Lauren And Trevor: Young Love  (fb,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,oral,nursing,scat)

by littleab

Chapter 1

   It was Lauren's first day of babysitting, and she wanted to get to the
Daten's house as soon as possible, to make a good impression on her first
day.  She put on her nicest dress, and was doing her hair when the phone
rang.  It was Mrs.  Daten.  She wanted to make sure that they were on for
that evening.  "Me and Bill might decide to stay for a little while longer.
Do you mind watching Trevor for a little while longer?" "No.  Not at all!"
"Great.  See ya when you get here hun." "Fine." Lauren picked up her keys,
took one last glance at herself, and walked out the door.

   "Now remember, Trevor goes to bed at 8:30, and his bottle is in the
refrigerator.  If anything goes wrong, our cell phone number is on the
refrigerator." "I'm sure we'll be fine Mrs.  Daten." "Ok deary.  I'm going
to see what's keeping Bill." "Bill!" "Whatsa' matter!" "Nothing!  I just
wanted to know if you got lost!" "Be right down!"

   When it was another five minutes, before Bill came down, Sara went up to
see what was the matter.  The door was closed, and Lauren wasn't sure if
Sara had gotten lost too when she heard noises from up stairs.  There was a
scream followed by lustful grunts as Bill Daten drove Sara to her orgasm,
as he shot his seed deep inside of her warm vagina.  Lauren giggled.  She
knew what was going on upstairs, and envied them.  She wanted so badly to
find someone to have sex with.  She wanted a baby, to feel that warm soft
skin against hers.  She listened to the grunts and moans coming from up
stairs a little while longer until the sound of a crying baby pierced the
quiet of the living room.  She headed down to the nursery at the other end
of the house.  She opened the door and the smell of baby powder, sour milk,
and the smell of a dirty diaper filled the room.

   Now, to anyone else, the underlying smells of wet and dirty diapers
would've been disgusting, but to Lauren the smell was sheer heaven.  She
loved little babies, and looked forward to every diaper changing, and
exploring every inch of their hairless bodies.  She walked over to the crib
and picked up Trevor whose sobs were turning into little whimpers as Lauren
held him to her chest.  She put her hand down the front of his diaper.  He
was a little wet, but not enough for the diaper to start leaking.  She
placed her hand against the back of Trevor's diaper, and smiled as she felt
the warm bulge underneath.  She pressed inward, and was rewarded as the
strong smell of a freshly made bowel movement filled the room.

   "Did you go poo poo?" Lauren said in a cooing voice.  Trevor giggled as
he felt Laura pick him up under the arm pits, and then used one hand to
support his bottom, and the other to hold his head.  Trevor laughed
uproariously as he felt the poop migrate up to his balls and squish
throughout the rest of his diaper.  Lauren knew what she was doing, and
smiled at the messy baby in her arms as she knew he enjoyed the warm poop
pressing against his bottom.

   She layed him down on the changing table and untaped his diaper.  She
was greeted with the sight of his penis and cute little bottom.  Both were
covered in poop.  She wiped his little bottom while she held his legs in
the air.  She put the used wipes in the diaper, and folded it up to throw
in the trash can.  She oiled his bottom and testicles and began to caress
his tiny balls and penis.  She noticed with increasing delight that it was
getting very hard in her hand.  She bent down, and was about to kiss it's
tip, when she heard the floor creaking upstairs.  Lauren decided to wait
until the Datens left before she tried any more experiments with Trevor.

   She put a clean diaper on him and taped it up just as she heard Mr.  and
Mrs.  Daten coming down the stairs.  "Ah," Mrs.  Daten said smiling and
pointing to the dirty diaper.  "I see you and Trevor have gotten
acquainted." "Yes.", Lauren said.  She desperately wanted the Datens to
leave.  "Well, you know where to find us, so I guess I'll leave Trevor in
your hands." "We'll be fine Mrs.  Daten." "I'm sure you will sweety." Mr.
And Mrs.  Daten got their coats from the linen closet and went out for a
night on the town.

