Chocolate Boy Toy  (Mb,extreme pedo,toddler,nepi,anal,discipline)

By Brian

   It was a hot humid late afternoon.  Temperatures were well over 35
Celsius and the thirty five year old white man was sweating like a pig as
he sat in the room opposite a large black man.  A ceiling fan stirred the
thick atmosphere but did not to cool things down.

   The white man was Mark, a man who had made a tremendous killing on the
internet by selling his company for a small fortune just over a
year ago.  From a nobody struggling to make ends meet he had been
catapulted into a life of abundance where money was never a factor when it
came to getting what you wanted.

   The black man sitting opposite him was a local War Lord who ruled
supreme in the part of Sierra Leone which he and his army of cut throats
had captured some time ago.  They were in the town of Kabala not too far
from the Guinea border.  The War lord was a General Bhao whose nickname was
"General Cut Off His Balls" because his favourite pastime was castrating
prisoners or civilians or ordering his men to carry out the deed by saying
"cut off his balls".  He meant it as well and had his orders not been
carried out immediately the offending soldier would have had his balls cut
off as well.  General Bhao was just twenty years old but, in an army where
the average age of the rebel soldiers was fourteen or fifteen, he was
considered ancient.

   The route that led to this meeting between Mark and Bhao had been long
and hazardous.  It had resulted from a chance meeting that Mark had had in
Nairobi with a South African that knew Sierra Leone well.  The South
African had been describing some of the terrible outrages carried out on
the civilian population by both the government troops and the rebel
soldiers that formed the RUF.  He described how various War Lords of the
factions forming the RUF kidnapped boys and girls for their own purposes.
Boys from age eleven up were required as soldiers and girls as sex slaves,
cooks, housekeepers etc of the rebel armies.  The boys were forced to kill
their own parents or their teachers, guardians or headmen of their villages
before being conscripted by the War Lords.

   The South African went on to describe how some War Lords had no morals
at all.  He mentioned in particular a General Bhao, known as General Cut
Off His Balls, who had been known to trade in very young children abducted
from orphanages and nursery schools.  After plying the South African with
more drinks, careful questioning revealed that Bhao abducted boys of six
upwards for his army.  The six to ten year olds ran messages and carried
stores and ammunition and also spied for the War Lord.  At eleven years old
they became proper soldiers.  Girls on the other hand served no useful
purpose until they were aged ten.  Then they became either sex slaves or
camp slaves for the War Lord.  Bhao had a thriving side line having come to
an arrangement with Guinean gangsters.  He sold them girls aged between
five and ten to be used in special brothels in that and other countries,
including European countries.  He had many other prosperous side lines. 
The one that made him the most money was illegal smuggling across the
borders of diamonds mined in the area under his control.

   When it came to young boys under six he had no use whatsoever for them.
When raiding villages, schools, orphanages and such like he would often
throw boys of three and four to his troops to be used for bayonet practice.

   Mark had used his considerable wealth and influence to find out all he
could about Sierra Leone and General Bhao.  His agents had unearthed all
the secret bank accounts that Bhao had in various overseas banks.  The man
was a multi millionaire from the funds he had amassed from his nefarious
dealings and Mark had full details of them all.  Using a Guinean agent,
Mark had managed to set up this meeting with the General.

   The object of the meeting was simple.  Mark had a need for very young
boys from time to time and, despite his great wealth, they were difficult
to obtain.  The General had access to these boys but, to date, had found
them of no use to him.  This was the subject the two men were now

   Mark was no fool of course and knew just how dangerous things might
become.  General Bhao might decide to take him hostage and not release him
unless a considerable ransom was paid.  Mark had made clear that if there
was any question of a double cross by Bhao or if anything untoward was to
befall him during the proposed meeting, then every last cent of the rebel
General's assets overseas would be seized and Bhao would never see them
again.  In addition highly paid assassins would hunt down and kill the
General.  Now, at last, Mark had flown across the border in his own private
helicopter for this meeting.

   All small talk had finished and now the two men were coming down to
brass tacks.  Mark explained that he had a need of young boys from time to
time.  Boys aged three to five.  He would pay handsomely for such boys and
wanted to know if the General was able to supply them.  He made clear that
he knew of the trade in young girls that was netting Bhao a fair profit so
obviously the man could have no moral scruples in supplying boys to Mark
from time to time.  The General admitted that it was possible that he could
meet Marks needs but it would be expensive.

   "How much per boy?" Mark asked the twenty year old General.

   Bhao looked at the white man as he wondered just how high he could go.

   "One thousand US dollars per boy" the General replied.

   Mark was amazed at the price quoted.  He had expected five times that
amount at least.  However he knew what was expected.

   "Come now General you know that is well over the odds" he replied.  "I
would be prepared to pay five hundred US dollars."

