Father's Milk  (Mg,extreme pedo,infant,nepi,inc,oral,cum)

by Pornojim

   When my wife first got pregnant, I heard the warnings that her being
pregnant and then having a baby would really affect our sex life.  But
little did I know at the time how much us having a baby would affect my sex
life...  and how our baby daughter's sweet innocent mouth would more than
make up for the inevitable decrease in sex between my wife and me.

   My wife never had as strong of a sex drive as I had, but before she got
pregnant with our first baby, our sex life was pretty good.  We'd fuck
three or four times a week and it was pretty good.  She'd do most things I
wanted, but there was one thing she wouldn't do...  no matter how hard I
tried to talk her into it, she wouldn't suck my cock and let me cum in her

   Once my wife found out that she was pregnant, our sex life went on a big
downward spiral.  Three or four times a week quickly became once a week and
then a couple times a month.  Despite her doctor's assurances that it was
perfectly okay to continue having sex until late in her pregnancy, she cut
me off altogether when she was about four or five months pregnant.

   Things didn't improve much after she gave birth to our beautiful baby
girl, who we named Amy.  Her doctor advised her that she'd be sore from
childbirth for a few weeks, but that after that there was no reason not to
continue with our regular sexual activity.  A few weeks quickly stretched
to two months before she finally, reluctantly agreed to have sex with me.

   That first time after over six months without sex was a huge
disappointment.  My wife wasn't into it as much as she was before, and
despite the long layoff, having her just lay there with no responses to my
actions was a turn off...  but enough of a turn off to make me stop.

   Nonetheless, I kept at her to have sex with me like we did before she
was pregnant.  She always had excuses for not having sex with me and I
eventually quit bugging her about it and settled for fucking a few times
month, if I was lucky.  That wasn't anywhere near enough to keep me
satisfied, and I had to rely on jacking off constantly to relieve the
pressure in my aching balls.

   My wife went back to work when Amy was about six months old.  Our sex
life hadn't improved any by then, but since she was working evenings, her
absence at least gave me more chances to jack off without her around.  Her
absence also gave me the time to discover many great porn websites on the
internet to get me turned on to jerk off to.

   One night, I was sitting in front of my computer with my sweat pants
pulled down and hard cock in my hand, scrolling through a series of
incredibly sexy photos online, when my session was interrupted by Amy
crying.  I was so horny I wanted to ignore the baby and finish what I'd
started, but I reluctantly got up to take care of her.

   I got Amy's evening bottle ready and sat down with her on the couch to
feed her.  Sitting on the couch holding my infant in my lap as she drank
from her bottle, my hard cock straining in my sweats from my interrupted
jack off session, a strange thought went through my mind.

   The way Amy's lips wrapped around the nipple and her cheeks moved in and
out as she sucked the milk from her bottle to the bottle, looked so much
like the way the pornstar's did as their lips were wrapped around the hard
cocks of the guys they sucked!  And so much like what I so wanted to see,
and feel, my wife do to my hard cock.  Pre-cum dripped from my cock as I
imagined a set of lips sucking my hard cock like that, ready to swallow my

   By the time Amy finished her bottle, I was ready to explode.  I quickly
laid her back in her crib and ran to my computer.  Finding a nice blowjob
picture online, I released my cock and wrapped my hand around my aching

   For some reason that I couldn't explain at the time, staring at that
sexy pornstar sucking cock, I wasn't as turned on as I was earlier watching
little Amy drinking from her bottle.  But it didn't take me long to shoot a
big load of cum all over my stomach as I wildly stroked my cock.

   That became a pattern for the next several nights.  Amy's hungry crying
would interrupt me as I scrolled through porn with my hard cock in my
hands. But what really surprised me was that I didn't mind the
interruption...  in fact I looked forward to it.  Watching Amy suck on her
bottle and imagining a set of lips wrapped around my cock sucking it the
same way, was more of a turn on than any of the sexy porn I saw online.

   It got to where I didn't even bother sitting back at my computer to
finish jacking off.  As soon as Amy was back in her crib, I'd have my pants
around my ankles as I sat beside her crib.  It'd only take a few strokes
and my throbbing cock would spurt cum all over my chest and belly.

   I didn't understand why those sessions were so much more intense than my
usual masturbation sessions, but I didn't care.  I'd get so turned on by my
new obsession and would cum so good and so hard, I could barely move for a
long time after my cock finished spewing huge spurts of cum into the air.

   After a while, as I watched Amy's lips suck on her bottle, my thoughts
weren't of other women sucking on my hard cock in the same manner...  I
started to fantasize about Amy's lips wrapped around my cockhead sucking on
me and not on her bottle.  I didn't think my jack off sessions could get
any better, but with those nasty thoughts racing through my mind, my
orgasms got so much better and more intense.

   One night, I was especially turned on watching Amy hungrily suck on her
bottle.  My cock was as hard as steel as it bulged in my loose sweatpants.
Holding Amy in my arms, I reached down to give my throbbing cock a quick
squeeze.  As soon as I squeezed my engorged member, it throbbed and
exploded in my pants.  I pumped a huge load of cum into my sweats as I held
my sweet innocent Amy, watching her suck on her bottle.

   Remembering how wonderful that felt, the next day I took things a step
further.  As I settled down in the rocking chair to feed Amy, I dropped my
pants to the floor.

