Copyright  2001, H. Grant.  

COMMENTS: Warning! This story contains pedophilia, scat, and urine related activity. 

STORY CODES: mg,extreme pedo,nepi,oral,anal,spank,ws,scat

STORY INTRO: A teenage boy named Tommy has the unique pleasure of babysitting his 
best friend's little sister Kimberly.  Consumed with secret desires that only Kim 
can be exposed to, Tommy makes up a special little game that only the two of them 
share.  A naughty tale of a most twisted and perverted sort unfolds as we watch 
little Kim enjoy the embarrassment and pleasure of Tommy's sick little game. 

Kim's Little "Pee Pee" Game

by H. Grant

	Darling Kimberly lay on the bed and waited for Tommy to come into her 
bedroom.  Tommy was her brother's best friend.  He was 15 years old and had been 
molesting her since she was a baby.  Her brother Dave had trusted him to babysit 
her on numerous occasions having no interest in doing it himself.  Kim's father 
had left her mommy just after she was born - consumed with the guilt and the burden 
of not being able to provide for the family.  Her mommy was out working almost all 
the time leaving her brother Dave to look after her.  Dave hated babysitting his 
little sister.  She was now almost four years old and thankfully out of diapers.  
But that didn't stop him from bribing his friend Tommy to do all the work while he 
went out in search of girls and kicks.

	Tommy didn't need much bribing to look after little Kimmy.  She was the 
sweetest little cunt he ever lay his eyes on.  She had the cutest baby blonde locks 
of hair and adorable little eyes.  She still had a tiny bit of baby fat on her body 
in all the special places that mattered.  Indeed, Tommy was a pedophile in the 
making just waiting to grow up.  He fantasized constantly about molesting little 
girlies - especially the really young ones under the age of five.  In his early days 
of baby-sitting Kimberly, he looked forward to changing her cute little pamper.  She 
was so dumb, giggly, and stupid.  She didn't even realize the dirty mess she had 
made all over the inside of her pink little tushy.  But as soon as he caught a whiff 
of that unmistakable scent of child BM, he was eager to push his nose up against her 
diaper, lay her down, and hoist her sweet little legs high in the air - peeling the 
front of her diaper down to expose the embarrassing site of her smelly potty poo.  
Usually her toddy mess looked all thick, brown and squishy and Kim had the unique 
habit of smearing the awful poop around her puffy pink trickle - sometimes getting 
a few brown smears inside her cunny hole.  Tommy would wipe away at her girlie mush 
slowly and deliberately making sure to get in all the baby crevices in an attempt to 
arouse little Kimmy.  Baby Kim would giggle and squirm on her diaper changing table 
as her legs were held high in the air and her smelly brown hiney was exposed, 
prodded, and played with in the open air as Tommy leaned down and took big whiffs of 
her poop smeared crotch - playfully prodding her dirty pink pisser with his index 
finger and saying `coochie coochi coo!' in a high pitched tone.  Kim's face would 
turn bright pink as she giggled and cooed with girlie pleasure as he wiped and 
powdered her little brown `poo poo' hole.

	Now she was almost four and clearly able to talk.  However Tommy had sworn 
her to secrecy.  He told her that if she ever told her mommy or her brother he would 
never be able to tickle her down there again.  Kim liked being tickled and caressed 
inside her `wee wee' hole and so she said nothing to anybody about Tommy's secret 
little "pee pee game." It was their special little secret an nobody would ever know.