   "At that price it would not be worth my time or trouble" General Bhao
replied.  "Anyway how many boys a month are we talking about?"

   "A minimum of six a month, sometimes more" Mark answered.

   "I would be prepared to supply boys for you at eight hundred US dollars
each with a guaranteed minimum payment monthly of four thousand eight
hundred dollars" General Bhao said.

   Then he added "that is my last offer and the money has to be paid in
advance on the first day of each month.  If you require more than six boys
in a particular month then you will pay eight hundred dollars each for them
before you collect them."

   Mark was more than satisfied.  Although to General Bhao this was a large
amount, his monthly salary was only one hundred US dollars a month, to Mark
it was peanuts.  They went on to discuss the question pf delivery of the

   Mark stated that the boys must be between the ages of three and five. 
In good health and virgins, apart from that, looks were unimportant.  His
Agent would collect one boy each Monday and the last week of the month take
the additional boy or boys to make up the monthly quota of six.  If more
were required his Agent would contact the General and arrange to collect
them.  It was also agreed that the same route that was used to smuggle the
girls out of the country would be used for the boys.  Mark then had his
Agent brought in from the helicopter and introduced him to the General.  If
anybody other than this man appeared purporting to represent Mark then that
person would be a liar.

   "General you can cut off the balls of any such person" Mark said keeping
a straight face.

   The General laughed heartedly as he realised that Mark knew his

   "I'll make the fucker eat them as well" he said.

   Now that the business was all concluded Mark told the General that he
must leave.  His Agent would contact the General regarding the first
delivery once the necessary money had been deposited to one of Bhao's
specified overseas bank accounts.  Then the General asked Mark if he would
like to take a boy back with him, he could have him in advance of the
payment being made.  Mark was delighted at the suggestion and the General
ordered his second in command to go to one of the nearby villages and bring
back a three year old boy.  He must be in good health with no defects and
if the parents objected the mother could be used by the soldiers before
being killed whilst the father was to have his balls cut off.

   Two hours later the patrol that had been sent out returned.  One of the
soldiers was carrying a young black boy on his shoulders.  The boy was
crying because he had been taken away from his parents and was frightened.
The boy was left with Mark and the General and the soldiers returned to
their billets.

   Mark now spoke to the boy in Krio, the pidgin English spoken by the
natives, and both the General and the boy was surprised.

   "No don't be frightened" Mark said with a smile, "I'm taking you for a
nice ride in a helicopter."

   The boy's tears dried up and, after Mark had said his farewells to the
General, he, his Agent and the boy went to the chopper.  The Agent was
piloting it and Mark and the boy got into the rear seats.  Then it took off
and headed back towards Guinea and the boy left his country forever.

   Mark, once settled in the helicopter, asked the boy his name and was
told that it was Jimmy.  He was not surprised to hear that because Sierra
Leone had been a British Colony until given independence and still English
was the official language and many British customs and names remained.

   Jimmy was three years old, a chubby chocolate coloured young boy.  He
had tight black curly hair, big round brown eyes, a flat nose with wide
nostrils, thick lips and beautiful white teeth.  He had plenty of puppy fat
and his torn dirty white shorts were fully stretched to cover his fat
buttocks.  In this heat he wore no other clothes and had a pair of small
flip flops on his feet.

   Mark reached across the young boy and unfastened his seat belt and also
unfastened his own.  Then he lifted Jimmy up and put him down on his lap so
that the boy's back was against his chest and his thick black curly topped
head rested against his shoulder.  The boy's fat little legs were hanging
down either side of Mark's so that they were wide open.  Mark patted and
stroked one of Jimmy's lovely smooth brown legs.

   "You're going to make me very happy Jimmy" Mark said as he nuzzled the
boy's head and, at the same time, ran his hand up under the leg of the
boy's shorts.

   Jimmy said nothing but sat very tense on this white man's lap.  He was
truly frightened of this big bird that he was sitting in and felt some
comfort at being held closely by this stranger.  However he wished that he
was safely at home in his village with his parents and friends.

   Mark withdrew his hand from Jimmy's shorts and felt for the zip fastener
and lowered it.  The boy shifted uneasily.  Mark's hand now entered the gap
in the front of Jimmy's shorts and found the boy's little cocklet.  It was
quite big for a boy of three, but then Jimmy was West African.  It felt
lovely and soft and Mark felt around until he found the boy's soft
testicles.  Then he started to rub a finger and thumb up and down the shaft
of Jimmy's young cock and found it beginning to stiffen.  As Mark played
quietly with Jimmy's lovely little penis he reflected on his luck.

