Four Year Old Tiffani (Mg,extreme pedo,nepi,fondling,anal)

by Sweet Doll

The story starts as my mom started to babysitt a four year old girl 
named Tiffani. Tiffani had short brown hair, dark tan, and
tight clothes on. Too tight for a 4 year old. I didn't care though. One
day I noticed that Tiffani was wearing some tight pants (leggings). I
love looking at her curvy butt. I just wanted to rub her butt so bad.
She sat down across from me. I've noticed that her pants had a hole in
them. The hole was between her legs. I could see her panties. They were
pink. I told Tiffani lets go play in the hallway. I did that because
everyone was in the livingroom. We were playing fort. We built one and
we sat in it. She sat indian style, I could see the hole real good now.
I was so turned on, that I just stuck my finger in the hole of her
pants. I felt her pussy lips. They were so hot. I was about to put my
finger where her little love hole is, when she moved and said stop. I
stop and she just smiled at me. I said do you like that? She said it
felt good. I said can I do it again? She said okay. This time I stuck my
finger in the hole of her pants and pulled her panties down a little to
rub her pussy. It was hairless, but hotter than ever. I started to rub
her pussy harder. She let out a little moan. I was too horny to be just
rubbing her pussy. I wanted all of her. I told her to come to my bedroom
with me. She said okay. We were in my bedroom all alone. I sat on the
bed and pulled her close to me. I was hugging and kissing her all over
her. We kissed in the mouth. I put my tongue in her mouth. She just put
her tongue in my mouth. She sure do know how to french kiss.
We kept kissing. I grab her butt and rud it hard. Her butt was so soft. 
She said that feels good. I told her to bend over. 

She asked why? 

"I got a surprise for you." 

She said okay. 

She bent over. I pulled down her pants. She has the best butt I've ever 
seen, I thought to myself. I pulled my dick out and slowly push my dick 
up her butthole.

She started to moan again. She said I want to see you cock. I pulled my
dick out of her. She stood up and turned around. She said wow, that's
big. I said did you ever saw a dick before? She said yes, I saw almost
all of my moms boyfriends dicks. She got down on her knees and started
to lick my dick.  I said suck it like a lollipop. She started to suck me
hard. She put about 4 inches in her mouth, then she started to choke. I
told her I can put my dick back into her butt. She said okay. She bent
over and I ram my dick up in her butt. She let out a louder moan than
before. I rammed about 3 inches up in her butt. She said that hurts. She
was too tight. She said stop. I stopped. I said can I try to put it in
that hole then. She said that's going to hurt. I said I'll give you a
candy bar if you let me. She said okay. She laid on the bed. I spread
her legs apart. She had big pussy lips for her age. I started to lick
her cunt. I stuck my tongue as far as I could up in  her pussy. She was
moaning loud now. I rosed up and grab my dick. I guide my dick into her
pussy and stuck about 1 inch. She said that hurts. I gave her my wallet
and told her to bite down on it. She bit down on the wallet. I rammed my
dick up in her pussy. It went about 2 inches now. She jumped up and
started to scream. I grab her mouth and I calmed her down. I gave her a
candy bar. She was eating her candy bar while I was rubbing her body and
her tiny tits. She ate all of candybar and said can I suck your cock
somemore. I said sure. I laid back on the bed and she started to suck
softy. She then suck harder than ever. I said I'm going to cum. She kept
on sucking. I shot all in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. Her
stomach was full. I said do you like cum. She said yes. I said have you
ever sucked a dick before. She said that her mom makes her suck all
kinds of dicks. Weeks later, me,Tiffani, and Tiffani's mom was having
sex, but that's a different story.


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