COMMENTS: Warning! If stories of child sex offends you stop reading now. 
If not, read on and see what fun you can have at a dirty job.

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STORY INTRO: Fred losses his job, his car, his license, and has to do 
community service at a day care. He changes more than diapers at his new job. 

Daycare Daddy

by Arlins Kinder Kornor

   "Hey Fred the boss wants to see in her office now." Those words were
what I remember most about that day. Strange it was not the rant that my
former boss laid on me. Now I can't really recall what she fired me over.
It may have been that her young daughter was seeing way too much of me. 
Funny thing was that I was not doing anything wrong with her. Maybe Kimmy
had been naughty.  I don't know.

   Her daughter was a friend of my five year old daughter, Kimmy and came
to "sleep over" often.  We had a pool in the backyard and a lot of the
neighborhood kids came over to hang out. The last guy that had the house
had actually shot two girls with a BB gun just because they were skinny
dipping in his pool late one night.  I, on the other hand loved having kids
around.  I did run the older boys off now and then.

   However sometimes I let a select few come over for a late night pool
party.  The yard had a high privacy fence along with a thick hedge of some
thorny thick green bush that stank to high heaven if you rubbed the waxy
pointed leaves.  Throw in the fact that neighbors on all three sides of my
property had mean junkyard dogs running free meant no one was going to peek
in through the fence.

   There was a six person sauna in the downstairs and a large wet room with
a sunken whirlpool/hot tub.

   There was only my wife and my five year old girl. The big house had six
bedrooms.  Becky my wife had the "GOOD" job.  She was an ad agent for a
major firm in the city.  She pulled down a healthy six figurer income plus
yearly bonuses.  The down side was that she was gone over half the time in
New York or LA.

   We had a very good black nanny. She loved Kimmy with all her heart and
it was a big heart as was everything else with the huge woman. My wife had
this crazy notion about breast milk.  She had it in her head that cow's
milk was for calves not humans.  Until Kimmy went to school next year she
would still breast feed.  None of this pumped out stuff no.  It had to be
from a warm living breast.

   Well nanny Jane had them in spades, so to speak.  Her 56" DDs could have
fed an army.  She was none too shy about pulling out one of her large
breast and holding Kimmy while she sat with me over coffee.

   " Why honey child, there ain't noth'n wrong with the two good tits da
lord God did give me.  And dare ain't noth'n wrong wif this child drinking
from em." She had told me one time when I asked.  After that I never
broached the subject again.

   We did have a problem when the boss' daughter wanted to have some to. 
Nanny Jane let her suck on the other tit.  Susan's mother my boss, was not
so broad minded.  Until we had to let Nanny Jane go Susan did not come over
for visits. Kimmy could and did go to their house just down the block.

   Like I said we had to let Nanny Jane go.  It was about seven months ago
now.  I went to work at the photography studio and Cindy our only secretary
said those infamous words.  "Hay Fred the boss wants to see in her office
now." She told me to pack up my shit and get the fuck out of her building.
I did.  I went to a bar and though that if I drank enough booze the world
would look better.

   Bad idea number 1. I was shocked to find out that the blood alcohol
level for the state I was living in was .08.  The officer was very
impressed with my 2.0.  He said that I should have been passed out dead or
just dead.  Never the less I got to get a free ride in a shinny new Crown
Victoria squad car.  My car a Jugular was hulled off by Sam's All Night
Towen' Service and Laundromat.

   The chapter of MADD had the boys down at the statehouse up a tree. 
Seems a few kids got killed by a drunk that had his licenses pulled seven
times in the last two years.  Well they put some teeth in to the next round
of DUI laws.  One was total forfeiter of said vehicle said drunk mother
fucker was driving. With a kicker of two year no licenses and six months
of community service.

   Becky thought that if we got a high priced attorney we could beat the
rap.  Her answer to most any problem was to toss cash at it until it went
away.  Bad idea number 2.

   I drew Judge Judith Lee Jackson.  Seems good old Judy's little grandson
was killed by a drunk driver two years ago.  My attorney should be getting
out of jail sometime this summer. It was something about contempt of

   I don't recall to well for my answer to most any problem was throw a lot
of booze at it until it goes away.  Did I mention it is not a good idea to
show up dunk for your court date?  Bad idea number 3.  We did not get the
Jugular back.  I was fined $300.000 and court cost and given a year of 40
hours a week community service.

   Bad idea number 4. Never, never give a mad female judge a smart answer.
She asked me during the very quick sentencing portion of my hearing if I
had any skills that would be of a benefit to the community.  I said, " Hay
I love kids but not like Michael Jackson." How the fuck was I to know that
she was his fucking aunt.

   Judge Judy found me a community service job that suited my special
talents. I got to take the bus downtown and work from 5:00PM until
Midnight at the no cost day care center.  I got to start the very next day.
Well I did tell her that I loved kids.

   Well long story short we were strapped for cash and had to let Nanny
Jane go.  She was ok with it but Kimmy did not like it one bit.  I was home
to care for Kimmy until Becky rushed home by 4:30 so I could take the bus
downtown and do my time at diaper world.