   He was a bachelor and had never been attracted to women.  In his late
teens and early twenties he had one or two affairs with other men but that
did not satisfy him at all.  He found himself going to places where boys
could be found.  Sunday morning football matches, swimming pools, skate
boarding parks, adventure playgrounds and the like.  He would watch boys in
all states of dress and undress and then, on returning home, wank himself
silly as he fantasised about the things he would do with some of the boys
he saw.  More and more he was drawn to watch young boys.  He would visit
the beaches throughout the summer and watch naked boys of three or four
frolicking in the sea and playing on the sand.  Alas all he could do was
watch.  He knew that it was much too dangerous to try and put his fantasies
into practice.  Then, on selling his internet company, he found that he was
a very rich man.  He left his own country and spent a short time in Asia.
He found that, because of its reputation as a paedophiles paradise and the
outrageous way that Westerners behaved, a clampdown on men who wanted to
play with children was now in force and you stood a good chance of spending
a long period in prison if caught.  Thailand was a case in point where
Western tourists had flaunted their young playmates and thus brought down
on their heads the wrath of their own governments who then pressurised the
Thai government into clamping down on the child sex industry.  Mark had
left Asia without a single conquest although he lusted after the beautiful
smooth young bodies of Asian boys.

   He went to Africa and acquired a very secluded ranch type home in
Guinea. With the home went a considerable estate which he divided up into
small farms and homesteads for natives of the country.  They lived rent
free and prospered from the foods that they produced and sold.  They
respected Mark's privacy and never bothered him.  The government left him
alone as he was helping local people and not dabbling in politics.  When
required, he gave generously to the government party and also to the local
police chief, army commander and other influential people.  As a result
they left him alone and he was able to come and go as he pleased.

   He still had not attempted to make friends with any young boys and, in
any case, had ruled out local boys in case it incurred the wrath of their
kith and kin.  He had gone on a short break to South Africa to see what the
situation was like there and that had led him to where he was now.

   For the first time in his life Mark had a young boy of his own and, it
would seem, a plentiful supply of replacements.

   Jimmy stirred as he felt Mark's hand playing with his young cock.  It
felt real good but nobody had done anything like this to him before.

   "Do you like me playing with your little cock?" Mark whispered.

   The boy just nodded his head.

   "We will be arriving at my place soon Jimmy" Mark informed the young boy
as he continued to play with the stiff little cock.

   His own was fully erect and pressing into the small of Jimmy's back.

   "We're going to have lots of fun when we get there.  I'm going to fuck
the hell out of you and you're going to enjoy it a lot" Mark whispered.

   "Not just fucking but other things to.  Jimmy my lovely little chocolate
toy, you're going to give me lots of pleasure" he said as he kissed the
boy's neck whilst still playing with his cock.

   Then the Agent told Mark to put Jimmy back in his seat and for both of
them to put on their seat belts as he was coming into land.  He put them
down on a helipad at the back of the house.  Mark got out and then lifted
Jimmy out.  He told the Agent to make sure to follow his instructions
carefully and then he took the boy indoors.  The Agent took off making for
the capital where he lived.

   The house was staffed by several servants who had been specially
selected by the Agent.  They lived in their own staff houses a short
distance from the main ranch.  The Agent had made clear to them that they
could pursue their own lives just as they wished provided that they brought
no disgrace or publicity onto their employer.  Should that happen then, as
the Agent made very clear, they would forfeit their own lives and they
would die in particularly painful ways.  So long as they were discrete,
carried out their duties diligently and never pried into their employer's
matters they lived rent free and were paid a very generous salary by
Guinean standards.

   On entering the house he was greeted by the male housekeeper.  He was
asked what time he would like his meal and whether it would be for one or
for two.  Mark gave him the necessary instructions and told him that once
the meal was finished and the dishes all cleaned both he and the head chef
and his two kitchen helpers were finished for the rest of the day.  He
would ring for them in the morning when he was ready to get up.  As the
housekeeper left the room Mark smiled to himself.

   The housekeeper lived in his nearby small house with his six year old
daughter.  His wife was dead; she had died when her daughter was exactly
two years old.  Accidental death by touching a live electric wire had been
the verdict.  Mark's Agent had recruited the man because his sources had
informed him that the man was sexually assaulting his daughter and had been
doing so from her second birthday.  He delved deeper and, unknown to the
housekeeper, was in possession of pictures showing the man fucking his own
young daughter.  The Agent's detectives also dug up evidence that proved
the man had murdered his wife.  What the Agent did not know was that the
housekeeper fucked his young daughter every day and swore he would not stop
until he made her pregnant.  Once she had born him a daughter and that
child reached the age of two then his firstborn would become redundant;
surplus to requirements; of no further use.  He would then start fucking
his new two year old daughter (or would she be his granddaughter?) and
hopefully he would live long enough to get her pregnant in due course of
time.  He had not considered what would happen if his daughter bore him a

   As for the cook, he shared his house with his two young kitchen hands.
Both boys were eight years old (far too old to interest Mark) and the cook
fucked each of them morning and night and sometimes, when he was
particularly randy, during the day in the kitchen.

