Cheyann (Fg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,inc,reluc,anal,masturbation)

by YoungstuffLover

   PART 1

   I waited exactly 25 minutes after the Parkers left before I removed all
my clothes.  I loved the way felt to be nude in front of little girls like
Cheyann, the 4 year old little doll I was watching tonight.

   "Cheyann, looky here!" I pointed at my bare pussy, exposed because I had
spread my legs wide, my tanned limbs in the air.

   As Cheyann trotted over innocently, I scooted my bottom to the edge of
the couch and grabbed my ankles in my hands.  I was really wide open now. I
licked my lips and looked at my bald shaved smooth cunt lips, pulled apart.
I love how pink my insides are, especially right around my tight cunt hole!

   "Look!" I said as I smiled at the blonde toddler.  Her wide blue eyes
focused in on where I was still pointing to my twat and then back up to my
face.  "You know what this is, Cheyann?  It's a cunt.  Can you say 'cunt'?"
I asked.

   I pushed the tip of my finger into my hole, swirling it around lightly,
hearing the smack smacking sound of my juices already flowing.

   "Cunt," Cheyann said, obediently, still looking at my opened up pink
slit.  I bucked my hips and orgasmed hard.

   "That's a good girl.  Such a good girl," I cooed at her.  I touched her
pink baby lips with the finger I had just cummed on, smearing the creamy
white nectar on her.  She licked her lips, made a face, and licked them
again.  This time while her tongue was out, I leaned down and French kissed
her little mouth.  Yum.  I tasted my creamy pussy cum and her sexy childish
breath.  Cookies and innocence in that mouth.  Now my tongue was in there
too.  I pulled her closer to me, really tonguing her little mouth, feeling
the slick insides of her cheeks and her sweet soft tongue.  I pushed my
tongue as deep as I could, further into her throat.  She tasted amazing and
her little mouth was so warm.  She moaned a little, I hoped out of ecstasy,
but probably because my big wet tongue was swallowing her little mouth.

   "Cheyann," I said as I pulled away my mouth from hers, "I wanna see
yours now!  You have a cunt too Cheyann, and it's right there." I poked her
vulva in the blue crotch of her sweatpants.  She was a cherib, this one. 
She had on a light blue sweatshirt and pants with a panda bear on the front
and there were small little buttons on the front of her shirt.  I massaged
her little vagina through her sweats and pinched and squeezed.  Fuck, this
is why I love babysitting, I thought, and stifled a giggle.  "Show me your
cunt, Cheyanne!"

   She hesitated.

   "Cheyann, you had better be a good girl or I will tell Mommy and Daddy!
Now show Auntie Jenny your cunt," I told her firmly.  She toddled onto the
sofa, her big blue eyes so charming.  "Oops, forgot my pants!" she said. 
She stood back up and pulled her sweatpants down to her ankles, bending in
front of me, giving me a clear view of her panty-covered toddler ass.

   Still fingering my cunt, vigorously now, I reached down and pulled her
blue cotton panties into the crack of her toddler ass.  They were a vision,
her smooth and unblemished bubble buns.  Two round globes separated by
tightly pulled up panties.  I pulled the panties up a bit harder now,
forcing her bottom cheeks to protrude lewdly.  She had on pink butterfly
panties that were tightly fitted to her bottom.  I reached around her
smooth thighs and cupped her ass cheeks with my hands.  I gently squeezed
them rhythmically until she began to rock a bit back and forth.  Her little
bum felt so warm and perky, the fullness of her meaty cheeks causing me to
squeeze harder, pulling her little toddler bottom apart.  Her little
panties were really wedged into her baby butt crack, so I began running my
finger against her split, teasing myself more than her.  The material of
those panties was the only thing preventing me from molesting her cute
little toddler asshole.

   Licking my lips, I pulled her onto my lap to slap her ass lightly.  I
watched it bounce and jiggle as I smacked it, and I began to alternate
between deep butt cheek squeezes and light swats on her behind.  We had to
lose those panties, I decided.

   "Cheyann, honey, take off those undies," I said, standing her back up on
the floor.  When I looked into her eyes, I saw small pools of tears in both
sweet blue eyes.  Damn.  She thought she was in trouble.

   "Baby, I only swatted your bottom for fun.  You are not in trouble,
okay? I promise.  You are actually being a very, very good girl."

