Educating little girls (Mg,extreme pedo,nc,heavy,rape)

by anonymous author

It was a real hot summer in 1991 as Peter could enjoy the large garden
behind his new house the first time. In January of that year he had to move
to a major city in the other part of the country because of a new job. 
He left a lot of friends and wasn't feeling very happy about it. 
Peter wasn't married, he liked to live his live by him self and in princi
ple wasn't very interested in getting close with neighbours and stuff. In
the past these kind of relations got him into deep trouble so he preferred
to keep some distance. 

Not that the people next-door where not nice, in fact the young couple
really tried to tighten contact with good intentions. They were in their
early thirties and having 2 daughters, Claudia just became 6 years and
little Susan of 4. The woman, small and very pretty, was from the Philip
pines and she past the beautiful Asian appearance to both of her daughters.

Peter was a free lance designer and used to work most of his time at home.
By 11 o'clock the temperature inside the house had risen to about 35
degrees Celsius, the heat and the noises coming from children playing in
the neighbouring backyard made in impossible to concentrate on the work.
He decided the best thing to do was to have a sunbathe and start working
again later on this evening.
From the shed he took a stretcher and positioned it near the house. An
about 2 meter high fence between both residences secured absolute privacy
but it didn't prevent the sounds of the little girls enjoying the small

Because he didn't have to worry about someone seeing him in his garden
Peter liked to sun nude. Quickly he pulled of his clothes and situated on
the stretcher. Peter had become 35 years this month, with his 6' 8'' robust
and musculus, he was fitted with an fairly large member. Having sex with
woman of about his own age almost was impossible without hurting them, his
8'' long and wrist thick cock was every girls nightmare. Usually after he
poked them a few times they give him the sack so gradually he developed an
other way to satisfy his outrageous sexual needs.
Appreciating the solar energy Peter was lying on his back daydreaming about
the nice things he would like to do with the little girls-next-door. It
didn't take long before the heat and obscene thoughts made his cock swell.
Drops of perspiration merged in the cavity of his belly as he slowly
started to jerk his harden. Peter liked the typical body-odour of sweat and
hormones everytime he got turned on. With rhythmic long strokes he puled
the foreskin up and down, baring the glossy light brown head of his penis. 
Peter's mind went back as he pulled his stone hard pole.

It had been 3 weeks since he had his hands on a small kid, that last one
was a quicky with an about 6 year old in a toilet at the swimmingpool.
Peter often went their because it gave him a nice opportunity to watch
almost naked kids. Special when they came out of the water the wet elastic
swimming stuff became almost transparent revealing their prepuberal pussies
and small tits. The concerning little girl visited the pool with her older
sister and she badgered the life out of her. Peter really got fed up from
this bore. As finally her sister went for some Icecream he quickly dragged
the annoying toddler into the nearby men's toilet to teach her some
manners. It was after he locked the door and disposed of his pants the
toddler started to wail,..MOMMY....MOMMY....WANNA GO TO MOMMY...'. Peter
always got turned up from the terrified facials of his little victims. And
this one, with about 3', really was delicious small again. He kneeled in
font of the girl, his large stiff member bumping against her belly as he
slipped the shoulderstraps of her swimming suit aside. She wasn't very
cooperative when he pulled all of her bathing suit down, he had to squeeze
all of it in her mouth to prevent her from screaming like hell. Roughly he
pulled both her arms behind her back and dragged his belt around her upper
arms. With might and main he tightened his belt pulling the young girls
shoulder-blades painfully backwards making her cry. After Peter secured her
arms firmly he sat down on the toilet and placed the frightened naked kid
on his lap. The little one didn't knew what was going to happen when he
lifted her body up and lowered her slowly straddle-legged onto his huge
hard cock. It was not until the top of his glance was pushed into the tight
entrance of her pussy as she started to trample wild. Though she was very
dry Peter managed to force almost the full length of his cock inside with
one strong stroke. Her eyes distended filled with tears the girl looked
horrified at her now distorted bulging belly containing the huge adult
cock, from behind the fabric in her mouth dimmed high pitched screams
arose. The burning pain coming from her teared baby vagina nocking out the
small kid almost completely. Then Peter stood up, holding the struggling
toddler firmly with his coarse hands around her narrow waist. While
pressing her slender frame brute against the rough stone wall he started
fucking her standing. Looking in her desperate blue eyes, puffy with tears,
WHORE.....'  Virgin blood squirting against his balls as he pierced his
enormous hard stake vigorously in her tight childrens pussy. Her small
mouth distended extremely from the swimming suit pushed complete inside and
her doll-like face twisted in pain as it slammed back and forth against the
wall. The horror and violence forced upon her abdomen made the toddler
loose control of her bowels as she started to relieve her self while
Peter's large penis continuously pistoned in the opening between her legs. 
After only a few minutes he came in a mindblowing orgasm, meanwhile the kid
had smeared the wall, floor and his legs with her shit. As he filled her up
with his sperm the little girl already was unconscious. It became his
fastest rape ever but wasn't very satisfactory, he liked to make nice work
from it and this just isn't possible in 5 minutes. 