   As you can see, such servants as these were hardly likely to worry about
their boss entertaining young boys.

   "I expect that you are hungry Jimmy" Mark said in a kindly voice. 
"After you've eaten we will get nice and clean and then have lots of fun

   Jimmy just looked at the man.  He was quite overwhelmed by everything.
He'd never been inside a big house like this and never sat at a big table
and waited to be served with food.  He wondered where he would go for his
wash as he had not seen a river nearby and everybody knew that you had to
wash in the river.  When the meal was served by the Housekeeper, Jimmy
tucked into it and his plate was soon empty so Mark had the servant bring
him some more.  After he'd finished eating Mark told him it was time for
them both to get cleaned up.

   He took the young boy to the bathroom.  The gleaming tiled surfaces, the
running water both hot and cold, the toilet, the towels all left the young
boy quite speechless.  Mark showed him how to use the toilet first having
made the boy take off his dirty shorts.  Then, stripping naked himself,
Mark took Jimmy into the shower booth.  As the warm water cascaded over
them both Mark soaped Jimmy's body paying particular attention to his
rectum and genitals.  This was the first time he'd laid his hands on such a
lovely young smooth body and his cock was throbbing with excitement.  Once
they had both showered, Mark wrapped Jimmy in a warm bath towel whilst he
dried himself.  Then he dried Jimmy.

   They both now had time to look at each other.  Mark was delighted with
what he saw.  A three foot tall chocolate coloured young boy who was nice
and plump and whose body was so smooth.  The only hair he had was that on
his head, tight black curly hair.  Jimmy's cock was soft once again but,
even in that state, it was two inches long and the foreskin hung over the
nob for almost another quarter of inch.  Beneath his lovely chocolate
coloured cock he had a set of tight balls.  His buttocks were plump with
lovely little dimples and his deep butt crease was in need of careful

   Jimmy was also giving Mark a close examination.  Mark was the first
white man that he'd seen.  He was astonished to see how white the man's
skin was around his middle where his shorts protected his skin from the
sun. To the boy, the rest of the man's body looked rather pink and his face
a brick red.  Jimmy could not take his eyes off Mark's cock.  It had a long
thick shaft, very white with blue veins, and then a huge purple cock head
with a big piss slit which was leaking as if the man was needing a piss. 
The cock was nine inches long and too thick for the boy's hand to reach all
the way round.  Beneath the cock, Mark's big balls were swinging slightly
and he had a thick matting of blonde covered pubic hair.  The rest of
Mark's body was muscular and he had an athletic build.  In fact one room of
the house had been transformed into a gym where Mark regularly worked out
to keep himself fit.  He had blonde hair and blue eyes and, because of his
fair skin, tended to go red rather than brown.

   The examination of each other over, Mark now led Jimmy to his bedroom.
Mark's bedroom was large and, with the air conditioning full on, nice and

   One of the things Mark had invested in was a very powerful generator
that not only supplied his house with all the power needed but also
supplied electricity to the staff houses as well.

   Jimmy was speechless as he looked at the big bed and the rest of the
furniture in the room.  Mark lifted the boy up and placed him on the centre
of the bed.  He then went to the dressing table and picked up a tube of KY

   "We'll be needing this" he said to Jimmy smilingly as he got on the bed
beside the boy.

   He started to tickle young Jimmy who began to giggle and wriggle.  The
three year old boy was starting to enjoy himself.  Mark tickled various
parts of the boy's body as Jimmy giggled and laughed and twisted about. 
The more Mark played with the boy's lovely soft smooth body the more
excited he became.  His big cock was now throbbing painfully with
excitement and Mark was ready to take things further.

   He made sure that Jimmy was laying on his back and then he told the boy
to grab hold of his ankles.  To do this, Jimmy had to move his legs up over
his body so that his knees were touching his chest.  Then he was able to
hold on to his ankles.  His buttocks were now sticking up in the air.

   "Keep hold tightly now Jimmy" Mark said as he got off the bed.

   He went to a chest of drawers and returned carrying two lengths of thin
cord.  He tied the end of one length of cord around Jimmy's right wrist.

   "What are you doing white man?" Jimmy asked as he continued to hold onto
his ankles.

   "Call me Mark not 'white man' and I'm tying your hands to your ankles so
you don't let go whilst I'm playing with you.  You're my little chocolate
toy boy and you look good enough to eat" Mark replied as he finished tying
Jimmy's right wrist to his right ankle.

