Doggie Helps Babysit  (Mg,extreme pedo,nepi,nc,beastiality)

by Zanzibar

   Hello.  My name is Jordan.  I am 14 years old, and I have a story to
tell.  I hope no one I know sees this, or discovers what I have done.  But
I just have to tell someone.  So here it goes.

   It all happened about two months ago.  It was the middle of summer
vacation, and my mom had just told me that I would have to start helping
her with her babysitting job.  I was pissed off, but knew I didn't have any
real choice.  My fun filled summer of laying around and goofing off had
just been ruined.  You see, my mom watches a handful of kids during the
week for people around our neighborhood.  The kids range in age between one
and six years old.  Also, a couple of them are still in diapers, and the
thought of changing poop filled diapers was not what I had in mind when
school ended.

   For the first week or so, everything went just as I had expected - and
feared.  I was chasing snot nosed little kids everywhere, and fixing
bottles all day.  Fun.  But one afternoon, something new happened.  My mom
walked in and told me that the mother of the youngest little girl, Sara,
was running late to pick her up that day.  Mom said she had an appointment
at the hair salon at 3:30, and Sara's mom wouldn't be there until 5:30.  So
I had to watch the little baby girl for a couple of hours on my own. 
Terrific, I thought.

   So after the last of the other kids left, mom said her goodbyes and then
left to get her stupid hair done.  Leaving me and Sara alone together.  The
only thing that helped me out here was the fact that mom gave Sara a dose
of her medicine before she left.  You see, Sara is teething and cries a lot
lately, and mom keeps a bottle of medicine handy for just such problems. 
It is a fairly mild pain reliever / sedative.  Mom doesn't let the parents
know that she kind of dopes up their kids when they are a problem, but I
had to was helping me out right now.  Sara was sleeping
peacefully on a blanket in the living room floor.

   Before I go any further, let me describe little Sara.  Sara is almost
two years old.  She has curly blond hair and chubby cheeks and dark green
eyes.  She is really a little cutie.  And, she was currently laying on her
stomach in a little blue t-shirt and diaper, while sucking her right thumb.
I was watching TV and enjoying myself for the first time all day.  There
are only so many sing-a-long cartoons I can take in one day.  I had been
relaxing for a few minutes, when I heard our dog Toby start barking in the
backyard.  Toby is a mutt, but looks to be mostly cocker spaniel.  He is
white and black, and usually a good dog.  I got up to see what the problem
was, and found him barking at the fence that separates our neighbor's yard
from ours.  I could hear some kids in the neighbor's backyard.  They were
laughing, and it sounded like they were bouncing a ball off the fence.  I
told Toby to hush, but he looked at me and then started barking again.  So,
I called him over and told him to get in the house.

   Being able to come in the house got his attention.  Mom rarely lets him
inside, unless it is really cold out in the winter.  He ran in and followed
me back to the living room.  I found Sara still sleeping peacefully.  Toby
ran over and sniffed her a little.  But, when I told him to settle down, he
went and laid down by the couch.  I was about to sit back down, when I
thought I might better check Sara's diaper before her mom gets there to
pick her up.  I rolled her onto her back and put two fingers down the front
of her diaper.  It was definitely wet.  I undid the tape on either side of
the disposable diaper and then opened it up.  Thankfully there weren't any
nasty extra surprises in there.

   I got some wet wipes and started cleaning her whole crotch.  From her
little pink asshole, to her puffy little pussy.  It was at this point,
while cleaning her up, that I realized something.  This was the first time
I had ever been completely alone with a naked girl.  Sure, the girl in
question was only a toddler, but still.  I looked around to make sure no
one was watching, which of course no one was.  Unless you count Toby.  And
then I reached down and touched her bald little pussy.  It was incredibly
soft, but the little lips were so firm.  I felt my penis growing hard in my
shorts.  I knew this was really dirty and wrong, and mom would fucking beat
me to death if she caught me.  But, I couldn't resist.

   I used two fingers to spread her little lips open, and looked at the
soft pink inside of her baby vagina.  It was the biggest turn on of my
life. I started rubbing up and down the soft pink flesh with my finger.  I
could feel what I thought was her clit, but it was really tiny.  Sara was
still asleep.  But, she did sort of whine as I rubbed her, and she sucked
her thumb a little harder.  By this point, my cock was hurting from
straining against my shorts.  So, I pulled them and my underwear off as
quick as I could.  My cock isn't that big, since I am still growing.  It is
about 5 inches long and an inch or so thick.  It looks long and thin on my
skinny body.  And, it has a sort of small and pointy head.  But, I do have
a nice bush of pubes now.  There is hair all around my cock and all over my
balls.  Anyway, back to Sara.

   I couldn't believe I was sitting there with a hard cock looking at a
naked baby girl.  I was shaking as I reached out and opened her little
pussy again.  It looked so pretty.  So delicate and soft.  I tried pushing
my index finger in the tiny hole at the bottom.  I could feel the tip start
to go inside her a little, but no more than that.  I thought for a second
and had an idea.  I looked in my mom's baby supplies, and found a jar of
petroleum jelly.  Perfect.  I dipped my finger into the jar.  When I pulled
it out, it was covered with a big glob of the slippery stuff.  I then tried
Sara's little cunny again.  This time, when I pushed against her hole, my
finger started to slowly sink in.  She was so incredibly warm and tight.  I
pushed my finger in and out, and twisted it around to get it in deeper. 
Sara moaned a little again, but thankfully stayed asleep.  Mom must have
given her a big dose today.