   I reported the first night and was greeted by Elsa Grunne.  A very large
Swedish woman.  She informed me that in Sweden men often took care of the
little ones.  She expected no less from me.  The place was a zoo, no really
it was part of the old zoo.  I think that it was the chimp house.  What it
was, was a warehouse for kids from three months to ten years old.  I could
see that we had way too many kids and far too few staff.

   If you pay the garbage man more than you do the people that care for our
children don't be surprised by the talent that takes the minimum wage job.
It seemed as if over half of the children were under four years old.  As a
newbie I got stuck with the diaper pail.  That is what they called the
changing room.  Old Fred had fifty smelly butts to keep clean from 5:00 PM
until the kids got picked up by midnight.

   Stella a low IQ trailer trash southern inbreed was my "supervisor" . 
Her training was brief and to the point." Use rubbers, ( I thought she
meant gloves )toss the shitty ones in this bucket.  Use powder and
Vaseline. Pink ones are for the girls, blue one are for the boys.  Watch
out some of them got the clap.  Here is a list of the ones what got the
bug. I won't put no stock in it though.  No smoken' in the room.  Ya can
eat youalls supper in the cage.  The yongn's cant get to ya thar.  Don't
worry bout that thar camera.  It haint worked in three years.

   If'n ya need anything just holler.  I be taken a nap for my real job at
the bar clean' up and stuff." With that I was thrust into the world of day

   I opened the door to the room and the smell nearly knocked me on my ass.
Take the nastiest nursing home and add a rendering plant and you would
still come up short.  There were some twenty crying babies in what looked
like cages.  There were about the same divided up in groups of five in
large pens.  I would not call them playpens as that would be a gross
miscarriage to the English language.

   The noise ran a close second to the smell.  I do not think that there
was one child that was not screaming at the top of their lungs.  I saw an
old man walking among the cribs.  He stopped and took out a black child. 
He put her over his shoulder and walked past me.

   "Hay man what are you doing with that child?" I asked as I barred his

   " Getting paid.  Don't worry I'll have her back in about an hour.  Here
is her chit." He said as if that made it all ok.

   "Well I ain't getting paid to make command decisions, in fact I ain't
getting paid all." I answered.

   " Same as me.  Like I said I'll have her back in an hour." With that he
took the child into a small room off the end of the hall.  I followed him
down the hall and looked through the dirty window.  There was a small cot.
He had the child nude and on her back.  I watched as he pulled out his cock
and then lifted the two year old's legs.  She was crying but it was hard to
tell with all of the other kids wailing at full throttle.  He used a glob
of Vaseline over her ass and then I watched as he opened her anus.  I stood
transfixed by the sight.  I felt my cock grow.  I watched him until he
finished.  He came out with the sobbing girl.

   " You want to use her?  I am clean and she ain't on the list.  I see by
your cock that you do.  It is easier the first time if you hold their leg
up.  I got her ass loose but her cunt may be too tight for you.  I am going
to pick out another one for later.  There is a sweet little boy that has
the tightest ass in the room.  I got'a go wipe some asses.  Don't fuck them
in the big room take'm back here.  You got the rubbers?  Did not think so.
Here I always carry a few extra.  You can pay me back later.  She goes in
this crib.  He said handing me her plastic tag that read bed # 37.

   I took the little girl and went into the room.  I put her on her tummy
and pushed her legs under her.  She was sobbing but my dick was hard.  Her
sweet black ass had a dark chocolate rim.  It was still puckered from the
reaming the old man had given her.  He had a long thick shaft for an old

   What the hell I figured in for a penny in for a pound.  I never liked to
use rubbers.  I lived on the dangerous side I guess.  Her anus felt so good
when I pushed the head of my hard cock in.  She screamed and bucked which
only drove me deeper into her bowel.  I got a good rhythm going and did not
last that long.  When I pulled out her shit had stained my cock.  I looked
at her pussy so tiny and red.  I rubbed my cock over it turning her cunt a
nice chocolate brown to match her skin.

   I took her nude back to the changing station and cleaned her up.  I
fingered her pussy and found that I had not been the first one in her tiny
cunt.  The old man came over to me and handed me a large bottle of baby

   " Here use this on her.  It ain't from Johnsons and Johnsons.  Its half
cocaine.  It shuts them up.  You owe me fifty bucks ya can pay me Friday.
You can fuck anyone in this room nobody listens to them.  But it is best to
leave the 5 year olds and up alone.  They will rat you out in a hart beat.
I know a few of them that like it.  I'll introduce you to them.  But they
want cash up front.  Five for a blow job and twenty for a straight fuck, 25
if you want to ride their asses." He said as he took a blond child back
down the hall.  I had to give it to the old man he had staying power, but
then maybe it was Viagra.  If this worked out I would be getting me some of
the funny shaped blue pills.  So many little cunts and asses and so little
hard dick.

   I did my best to get all of the children clean if for no other reason to
look at all of their privets.  I found a few boys that had nice long dicks
they liked it when I jacked them off.  I used one chute Hispanic boy.  He
did not even cry.  That was my limit for the night.  I had most of the kids
dry when they got picked up.