   She nodded slowly.  "It didn't hurt you, did it pumpkin?" I asked.  She
shook her head.

   "Good, I don't wanna hurt Cheyann, I want to make her feel real good! 
Do you wanna make Aunty Jenny feel good, too?"

   "Uh-huh.  Yeah." She was nodding, cheering up rapidly at the thought of
pleasing me.  Her silky blonde curls cascaded past her shoulders and
bounced a bit while she nodded.

   I pulled her little panty-bunched G-string to the side, pulling her
sideways until she turned all the way around, giving me a perfect view of
her precious ass.

   "Good, then take off those undies for me, and I will make sure we both
feel good." I gently pushed on the small of her back and she bent over
obligingly and began to slowly pull down her panties.

   "You are such a pretty girl, Cheyann, I am so happy to be babysitting
you.  You are a good girl too, aren't you?" She nodded.  "Now touch your
toes for me and I will give you a treat real soon.  You like treats, don't
you?" She nodded more enthusiastically.

   "Will I get a popsicle, Miss?" She turned around to look at me, only
moving her neck, her hot, sexy legs and butt still right in front of me. 
Oh God!  There was her tiny pink puckered anus right in front of me!  I
might die!  I began to circle her small pink star slowly with my thumb.

   "Maybe, now get up here on Antie Jen's lap, Cheyann.  There you go.  Now
I am going to spank you for being such a slut okay?  You are a baby whore,
Cheyann, but I promise I won't tell anyone if you do everything I say to
you.  Okay, baby slut?" I was overcome with lust and the sadistic need to
satisfy my now throbbing cunt.

   When Cheyann didn't respond, I lightly slapped her cute little ass check
and the sexy flesh jiggled ever so slightly.  I squeezed a bit harder now,
cupping and gripping her full ass cheek with my hand.  "Say, 'I am a baby
slut,' right now Cheyann," I commanded with authority.

   "Baby slut?" She asked innocently, her little face turning red as she
looked up at me.  Her head was hanging down halfway to the floor, blonde
curls cascading, as she wiggled and twisted around on my lap.  Her ass was
delicious looking.  I pulled her around on my lap until she was straddling
my waist, facing downward.  Using my thumbs, I pulled her cheeks wider
apart, making her toddler anus pop open nicely.  Mmmm, wow!  Tossing her
onto the couch, I knelt in front of her little bot bot and began to suck on
her sweet special hole.  It tasted so yummy, and I felt a wave of perverse
pleasure while I swirled my tongue around and around her little puckered
baby butthole.  I was fingering my cunt and moaning and humming into this
baby girl's crack, my head completely forcing her little buns open for my

   I let my tongue wander all over her crack and her pussy slit.  I tried
shoving my tongue into her asshole as far as I could until she whimpered a
little.  "Ssssh, it's okay Cheyann, it's supposed to feel that good honey!
It feels naughty too, because you are a slut!" I giggled and tickled her
pussyhole with my tongue.  Was she wet?  I wondered as I tasted her little
snatch hole.  Mmmm, her pussy tasted so fresh and silky and I really pushed
it hard into her, feeling the resistance from her tiny vagina.  God, I want
to molest this girl hard, I thought.

   I licked my own pussy soaked finger and began to circle her hole
seductively.  I pulled her around to face me on the couch and I still knelt
in front of her.  "Grab ahold of your ankles, Cheyann, and pull those baby
legs far apart as you can, okay.  Be a good girl, and I will give you a
treat, remember?" She smiled slowly, a bit confused at the pleasure she was
experiencing, but being very obedient.  Such a good little sluttoy, I
thought.  God, I love toddlers!

   I looked at the smooth, pale vagina, spread wide for me to devour.  It
was slick from my tongue, pink from her innocence, and her tiny little clit
was starting to swell.  Fuck!  I began sucking her little cunt good,
assaulting her clit and hole with my tongue.

   I was bucking my hips and cumming all over my fingers now, plunging
threa deep into my soaking gash, moaning into Cheyann's little baby cunny.

   I didn't even hear her daddy come through the front door.

   "What in the hell....?" His voice trailed off as he took in the sight of
me sucking his 4 year old daughter's cunt and ass and masterbating my own
cunt lewdly.