   As he started to tie the boy's left wrist and ankle together Jimmy was
shaking in terror.

   "I don't want to be eaten, I don't want to be eaten" he cried as he knew
that some of the soldiers in his own country ate enemy that they had

   "Don't be silly Jimmy, I'm not going to eat you.  I'm going to play with
you for a little and then I'm going to fuck you my sweet little virgin
chocolate boy" Mark said as he patted the boy's plump dimpled buttocks.

   He lay down on the bed behind young Jimmy and used his hands to spread
the cheeks of the youngster's arse.  Now he could see the entrance to the
passage of joy and pleasure.  The boy's hole was closed but the lips of his
arse showed pink against the brown of his skin.  As Mark kept the boy's
buttocks spread he stuck out his tongue and licked the boy's lovely shit
hole.  Jimmy shivered and tried to move away.

   "What are you doing Mark?" he asked in a shaking voice.

   Mark grinned at the boy who was laying on his back.  His hands were
still gripping his ankles and they were tied together with the cord. 
Jimmy's knees were touching his chest and his buttocks were sticking up in
the air.  He looked an amusingly delightful sight as he lay available and
ready for any type of play that Mark cared to indulge in.

   "I'm licking your shit hole Jimmy" Mark replied as he continued to hold
the boy's buttocks apart.  "Soon that little hole will be your cunt and I
will be shoving my white cock up it."

   Jimmy trembled as he realised what Mark was going to do.  He may only
have been three but he wasn't stupid.  He could not imagine how the man
could possibly get such a long fat cock up his arse, but he guessed it
would hurt him a lot.  He started to blubber as Mark Licked and kissed his
tiny shit hole.

   "Please Mark can I go back to my village?  I want to go back home" the
boy whimpered.

   Mark ignored him as he started to lick the boy's little cock.  It was a
lovely thin brown stick.  Jimmy's cock started to respond to Mark's tongue
and stiffened.  Very soon it had grown from a soft two inches to a hard
four inches in length.  The foreskin that had been covering the little red
nob was now fully pulled back down the brown shaft.  Mark opened his mouth
and closed it around Jimmy's cock frightening the boy out of his wits.

   DON'T EAT ME, DON'T EAT ME" he started to yell and then his words
petered out.

   He felt Mark's mouth sucking on his cock and felt the white man's lips
moving up and down the stiff shaft and it made him feel real good.  He
started to giggle and gurgle with pleasure as Mark enjoyed the taste of the
young boy's cock.

   The man was loving the feel of the cock in his mouth and enjoying the
slightly boy piss taste of that sweet little tool.  As he sucked he was
tickling beneath Jimmy's tight little balls and knew the youngster was
enjoying it by the groans of pleasure that he was making.

   Mark had never sucked a boy's cock before, he'd never even played with
one before.  He knew that it was the one thing that he had missing from his
life.  He needed young boys to make himself complete.  He decided that it
was time to find out just what it was really like to fuck a young boy.  His
loins ached to be able to do just that and his cock was throbbing at the
mere thought.  But he'd never fucked a boy before and hoped desperately
that, after all his plotting and scheming, he was not going to be

   He picked up the tube of KY and smeared a drop on his middle finger.  He
then rubbed the tip of his finger against young Jimmy's tiny hole.  He put
a drop more KY on and this time pressed his finger hard against the boy's
closed hole.  After a moment or two of such pressure the sphincter muscle
reluctantly opened and Mark's finger entered the garden of paradise.

   Jimmy gave a little squeal as he felt the man's finger enter his hole.
He whimpered as Mark moved it around just inside his back passage.  Then
Mark pulled his finger out and wiped the KY off on a piece of tissue that
he had handy.  He stuck his finger into his mouth and got it nice and wet.
Then he pushed it back into Jimmy's tight hole and this time pushed it in
deeper.  He was surprised at how hot the boy's bowels were and the way the
intestinal tube pulsated gently around his probing finger.  Jimmy was
whimpering but not actually crying.  Although what Mark was doing felt
strange it wasn't actually hurting the young boy.  Mark withdrew his finger

   This time he stuck it straight into his mouth and sucked it.  The taste
of the boy's body on his finger was wonderful; Mark could never have done
this when having sex with other men, it would have made him sick.  But the
taste of the boy was marvellous so he thrust his finger back up the hot
tight hole.  Then he started to fuck in and out with it as Jimmy did not
know whether to laugh or to cry.

   In the boy's short life he had seen many atrocities carried out by
soldiers against villagers.  He had seen them rape, torture and murder.  He
had even seen one of his friends, a four year old boy, used one day as
bayonet practice.  But he had never seen any boy played with by soldiers in
the way that Mark was playing with him.  Jimmy lay on the bed with the
man's finger fucking in and out of his hole and recalled how, on several
occasions, he had seen soldiers doing this sort of thing to girls in the
village.  But they had not been using their fingers; they had been using
their cocks.  The young boy lay with his eyes half closed thinking to
himself that at least this was not hurting him.