   Lauren turned to Trevor, who had placed his thumb in his mouth.  "We'll
have fun, won't we Trevor?", she said looking dreamy eyed at the little 1
year old.  She picked him up, and they headed for the living room.

   Lauren found a video cassette tape from the collection of video tapes
that lined the shelves that were built into the Datens entertainment
system. She put the tape in and watched it on the VCR, languishing in the
movies story line, as she gently placed her fingers inside Trevor's diaper.
Slowly she began to massage the little phallus until it began to grow to
it's three inches in her hand.  Gently she stroked Trevor's penis as he
began to wriggle on her lap in sensual delight as the feelings in his
nether regions became more pleasurable.  Lauren interrupted her
ministrations long enough for her to remove her shirt.  She placed her
large nipple and dark areola in front of Trevor's mouth.  At first it
seemed that the baby was uninterested, but once Trevor opened his eyes, and
saw what his babysitter was offering him, he opened his mouth, and took in
the teat with the vigor only a baby can possess.  Lauren shuddered as she
felt the baby snuggling the nipple as he sucked, moving it against his hard
palate as he enjoyed the pleasurable sensations this produced.  Lauren felt
the contractions in her uterus steadily increase as Trevor sucked on her
nipple.  She quickly pulled off Trevor's diaper, and stared down at his
little baby dick.  "Your peepee's so sweet Trevor." Slowly, she brought her
face closer to Trevor's soft skin, and inhaled the sweet smell of baby
powder.  She placed her lips around Trevor's little dick, and began
swirling her tongue around the head of his peepee.  Her tongue snaked down
to lick at his little scrotum and at the juncture between his legs.  Trevor
squirmed in delight as Lauren blew him, licking the underside of his cock.

   Lauren enjoyed the "quality time" she spent with little Trevor, and
since they both took pleasure from these experiences, Lauren didn't think
it would hurt anyone, except for maybe Trevor's parents if they found out.
But they weren't gonna' find out.  Lauren would see to it.  Once Trevor was
old enough where he was able to talk, Lauren would tell him that they
wouldn't be able to do the fun things they did if Trevor didn't keep their
secret.  She would say that Trevor's mommy and daddy wouldn't understand,
and she'd get in trouble if he told anyone about the nice feelings she gave

   Suddenly, Lauren's lower abdominals seemed to go into a sensuous tetany,
and her crotch seemed to be fludded with a warm wet feeling as she came to
a roaring climax.  The world seemed to go bright, and the world seemed to
explode in front of her eyes in a dazzling display of fireworks as she
moaned and gyrated on the couch as wave after wave of pleasure washed over
her.  She felt Trevor's penis get very stiff in her mouth as his pee
squirted her soft palate.  She felt him wriggling on her lap as his little
dick twitched all around in her mouth as he bathed in carnal rapture from
the experiences of pleasure he was having.  Lauren swallowed every drop of
his sweet nectar, and continued sucking long after the last drops were
licked clean from his tiny penis.  After a while, Lauren rediapered the
little guy, and sat back on the couch with him on her lap.

   "Oh, baby.", Lauren sighed as she disengaged Trevor's tiny fingers from
her breast.  "You're gonna' be one hell of a lover sweet heart." She lay
with him on the couch until the movie was over.  Then, she headed into the
kitchen for a little snack.  She found ready made tuna fish sandwiches in
the refrigerator and a pitcher of ice tea to go with it.  She placed little
Trevor in the play pen that sat in the living room while she ate so she
could keep an eye on him.  She watched Trevor lying on his back, sucking
his thumb, and she wondered what it would be like to one day, have a baby
of her own.  Her vagina spasmed at the thought.  It would be nice, to say
the least.

   Later that night, Mr.  and Mrs.  Daten came home after a long night on
the town.  They admired the girl who babysat for them, and thought her to
be an industrious young woman, trying to work her way through high school,
and make a living.  Mr.  and Mrs.  Daten wanted to do everything they could
do to help her become a productive member of society, and if it meant
babysitting their son, than so much the better.  It seemed that young
Lauren was fond of their son, and enjoyed babysitting him.

   Lauren went home that night thinking of the fun she'd had with little


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