Dorothy's Diaper Change (Mg,toddler,extreme pedo,diapers,scat)

by: A Very Sick Man

   Look at the pretty clowns on the ceiling Dorothy.  That's a good girl.
Keep smiling and babbling while I lay you on your back and lift your pretty
little legs in the air.  A little pile of drool escapes your two year old
mouth as I strap you down to the pink changing table.  Gently I lean over
your soft baby stomach and lick your belly button.  You're too young to
know what I'm doing to you.  Too little to realize that I'm molesting you.
But you won't ever tell anyone.  You're only two years old.  You cannot
speak coherant sentences yet.

   You giggle and coo like a sweet little cunt while lick your stomach. 
Gradually I lower my face toward your diaper covered crotch.  I gaze with
heated lust at your pink disposable diaper.  It's all covered with little
kiddie designs (teddy bears and blocks).  Gently I press my nose against
the crotch of your dirty little pamper.  I smell the sweet aroma of baby
powder mixed with a messy pile of poo poo.  I imagine that you've probably
smeared yourself again.  Yes.  Little baby dorothy loves to smear!  I've
caught you sometimes in the nursery room.  You'll be playing on the floor
with your dollies and then you'll get up and run to the corner where you
think no one can see you and squat and make precious little poopies in your
pink little pamper.  Then sometimes you'll reach beneath the outside or
your diaper and play "mush mush" with yourself.  This makes you even more
stinky and smelly and easy to detect from anywhere in the room.  Then I
pick you up and carry your sweet little body over to the changing table
just as I have done now.

   I still have my face pressed against your pink covered crotch.  Yes
indeed you've made a poo poo again.  This makes you even more sexually
attractive to a pedophile like me.  Gently I unfasten the little sticky
tapes on either side of your potty recepticle.  You smell like a stupid
little girl who can't controll herself.  Just a simple babbling toilet tot
who loves to giggle, coo, and make "girlie potty." What a sweet, brainless
little cunny you are!  I open the front of your diaper slowly.  You look so
adorable Dorothy.  So pink, soft, and messy down there.  Your BM smell is
all over the nursery now.  If your dollies could talk, they'd be laughing
at you.  If the clowns on the ceiling could move, they'd be holding their
noses while they stared down at you.

   Such a dirty girl.  Suck a filthy messy girl.  Such a sexy lil' girl.

   I hold your legs in the open air pressing your ankles together and
occasionally rub your sweet little feet.  I peel the front of your diaper
open further to reveal a little spot of pee pee.  Yes that's right...little
Dorothy made a wee wee too!  I open the front of your shameful "pampies"
further to expose the beautiful brown smears you have made for me.  Such a
sweet, simple little girl.  A giggly kind of girl.  Such a smelly bottom.
Such a pretty little mess Dorothy made for me.  Look at all those little
mushy smears you made with your tiny little hands just for me!  Some of it
is caked all over your pretty lil' pisser.

   I lean forward and press my nose against your lil' pooey hiney.  Dorothy
smells so nice and sexy now.  Dorothy is a simple little girl.  Dorothy
smells so stupid.  Dorothy is easily manipulated.  Dorothy is a good little
girl.  Dorothy doesn't cry, kick, or scream.  Dorothy lies still.  Dorothy
babbles.  Dorothy giggles.  Dorothy cooes.  Dorothy drools.  She stares at
the pretty clowns while her diaper is opened wide for inspection.

   I stick out my tongue and lap at your brainless little cunny.  All
covered in sweet lil' girlie poop.  Your pee pee hole is sweet as candy,
soft and puffy.  Dorothy is the cutest lil' girl.  Dorothy feels tickly
down there.  Dorothy feels icky down there.  Dorothy feels like her dumb
little hiney is stuck together.  Her soft little ass cheeks glued together
by her squishy brown child clay.

   Soon my tongue will take sweet little Dorothy to places she has never
been before.  Soon she will learn to enjoy being played with.  She will
like being molested.

   As I insert my finger into her cute lil' anus, Dorothy begins a journey
into sweet, simple minded bliss.  Baby Dorothy will soon be welcomed into
the beautiful world of anal wonderland.  A new and fascinating place for
little girls to learn and grow.  My fat, repulsive cock will be her
friendly guide.

                                  THE END