   Mark had decided that Jimmy's hole was ready to take his big cock.  He
lubricated the nine inch long tool and then positioned himself over the
young boy.  He guided his big cock head to rest against the tiny hole and
then supported himself above Jimmy by placing his hands on the bed either
side of the boy's body.  He looked down into the youngster's big brown eyes
and a thrill went through his body as he saw a gleam of fear in them.  He
wondered how loudly Jimmy would squeal when his cock started to enter the

   The moment was right, the boy was ready, Mark's cock was ready and all
he had to do was press down with his body.  He prayed that he would not be
disappointed, that he would be fully rewarded by enjoying the best fuck of
his life as he took a young boy's cherry for the very first time in his

   "Here we go young Jimmy" Mark whispered to the frightened boy.

   Then he pushed down hard with his body.  His cock was pressing against
three year old Jimmy's rectum and forced the sphincter muscle open.  His
big purple cock head squeezed it's way through the tight entrance into the
most wonderful place that it had ever been in all its life.  Mark's head
was spinning with erotic pleasure as he felt the boy's tight ring around
his cock head.  Then he heard the shrill shrieks of the boy as Jimmy felt
his hole being stretched to breaking point.

   "Aaah you like it then my brave little chocolate boy" Mark whispered to
the screaming child as he forced more of his cock into the young boy's

   Mark was not at all disappointed as he started to force his cock deep
into Jimmy's bowels.  This was even better than he had expected.  As Jimmy
screamed and shrieked from the pain, Mark could feel the boy's hot bowels
and the intestines pulsating around his thrusting cock.  It was marvellous
and he smiled down into Jimmy's pain filled brown eyes that were now full
of tears which ran in little rivulets down the boy's chubby brown cheeks.

   "You're making me so happy my lovely little chocolate boy" Mark
whispered to the screaming boy as he forced more of his cock into Jimmy's
back passage.

   Mark had now got five inches of his nine inch long cock up young Jimmy's
behind.  He had read all the warnings about not forcing to much cock up a
young boy's rectum for fear of rupturing his stomach but he wasn't going to
worry about that.  Jimmy was just the first of many boys that Mark would be
using and he was determined to make this, his first fucking session with a
young boy, a memorable occasion.  He would use the full length of his cock
to fuck the shit out of this, his first little brown chocolate toy.

   He now started to fuck the boy properly.  He pulled his cock out a
little way and then pushed back in, out again and back in, out and in, out
and in as slowly but surely more and more of his long cock entered young
Jimmy's body.  Six inches, seven inches and then eight inches of man cock
went into the three year old boy's body.  Jimmy was shrieking and screaming
and trying to get his hands away from his ankles as the big cock thrust in
and out of his body.  Tied as they were, there was no way that Jimmy could
move his hands; he had to lay on his back with his buttocks in the air
taking whatever Mark wanted to give him.

   Mark wanted to give the young boy all nine inches of man cock.  He then
wanted to give the young boy a belly full of thick man cream.  He wanted to
fuck the boy hard for as long as he could using every inch of his cock to
do so.  Sweat was pouring from Mark's body despite the air conditioning in
the room as he thrust ever harder and faster in and out of the boy.

   All nine inches of cock was now driving in and out of the tiny tight
hole.  Mark was fucking the youngster as hard and fast as he could. 
Fifteen, twenty, twenty five and then thirty minutes of wonderful fucking
passed by as Jimmy screamed and Mark groaned with pleasure.  Every time the
man thrust into the boy his big balls were grinding into young Jimmy's
buttocks.  The boy could feel Mark's blonde pubic hairs pressing against
his soft skin.

   "Shit you're marvellous, great, wonderful, your hole's so hot and tight"
Mark panted as he fucked away at the boy.

   Forty five minutes had now passed and Mark felt his balls tighten.

   "I'm cumming Jimmy, I'm going to give you the treat of your life my boy"
Mark whispered as his throbbing cock thrust in and out of the youngster.

   As Mark thrust all nine inches of cock straight up Jimmy's lovely tight
arse he started to shoot his thick cream into the boy who had not stopped
screaming from the time Mark's cock had first entered him.  Mark pulled out
and thrust back in and shot another load of cum into the young boy.  Out he
came again and back in to shoot even more of his sperm into that lovely
tight arse.  Mark pulled out once more and then thrust back in and created
a record for himself as he came yet again.  Never in his life had he
managed to cum four times and only once before three times.  That had been
when he was fucking an eighteen year old man pretending that it was a two
year old boy he was doing.