After roping the lifeless kid spread eagled to the toilet Peter pulled the
bathing suit out of her mouth to clean his bloody cock and legs with. Large
amount of redisch sperm still pouring out of her bulging hairless pussy. 
After a rape Peter always urinated on the small victims face, while he was
emptying his bladder he mumbled 'A FREE SHOWER HONEY....THIS WILL HELP YOU
Then he left the toilet and closed the door from the outside so it would
take some time to discover her. Before going home he ran into the older
girl desperately seeking her small sister, calling 'DONNA...DONNA....'
Peter couldn't help asking whom she was looking for and how old her sister
was. '..6 YEARS MISTER...DONNA IS ONLY 6....' the answer was. 'Between her
legs I made her at least 10 years older ..',flashed through his mind as he
walked away.

Thanking nature giving men a marvellous thing like a cock Peter was working
his 8 inch long breeding apparatus for about ten minutes as he heard the
mother calling Claidia. Although it wasn't possible to catch everything she
said to the girl he could make out the two of them were going to the
shopingcentre leaving little 4 year old Susan on her own a few hours.

A short time later slamming of the frontdoor and a starting car marked the
fact that only a few yards away a little horny toddler was playing.
His brain near overload as Peter tried to figure out the best strategy to
finally take a chance with the kid. Because he didn't want to scare of the
little one he went inside and put on swimming-trunks also got some comics
to lure her. With a slightly trembling voice he called Susan: 


A few moments it was total silent, Peter felt his heart beat
faster. Then a childish sound from behind the fence answered my request:'
EVERYTHING OKEY!' Quickly he walked to the back of the garden to open the
gate. As he saw little susan dribbling towards him the sight of her
delicious small body started his cock swell again, damned how badly Peter
wanted her...

After letting her in Peter locked the gate to be sure nobody would disturb,
he could image the neighbours wouldn't be friendly any more seeing him poke
a 4 year old girl. Overtaking Susan with large steps he walked to the
stretcher again. When he sat down his penis already reached full size and
the head was popping up from under the trunks, he was so horny. Meanwhile
the cute little girl had runed to the pile of comics Peter placed on the
grass. With big brown eyes she highly pleased looked at the magazines
standing there only wearing tiny pink panties with small blue elephants on
them. Thank god there are still parents who don't buy these little kids one
piece bathing suits which cover most part of their lovely body. As long as
chicks don't have big tits they should not wear something to cover the
breast. And Peter liked them without tits only, he would not think of
fucking a girl over 12 as he hated hairy pussies.  Susan kneeled down to
examen the gift and Peter had a perfect distance to watch the toddler. Her
doll like body was beautiful suntanned, long black hear waiving in the air
she sure looked Asian. His eyes went across her slender body, enjoying the
sight of the little dark brown nipples, her firm boyish button and her
narrow bulging childrens pussy. The thin elastic slightly transparent
fabric of the kids panties emphazed the small fucking slit between her
tendinous thighs. It was clear her panties were somewhat undersized as the
material migrated between the crack of her bottom, revealing her firm
exciting white cheeks.

Usually Peter drugged the kids before he fucked them for the first time. He
found this necessary because even a 8 year old girl, when hysterical, could
kick your balls to pieces. Also deflowering very young girls, say under 5,
takes some heavy bloody drilling which really isn't much fun when they are
fully conscious. For this he always kept a few hypodermic syringes with
morphine at hand. This stuff makes them nice docile, was a perfect pain
killer and afterwards they hardly could remember anything. 
Peter thought of a less drastic way how to could proceed with Susan. It was
clear that he had to drug the little toddler one way or another before
raping her otherwise things would get to ugly. 
'DO YOU WANT A LEMONADE ALSO SUSAN...' he asked her walking to the kitchen.
Fortunately she nodded yes. Inside Peter toke 2 longdrink glasses, orange-
juice and a bottle of wodka. The cocktail he mixed her surely would put the
4 year old to sleep in no time. She certainly was thirsty, without hesita
tion she drunk the whole glass with deep draughts. Impatient Peter layed
down on the stretcher to watch the alcohol do his work. After only about 5
minutes Susans head slowly turned reddish and she started to talk rubbish.
He walked over and kneeled down beside the kid as her head began to fail.
While putting an arm around the little Asian doll preventing her from
topple over with the other hand he fondled her tummy and soft inside of her
thighs. Susan was overcome with sleep as he began playing her small hard
nipples. It was when Peter rubbed the thin fabric of her panties between
her firm narrow labia as she started to wail:'..MOMMY..MOMMY....NOT
..NO...MOMMY...' Although the small girl wasn't fully unconscious jet she
did not have the strength to offer resistance when he slided underneath her
panties and carefully pushed his middle finger inside the tight hole of her
virgin childrens cunt. The horny brat already wet getting wet a little. 