	The door to Kim's bedroom opened and Tommy appeared - his cock throbbing 
incessantly in his pants.  A little bit of teen pre-cum oozed out of his penis as he 
made his way to her bed and smiled at her.  He didn't need to say a word and Kim 
knew exactly what he wanted to do with her.  Kim looked adorable in her teddy bear 
undershirt and pink play shorts.  Tommy reached over her and caressed her sweet 
little blonde locks of hair.  Gently he placed a finger up to her mouth and pressed 
it against her toddy lips - commanding them to open.  Little Kimmy opened up and 
allowed the finger to worm it's way inside her sweet baby mouth.  Tommy explored 
the tiny wet cavern of her mouth - allowing Kim's tongue to mesh against his 
invasive finger.  At the same time he lowered his other hand to her tiny chest and 
began to stroke and tweak her baby nipples through her undershirt.  Kim continued 
slurping on his finger - wiggling a little uncomfortably on the bed as she felt her 
tiny chest stiffen with excitement.  The faint sensations that were the ancestors 
of breast and nipple pleasure coursed through her body and she found herself 
shaking with avid anticipation of what was soon to happen next.

	Tommy reached down and raised her undershirt - pulling it high above her 
chest to expose her tiny nipples.  They looked adorable small and were still 
covered with small layers of puffy baby fat.  He continued to lightly pinch and 
tweak them - leaning forward and planting small kisses and tongue smears on them.  
Finally he released his finger from her tiny mouth.  It was covered with child 
drool and the sweet odor of baby breath.  Tommy raised his head from her chest 
and lowered his face to her sweet smelling mouth.  Slowly he wormed his tongue 
out and darted it against the outside of Kimmy's lips.

	"C'mon up your sweet little slut mouth for Tommy." 
He whispered between his exterior kisses.

	Kim obeyed.  Reluctantly she opened her mouth - a little bit at first. She 
hated the `kissing part' of the pee pee game.  What she really wanted was for him 
to take control of her and pull down her pants.  Tommy's tongue found the opening 
and pushed it's way inside.  His invasive wormlike tongue oozed and sloshed around 
inside of Kim's baby mouth - tasting the sweetness of innocent child breath and 
girlie drool.

	Finally, as if reading her mind, Tommy sat up and focused his complete 
attention on Kim's pink little play shorts.  Gently he placed each hand on either 
side of her waist and told her to raise her sweet little legs in the air - just 
like a diaper change.  Kim placed her knees together and hoisted them in the air.  
Slowly Tommy began pulling her pants down revealing the precious site of her baby 
cotton panties with balloon designs on them.  As he tugged them further up her 
knees, he saw a small patch of yellow wetness near the base of her pee pee hole.

	Tommy took his time with baby Kim.  With one hand he held her ankles 
together in the air - pushing his nose against her sweet cotton panties.  The smell 
of "little girl wee wee" was unmistakable and his cock grew even more rigid.  Tommy 
could barely control himself now.  In a last attempt at patience, he gently tugged 
at her pee stained panties and pulled them up her baby thighs slowly.  Tommy gasped 
with lustful anticipation as the child's little pisser came into view one inch at a 
time.  First the brown hole inside her bottom, then the pink fleshy folds of her 
baby vagina.  Tommy pushed his nose against her ass and inhaled deeply.  The fumes 
of recent potty activity were evident and his cock was now pulsating uncontrollably.  
Next he inhaled the sweetness of her puffy trickle - complete with baby powder and 
the unmistakable scent of child pee.  Indeed Kim's cunny felt a little moist - she 
must have pee peed in her panties recently.

	Tommy pressed a finger against her baby twat and began moving it slowly in 
circles - arousing the flames of child passion within her.  It wasn't long before 
little Kimberly began to giggle with innocent pleasure.  Her little puffy trickle 
began to expand outward with each stroke of Tommy's evil finger.  A little bit of 
pee squirted out from her pink puffy lips and leaked onto the bed.  Tommy ran his 
tongue along her "wee wee hole" and tasted the sweetness of her child accident.  
Little Kimmy squirmed with pleasure as her legs remained squeezed together and 
hoisted high in the air - her baby pisser exposed completely to Tommy for him to 
smell, taste, prod, and inspect.  Tommy lost all respect for Kim as he looked at 
the site of her exposed bottom and pee stained crotch.  She was nothing but a 
little child whore to him now.