   With a deep groan of pleasure Mark felt his balls empty.  He pulled out
once more and thrust back in but he had no more cum left in his bollocks.
With his cock buried to the hilt inside the three year olds body Mark
looked down at the boy's tear filled brown eyes.

   "That was the best fuck I've ever had" he whispered to the screaming
child.  "In a moment I'm going to suck your cunt dry and then I'll
introduce you to some more fun and games."

   After a few minutes rest whilst Jimmy's screams died out, Mark started
to pull his cock from the young boy's tight arse.  As it emerged it was
covered with cum and the cum had streaks of red blood and a hint of brown.
Mark examined the youngster's gaping hole very closely and saw that all
that was leaking from it was cum.  No sign of blood so he knew that he had
not physically injured the boy.

   "I knew that you could take all nine inches" Mark said in a self
satisfied tone of voice to the whimpering young boy.

   "Now" he went on as he moved down the bed, "I'm going to suck your cunt
dry.  In future, after I fuck you, the first thing we'll do is have you
clean my cock but today I want the full taste of my cum as it cums out
straight from your lovely little boy cunt."

   He kissed Jimmy's buttocks and then looked at the boy's hole again.  It
was still wide open and leaking his creamy coloured sperm.  Mark started to
lick the sperm from off the boy's hole and then he stuck his tongue inside
and started to lick the cum out of the youngster's back passage.  Jimmy had
stopped whimpering now and was enjoying the feel of the man's tongue on his
sore arse hole.  Mark was also enjoying himself.  The taste of his cum
straight from the cunt that he'd just fucked was like nectar to the
paedophile.  Having cleaned the inside of Jimmy's hole as best he could
with his tongue Mark now pressed his lips tight against the outside of the
lovely pink coloured ring.

   Jimmy was gurgling with pleasure as the pain of the fucking was fading
from his short memory.  Mark started to suck hard and the boy felt the cum
sliding down his back passage and into Mark's mouth.  It felt just the way
it felt when he had a shit and Jimmy wasn't sure whether or not it was his
shit that Mark was sucking from him.  He wasn't worried as, whatever it
was, it sure felt good to Jimmy as it slid out of his guts.

   When Mark had sucked the boy's bowels dry he kissed young Jimmy's boy

   "Jimmy you taste lovely, you look lovely and you are lovely.  You're my
own little chocolate coloured boy toy and I'm going to have a lot of fun
with you" Mark said as he started to untie the youngster's wrists.

   Once the boy was free of his bonds he was able to lay down on the bed
with his legs fully extended but his pleasure was not too last long.

   "I shall be fucking you again very soon but first you've got to get my
cock nice and hard for me Jimmy" Mark said as he opened his legs wide.

   His soft cock was laying over his balls and it was covered in his dried
cum mixed with streaks of dried blood and shit.

   "Get between my legs and start licking my cock.  When I tell you to,
stop licking it and start to suck it instead" Mark ordered.

   Jimmy was only three years old and far too young to understand that
sometimes he had to do things that were not to his liking when he was told
to do them.  He screwed up his nose as he looked at Mark's dirty cock.

   "I want to go home to my village" he said.

   "Get between my legs now you little cunt and start licking" ordered Mark
who had a short fuse at the best of times.

   "I won't, I want to go home" Jimmy replied in a stubborn voice.

   Next moment he was sent reeling across the bed as Mark clouted him
around his ear.  He started to scream as Mark grabbed his leg and pulled
him back to where he was now sitting up on the bed.  The man pulled the
screaming boy across his lap whilst Jimmy was laying face down.

LITTLE BASTARD YOU DO AS YOU'RE TOLD" Mark yelled as he used his hands to
slap the boy's back and buttocks as hard as he could.

   Jimmy was screeching and screaming as tears poured from his eyes.  Mark
was beating him as hard as he could.

   The white man realised that this was making him feel excited; he enjoyed
hurting the boy; he enjoyed hearing him scream.  This was truly fun in a
most sexual way possible and it was an eye opener to Mark.  He slapped the
boy's body unmercifully for the next fifteen minutes.  When he'd finished
Jimmy's brown body showed blue and black smudges of bruising where Mark had
used his hands to punish the boy.

   "Are you going to do as you're told now Jimmy?" Mark asked.

   "YES, YES, YES" screamed the young boy who was now terrified of the
white man.

   "Good get between my legs and lick my cock until I tell you to start
sucking it" Mark snapped and the young boy quickly obeyed.