   I couldn't take it anymore.  I sat up and quickly smeared some of the
slippery goo on the head of my cock.  Then I leaned over Sara little body
and tried pushing my cock into her tiny pussy hole.  Even with my narrow
cock and the petroleum jelly, I couldn't get it to go in.  I then tried
holding the lips of her cunny open with my left hand while I pushed at her
hole.  It still wouldn't go in.  The best I could do was to get the tip to
enter her.  I could get about half of the head in her.  And, that was all.
Even that little bit felt amazing, and had me close to cumming in no time.
I was about to just masturbate until I came on the outside of her little
pussy.  But, then I looked up and saw Toby standing next to us, watching
what I was doing.  He was sniffing around Sara's pussy, and dancing around
excitedly.  That is when I noticed his cock sticking out of its sheath. 
His doggie cock was dark red and really thin, with a sharply pointed head.
It was only a little bigger than my finger...

   That is when the idea hit me.  Maybe I could use Toby's cock to loosen
Sara's little cunt enough to get my own cock in her.  I pulled the tip of
my dick away from her little baby hole.  Then I put a couple of pillows off
the couch under her to lift her high enough for Toby.  I then pulled Toby
by his collar into position over the sleeping toddler.  He didn't
understand what was happening at first.  But, then I reached under him and
grabbed his hard little cock.  He started humping at my hand automatically.
I moved him around a little until I got the tip of his thin red dick lined
up with Sara's little pussy.  Then I inserted the tip a little.  The way
his cock was pointed at the end really helped.  And, as soon as he felt her
warm tight embrace, he started humping forward.  I had to restrain him, to
keep him from pushing all the way in at once.  I let him ease in a little
at a time.

   I was so excited though.  It was working!  He had a good three inches in
her in no time.  Sara was breathing a little harder in her sleep, and Toby
had his tongue hanging out of his mouth panting.  My cock was so hard I
could hardly stand it.  I was watching my dog fuck a cute little baby girl.
It was so dirty and wrong, but also so hot that I was about to lose my
fucking mind.  After Toby got about 4 of his full 5 inches in Sara's little
cunny hole, I let him go and started slowly stroking my own cock.  I was
delirious with lust.  As soon as I released him, Toby started stroking
harder and faster into her tiny pussy.  I could hear a loud wet slurping
sound coming from where they were connected.  Sara's innocent little crack
looked so incredibly nasty with Toby's hard red cock thrusting in and out
at a blinding speed.  After about 5 minutes of solid hard rutting in Sara's
tight little slit, Toby suddenly stopped and pushed himself hard into her
one last time.  Then he stood completely still and whined a little.

   Up to that point, I had never seen a dog have sex.  I didn't know about
the knot at the base of a dog's cock, and how it expands inside the female
to keep him locked inside her while he ejaculates.  I heard Sara groan some
more in her sleep, and she was frowning now.  I then looked down between my
dog and the baby girl.  I could see her puffy little pussy lips starting to
stretch wider and wider, and just inside her little cunny I could see the
base of Toby's red doggie dick swelling bigger and bigger.  That was all I
could take.

   I gently pulled Sara's thumb from her mouth and pushed the head of my
cock to her lips.  She sucked the head right inside her mouth and kept
slurping like it was still her thumb.  The sensation was amazing.  So tight
and wet.  I could feel her little tongue tickling my piss slit as she
sucked me.  I was cumming before I realized it.  I could feel my hairy
balls conracting, as my cum traveled through my cock, and then into the
innocent little girl's mouth.  Sara never missed a beat though.  She
swallowed down every drop of my cum, like I was her human baby bottle. 
And, she kept sucking until I couldn't stand the sensation anymore.  I was
too sensitive.  I pulled out of her little mouth, and replaced my cock with
her thumb again.  She kept on sucking like nothing had changed.

   Then, as I was catching my breath, I saw Toby pull until Sara's little
pussy hole finally let go of his cock with a popping sound.  His knot had
shrunk a little, but was still twice the size of the rest of his cock. 
Toby walked across the room and started licking his doggie cock clean.  I
looked at Sara's molested little cunny.  The lips were red and irritated,
and still stretched open a bit.  I could see white doggie cum leaking out
of her onto the pillows.  If I hadn't just blown a huge load in her mouth,
my cock would have probably fit in her now.  But, I didn't have enough time
now anyway.  Her mom would be there in just a few more minutes.

   I picked Sara up and took her little t-shirt off and headed to the
bathroom.  I ran some water in the tub, and then put the unconscious little
girl in the warm water.  I cleaned her up the best I could.  I used my
finger to try and scoop Toby's cum out of her little pussy.  I suddenly
laughed to myself when I thought about it.  Toby's sperm were wiggling
around inside her in vain, looking for an egg in a female of the wrong
species, who was too young to reproduce anyway.  After she was as clean as
I could manage, I dried her off and dressed her again.  I put some ointment
all over her little pussy, before placing a fresh diaper on her.  I hoped
that her mom wouldn't notice how her little crack was a little red, and
looked a little more open now.  Maybe she would think it was a rash or
something.  At least, I hoped so.  I laid little Sara back on her blanket.
She then finally opened her eyes and started to cry, just as her mom got
there.  I gave her a bottle to quiet her and handed her to her mom.  Sara's
mom was in a hurry, and thanked me for taking care of her.  She gave me 20
bucks for my trouble and ran out the door.

   After she left, I looked at Toby and said, "Next time, I'm the one
getting some pussy.  And you're going to stay in the backyard, mutt." He
just wagged his tail at me.

The End

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