   The old guy, I found out his name was Scott, tipped me off to a neat
trick.  He would check the time the kid was to be picked up at and tried to
change them a half hour before.  If the kid did not piss or shit himself
again it looked good for you.

   I came in for work the next day better prepared.  I did find some nice
blue pills.  I had several jars of Bag Balm.  It worked wonders for red raw
asses and vaginas.  The boys got the short end of the stick.  I got all of
my girls clean and five of them royally fucked.

   I did one cute blond three times, twice in the ass and I got it all the
way in her so god damned pussy.  She bled for a while but I bag balm her
good.  She was just spotting when her young mother came and got her.

   I gave the thin woman a $20.00 as she looked like she could use it.  She
did not ask why.  She did ask if I could look after her girl on the
weekend. She hinted that a fifty would get her for both days.  She said she
had an older child if I was interested.  She showed me a snap shot of her
nude.  I took her address and number.  She put her hand in my pants and
said I bet it was a tight fit.  I gave her the fifty up font.  She asked me
if I wanted to take her home with me tonight.

   " How much?" I asked.

   " The fifty will do.  I need the time away from her.  Why don't you come
over to my place and try Sue out.  She is five.  She is not so tight but
she is willing to do what ever you what her to.  Call the fist time a free
sample.  You have time to do Ray Ann again before midnight.  I'll see you
later." She said as she pumped my cock getting it hard.

   Oh she is going to cry with this in her." She whispered in my ear as she
left me with her child.  Well now I was taking work home.  I was nothing if
I was not dedicated.

   I did take Ray Ann back to the room.  I pulled her diaper down and lube
her now open vagina up.  Her ass was so tight.  I put a small vibrating
dildo up her ass.  I wanted to feel it on the head of my cock.  She kept
trying to poop the dildo out.  I got some tape and fixed that problem.

   She screamed when I pushed the head of my cock into the folds of her
tiny pussy.  I let her stretch and slowly worked the head into her.  I
could see the outline of my shaft move in her small body.  I rode her for
about twenty minutes.  I could not get the feel of her anus out of my mind.
I pulled the dildo out of her ass and rammed it in her cunt.

   I did not let her ass ring tighten up as I pushed the head of my cock
inside of her velvet bowel.  I had her in my favorite position on her tummy
with her ass in the air.  Her legs tucked under her.  I made her poop.  I
have a dirty little secret.  I love to eat tiny girls shit.  I made her
suck my cock.  I sucked her ass clean and then stimulated her bowel until
she moved again for me.  The hot soapy tang of her shit sent me over the
edge and my Viagra induced hard pumped out more cum onto her belly.

   It was time to check out.  No one seemed to care that I had a child with
me.  I told them I was going to drop the kid off for her mother.  No one
seemed to give a shit.

   I took a cab to her apartment.  It was in the crack side of town.  I was
the only white face on the street at this hour.  I was offered five hits of
crack and three pieces of ass in one block.  One of the young black women
asked me if I like young ones like the one I had.  We stepped into an open
doorway.  I asked her to show me she was not a cop.  She pulled down her
pants and put my hand on her tiny pussy.

   "Yea young is good.  How old?  How much?" I asked as I ran my fingers in
side of the child's diaper.

   " I got three from two to eleven the middle one is four.  The young one
is still a pussy virgin.  To get to pop her will cost you a 100.  The
others are $10 bucks a pop.  You can do what ever you want to the two older
ones.  Look man I need the dough can't we work something out?"

   " I am on a house call now dear, but I always am looking for young
talent.  Here is a number call before 5:00 PM and after 1:00 AM." I told
the young woman.  I slipped her a ten spot for the info she put her hand in
my pants and played with my cock.

   " Oh man I would like to see that slide in any of my girls.  You ever do
older chicks like me?"

   " Not really sorry dear it is just my thing."

   "Ya I though so.  I will call ya later have fun fucking that baby." She
said as she gave me a quick kiss.

   I guess it pays to be in the right spot at the right time.

   I walked up the three flights of stairs over two drunks or dugies that
were passed out or dead on the second floor.  Someone had gone through
their clothing as their pockets were turned inside out.  The place smelled
of piss, vomit, and rotting garbage.  I saw a Vietnamese girl no older than
ten leaning in an open door.  She had on a dirty baby doll pajama top and
micro thong panties.

   She smiled at me and asked.  "You want good time?.  Only $15.00 for long
time.  $5.00 quickie.  You likey me no holler.  Number 1 fuckey, fuckey."

   " Show me the goods sweetie." I said as I stepped closer.

   " Sure, man you likey.  Nice and tight, clean no bad.  See you touch
only one dollar.  You like me do you good." She said as she pulled the thin
strip of wet cloth from her crotch.  She had a tiny patch of black silky

   I fished out a dollar bill and tucked it into her top making sure to
finger her bee sting nipple.  I rubbed her small vagina my finger slid in
easily.  She clamped her legs on my hand and humped it.

   "See number one pussy.  You like?  You fuck me long time I sucky, sucky
swallow all you hot cum ok?"

   "Maybe later sweet hart." I said as I pulled my hand out of the child's
body.  I handed her a five for her trouble.

