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STORY INTRO: When a three year old girl enjoys walking around the house in
her sexy little panties, it's only natural that her daddy should become
excited. When his best friend convinces him that the child's intentions
might not be so innocent. It's time to find out for sure if Julie is a
little slut. As the two men explore the limits of sexual pleasure with the
child, it becomes obvious that even a toddler can enjoy a threesome.

Enjoying Little Julie 

by Maxamm

   It wasn't unusual for Julie to wander around the house in her underwear.
Either my three year old daughter just felt more comfortable that way or
she was a little exhibitionist. Either way, I didn't object to her walking
around half naked. In fact, I often got a hard-on from looking at her. 
Even though I had never seriously contemplated engaging in any kind of
sexual activity with the child, I couldn't help sometimes patting her cute
little ass. It wasn't my fault she was so sexy.

   It was a Saturday afternoon and Bill and I were enjoying a few beers,
while we watched a football game on TV. My wife was at work, so I was on
babysitting detail.  Julie could watch cartoons in the kitchen, while my
friend and I watched the game in the living room. It wasn't the kind of
babysitting my wife might have favored, but what the hell?

   Halfway through the game, Julie strolled into the living room. Though
she had been wearing a dress, this had been discarded, leaving her clad
only in her white cotton panties. With Bill sitting beside me on the
couch, I didn't think it wise to stare. But, when I glanced at him, I saw
that he had lost all interest in the game.  He was staring at my little
girl's ass and doing a very bad job of appearing discreet.

   "That kid is going to grow up to be a stripper," I joked. "She seems to
have a thing about taking off her clothes."

   "So, who's complaining?" my friend replied. "Little girls like showing
off.  My two year old niece goes butt naked whenever she can get away with

   "Daddy, I wanna play outside," Julie interrupted.

   "If you're going outside, you'll have to put some clothes on, young
lady," I told her. "Can't have you showing your ass to the whole

   "Even if it is a very nice ass," Bill added.

   I looked at my friend. "Man, if I didn't know you better, I'd think you
had a thing for little girls."

   He laughed. "The only "thing" I have for little girls is zipped up in
my pants.  If I was married and had a kid like Julie......., well, who
knows how I might react to temptation?"

   We had already consumed a few beers, but I knew my friend wasn't drunk.
At least, not so drunk he didn't know what he was saying.

   "You're saying you'd molest your own daughter?"

   "As I don't have a daughter, that's not something I need to worry

   I broke open a fresh beer and took a long swallow. "But, if you had,
you'd do it?"

   Bill shrugged. "Who knows? If a girl flaunts her ass for a guy, she
has to expect a reaction."

   "We're talking about a three year old girl here," I reminded him. "Not
some stripper in a bar. Julie doesn't know what she's doing."

   "How can you be so sure about that? Maybe she's showing off her ass in
order to get daddy's attention."

   "I never knew you were such an expert on kids," I said.

   "I'm learning," He replied.

   "What does that mean?"

   "It just means I know more about little girls than a lot of single guys.
I have a two year old stripper niece, remember?"

   "And you get off on looking at her ass?"

   "I enjoy looking at her ass, the same way you enjoy looking at your
little girl's ass."

   "Who said I enjoy it?"

   Bill grinned. "You don't have to. The game is over there."

   I hadn't even realized I was still staring at my daughter's ass. Having
- at least temporarily - forgotten that she wanted to play outside, Julie
was now examining the contents of her toy box, in the opposite corner of
the room. The way she was bent over, her panties hugged her small buttocks
and the mound of her pussy like a glove. She could not have looked more
appetizing if she had tried.

   "Looking doesn't hurt," I murmured. "If every guy that ever looked at a
little girl got locked up, half the men in this country would be doing

   "Sometimes, guys want to do more than just look," Bill said. "Be
honest, Max. Have you ever thought about it?"

   "About what?"

   "About having sex with your daughter."

   I was momentarily shocked into silence.  My best friend had just voiced,
as calmly as he might suggest a wager on the outcome of the football game,
my most potent fantasy.  I didn't like him reading my mind, any more than I
would have liked him to catch me in the act of masturbating with a pair of
my daughter's panties wrapped around my cock.

   "I'm not a fucking pedophile," I snapped.

   "Neither am I," he replied.  "I'm a normal heterosexual guy who just
can't control his dick all the time."

   "Meaning you get a hard-on for little girls?"

   "Not all little girls.  I don't hang around playgrounds or anything like
that.  But, when I see my niece showing off her ass, it's like I've
injected liquid Viagra."

   "Is looking at Julie's ass having a similar effect?" I demanded.

