Golden Sacrements (Mg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,inc,ws)

By Angel Starr

   "Angel?  Angel where are you?" Daddy and I were playing hide and seek I
was a good hide and daddy always liked seeking out his little angel.  You
see my daddy loves me a lot.  Ever since mommy past away two yrs.  Ago when
I was four I had to take care of daddy.  I take care of daddy really good.
And he takes care of me.

   We play fun games like Hide and Seek, Candyland, and stuff like that. 
Then daddy and me have a private game only WE can play, no one else is
allowed!  Daddy calls it the tickle game and lollipop game.  I like both A
LOT.  The lollipop game is fun cause you see, and don't tell no one I told
you, you see there's this cream that comes out of the lollipop.  Ooooh!  I
just love daddy's lollipop cream!

   I'm hiding under my bed trying not to giggle too loud.  I've got on my
favorite panties which are Snow White.  When I grow up I wanna be her but
only my daddy gets to be my prince.  I wiggle and squiggle about on the
carpet and pretend that it's daddy's nice tummy.  For a moment or two I
forget about the hide & Seek game we are playing.  I think about daddy and
his strong hands on my botto.  About how his face is all fury and tickle
down where I pee-pee from.  It feels nice down there and I feel that hot
warm feeling in my tummy.  My little botto is moving up and down and I hear
a laugh.  It's my daddy laughing!  I guess I was playing so fast that I
scooted out from my hiding place!

   "There you are you little scamp!" Daddy said and picked me up.  His
fingers moved to my little panties and yup!  They were wet!  I squealed and
wiggled in daddy's arms and he laughed again.

   "I thought were playing Hide & Seek sweetheart?  Now here I go and see
you playing ups and downsy.  Do you like that?" Ups and downsys?  I ask
what that is and daddy says that when people are alone and get those
special feelings we have they sometimes rub themselves.  "And their botto,
like yours" He pats my pantied botto again.  "moves up and down." I smile
and move my botto up and down for my daddy.  Giggling I give him a big hug
and say "YES!  I like ups and downsys!" With that said daddy kisses me and
exclaims "Well so do I.  Maybe one day we can play ups and downsys
together." I was thrilled at this and couldn't wait for that day.

   "Well little angel it's getting way past your bedtime and someone needs
a bath." Daddy said as he lead me into the bathroom.  I like to take bath
cause I can splash and play like a mermaid.  I got boats and a rubber ducky
too!  As daddy filled the tub up "Don't forget the bubble bath!" I really
had to go pee-pee.  I told my daddy and he said it was okay and he helped
me on the potty.  I was just about to go when daddy said "STOP!"

   "OOOOH daddy I REALLY gotta go!" I breathed and he said I know.  He also
said he wanted to something special.  Daddy was dressed only in his
tee-shirt and briefs.  Scooping me up in his arms daddy sat on the potty
and plopped me right down on his lap.

   "Bu..but daddy I'll get you all wet." I said.  I didn't want daddy to be
mad at me and he kinda sensed that.

   "It's okay Angel.  Daddy wants you to go pee-pee on him." I giggled and
said okay and we sat still for a moment.  It was very quiet in the potty
except for me and daddy breathing then...then..we both heard it.  TRICKLE
TRICKLE TRICKLE..I knew I was going pee-pee before daddy cause it was
coming from me.It was warm and made a puddle on daddy's lap.  It also

   "Oooh daddy my pee-pee tickles do it tickle you?" He said no but it does
do something else.

   "What's that?" I ask and felt his lollipop poking through his briefs.  I
could feel it rubbing against my tummy and it was a lot slippery then when
he just rubbed it on my tummy without the pee-pee.

   "Oooh look daddy your lollipop it's all wet with my pee-pee.  And it's
really big too!" I said and giggled.  I took it in my little hand and even
though I couldn't get it all around I did touch his mushroom and tickled
the lollipop underneath.  Daddy moaned and started hugging me close.