   I turned around, startled at the sound of his voice.  He already had his
hand down the front of his pants...

   PART 2

   I was startled to see Mr.  Parker standing in the entryway, and my heart
was beating hard in my chest.  I had been caught red-handed and bare assed,
molesting this toddler by her own father!

   "Well, well, well...  Isn't this interesting?" Mr.  Parker said, his
hand still down the front of his khakis, stroking his cock.  "You are
busted, young lady."

   Wide eyed and beginning to feel hot tears well up in my eyes, I
stammered, "It's not what it looks like Mr.  Parker, I promise, I--"

   "You, little girl, are playing with my 4 year old daughter's pussy.  You
are eating and sucking on my toddler's little vagina, aren't you?"

   "No, sir, I mean yes, sir, but I swear I will never do it again!  I
just...I am so sorry--"

   Mr.  Parker put his finger to his lips as if to shush me and began
walking towards me and Cheyann, who was now innocently fidgeting with her
cunt lips and little clit, unaware of the tense situation around her.

   "Chey, baby, are you okay?" He asked her in a very fatherly voice.

   "Yea Daddy, this is cunt," she said sweetly, pointing at her wet fleshy
little cuntlet.  I almost died of shame and fear.

   Mr.  Parker shot a look at me and looked at his little girl.  "Yes,
precious, it's a cunt.  And a very pretty one, don't you think, Jenny?"

   He wanted me to answer?  "Um, yes, it's so...  I think it's pretty,
yes," I stammered.

   "Daddy wants you to keep playing with Jenny while he watches, okay,
Cheyann.  Daddy likes when you play these games with Jenny...and I need to
make sure you are okay, darling.  Would that be alright?" He was cupping
her little pointy baby chin in his hand as his words dripped sweetness like
sugar.  "Go ahead, Jenny, continue as if I weren't here." He stared at me
hungrily, his brown eyes penetrating me deeply, making my pussy clench up a
bit and pulsate.  Was he a pedophile like me?  I wondered.

   "Oh, no, I couldn't!  I should go, Mr.  Parker, I am so sorry.  I feel,
I feel...  just awful," I wiped away a hot shameful tear and gulped.  My
throat was dry and sore with fear, but my pussy was still twitching deep
inside, hoping for dirty satisfaction and perversions of all sorts.

   Mr.  Parker grabbed my arm firmly and tugged me toward Cheyann's spread
toddler legs.  "You will do everything you planned on doing before I walked
in, or else I will be forced to tell Mrs.  Parker and your parents.  Do you
know how much trouble you will find yourself in, young lady?" He paused
while I nodded my head in reluctant agreement.  "Now get between those hot
little legs and suck on my little girl's cunt hole and little pink clit!"

   I hesitated before I allowed my tongue to touch her soft fleshy pink
cunt.  Mr.  Parker took that small moment's opportunity to kneel down
beside me and slowly spread Cheyann's tiny toddler lips open with one hand.
Using his other hand, he grabbed the back of my neck and pressed me down
toward her underdeveloped vagina.  "Jenny," he whispered sensuously in my
ear as I tried to fight his forceful nudging, "I have wanted you since your
parents moved in last year.  God, you were only 13 then, but what a sexy
little cunt you were!  I have watched you in your bikini with my
binoculars, praying for your little cunt to become visible and getting
hardons when your little bottoms got stuck in your crack.  You are the
sexiest little teen twat in the neighborhood.  I had no idea you were such
a good little babysitter, though.  It really pleases me...and I think you
might need a raise, huh?  Maybe we should use your services more often,
considering how good you are with little Cheyann here."

   He was stroking my long silky honey-brown hair and pulled me to him for
a long deep French kiss.  My teenaged pussy was on overload, being so close
to him and his daughter's little twat, and my wet sticky juices were
running down my tanned thighs.  When he started squeezing and pulling on my
tight hard little nipples, I moaned out loud into his mouth.  That really
set him off!  He began to pinch and slap my 34C, full and firm teenage
tits, getting rougher with his teeth and tongue on my mouth.  His mouth
felt so hot and warm and wet, pulling me into another dimension of
perversion.  Grinding my pussy into his outer thigh and wetting his nice
expensive pants with my cunt juice, he straddled me over his leg and
bounced me like he would a toddler, and I was almost 15!  It felt so good
and waves of orgasm pleasure took over my whole body while I flooded his
leg with my girly goo.