   He lay on his belly between Mark's muscular thighs and stuck out his
tongue and started licking.  Mark leaned back on his elbows enjoying the
feel of the boy's hot tongue cleaning his cock.  He lay back watching the
youngster perform and thought about his recent feelings.  He'd got a real
sexual kick out of beating the young boy.  He felt real good as he saw how
easy it was to break the young fucker's spirit and also to know that he
wielded complete power of life and death over the young boy.  He started to
wonder just how much pain the boy could take and an evil thought entered
his head.  He put it to one side as he decided that he would pursue it the
next day.  Right now he was ready to have his cock sucked.

   What with the beating he'd given young Jimmy and the work the boy had
done with his tongue, Mark's cock was now fully erect,

   "Time to suck my cock boy" Mark said, "not only to suck it but I want
you to swallow the whole fucking thing down your throat."

   Jimmy's eyes were blinded with tears as his back and buttocks burnt from
the severe hiding he'd received.  He was just following blindly the
instructions that the white man was giving him.

   "Come on Jimmy start sucking my cock.  Don't worry I'll help you to
swallow the fucking thing" Mark said impatiently.

   The boy opened his mouth wide and closed it around the big purple cock
head and then he started to suck.  Mark placed his hands on the boy's head
and grabbed Jimmy by his short curls.  Had the boy's eyes not been full of
tears already this would surely have brought on the water works.  Jimmy
felt Mark's hands pressing down hard on his head and he felt the cock being
forced deeper into his mouth.  Then he started to retch and gag as it hit
the back of his throat.

   "Stop pissing around wanker" snarled Mark as he pulled the boy's head up
and then thrust it back down again.

   He pushed real hard and his cock head entered Jimmy's throat and made
the poor boy start to choke.  Mark pulled Jimmy's head up again and pushed
it back down, up again and back down, up and down, up and down until the
boy was swallowing six or seven inches of hard white cock.

   "SUCK IT YOU BASTARD, FUCKING SUCK IT" yelled Mark slamming the boy's

   Jimmy did his best to obey.  As he sucked as hard as he could and
breathed in air though his big wide nostrils he could hear Mark swearing
and cursing him.  Jimmy could understand the ordinary works Mark used
because they were in Krio but curse words themselves were lost on the boy
because Mark used English for them.  In fact his whole speech was a mixture
of English and Krio but Jimmy was able to follow most of what the man was

   Mark was working the three year old boy's head up and down like a piston
rod.  The man knew that he was about to cum so he pulled his cock most of
the way out of Jimmy's mouth leaving just a couple of inches laying on the
boy's tongue.

Jimmy sucked as hard as he could.

   Next moment the boy's mouth was full of cum as Mark shot his load.  The
man held the boy's head firmly in place so that all the boy could do was
swallow the cum.  As he was trying to breathe through his nose, some of the
thick cream started to run out of his flat nostrils.  Then Mark shoved the
boy's head brutally down and all nine inches went into Jimmy's mouth and
down his throat.  As it went down Mark was shooting more of his cum and
this was going straight down Jimmy's gullet and into his stomach.

   "Suck me dry bastard, suck me dry you dirty little faggot" Mark groaned
as he started to slap the sides of the boy's head to emphasise his needs.

   Poor Jimmy sucked as if the devil was after him.  He sucked every last
drop of cum from Mark's balls and, even when they were empty, he kept
sucking until Mark decided he'd had enough.

   He pulled his cock from the boy's mouth and pulled him up his body until
their faces were close to each other.  Then Mark started to kiss the cum
covered lips of the boy.  He pushed his tongue hard against Jimmy's mouth
until the boy's lips parted.  Then he started to explore the inside of
Jimmy's cum covered mouth with his tongue.  He licked all around enjoying
the lovely taste.  As he held Jimmy in his arms whilst thrusting his tongue
in and out of the youngster's mouth he pushed two of his fingers up the
boy's arse and started to finger fuck him with them.

   Jimmy tried to struggle out of Mark's grip but the man was too strong
for him.  He kept him like that for more than fifteen minutes whilst
licking and kissing his mouth and finger fucking his arse with his two

   At last Mark's lust started to ebb and he decided that he needed some
sleep.  He warned Jimmy that he was to stay on the bed with him all night
and he should now go to sleep.  He also told the superstitious young boy
that if he got off the bed and left the room an evil spirit would carry him
down to the kitchen and put him in a cook pot.  Then he would be eaten for
dinner the next day.  Jimmy was terrified and in his fear cuddled up
tightly to Mark.  Mark smiled to himself as he turned out the lights and
they now lay in darkness.  He put his arms around the young boy and pulled
him down so that Jimmy's buttocks were pressing against his soft cock. 
Should Mark wake up in the night then he would be able to slip young Jimmy
a length with no trouble at all.  He kissed the top of Jimmy's head and
then fell asleep.

   Jimmy, only three years old, had been on the go all day and so he too
quickly drifted off into a deep sleep next to his new owner.

   Little did he know what the next day had in store for him.


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