	After a few more strokes with his index finger, Tommy pulled down his 
jeans and his boxer shorts revealing a thick throbbing penis.  He allowed Kim to 
put her legs down and relax for a moment.  Then he commanded her to turn her body 
around so that her sweet little head hung over the edge of the bed slightly.  When 
he was satisfied that her head was tilting downward enough, he lowered his teenage 
cock to her face and shoved it into her sweet little mouth.  A little bit of drool 
was forced out of her mouth, but Kim's baby lips managed to form a complete `O' 
around his thick throbbing penis.  Slowly, Tommy began to shove his smelly worm 
deeper and deeper into her throat - causing her to gag on occasion and expel more 
drool. plowed his cock until a thick wad of teenage 
sperm exploded in her face and soiled her sweet baby mouth.

	Kimmy gagged and coughed, yet Tommy refused to withdraw his cock from her 
mouth until every drop of semen had been deposited on target.  This was perhaps 
the best blowjob of his young life.

	When he had finished, Tommy asked Kim what she was.  Kim gave her usual 
response that had been engraved in her memory since she first learned to talk.

	"I'm a little baby whore who can't control herself." she blurted out.

	"That's right Kim." Responded Tommy.  "You can't control yourself.  See 
how you made `pee pee' in your panties again?"

	Tommy peeled Kim's baby balloon panties off and held them up to the 
child's face.

	"See the `pee pee' you made in your underwear?"

	"Yes." replied the embarrassed little girl blushing uncontrollably.

	There was a moment of silence in the room as Tommy let his words sink 
into her little pea brain.  She was indeed a stupid little girl with a very wet 

	"Now it's time for the final part of the `pee pee' game little one." He 
said matter-of-factly.

	Kim knew what this meant.  She hated this part the most.  Tommy sat down 
on the bed and patted his lap.  Reluctantly Kim crawled over to him and lay 
herself face down over his lap.

	"Raise your cute little hiney in the air sweetie so I can get a good view 
of it."

	Baby Kim did as she was told and pushed her sweet little bottom upward.

	"Now reach back with both your hands and pull your hiney apart so I can see 
your sweet smelling `poo poo' hole." Commanded Tommy.

	Kim obeyed and pull her bottom open - exposing her brown little potty hole 
for Tommy to look at.

	"You've been a very bad child Kimberly.  Bad children need to be spanked 
and put in their place." said Tommy soothingly yet firmly.

	"Y...yes Tommy....." whimpered little Kimmy as she continued to hold her 
bottom open with both her hands.

	Tommy spit right between her crack and onto her waiting anus.  Then he gently 
inserted a finger inside her poop hole and wiggled it around.  After a few moments 
he withdrew his finger and held it to his nose - inhaling the sweetness of her baby 
bottom.  Then he commanded her to close her bottom and let loose with several hard 
spanks to her pink little tushy.


	"Owwwwww.....ooooohhh....noooooooo!!!" Kimberly wined as her tiny little 
bottom turned from pink to scarlet red.

	When the ordeal was over, Tommy told her to put her pee stained panties back 
on and wear them the rest of the afternoon as part of her punishment. Kim whimpered 
and obeyed his order like a good little girl.  Slowly she pulled her pee pee panties 
back on feeling the wetness close itself in and around her baby crotch.  Kimberly felt 
horribly ashamed and embarrassed.  Not just because of the potty accident or the 
spanking, but because deep down inside she enjoyed the humiliation and the `tickling' 
part of the pee pee game.  She dimly realized - even at the tender age of four - that 
she couldn't resist Tommy's sexual advances even if she tried.  That little gape 
between her legs was much stronger than her mind and often told her what to do and 
how to act.  It was a situation that Tommy was well aware of and fully embraced.

	Indeed, Kim was turning out to be a sweet little girl.  But more importantly, 
she was learning how to please boys and become more popular. After all, isn't that 
what every girl dreams of at one time or another in their stupid little lives?  


                                        THE END                 

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