   "I want you to put on a show for me, you bad bad little girl.  Now, quit
fucking around and suck my daughter and molest her whole little body while
I fondle and molest yours!" he groaned into my ear, tonguing it and sucking
on my earlobe.

   I didn't hesitate this time as he spread her cunt lips open again.  I
got even hornier when I heard him a few times correcting her when she
didn't keep her little sexy toddler legs spread wide open for my hungry
mouth.  I felt wicked pleasure as I sucked and lapped at her tiny cuntlet!
She was even more delicious this time, with her daddy watching and cheering
me on!  Moving my tongue into her slit, I pressed firmly on her little
pubic bone, trying to suck her dry and lick up and down her little gash at
the same time.  She was silky soft inside her cunt and the little baby hole
barely took the tip of my tongue as I tried force-fucking it.  She moaned a
bit and wiggled her hips as if she were enjoying it, so I stabbed her hole
with my tongue as hard as I could, getting over half of it inside her cunt!
She was so fresh and sweet tasting!  Using my thumbs, I spread her little
slutty butt crack and wiggled my tongue around her little hiney hole!  Oh
god, her little naughty hole was so yummy!  I then lost all control of
myself and licked her from her butthole to her cunny hole over and over and
over, up and down, up and down!  Feverishly I ate her out, sucking nibbling
her fleshy little chubby lips, and sucking her immature clitty out of it's
protective hood!

   I felt Mr.  Parker's hot excited breath on my neck quicken, and he let
out a nasty perverted groan as he watched the show.  He began nibbling and
biting my young neck and throat flesh as my tounge abused little Cheyann.
Oh God, I thought, I wonder if he will give us both his Daddy cock?  My
pussy lips began to drip wet sex juices down my bare legs.  As if he could
smell my pedo hunger, and he probably could because I was cumming every few
seconds, he reached between my thighs and slid his finger back and forth in
my wet slit.

   "Mmm, you are a such dirty whore babysitter, Jenny!  Your little cunt is
soaked like a fucking child molester's!  It's okay though, baby...I have a
confession to make, darling," he said seductively deep into my ear, giving
me shivers, rolling the words off his tongue like a snake.  "I have been
sucking on her cunt since we brought her home from the hospital." With
that, he began fingerfucking my hot hole deep and fast, bringing me a
cunt-shattering orgasm, the entire time licking my neck and sucking on my
earlobe some more, whispering dirty guttural sex phrases in my ear.  "You
little slut fucker...she tastes like sunshine doesn't she?...I had my cock
in her little baby mouth this morning...she's used to cum being shot all
over her little gonna watch me rape her holes?"

   I came over and over, nonstop waves of pure pedo passion rushing from my
pussy walls into my veins.  I was light-headed and dizzy enough to not even
notice him removing his fancy clothes and underwear.  I looked down finally
to see his huge 8 inch thick veiny cock and big hairy scrotum.  It was
disgusting, but I couldn't look away.  It looked like a monster between his
legs, leaking precum out of the head like oozing slime.  He chuckled when
he saw me staring at it.

   "Spit on her cunt, Jenny, right now.  And make a nice little pedo hole
for Daddy," he demanded almost cruelly now.  He grabbed Cheyann's little
wrists as she started to roll off the couch to escape the huge monstrous
cock in front of her.  "Give her a sweet little kiss and tongue her mouth
as good as you tongued her little baby fuckhole, Jenny!"

   As we French kissed deeply, my tongue invading her very sweet little
warm mouth, I felt Mr.  Parkers wet cockhead on my thigh.  He was stroking
his big thick pedo dick against my leg fast and hard, smearing his cock
slime all over me.

   "I can't decide if I want to pound your fucking little tight teenie
asshole, Jenny, or her little baby pink virgin cunnyhole first!  Wanna flip
a coin?  Either way, you are both getting fuckin' drilled before Mommy gets
home!" From the power of those very pervy words or from the way my saliva
was drooling from the corners of his toddler daughter's mouth, he shot his
first very hot load of sticky gooey man cum all over my leg.

   Oooh, was I about to get fucked or was I giong to help a Daddy molest
his own little 4 year old?  I wondered.  But, who cares?  Either way, I
would never going to forget this fucking hot day!


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