   "Come inside.  Me sucky, you good." She said pulling at my arm.  It
smelled like some one was cooking a dog.  You never forget the smell of
roasting dog meat.

   " No dear the five is for you.  I be back later we boom, boom long

   " Hay you number 1, you want me make sex with baby?  I give you number 1
show.  I eat her good you fuckey me and baby.  Good time all night long. 
You dick so sore you want nobody else but Lin Lu.  She number 1 whore in
all of city.  No body better than me.  You likey boom, boom ass?  See I got
number 1 ass.  Me no cry.  You cum in ass is good OK?" She went on with her
sales pitch.

   " You are number 1.  I have business down the hall.  You know Sue?" I
said as I backed away from her door.

   " Sure me know Sue.  She ok for white girl.  You bring Sue here or me go
with you.  We have fucking good time.  You boom, boom all night long.  Only
$25 dollar, me need money for sick mother.  See she got number 10 sickness.
You take me.  I be good for you long time." She said nearly crying.

   A door opened down the hall.  Sue's mother stuck her head out.

   "Hay Lin Lu you trying to turn a trick with my John? If you are working
why don't you come over here.  It seems that John is interested in you....
You know that I always have tongue for you sweet hart." Trisha Ann said as
she waved me and Lin Lu down to her place.

   " You want me all night long?  It cost you 30 dollar. You both use me
ok?  I lock door.  Tell Mamasan Lin Lu go work long time. You pay up
front, no fuck over Lin Lu.  She one smart cookie.  Me makey you both com
like monkey all night long number 1 good time ok?" She rattled on with her
endless sales pitch,

   " How about it Trisha?  Is Lin Lu number 1 hooker in whole town?  I
would love to play with her and I share my toys well. My court appointed
shrink says that I do play well with others."

   " Yes Fred she is number 1.  She is worth the 30 bucks if you have the
cash." She said letting her house coat fall open she was nude under it and
sported a killer dragon tattoo.  I looked at her small frame and could see
me eating her small yellow bush and licking her 34 A cup speed bumps.

   " Here Lin Lu I will give to Mamasan ok?" I told her taking the money
out of my pocket. I always kept my walking around money in my front pocket
and never pulled out my wallet.  That was a good way to have it snatched.

   " Is Ok. You come now.  Me so horny want boom, boom now. You want beat
me?  Cost more money, but I no cry." She said as she led me into the small

   " No honey I no beat you. I eat you long time make you cum like three
monkeys all night long you likey I bet." I said teasing her as I rubbed her
fantastic golden ass.  Her hair was long and silky dark as melted coal.

   " Here Mamasan, she no get up. She got fucking lung sickness smoke too
fucking much American cigarettes. They number 10, hocking no good.  Lin Lu
no smoke, me sucky, sucky.  Is more better." She said as she bowed to the
frail woman that lay on a couch.

   They spoke in rapid fire Vietnamese. To fast for Me to follow. I had
done some contract work in Ho Chi Minh City for Time/Warner back in 2000.
Six months in Nam and I had picked up a lot of the lingo. But if you don't
use it you lose it. I had several rolls of hot young girls just like Lin
Lu doing what she was going to be doing in a few minuets. Thank God for
Vieira and pre-teen asses.

   I saw a Buddha on an end table with burning scented sticks and a few
small offerings of coins and bits of food. I bowed to the idol and place
another 20 at its feet.

   I spoke slowly in my pigeon Vietnamese. " Greetings honorable mother. I
am saddened to see of your illness. Your daughter does me great honor. I
will do my best to please her. Do not fear no harm shall come to her. Lin
Lu is as precious as the lotus flower. May Buddha's light shine down upon
thee and thy home." I said bowing low to the very ill young woman.

   "Thank you honorable sir. How does a round eye come to speak my native
tongue?  You look too young to have been in the great war." She said trying
to rise.

   "I had the great pleasure of working in the Jon Dong section of Ho Chi
Minh City. It is there that I learned my pitiful understanding of thy
beautiful tongue.  Please do not rise. Lay and rest. Do ye need anything
to comfort ye for the night?" I said putting my hand on her thin chest. 
She was burring up with fever.

   " No, No thank you elder sir. One shall be fine. One is happy that
thee find Lin Lu comely. I beg a personal question and am sorry for
speaking so boldly. Have thee a wife?" She said as a cough racked her
emaciated frame.

   " Easy dear mother. Thy question is a fair one and causes me no shame
or trouble. Yes I do have a wife." I said as I bounced Ray Ann to keep the
child happy. She was chewing on my ponytail.

   " Ah that is too bad.  Forgive a dying mother but One was hopping to
find a man such as thee to wed my only living daughter.  They tell me that
One does not have long to live.  One feels the blackness creeping closer
each day.  It is a pity.  One had hopes.  We have no living relatives in
this land.  Lin Lu was born here in the US of A.  She is citizen and makes
One proud.  We do what we must do to survive.  The authorities cause us
trouble.  They do not want Lin Lu to make a living with her body.  There is
no shame in this.  She is woman and men have needs.  One has taught her
well as ye shall see.  One grows weary and must rest.  Buddha be praised
that he has brought ye unto my door at my hour of need.  We shall speak in
the morning Buddha willing.  Go Fredsan and enjoy her body.  Lin Lu is
eager to please.  Oh one last question.  Thee wife does she know of ye love
for young ones?  One would not ask but time is short and One must see to
Lin Lu's future." She said as she lay exhausted from the long conversation.