   "Damn right it is," he answered.  "Those little panties she's wearing
don't hide much.  You can even see the shape of her pussy.  Or haven't you

   "Yeah, I've noticed," I admitted.  "Tell me more about your niece."

   "She's a cute little two and a half year old brunette," my friend said.
"She stopped wearing diapers a couple of months ago.  Now, she's not much
into wearing anything.  I like to think she enjoys stripping off just for
me.  She sure as hell enjoys sucking my cock."

   I stared at my friend like he had just sprouted a second head.

   "Bill, I'm not sure I want to hear this," I said carefully.  "You're
telling me you've had sex with a two year old girl?"

   "Only oral and only a couple of times," he replied.  "It wasn't like I
set out to do it or anything.  It just sort of.........  happened."

   "That's not the kind of thing that just happens," I argued.  "Getting a
hard-on from looking at a little girl just happens.  Putting your dick in
her mouth only happens if you want it to."

   "What about when she wants it to happen?"

   "How the hell could a two year old girl want that to happen?" I
demanded. "She's barely grown out of wearing diapers.  She wouldn't even
know what a dick was, much less what to do with it."

   "That's where you're wrong, buddy," Bill said.  "Picture the scene.  My
little niece is running around my apartment, wearing nothing but a smile.
Naturally, I get a hard-on, so I take it out and start to jerk off.  Next
thing I know, the little slut is grabbing my dick with both hands.  I don't
exactly push her away, but I don't force her to do anything either.  She
plays with it, she takes a sniff, then she takes it in her mouth and starts
sucking, like it's the most natural thing in the world."

   "And all the while, you're just sitting there helpless?"

   My friend nodded.  "Pretty much.  To be honest, I'm in shock, but that
doesn't stop me enjoying what she's doing.  And it's pretty damned obvious
she's enjoying it too."

   "So, what happened next?" I demanded eagerly.

   "What do you think?" Bill replied.  "I shot my fucking load all over her
face.  Got some in her mouth too and she didn't spit it out either."

   "Jesus!" I exhaled, shaking my head in disbelief.  "A two year old girl!
I don't know what to say.  I don't even know what to think."

   "I know exactly what you're thinking," he said.  "You've been staring at
Julie's ass since she walked into the room.  I bet you do a lot of staring
at that cute little butt."

   "Okay, so I look at her," I conceded.  "I might have even touched her a
few times.  But what you've done with your niece....."

   "Is just the next logical step," Bill concluded.  "It wasn't like I took
out my dick, the first time I was alone with her."

   "Maybe if Julie was eight or nine and showing signs of sexual curiosity,
I might find her more difficult to resist," I ventured.

   "At that age, a girl is brainwashed with all of the guilt and shit we
like to heap upon impressionable young minds," my friend argued.  "You
don't see many eight year old girls parading around the house naked or in
their underwear, giving daddy a hard-on.  It's the little ones that are the
natural exhibitionists.  They just do what feels nice, without reasoning if
it's right or wrong."

   "You make a pretty good case for molesting toddlers," I told him.

   "I make a pretty good case for enjoying what's right there in front of
you," he said.  "How about we try a little experiment?"

   "What do you have in mind?" I asked warily.

   "Hey, Julie," he called out.  "Why don't you come over here and sit on
Uncle Bill's lap?"

   The toddler looked up from her toys, hesitated momentarily, then bounded
across the room and climbed up onto my friend's lap.

   "That's my girl!" Bill smiled.  "This is just like sitting on daddy's
lap, isn't it?  You can feel his hard dick against your little butt.  Are
you watching this, Max?"

   I was watching alright.  It was obvious my friend had a rock-hard boner
in his pants and my daughter was wiggling her ass against the bulge.  Even
when she was fully dressed, Julie loved to sit on my lap, when my cock was
stiff.  These days, that was just about every time she sat there.

   It wasn't long before Bill's hands were gliding over her small body,
gently caressing her chest, her nipples, her belly, her legs.  The child
responded by writhing more urgently on his protuberance.  When his right
hand began rubbing her pussy through the thin cotton of her panties, Julie
trembled and emitted a small cry of pleasure.

   Leaning over, he whispered softly in her ear.  "I know what little girls
like.  I know why you walk around like you do, showing off for daddy."

   As he worked his long finger under the crotch of her panties and touched
her bald, baby slit, Julie opened her legs wider and smiled.  All I could
do was stare, in slack-jawed disbelief.  My best friend was molesting my
three year old daughter and she was loving it.  Suddenly, I felt ashamed
for having jerked off in her panties, a few days earlier.  What a goddamn,
stupid waste that had been!