   My rock hard cock pointed directly to the ceiling as I held Amy against
my chest and watched her hungrily suck on her bottle.  My mind raced as I
imagined her lips wrapped around my swollen cockhead sucking me like she
did with her bottle.  My cock twitched in anticipation of my hand wrapping
around it to stroke myself to a powerful orgasm, but I held off, knowing
that it'd only take a few strokes before I came.

   Watching Amy's lips working on her bottle, I couldn't resist any longer.
I reached down to grab my rock hard cock.  I rubbed my shaft slowly and
gently, but I immediately felt the cum start to boil up from my balls. 
Grasping my cock firmly, I frantically pumped my fist up and down my shaft.
I was instantly rewarded.  My shaft throbbed in my hand and I shot jets of
cum high in the air to splatter onto my chest and Amy's back as she nursed
on her bottle.

   I was paralyzed with pleasure for a few minutes after my powerful
release.  Amy finished her bottle and ran her fingers over my cum soaked
chest.  As curious babies do, she brought her fingers to her lips and
licked my cum off her hand.  To my surprise, she wasn't repulsed by the
taste of my seed, but instead seemed to like the taste of my salty cum.

   That became my regular ritual...  stroking my hard cock while I held Amy
and then letting her taste the remnants of my cum that she wiped off of me
or licked my sticky fingers.

   A few weeks later, this pattern was interrupted by Labor Day weekend,
when my wife had all three days off from work.  With her in the house, I
didn't dare have my usual jack off session with Amy while she was home.  My
wife didn't want to have sex with me either and I didn't even get a chance
to jerk off that entire weekend.

   By Tuesday, when the long weekend ended and my wife was back to work, I
was so horny I could barely see straight.  I couldn't wait to give Amy her
evening bottle that night!

   My cock was rock hard as I got Amy's bottle ready that night and I
didn't bother to look at any porn first to get ready for Amy.  Instead of
dropping my shorts to the floor after picking her up from her crib, I
stripped them off completely as I walked from the kitchen with her bottle.

   I set Amy's bottle down on the table beside the couch before I settled
on the couch with her.  She must have mistaken my hard cock for her bottle,
and she reached for it and wrapped her tiny hands around my shaft.  With a
wicked thought in my mind, I scooted her head closer to my cock, wondering
if she'd mistake it for her bottle in other ways as well.

   Without any more prompting than that, she wrapped her delicate lips
around the swollen head of my cock and began to slurp away at it.  She
seemed very hungry, and when no milk came out of her "bottle", she sucked
harder to get her milk.  Her tiny mouth felt so good slurping away on my
cock, I knew if I wasn't careful, I'd give her a huge mouthful of my

   Within seconds, my cock was ready to explode in Amy's innocent mouth.  I
so wanted to let her finish sucking me off, but I knew that my huge load
would be too much for her and I had a vision of me trying to explain to the
doctors in the emergency room how she got a belly full of semen, so I
reluctantly pulled her mouth away from my throbbing cock.

   Amy didn't want to let go of her "bottle", and her mouth was only inches
away from my cockhead when it erupted and shot a huge geyser of cum high in
the air to spatter down all over my chest and on Amy's back.

   After the first powerful spurts subsided, I relaxed my grip and Amy
moved back to her "bottle".  Once again, she wrapped her sweet lips around
my purple knob as she held my shaft in her little hands.  She sucked the
last cum that dribbled out of my cock, sending quivering tingles through my
body.  As before, she seemed to like the taste of my "milk" as she sucked
me dry.

   I finally regained my senses enough to realize that her bottle was still
sitting on the table beside us.  I fed Amy her real bottle, my cock still
pointing straight to the ceiling.  As Amy drank her milk, I thought that if
I didn't shoot as much cum or as powerfully, maybe she wouldn't gag on it
and I could cum in her mouth.  Besides...  she did seem to like the taste
of my seed.

   Despite the powerful orgasm from just minutes earlier, I knew that with
Amy angelic mouth wrapped around my knob, I could cum again.  I pulled
Amy's bottle away before she finished it, and I could tell that she was
still hungry for more.  I guided her back to my cock and she immediately
took my shaft in her tiny hands and guided my swollen head back to her

   Amy sucked on my cockhead even more intently than before.  Her tongue
swirled over the tip of my head as her cheeks pumped in and out, sucking on
me.  Sure enough, it didn't take long before my balls tingled and my shaft
twitched in anticipation of cumming again.

   My cockhead swelling in Amy's delicate mouth as the first of my cum
spewed into her mouth.  She didn't pull away and sucked and slurped on my
head, hungrily swallowing my seed as I squirted it into her mouth.

   When she finished milking me dry I held Amy to my heaving chest as I
panted to catch my breath.  I finally recovered and gave Amy her real
bottle back to finish her evening feeding.  To my surprise, she didn't want
to drink the last of her milk, having gotten her fill drinking my salty
"milk" instead.

   We got into that routine nearly every night...  at least the nights my
wife wasn't home to spoil my fun.  Amy was so good and so natural at
sucking my hard cock, it seemed like she was born to give me blowjobs.  But
as she got older, I knew that she'd eventually be weaned from her bottle
and I wouldn't have that excuse for having her suck on my hard cock.  But I
also knew that I'd figure out a way to continue having her suck on my
cock, and maybe move onto to other things...and I did...and we did.  But
that's another story.


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