   " Becky knows that I have needs.  She has her's and I do not stand in
her way to pleasure and so far she has not got in my way.  It is a marriage
of convenience.  There maybe a way that I can help both of you.  You are
tired and should rest.  Sleep well.  I shall treasure my time with Lin Lu.
I will treat her with love and respect.  Be well dear Mother." I said as I
slipped her the $30 in her out stretched hand.  I ran a few ideas through
my head.  They all had Lin Lu spending a lot of time in my bed with Becky
and Kimmy.

   " Thank you venerable sir.  Enjoy the night." She said as she bowed her
head and then fell back dropping off to sleep in a moment.

   "Lin Lu have to watch her mouth.  Why did thee not tell me thee spoke
Vietnamese" The child asked as she took a key on a necklace off a small
table by the door and put it around her neck.

   " Lin Lu did not ask Mr.  Fred if he spoke Vietnamese.  You are a very
brave child to work so hard to help One's mother.  I hope to pleaser ye
this night.  One knows that ye will give much joy to this old body.  One
may have a way that ye can come and live at my house.  Is it thee choice to
lay with a woman?" I asked as she shut the door and locked it,

   " Lin Lu enjoy both men, woman, children all same, same.  Lin Lu do what
makes her feel good.  Is it not the same with thee master Fred?" She said
as she tucked her arm in mine as we walked down the hall.

   " That is a very good way to look at life and sex." I said in English as
we came to Trisha Ann's door.

   " Hay Fred, I did not know that you spoke gook.  What were you talking
to Sung Ghee about?" She said as she let us in and closed her door and
locked it with six dead bolts and a heavy iron bar that angled to the
floor. I approved the ghetto security system.  The last thing I wanted was
for some crack heads to kick in the door while I was fucking a toddler and
eating out a nine year old's ass.

   " I don't speak gook, I speak some Vietnamese.  Sung Ghee was telling me
about her daughter.  She is dying and wants to find someone to take care of
Lin Lu.  I may have a way to do it.  Where is Sue?" I asked as I handed Ray
Ann to her mother.  The child squirmed and Trisha set her down on the
floor. I was happy to see that the place was clean.  The furnishings looked
like they came from the reject bin behind Good Will, but the apartment was
not cluttered and I saw that the kitchen skink had fewer dirty dishes than
mine at home.

   "She is in her room playing.  She has a nice large bed.  I thought that
we would play in there.  You are welcome to spend the night if you want.  I
don't know what it is about you but I am so god damned horny.  I want to
see you inside of Ray Ann and Sue.  I got some coke.  You want to do a
line?" Trisha Ann said as she threw off her house coat and pulled Lin Lu to

   "No thanks lets save the coke for the kids.  Makes them relax and enjoy
my brand of sex."

   The Asian beauty wasted no time is shucking her top and ripping off her
tiny panties.  Trisha Ann was about 5' 6" she had long blond hair.  There
was a splendid dragon tattooed on her chest.  It ran around her upper body.
The dragon had each tit grasped in his claws.  His body and tail wrapped
around Trisha's.  Its tail looked as if it was thrust into her vagina.  His
jaws were around her throat.  His teeth were dug into her skin as were his
claws.  Bright red blood looked as if it ran from the wounds he would have
inflected had he been real.

   " Holy shit!  That art work is superb.  It looks like he is eating you."
I said as I looked at the wonderful detail in the ink.

   "Yes it was my boyfriend's best work.  He got shot at his tattoo parlor
two years ago just before Ray Ann was born.  Sue is sporting some of his
ink to.  I caught hell from the social worker about letting my child be
inked.  I told them it was part of my religion and to fuck off.  The bitch
threw us off ADD and Food Stamps.  I am appealing the ruling but they are
fighting it.  They come round here trying to take the girls away form me. I
am afraid that they may yet take them from me.  That is why I need the
money.  I am going to night school at the community collage.  I am taking
law.  I want to fuck up the system with its own fucking rules.  Look honey
we can talk later.  Lin Lu has got me all worked up and we are wasting time
standing around talking about my body instead of using it." She said as she
scooped up the Asian child and took her into Sue's bedroom.

   I followed them into the small but tidy room.  I saw Sue laying on the
bed with her legs open.  She had a fairy inked on her chest.  The gossamer
blue wings wrapped around her body .  The young fairy looked a lot like
Sue. She was nude.  She had her hands reaching out just touching her dime
sized nipples.  The artist had allowed for her growth so that when she was
a woman the fairy would be holding her breast.  The long legs of the imp
rose up out of Sue's mound between her legs.  When she laughed the blue
fairy danced.  He loved the art work.

