Fat Girl Gets Caught (M+g,extreme pedo,nepi,oral,cum)

by babyNpop

   The fat little four year old saw a puppy outside the open gate of her
daycare center.  All the other kids were busy playing games and all the
daycare workers were busy getting lunch prepared and didn't notice when the
child went through the open gate following the wandering puppy.  She
followed the puppy over four blocks when the puppy then ran into the
backyard of an old home and ran into the open bulkhead that led to the
house's cellar.  The little fat four year old was running right behind the
puppy and followed it into the cellar.  She was obviously wanting to pet
the cute little puppy and when she finally caught up with the little dog
and was bending over the animal petting and carresing the puppy, she didn't
notice the two men also in the cellar.

   They were there to replace an old hot water heater and had let
themselves in because no one was home during the day.  Both men were day
laborers who had been hired by the home owner because they quoted a very
low price for the work.  Had the homeowner done a little research, he'd
have learned the two had very shady pasts, had been in and out of prison
for numerous offenses - including rape of an underage girl.  In fact, one
of the requirements for release was they stay clear of any schools and
monthly visits to their parole officer.

   Actually, the girl they raped was a fourteen year old junior high
student and they had gotten off pretty easy because she had a real bad
reputation around school.  So because of this, the two men (both in their
fifties) got off pretty easy and didn't need to spend too much time locked

   The two sweating shirtless men turned away from their work and ogled the
little girl who had her back to them and was still unaware of their
presence.  She was bent over petting the puppy.  The little honey was a lot
younger than any girl they'd done before, but what the fat little tyke was
now showing them got their dicks standing at attention.  She had on a
little sundress, and the way she was bent over had caused the dress to hike
way up - exposing her skin tight Disney panties.  Those panties were so
tight, they had ridden up between her ample cuntlips and her fat bottom
would have been any man's dream.

   The men knew the homeowners wouldn't be home until late at night and it
was only 10 am - plenty of time to have a little fun with this fat little
morsel.  Her fat little ass was a sight to behold and the men wanted a lot
more than just a little look at her soft bottom.

   "What you doin'here you fat little bitch?" Asked the first guy.

   "Yeah cunt you're in a lot of trouble now."

   The other man yelled.

   "We're gonna call the police and their gonna take you away and lock you
up for breaking in to this place."

   The little girl was startled as she turned her head and saw the two men
and as the men threatened her she stared crying.

   "We won't report you if you do what we want."

   "Pwease don'tell.  I do what you want sir."

   One of the men grabbed the puppy and threw it out the bulkhead and then
closed and locked it.

   Turning back to the little girl he once again threatened her.

   "You gotta do everything we tell you you fat little pussy.  You

   The fat kid with big tears in her eyes nodded yes.

   "We wanna see you naked now."

   One guy pulled her sundress up and over head and threw it aside as the
other guy pulled down her pantys.

   "Now walk around so we can see your body good."

   The little cunt was a fat little kid with a big round little belly.  But
what was really the greatest turn on was that for a four year old she had a
huge butt and even her cuntlips were fat so fat they looked swollen.

   "Now bend over with your butt to us."

   When the child bent over, the men went into action.  One of them took
hold of her little nipples.  She didn't have any boobs but was so fat that
it looked like she actually had breasts.  As he squeezed her nipples the
other guy proceeded to fondle her asscheeks and then wet his finger and
shoved it up her asshole.

   The assualt on her asshole made fatso cry more but the man continued his
assault with his finger getting it all the way up her while the other guy
kept pinching her nipples.

   She was a fatty alright but when the men stopped and she was standing
her four year old face was right at their crotches.  Both men now dropped
their trousers and their fat rigid poles were in the child's face as she
looked up at them with those big tears in her eyes and a very confused look
on her face.

   "Touch are cocks."

   At this the men had to take her hands and show her how to hold their
dicks in her hands.

   "Now take it in your mouth."

   One guy had to hold her head as the other one put his cock in her mouth.

   "Now you suck it like a lollypop.  Suck it good and we might not report
you to the police."

   They had her real scared and the fatty sucked his cock using her tongue
like she was instructed to licking the entire cock shaft and then taking
the big mushroom head back in her mouth.