Peter started to fuck her slowly with his finger. To make the sight even
more perverse, with his other hand he pulled the panties down her little
ass a bit just enough Susan could actually see what he was doing between
her legs. Frightened and helpless the 4 year old alternately looked with
her big brown eyes at Peter's face and his finger rhythmic disappearing in
her abdomen. Drunk as a fiddler and slavering she started her MOMMY-MOMMY
EH..', Peter whispered while he circled his finger in her pussy to stretch
the small entrance. Surely it wouldn't be easy to deflower this tight one.
Anyway it was always the same even with young baby chicks like this, and he
fucked them as young as 3 years, shortly playing nipples and clit usually
is enough to awake the inbred sexual impulses and prepare them for fucking.
Peter fondled and fingered her for a bit longer and while her childrens
cunt continiuosly produced warm sticky juices Susan entered a deep sleep.
Then he lifted the 4 year old almost naked girl and carried her to the
livingroom where he placed her on her back on a large wooden table. 
It was the sight of her 4 year old body, maybe it was the Wodka, he just
couldn't get enough of the little sweety. Then Peter realized he only had a
few hours to nock up the toddler and remove the traces before her mother
would be back. The tension building up in his body reached a violent level.
He lowered his trunks to free the huge hard cock en quickly pulled the
panties from her bottom disposing of the last barrier between his cock and
her virginity. 
Peter invented a special 'fist time-method' for the small kids which
consists of a double penetration rape. For this he kept a small sized
vibrator lubricated at hand.  While raising her from the table with one arm
he managed fairly quick to push all of the violent trembling vibrator
inside Susan's tight pink asshole. After this he placed a foam rubber block
under her little ass to raise her loins up. Finally with handcuffs he
secured her ankles to the table-legs to keep Susan's short tendinous legs
widely spreaded when working on her.
Then Peter positioned between her legs, cupping her knees he pulled them
apart as far as possible, leaving her hairless baby slit bulging towards

The summit almost was there flashed through Peters brain as he rubbed large
amounts of spittle with his cockhead between the pink folds of Susan's
childrens cunt to supply a final lubrication. Weak moans arise from the
little girl as Peter slowly pushed his cock into the tight entrance of her
virgin vagina. It took him a few minutes of pumping back and forth when the
head of his prick popped inside her, stretching her tight little slit
extremely. It looked absolutely obscene this small 2'5'' Susan lying
unconscious straddle-legged on the table a enormous penis tearing her
narrow cunthole apart. Peter didn't get much more a half inch of his meat
inside her box when reaching her fleshy hymen. After a few moments pause,
while guiding his cock at the base with one hand he shoved all the way into
her. Only a few deep breaths and her body contracting were all reactions
from the sleeping 4 year old kid as he ripped her virginity away and warm
blood started pouring along his large veined shaft.

After deflowering little Susan Peter climbed onto the table and lowered
himself between the spread legs of the unconscious girl on the table. He
mounted the small toddler and pistoned his swollen prick slowly in her wet
pussy again. With long slow strokes Peter shoved his penis in the helpless
4 year old, enjoying her extreme tight pussy. The still heavy shaking
vibrator in her rectum provided a divine cock massage.
After about 30 minutes the anaesthetic effect of the alcohol was getting
less and she started breathing in short, sharp gasps.
With rhythmic movements from the hips Peter slided up and down her belly
faster and faster, you actually could seen where the head of his cock was
moving inside of her.  Her tight suntanned tummy bulged obscene each time
the hard prick bumped up against her womb. Peter now was sweating heavy,
his face streaming with perspiration and sweat drops running along his
back. During the fucking he romanced about how her mother would react
seeing an adult doing her beloved girl....he figured it would be nice to
rope the woman and force her to watch the rape of her young daughter.....
Meanwhile little Susan started to twist her bloody so it was clear that he
had to finish her off quickly.  While pistoning vigorously into the slender
toddler it didn't took long until his prick begun squirting. At that time
the naked girl begun moving her arms and legs again, breathing heavily she
opened her eyes a few times. Peter continued fucking, filling her belly
with sperm, until his cock lost his stiffness and then slowly pulled out of
whispered smiling at Susan. His penis was covered with blood and semen,
after about an hour poking into this child he had teared up the young girls
vagina almost completely. Sperm was floating excessive out of her small
pussy en dripping between her firm pink buttocks onto the table.

Peter calculated that he had about 1 hour to cover up his drilling action
with little Susan before the girls mother would return home. 


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