   She was playing alright, she was playing with a blue knobby dildo that
had a clit finger attached so when she got it all the way in her the finger
rubbed against her love button.  She was watching what at first I thought
was a kiddy prono movie.  A small white child had her legs spread open and
she was servicing two black men.  One of them was in her ass and had her
sitting on his cock.  I could see the long shaft slide in and out of her
tiny anus.  She was giving head to a long thick cock as it pumped in and
out of her mouth.  Her cheeks puffed up and went down when the cock

   I looked closer and saw that it was a home movie as Sue was the child
taking the black cocks.  She moaned on the bed as she had self-induced a
child sized orgasm.  It coincided with the black man pulling his cock out
of her mouth and spraying her face with his thick cum.  I was daunted by
the amount of cum he was pumping out.  I wished that he was here now so I
could have sucked his cum off her face and the other man's out of her ass

   " Hi Lin Lu.  You going to play with me and mommy tonight?  Hi you must
be Fred.  Mom said you were going to come and play with me.  I got myself
all ready.  She said you did Ray Ann real good.  Why you still got your
cloths on?"

   " Hi Sue, Yes Lin Lu make fucky, fucky with Trisha.  You to we boom,
boom long time.  I going to be busy with mother.  You play Mr.  Fred he
good man.  You like." The small Asian child said as Trisha pulled her to
the bed and they fell into a classic lesbian 69.

   " Hi Sue.  You are a very pretty girl." I said to the five year old as I
took off may shirt and pants.  I had not worn any underwear.  My cock was
up to the task and standing a attention ready to do battle with tight ass
rings and wet clinging pre-teen pussies.

   " Oh good you have a nice cock not too big.  It will fit in me very
good. Will you eat me out?  I like that first." She said as she fingered
her clit and pulled the blue vibrating dildo out of her body.  She offered
it to me to suck on.  I took the candy.  Her cunt tasted wonderful.  I put
the vibrating monster up my ass and dove down between her tiny legs.  She
was wet and hot.  I did my best to make her even wetter and hotter.

   Sue's vagina was soft and creamy.  The tinder folds of her young cunt
slid into my mouth as I tongued her slit and sucked the wetness from her
body.  I saw Ray Ann toddle into the room.  She had gotten out of her
sleeper and diaper.  I lifted the baby as she came over to see what all the
big people were doing.

   "Sue will you play with Ray Ann's pussy for me?  I would love to see
your eat her out while I eat you.

   " I play with her all the time.  I make her cry when I stick my fingers
in her butt and pussy.  She has to learn to take it like I did.  I don't
not cry at all anymore.  I am a big girl." She said as she pulled the
baby's legs open and started to tongue her.  The baby made gurgling noises
as she seemed to enjoy her sister's mouth on her cunt.  I know that I sure

   I went back to dining on the five year old's wondrous cave.  That she
was not a virgin was quite evident.  I slid one finger into her and felt
the clinging tightness of the walls of her body.  She worked her tummy
muscles and her cunt contracted and released my finger as I slowly finger
banged her.  My thumb found her ass hole.  She had a puffy rim of
hemorrhoids from the large cocks and dildos that she had taken in her anus.
I longed to turn her over and suck those sensitive puckers like a moist
nasty tit.

   The vibrating dildo in my ass was getting to my prostate and I was ready
to dump some cum into or onto something or someone.  I started to hum and
vibrate my lips on her mound.  I sought out her clitoris and attacked it
with a furry born of need and lust.  Sue arched her back and hooked her
long thin legs around my neck and began to fuck my face.

   She was moaning into her baby sister's cunt so I did not get all of the
words but they were mostly just OH my god oh my gooood.

   Trisha Ann pulled the sweet Asian child closer to her.  The heat of the
child's body filled her with lust.  The tiny amber skinned child always had
that effect on her.  She had the child on top of her so that her weight
would press down on Trisha's breast.  They each had a finger in the others
anus.  The young woman wished that she could get inside of the astonishing
child.  She was doing her best.  The girl was doing a spectacular job of
working her into a system wide orgasm.  Trisha let the feeling grow from
the point of her clit until it flowed like molten lava.  She cried out and
pulled the soft hair of the child's pussy into her mouth.  The child
answered with her own need and sent a surge of wetness from her tiny slit.
Trisha lapped the coppery fluid and rocked with another spasm of joy.

   She wished that she could possess her for all time.  She wanted this
girl more than she had ever wanted to be with anyone.  If she could she
would have ran to the roof and proclaimed her love for Lin Lu.  She wished
that she was a man so that she could impregnate her and be in a legal

   The two young lovers pulled apart and then dove into each others arms
hugging an cuddling each other kissing and crying so strong were their

   "Oh God baby you are so good for me. I love you so it hurts." Trisha
said into the child's ear.

   "Lin Lu love, missy very much. You make heart ache with joy. I am
sorry I no know words to tell missy how fucking much me love her." The
child sobbed as the hugged each other fiercely.

   "Oh God!  Darling If I were deaf and blind I would know the depth of
your love for me. I wish that we could be together for all-times.  I get a
little bit jealous of all the men that pay for your sweet body.  I know you
must make money for your mother.  You are such a brave and magnificent
person.  I adore thee to the depths of my soul. What can I do for you
dear? How can I make you feel joy this night?" Trisha said in a husky voice
dripping with erotic need and passion.