   "So far, so good," Bill said.  "Want to try stage two of the experiment,

   "What do I do?" I asked, in a hoarse whisper.

   "Show her your dick," he replied.  "Let's see what happens then."

   I wasn't sure I could be surprised by anything anymore.  But I did as he
suggested, unzipping my pants and hauling out my fat, seven inch hard-on in
my right fist.  Julie was enjoying Bill's finger rubbing her pussy so much
that she failed to notice for a minute.

   "Wassat, daddy?" the child cried, her blue eyes widening at the sight of
what I was holding in my right hand.

   "That's daddy's dick," I replied.  "You can play with it if you want."

   I took my hand away, in order to give her a better look.  Julie studied
my hard-on for a moment, then reached out with her right hand and grabbed
it.  She then leaned over and wrapped both small hands around the shaft.

   "Would you like to put daddy's dick in your mouth?" I asked.

   The child already seemed to be contemplating just that.  I steered her
in the right direction, by placing a hand on the back of her head and
pushing her gently downwards, until her mouth was only inches from the
foaming crown.

   My daughter drew back the foreskin of her new toy and watched in
amazement as a pearl of pre-cum oozed from the slit.  I wiped it up with a
finger and raised it to her lips.  She obviously liked the taste, as she
began sucking my finger, once she had sampled my pre-cum.

   "My dick has lots of that nice stuff," I said, rising to my feet.

   I expected Julie to recoil, or at least act a little scared, when I
waved my cock in front of her face.  But the little girl had no reason to
think that what I was doing was wrong or unusual.  As far as she was
concerned, daddy's dick was just something new and interesting for her to

   She stroked it for a while, examining every vein and contour of this new
plaything, while she familiarized herself with the smell and taste.  She
had risen from Bill's lap, but his hand was down the front of her panties
and she was humping it like she was on her way to an orgasm.  This might
have been the reason she was so interested in my cock, but I still couldn't
believe what I was seeing.  My three year old daughter - little more than a
baby - was behaving like a sex crazed slut!

   When Julie finally opened her mouth and stretched her lips around the
head of my cock, I almost shot my load right then.  Gripping the shaft in
both hands, she sucked on the lollipop head, the tip of her tongue
caressing my slit.

   "Oh Jesus, I can't believe this is happening!" I gasped.

   "Just don't cum in her mouth, Max," Bill cautioned.  "You don't want her
choking and getting scared."

   Nothing would have given me greater pleasure than to shoot my load down
my daughter's throat.  But my friend was right. If Julie choked on my cum,
she would never again want to suck my cock.

   The toddler seemed to instinctively know what to do, working her mouth
and hands together on my boner and feeling it throb. When I was close to
climax, I withdrew from her mouth and closed my right hand around both of

   The first splatter of semen hit her directly on the chin.  She caught
another wad in her open mouth and swallowed, while I pumped the remainder
of my climax over her face and hair, taking care to avoid her eyes. By the
time the fountain abated to a dribble, Julie's face was covered in creamy
lumps of hot cum.  I shook a sticky rope over her neck, then pushed my
dripping cock back into her mouth.  The child resumed her sucking, with
even greater enthusiasm, while my cum dribbled down her face.

   "I hope she wants dessert," Bill said, unzipping his jeans.

   If somebody had told me, even an hour earlier, that my best friend had a
sexual interest in my daughter, I would have kicked Bill's ass out of my
house.  Now, I sat back and watched Julie crouched between his thighs,
licking his big, fat cock, while my own cum crusted on her face.  Bill sat
back and allowed her to proceed at her own pace.  Within minutes, his
patience was rewarded as my little girl once more filled her mouth with as
much dick as a three year old slut could ever be expected to swallow.

   "She loves it," he grinned.

   "She sure does," I replied, fisting my cock to renewed stiffness. "What
a horny little cunt!"

   A couple of minutes later, my horny little cunt was squealing
delightedly as Bill's cock spat a torrent of thick cum over her face and
upper body.  She might not know what it was, but she already knew that she
liked it.  Most importantly, she knew what she had to do to make it come

   I pulled off Julie's panties and used them to wipe her clean. By the
time I was finished, the white cotton was soaked and there was still cum in
her hair.

   "You need a shower, honey," I murmured. "Can't have mommy finding you
all covered in cum."

   "Annie won't be home for ages," Bill said. "Why don't we take Julie
upstairs and have some more fun?"

   "Sounds good to me," I replied. "I wasn't enjoying the game anyway."

   Taking Julie by the hand, my friend and I led her upstairs to the main
bedroom.  Sitting back on mom and dad's king-sized bed, she watched us
undress.  Crazy as it might seem, she looked like she was eager to resume
sex play.  She certainly didn't look like she wanted to be anywhere else.

