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COMMENTS: Warning! This story contains themes involving extreme pedophilia.
If this kind of story offends you, DO NOT proceed to read it.

STORY CODES: M+g,oral,panties,ws,scat

STORY INTRO: Four year old Jenny is left alone in her house while her parents 
go out shopping. Too poor to hire a babysitter,the parents take a chance on 
leaving her helpless. Enter to hungry pedophiles who have cased the house. 
Within a short period of time, the doorbell rings...

Having Fun With Little Jenny

by: H. Grant

       Little Jenny played with her dollies while she waited for her parents to
come home from shopping. She was all by herself with the specific instructions 
not to answer the phone or the door for anyone. Her parents were poor and 
could not afford a babysitter. Little Jenny had just turned four years old and 
it had been less than a year since she had learned to use the potty. She had 
mastered using the toilet at the urging of her mommy.
      Jenny continued playing until she heard the doorbell ring. Jenny was
curious. She knew she wasn't allowed to answer the door, but her four year
old curiosity eventually got the best of her. Slowly, she opened the door
to see two grown men standing there. Little did little Jenny know that the
two men had planned to ring the bell at the exact time that her parents
were out shopping. She also didn't know that they were both pedophiles who
enjoyed kidnapping little girls like her.
      Jenny smiled up at the two men.
      "Hello little one." Said one of the men.
      "We have some candy for you if you want to come with us to our van."
Said the other.
      Jenny liked candy a lot. She was standing in the door wearing a cute
little nightie and a pair of tiny pink panties with little teddy bears at
the crotch. The men stared down at the little girl's panties. They were
so cute, sexy, and adorable.
     "Come on little girl. We're not going to hurt you." The men lied.
      Little Jenny looked around not knowing what to say. She didn't have
that much of a vocabulary for a four year old, so she followed the men to
their van. The men were smart enough to shut the door behind little Jenny
so that she would not be missed immediately. As soon as they reached the
van, they both picked her up and carried her kicking and struggling inside.
Once they were all in the van, they locked the doors and drove off. They
traveled for about an hour to a nearbye town and parked the van in front of
a large house. They opened the van doors and carried little Jenny crying
into the house. Once inside, the men closed the door and carried her into
a nursery room.
     "Now little girl, tell us your name." Said one of the burly men
     "Jenny" whimpered the little girl.
     "That's a cute name. This is your new home Jenny." Said the other man.
     "If you behave yourself like a good little girl, we won't hurt you."
Added the other.
      Little Jenny didn't know what to do. She was scared and had to go
potty. The two men began to undress little Jenny - caressing her thighs and
    "That's a good girl...just relax and go with the flow" Said one of the
     Jenny began to whimper softly. She wanted to go home to her mommy and
daddy, but she had no idea where she was. A little trickle of pee escaped
into her panties and she let out a loud fart.
    "Uh oh. Does little Jenny need to go potty?" Asked one of the men
feeling between her little crotch.
     Jenny nodded and continued whimpering.
    "Now Jenny, you know what good little girls do when they have to go
potty." Said the other. "We like little girls to make potty in their
     Little Jenny was stunned. All this time she had been taught by her
mommy to use the toilet. Now she was being told to go in her little pink
panties. One of the men knelt down and whispered in her ear.
    "It's OK Jenny. We won't tell anybody. It will be our little secret."
     Jenny felt more relaxed. She was glad that these two strangers were not
going to tell on her for what she was about to do. As the two men held
each of her legs apart, little Jenny began to go wee wee. A little trickle
of pee hissed out of her wee wee hole and into her pretty little panties. 

     After she was finished, she turned to one of the men and whispered; 

    "I gotta go poo poo." in her sweet little girl voice.

    "That's OK Jenny. We like dumb little girls like you to make messy
in their panties." Said one of the men.
    Just then, little Jenny relaxed her bowels. A tiny piece of little
girlie poo slithered into her panties. The odor of Jenny's BM engulfed the
room. The men snickered and began to probe her panties with their fingers.
Slowly, they messaged the rear of her undies - smearing the poop around her
tiny little bottom. 

    Little Jenny began to get excited as the men tickled her baby clitty. 
Soon, she began to feel more relaxed. Maybe these strangers weren't so bad 
after all. Jenny felt the warm messy feeling of girlie poo between her 
chubby little legs. Slowly, the men peeled her panties to one side -
revealing her mushy brown bottom. The baby poo was smeared all over her 
sweet little hiney. 

    Little Jenny blushed. Her rosy cheeks were now growing pink with 
embarassment as the men began to press their noses against her tiny bottom.
They began to smell her. The little girl stood betweem the two of them as
they bent her over to inspect her shameful mess. The dirty odor creeped
out of her messy hiney and into their noses - giving each of them a huge
erection. Their hungry cocks pressed menacingly against their jeans as 
they began to undo their zippers. Forcefully, they shoved Jenny onto her
knees - forcing her to squat downward. A little glob of poo fell on the
carpet as the filthy ooze slithered around in the little girl's panties.
Her little baby pisser had been invaded by some of the filthy mush and
the more she wiggled, the more it slithered into her little pee pee hole.
    The men removed their throbbing cocks from their jeans and stepped
out of their boxer shorts. Gently, they held Jenny's head firmly in place
while they pressed their cocks against her little toddler lips. 
    "Open your mouth Jenny. Soon you'll begin to enjoy this." Said one of 
the men.  

    Both of their cocks stank of stale urine and semen as they pushed 
against her little baby mouth like snakes waiting to enter a hole. The 
cocks had a mind of their own as they detected little Jenny's baby breath. 
They began to grow and throb - bobbing up and down in front of Jenny's 
pursed lips.
   "Open your mouth you stupid cunt or we'll have to hit you." Commanded
the other man.
    Jenny whimpered and a tear fell down her little baby cheek. She didn't
want to be hit and she was fearful of upsetting these huge men. Slowly, she
opened her mouth and the menacing snakes slithered in - forcing her baby
cheaks apart and puffing out her face like a balloon. The cocks began 
sword fighting inside her hot little mouth - mixing and mingling with 
each other. The large masses of stinky lard moved in and out of her 
dolly face - forcing her cheeks to expand and contract. It wasn't
long before they made a hissing noise and spat their venom inside the
little girl's mouth - shooting sticky globs of goop all over her baby gums 
and tonsils. The sticky fluid seeped down her throat and into her tiny
belly. When the ordeal was finished, the men led her out of the nursery 
to clean her up - then they put her to bed. She would never see her
parents again!

                               THE END

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