   "Angel sweet heart?  Would you like to such the lollipop for daddy?" I
though yuck not with my pee-pee all over it!  But daddy said it would taste
okay.  I trusted my daddy a lot so I did.  "But before we do that sweet
heart get me one of the cups right next to you." I reach over and handed
daddy a small cup and he scooped some of my pee-pee up.  It was all yellow
and looked like lemonade.  Daddy handed back to me and said to put it on
the sink again.

   "That's a good girl.  Now just ease yourself off of daddy's lap." I did
that oaky and heard my pee-pee puddle splash into the potty.  I giggled
cause it sounded funny.

   "Now let daddy take his briefs off so you can suck his lollipop.  Soon
daddy's lollipop was in front of my face.  I knew what to do.  I started
kisses it and at first I tasted a very weird taste.  It was my pee-pee!  I
didn't know if I liked it or not but tried again.  Opening my little girl
mouth I took that mushroom thing into it.  I tasted my pee-pee more this
time and did like it.  It was like lemonade with a little salt added. 
Daddy moaned again so I knew I was doing okay.

   "That's my girl but here let's change positions.  It would be easier for
you to be on the potty." Soon we changed and I could suck daddy easier.  I
liked being here with my daddy.  In the bathroom with his thing in my
mouth. I felt special.  Feeling daddy's hands caressing my red hair and his
lollipop in my mouth I knew I was truly his his little girl.

   "Ooooh my little Angel daddy's going to cum soon but before I do I want
you to stop." Stop!  What does he mean stop!  I want the nice cream.  Daddy
sensed that and told me I would get it in a special way.  A way that we
both could share it.

   "Daddy moved his lollipop a bit faster in my mouth and I felt it
growing. I also felt it go deep inside.  Sometimes daddy like to take my
face and stick his lollipop WAY down my mouth.  I was scared the first time
he did it but learned how to breath better.  I knew when daddy did this he
was very turned on.

   "Angel sweetheart." Daddy breath while his lollipop moved all about in
my mouth.  "Can you reach over and get your pee cup?" I thought "Why?  As I
reached over and grabbed it.  It was kinda hard with daddy's thing still in
my mouth.  But I got it.

   "Good girl.  Now hold it down between your lips and my cock.  When I
feel I'm going to shoot my cream I'll pull out and squirt in the cup. 
Okay?" I nodded and held the cup down.  Soon my daddy was moving harder,
faster moaning and groaning and then..and then...he pulled out and aimed it
at the cup.  I watched with bug eyes as his lovely cream spit into the cup
with my pee-pee.  I was jealous and kinda made that I didn't get any cream
but that was soon changed.

   "Oooh my little angel you are the best." Daddy signed as he ruffled my
hair.  "Wh..What's the matter?" He said and soon realized what was wrong.

   "ooh sweetheart.  Here give me the cup." I handed it to him and soon he
was explaining why.  "I wanted both of us to share in our love juices. 
Your pee-pee game tonight was very wonderful.  I wanted a momento, a
sacrament of that.  My cream is my sacrament to you.  Now they are mixed
together and we can share them." After he said that I got what he meant.

   After we toweled each other off and before my bath.  Daddy had me wear
my prettiest panties and nightie.  He wore a tee-shirt and even a pair of
panties himself.  We went into the living room and had us a ritual.

   "With this pee and cream I bind my daughter angel to me.  I love her in
all ways.  She is my angel, goddess and queen." I didn't have any neat
words like daddy did.  I just said "I like the games we play.  Daddy's
cream and my pee-pee.  His lollipop is nice.  I hope we will play ups and
downsys a long time." And then we drank the stuff.  I liked it and said
"Yum-Yum!" So did daddy.

   "Now young lady it is really past your bed time." Daddy said soon I was
soaking in my nice warm bathtub.  But I'll tell you a secret.  Promise not
to tell?  I will it was full of daddy's cream and my pee-pee!


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