   "Your want some more dick, Julie?" Bill asked, pulling down his jeans
and underwear.

   "I wanna sucky," the child declared, staring at his stiffening cock.

   "You can sucky my dick all you want, you sexy baby slut," he grinned.

   "I'd better get some towels," I said. "We don't want Anna finding
stains on the sheets."

   "You should probably get some KY Jelly or Vaseline too," my friend

   "Why would we need those?" I demanded.

   "If you're going to fuck a little girl, you need lubrication," he

   I decided we would also probably need painkillers. I didn't even
question his assumption that we were going to do more than have oral sex
with my daughter. If it was physically possible, why shouldn't we fuck

   When I returned from the bathroom, several minutes later, I found Bill
laid on his back, moaning ecstatically. Julie was lying on his stomach,
holding his hard cock in both hands and sucking the head like a lollipop.
He was holding her legs apart, feasting his eyes on her pussy and asshole,
while she feasted on his boner. It would have made a great picture, but
not one I could consider taking to the local drugstore to be developed. 
Not one I would want to risk having in the house either, for that matter.

   "Daddy!" she cried, suddenly looking up, as though she had been caught
doing something she shouldn't.

   "You need to take your medicine," I said, holding up the bottle of
painkiller the doctor had prescribed for Julie's sprained ankle, a few
months ago.

   The ankle had healed faster than expected, so a half bottle of the
medicine remained in the bathroom. I was glad my wife hadn't thought to
throw it out.

   "Jesus, Max, your timing is lousy!" Bill grumbled. "I was enjoying that

   "Safe sex, buddy," I responded. "Painkiller and KY Jelly. If we're
going to do this, I don't want my little girl getting hurt."

   Julie took two measures of the strawberry flavored medicine, without
protest.  By the time the second spoonful was going down, Bill had his face
buried between her legs and was licking her pussy.  Judging by her smile,
my little girl liked that just fine.

   "Sucky, daddy?" she asked, reaching for my hard-on.

   "Sure thing, baby," I replied. "You sucky daddy and uncle Bill."

   The three year old girl spent a few minutes licking and sucking my cock,
before returning her attention to Bill's boner.  She seemed to understand
that we both needed to be satisfied.  Then again, she might have just been
comparing toys and trying to decide which was her favorite.

   I managed to get the towels spread out on the bed, before Bill finally
shot his load.  Squeezing his cock in both small hands, Julie tilted her
head back and took the full creamy fountain on her neck and upper body. I
didn't wait for her to bring me to my climax. As my friend's cum oozed
over her hands, I grabbed my cock in my right fist and milked a hot load
over her already semen matted blonde curls.

   Afterwards, Bill and I needed a rest, but Julie wasn't done.  Seeing my
cock getting smaller, she seized the opportunity to take most of it in her
mouth.  Cum dripped from the child as she sucked the sticky length of meat.

   "I can't believe this is happening," I murmured.

   "Me neither," Bill replied, rubbing a finger over Julie's pussy slit. 
"I've always wanted to have sex with a little girl.  This is like a fantasy
come true."

   "Even better than with your niece?" I asked.

   My friend cleared his throat. "Actually, Max, that story was a lie.  I
have seen Cassie naked a few times, but I've never touched her, mainly
because I've never had an opportunity.  Before today, I never did anything
sexual with an underage girl."

   "So, why all that bullshit about molesting her?" I demanded.

   "When Julie walked into the room in her panties, I thought my dick would
burn a hole through my pants," Bill replied.  "I kind of assumed you were
molesting her already, so you could say I was testing the waters."

   "Bill, you're an asshole," I snapped.  "I had a mental picture of you
getting a blowjob from your two year old niece."

   He grinned.  "It worked, didn't it?  If I hadn't been such an asshole,
we'd still be watching that crap football game.  Instead, we're here in bed
with your three year old daughter."

   "You're still an asshole."

   "Speaking of assholes, how long before that painkiller kicks in?"

   It looked like it was already working, as Bill had the tip of his finger
in Julie's pussy.  The child was still sucking my cock and pushing back
against his hand.  She appeared to be puzzled by the fact that what she was
sucking was getting bigger again.  This was a toy that could keep her
amused all day.

   "KY," Bill mused, picking up the half filled tube I had tossed onto the
bed.  "Are you sure you're not a child molester?"

   "Anna likes anal sex," I told him.

   "Let's hope her daughter likes it too," He added.