   "You not mad at Mr. Fred? He different. Make right words with
mother. He number 1 man. He ok.  Lin Lu likey him much. Look he make Sue
go wild. She cum like monkey yes?"

   "No dear Missy not mad at Mister Fred. I think that we will see quite
a lot of him. Oh my I have never seen Sue cum like that.  I think she has
had enough. You first sweet heart.  I want to clean my daughter up the old
fashion way." The young blond said as she rolled over and pried her older
daughter's legs off of the man.

   Fred felt someone remove Sue's legs from around his neck.  He came up
for air.  Ray Ann had been tossed off sometime during a violent orgasm and
was sitting on the bed sucking her thumb and fingering her wet pussy.

   Sue was talking or rather babbling as she came down off the thrill of
the endorphins that the man had released in her young body. She quivered
and shook.  Her heart was racing and she took air in ragged gulps.  She did
not know what the man had done to her but he was going to do it a lot if
she had anything to say about it.  She let her hand go to her hot pussy it
was so gooey and sticky with her own juices. She did not have the strength
to beg for more. She shuttered and slowly let her heart catch up with the
rest of her body.

   "Holy shit what did you do to Sue? I have never seen her like that I
have never seen a porn star like that. I hope you have it in you to do it
three more times cause you are not getting out of this room until Lin Lu,
Ray Ann, and I all have our turn.  You got to teach me that trick.  I told
Lin Lu that she could be next if that is alright with you?  Oh I like your
cock.  It is not too big for the children.  Not that it is too small but
you know what I mean.  You won't hurt them as much as some dumb mother
fucker with a nine inch prick.  Humm I see that you like toys in your ass.
We are going to get along just fine.  I think that I will suck you while
you eat out Lin Lu.  Sue needs a brake.  You have already done Ray Ann how
many times tonight?" She said as she spread her love child's legs open for
the man's astonishing mouth.

   "Hum let me count. Three times in her cunt, and four up her wonderful
ass. I think that she is getting used to the pain. She does not scream as
much as she first did.  You can suck me if you like. I am into giving more
than receiving head but I don't mind a good cock sucking now and then, and
Yes I love to take it up the ass.  I am bisexual, or as I say tri-sexual,
as in I'll try anything sexual at least once. You will know how to do my
trick as soon as I start to do it to you. I would rather show you than
tell. It gets a little noisy and may sound funny but just ask Sue when she
can speak how it feels.  You might want to give Lin Lu something to bite on
like a wet rag it helps the first time." Fred said as he moved down between
the pre-teen's almond legs.

   Her cunt was a mound of pleasure. It was sticky with Trisha's work. He
planed to make it even more so. He hoped that the child had a good heart.
He pulled the maturing folds of skin from her tiny pussy open.  The scent
of her filled him with awe. He found the red button of her clitoris in its
amber hood. He blew softly with his hot breath and let the long hairs of
his beard tickle her. She giggled and pushed herself deeper into his mouth
in effect telling him to get on with it.

   He began humming softly and then deeper with slower pulsating waves of
his lips against her willing slit.  The vibrations went deep into her body.
He could feel her ass resonate with his song.  She had her first mild
orgasm.  She dug her nails into his back and thrust her hips at him
pounding his mouth.  He pushed and back with throbbing lips.  He sent more
powerful pulsations into her clitoris.  She had a chain of pleasure and
then it all just blended into one long fucking fantastic ride.  She lost
control of her body and lay limp letting him beat her pussy with his lips.
She jerked and twitched not able to do more than lay back and let him abuse
her with oh such a incredible feeling of bliss.

   Trisha had stopped sucking his cock.  Lin Lu was shaking the bed so hard
it was like trying to give head on a rollercoaster.  Which was not a good
idea.  Cocks have been bitten off on such rides.  You can look it up on
Alt. Disney/space mountain /blowjob /accidental removal/cock.

   Lin Lu was calling out in her native tongue.  Fred had not heard the
words before and was not sure if they were words but she was making a lot
of noise.  She lost all since of time he could have been sucking her for
ten minutes or ten hours.  She arched and bucked and then pissed.  He was
ready for it and drank every drop.  That made her go off on another bone
crushing round of sexplosions.

   She could take no more.  She hit him on the head and begged for him to
stop.  He did but slowly keeping her on edge.  He let her come down and
then sent her back up again.

   She sat up and said.  " Oh God, Oh God.  Stop no more.  Pussy can not
take.  You stop now please." And then fell back moaning.

   " Holy fuck!!  Don't do that to the baby. I think that you would kill
her. But it won't kill me. I am so fucking wet. I smelled her piss. You
took it all. I have some saved for you.  Be a good boy and I will let you
drink it all gone.  I bet you like to lick my poop to.  Oh you nasty boy.
If you are a good boy momma might let you feed to.  Now come here and send
me off like you did the children. Its momma's turn to cry.

   He did. She did.  Then she passed out. He was not so nice to her. 
Fred did not stop when she first cried enough.  He did slow down but he
sent her over the edge until she crapped herself. He took the time to
clean her like a good slave would.  She did not have much in the movement
so he went back to her pussy and worked her until she just ripped at his
beard and then fell back unable to take anymore.

