point
so I held her firmly in place.  Then the continuous flow of cum
spurted out of my cock as I fed the little girl my sperm.  She
choked a little bit, unable to handle the big load I was suddenly
blowing into her little mouth.  I still could not stop, even when
she choked, I just held her firmly in place and shot more and
more cum into her mouth.  I grunted as I finished up cumming in
her mouth, making sure she tasted every last drop.  That was a
huge load of sperm I must say and the little girl seemed to have
swallowed most of it.  I pulled back and my cock popped out of
her mouth.

The little girl obviously did not expect all that to happen when
she put her mouth on this guys cock.  She took it in her mouth,
then had to keep sucking it even when she wanted to stop, then
suddenly there was warm liquid gushing from the cock into her
mouth.  It had to have been more than she expected when she
agreed to suck on it for another ride.  Oh well, I did let her
keep riding until her mother finally came to get her.  It felt so
good to see her walk away knowing she had an entire my load of
sperm and semen sitting in her belly.


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