   The KY could wait until after I had tasted my little girl's pussy and
asshole.  Julie grabbed Bill's swelling cock in her left hand and rubbed it
against mine, as I took my first taste of her little virgin pussy. 
Squashing the two cock heads together, she licked the sticky slits.  It
would have been wholly inappropriate for my friend or I to protest that we
had no bisexual tendencies.  Julie liked our cocks and we liked her mouth
on them.

   I spent at least fifteen minutes licking her bald pussy and asshole,
before Bill took over.  By then, the little girl was rubbing two hard cocks
over her face, with a little encouragement from us.

   "Let's do it," Bill said, grabbing the KY tube. "Let's fuck her."

   "Are you sure about this?" I asked. "She's only three."

   "That's why I want to fuck her," He answered. "I want to have sex with
this little child.  I'm a fucking pedophile, Max. I want to put my dick in
your three year old daughter. I know you want to fuck her too."

   It was a bit late to protest that I was not a child molester, so I held
Julie's ass cheeks apart, while Bill squirted KY into her anus, then fucked
her little pink hole with the long finger of his right hand.  The
painkiller was obviously working, as the child responded with only a low
whimper, while she continued to rub both our cocks over her face.

   "I should do it first," I declared. "After all, I am her father."

   "Be my guest," Bill replied. "She's sucking my dick anyway."

   As I knelt behind my little girl and rubbed my cock over her greased
asshole, I experienced what an alcoholic might call a "moment of clarity".

   I was about to rape my three year old daughter. Even at this stage -
after all that had already happened - I could put a stop to this.  I could
turn away and declare that I would not allow this to happen to my own

   Even as those thoughts raced through my head, my hands were on her hips
and I was pushing. Julie looked over her shoulder and called out "daddy"
as I pushed the head of my cock into her baby virgin asshole.  The
painkiller was working and so was the KY.  I was fucking my three year old
daughter in the ass and she wasn't crying.

   I pushed no deeper than the head of my cock, but that was quite enough.
Julie's clenched rectum embraced me like a glove. While I ass fucked the
child, Bill rubbed his hard cock over her face.

   Under the circumstances, I wasn't going to win any prizes for staying
power.  I fucked Julie gently for several minutes, taking care not to push
any deeper.  She was licking Bill's hard on like a lollipop, when I
climaxed inside her, flooding her bowels with my creamy load.  As soon as I
had withdrawn my cock from her tiny ass, Bill took my place.

   Julie appeared to feel little pain, as she lost her virginity in all
three holes, over the course of three hours.  Using a great deal of KY, I
managed to push the head of my cock between her fat pussy lips, while Bill
stuffed her asshole with his cock tip. The little girl was sandwiched
between us, nibbling my chest hair as she was fucked back and front.

   When it came to shower time, Julie looked like she had stepped out of a
cum bath.  Semen was caked on her face, dried in her hair and splashed all
over her buttocks and thighs. Her pussy and asshole were oozing cum and
had taken on a bruised color. I could only hope my wife didn't examine her
too closely for the next few days.

   "Do you think Julie would like a golden shower?" Bill asked, as we led
the child into the bathroom.

   "What does that mean?" I demanded.

   He smiled.  "It means we piss on her. I think she might like it."

   I shrugged. "She seems to have enjoyed everything we did so far. Let's
try it."

   Lifting my daughter up, I placed her in the bath tub.  Bill crouched
down, his cock rubbing her face. My stiffening tube was only inches from
her mouth.

   I wasn't sure I could do what my friend had suggested, until the first
golden spurt from his cock hit the child's face.  Julie opened her mouth,
just in time to catch a squirt on her tongue.  She swallowed and smiled,
then flailed her arms wildly as my friend and I aimed two streams of
steaming amber over her. Piss juice came down over her face and small
body.  I was still urinating over her pussy, when Bill shoved his dripping
cock into her mouth again.

   In the light of what had happened, it was probably inevitable that my
little girl's habit of walking around in her panties would change.  Julie
might be only three years old, but she now knew the consequences of
flaunting her kiddy ass.

   When I returned home from work on Monday evening, my wife confronted me
in the kitchen with the bad news.

   "Max, Rita just called in sick. I said I'd do her shift. You'll have
to cancel your bowling game."

   At that moment, Julie walked into the kitchen. The child was completely

   "Daddy!" she cried, rushing into my arms.

   "Doesn't she have any clothes?" I demanded, sounding annoyed.

   "Your daughter seems to enjoy stripping," my wife replied. "She doesn't
even want to wear her panties now.  So, can you cancel your bowling and
take care of her?"

   "I'll be glad to take care of her," I replied, feeling my cock stiffen
in my pants.


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