   Sue and Lin Lu were busy trying the new technique on each other. What
they lacked in skill they made up for with effort. Neither one wanted to
be the first to say enough. In the end it was a tie. They lay panting in
each other arms and watched Mr. Fred work on Trisha Ann. It was good to
see a master at work.

   He looked at his watch. It was 4:30 in the morning. He did not have
time to fuck Sue and Lin Lu. He was going to take Ray Ann home with him.
He had a thought.  He had room at his place. Becky would be thrilled with
four new willing pussy to play with, Yea she was bi also more into the fems
than the mens. Kimmy would get to have more nice women and children to
play with and to play with her.

   He went to the bathroom and cleaned his mouth and purged his system. It
was best that way it did not make him sick. He brushed his teeth and used
half a bottle of her mouthwash. When he came back in the room the females
were in a group cuddle. Arms and legs were tangled up tighter than a
Twister game. It looked kind of subdued as they were all coming down from
the sex ride.

   " Hay Trisha do you have a car?" He asked as he sat on the bed.

   " No sorry.  But Lin Lu's mom has a van.  I think it still runs.  It is
parked out back.  Why?" She said as she pulled out from the wonderful pile
of girl parts.

   "Well this is the offer. I have a huge house. I love all of you. I
know we just hooked up but I think that it is for a reason. I have a room
for Sung Ghee. My mother passed last year and she spent her last years at
our house. There is a complete hospital room set up and empty save for the
times I play doctor with Kimmy and some of her friends.

   I want to see you guys out of this dump.  You can go to school and save
money by not having to pay rent.  You can be with Lin Lu all the time and
you need not tell the fucking social workers where you moved to.  I need to
get home won't you come with me?" He offered.

   Trisha looked at Lin Lu and said.  " What do you think honey? I think
it could work out we can always try it out first.  Lets go ask your mom. 
Sue honey get some stuff together.  Fred will you pack some stuff for Ray
Ann it is my room.  I will be right back." She said as she found her robe
and tossed it on.  She found a large teeshirt for Lin Lu and they dashed
off to her apartment.

   I looked around Trisha's room and found a bag with handles on it that
would do for luggage. I tossed in two bags of pampers and all the baby
stuff she would need. I found six outfits for the baby. I saw that she
had some booted pajamas. I tossed them in the bag to.

   I went back to check on Sue.  She was dressed and had stuffed what to
her were the essentials of modern life. Five dildos, a pile of her home
sex movies, some handcuffs, a whip, and some clothing wadded up and toss in
as an after though. God I love this child.

   It was not too long before Trisha and Lin Lu came back both taking at
once.  The justs of it was that we were going to my house.  I had called
Becky and told her that I was out cating around and would be in late.  I
called her again and told her that I had found some very nice new living
toys and that she should wash her pussy for one of them would probably want
to dine on it as a way of introduction.  She was sleepy right up until I
gave her the run down of our new extended family.  She said that she was
calling in sick and to get my ass back home as soon a possible.  She would
have the hot tub cooking and wake Kimmy up as it was not fair for her to
miss out on all the fun.

   I had to call a cab anyhow as we could not all fit in Sung Ghee's van. I
did not drive, once bitten twice shy baby.  We got loaded and made it home
just after sunrise.  Sung was settled in her room.  Becky would call a
friend of hers, (a you eat me I'll eat you friend) that was a nurse.  She
would come and see what could be done to ease Sung Ghee's pain.  It was six
am when I got everyone in side and settled in the hot tub.  My services
were in demand.  I was out numbered six to one.  I gave it my all.  I went
down swinging or should I say sucking?

   I was going to be one tired mother fucker at work. Well maybe I would
only use two or three of the babies tonight. Fuck no I still had the

   I had just entered my daughter's clinging body when my fucking phone
rang.  I yanked it off the nightstand, is it a nightstand during the day?
Any how I digress.

   "Yea" I answered a little pissed that someone would call me when I was
fucking my child for the second time that morning.

   "Hay honey member me?  We met last night. I needs to get some cash.  I
let you use all three of them for fifty. How about it." The young black
woman asked.  She seemed stressed.

   "You make house calls? I can send a cab for you. It is cool you know
Trisha from your hood?"

   "Yea, I seen her round. She cool for a white girl. What about it?"

   "Well she is here with me, well not with me she is doing my wife or my
wife is doing her or some such combination of female body parts.  There is
always room for more.  We can talk about things when you get here.  You got
a man or someone after you or are you hooked up with someone you don't what
to leave?"

   "Man you a mother fucking psychic. No I got no one I wants to be with.
I got an asshole that think he my pimp. He hurt my baby and I cut him
good. He be in the joint for only three more days.  I needs some place
safe. I give it to you for free if you help me out honey.  I knowed you was
a good man when I seen ya.  Give me that address we be there in half an
hour." She said as she cried with relief.

   I gave her the address and called a cab for her. Then got back to
finishing up my sweet baby girl.

   "Who was that daddy? She asked as she wrapped her young legs around my
back and pushed me deeper into her.

   "Some more girls that need a place to stay for awhile." I answered as I
calculated the odd against me....  Hum out numbered nine to one.  Sounded
great to me.