   The other guy took over then and had her suck him and they showed her
how to hold their balls in her hands and then to lick their ball sack.

   "Take each ball in your mouth and lick em good."

   "ok now I'm gonna fuck her up the ass."

   The other guy held her bent over while the other lined his dick up to
her asshole and wet it with his spit.

   "You need a cock up that fat ass of yours."

   And with that said he proceeded to work his dick into her puckered
asshole.  The other guy had to hold her tight because the fatty was now
squirming around from the pain inflicted on her virgin asshole.

   "Hold still you fat pig."

   He got his cock head past her sphincter and shoved it in getting more
than half his nine inch fat cock up her ass.

   "Oh fatso you've got one tight little asshole."

   As the other guy continued to hold her the other one rammed his dick in
and out the four year old's asshole.

   "Hold still you fat cunt I'm goona shoot my load into you now.  Can you
feel it bitch I'm cumming deep in your fat asshole."

   He emptied his load deep in her bowels and when he pulled out her
asshole gaped open and his cum leaked out of her hole.

   The other guy had no difficulty getting his cock back in her asshole and
fucked her like there was no tomorrow.

   "I want to get in her cunt."

   And the other guy sat down on a bench and held the child on his lap
spreading her legs as far apart as he could while the other one put his
finger at the entrance to her pussy.  First he bent down and gave her cunt
a good lick then he took his finger and shoved it all the way in her twat.
He was none too gentle,he just penetarted her pussy as far as his finger
would go breaking the little girl's hymen in the process so his finger was
coated in blood.

   Both men now took turns finger fucking the bloody cunt until one of them
got her on her back down on the floor,kneeled at her head and grabbing both
her ankles lifted her legs over her head so her cunt was open to the max.

   "Your fat cunt was made for fucking you piggy."

   He lined his dick up to her open cunt and managed to get his dick head
between her pussy lips.

   "Hold her good."

   And with that he lunged forward and got half his cock up her bloody
little cunt.  In fact the blood actually made it easier to penetrate her
and acted like a lubricant so he was able to get a good four inches of his
big nine inch dick into her pussy.

   By the time he shot his load the other guy was raring to go again and
fucked the fat child up her pussy while the other guy held her.

   The men were very horny and even though they both came a couple of times
they were far from done.

   By having the child once again take their cocks in her mouth and also
licking their balls both men were hard again and this time they both fucked
her up her now well used asshole before they changed their strategy and
once again gave her pussy more attention.  Fucking the four year old pussy
like she was an experienced little whore.

   They made her get on all fours and fucked her cunt while finger fucking
her asshole.

   "You like that you little fat pig?"

   They fucked her baby pussy for a long time and then gave the child a
little rest by laying her down spreadeagle and eating out her now very sore
and swollen pussy.

   The little girl was pleased now that the scary men weren't hurting her
and in fact their oral ministrations felt good as she laid back and the two
guys ate her pussy out shoving their tongues up her cunt and chewing on her
little clitty.

   "OK your turn you fat fuck."

   And the men sat on the bench and had her take turns sucking on their fat
cocks and licking their balls.  The little girl was now used to what the
men wanted and sucked them and licked their balls like she was told.

   This was OK but then one of the men got on all fours on the floor.

   "Lick out his asshole you fat little whore."

   The little girl was horrified that that's what they wanted her to do
next but the other guy grabbed her head and forced her face into his pals

   "Lick it or we're gonna go get the police."

   The little girl forced herself to now lick the man's sweaty hairy
asshole and aftyer she had done it the other man took his pal's place and
the little girl was forced to tongue out his asshole as well.

   When they tired of this little game,one guy sat on the bench,picked up
the little girl and facing him he had her straddle his thighs and put his
dick into her pussy while the other guy got behind her and forced his big
cock up her asshole.

   By the time they had finished and had shot their loads deep in the child
they dressed her up again and by 3 pm they dropped her off a good mile from
the house where the cum stained child was indeed picked up by the police
who returned the crying child back to her daycare.  The child was so
traumatized and was so scared driving in the patrol car she never uttered a
word to anyone about what had happened that day in the cellar.


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