Babysitting Baby Alison  (F,fg,extreme pedo,nepi,oral)

by Parkjen

“Hi Mrs. Walker”, I say as she opens the door for me.

“Oh hi Jen, right on time!” She lets me into the living room and starts to 
give me instructions for the evening. “Now, Alison is in her crib taking a 
nap. She should be ready to get up around 4:00.”

I am looking around the house as she talks. I have been wanting to sit 
baby Alison for the last 4 months but the Walkers never asked me. When 
Mrs. Walker called and asked if I would be interested in sitting for them 
this evening, I jumped at the chance. Baby Alison was the most beautiful 
11 month old I had ever laid eyes on.

“Her bottle is in the kitchen and will be ready when she wakes up,” she 

After what seemed an eternity, Mrs. Walker leaves. I lock the door behind 
her and sit down on the couch.

I look at my watch and see that I have about 45 minutes before baby Alison 
wakes up from her nap. I flip on the TV and start to channel surf. I 
notice that there is a tape sticking out of the VCR. It doesn’t have a 
label on it. Curiously I push the tape in and the tape flickers to life on 
the TV. I sit down on the couch. My eyes widen as I gaze at the screen. 
There in front of me is Mr. Walker lying on the very couch I am sitting 
on, and what appears to be Mrs. Walker in a very sexy teddy with a black 
thong pushed up into her ass on her knees in between her husband.

‘Mmm this looks interesting,’ I think to myself.

As I watch this hot scene, my fingers drift down to my panties. I can feel 
that I am getting really wet. I start to tease my clit with one of my 
fingers and gently push another into me. This isn’t working, I need to 
pull my jeans off. I stand up and wiggle out of my pants and panties. I 
get comfortable and get back to the task at hand (with every pun 

I start fingering myself and feel the intense orgasm build. All of a 
sudden I hear baby Alison crying in her crib. ‘Oh man. SO SO CLOSE!!’ I 
think, but then I remember my true intention for being here.

I wander upstairs and look in on this adorable little being. She has 
stopped crying. It looks as though her little pacifier had come out of her 
mouth and she couldn’t find it, but once she had she settled back down.
I move over to the edge of the crib and gaze at her. She smiles up at me 
and I melt. I need to feel this child, I have to touch her, caress her. I 
reach into the crib and scoop her into my arms.

I move over to the changing table because I can see that she has peed in 
her little diaper. I am standing at the table without any pants or panties 
on. My pussy tingles at the freedom I feel. I begin to take Alison’s 
diaper off. She isn’t very wet but I take some baby wipes and start to 
clean in all the folds of her beautiful baby pussy. I caress the puffy 
bald lips and tickle her tiny little clit. She giggles with delight at the 
feelings I am giving her.

Once I have cleaned her up, I can smell the baby-fresh scent of her little 
body. I am overcome with desire. I have to taste her. I lean forward and 
move her tiny legs apart. Her waiting pussy looks so inviting. I move my 
head in between her legs and lightly press my nose on her puffy bald lips. 
The feeling is to die for! With a feather touch, I press my lips on her. 
She continues to coo at the feelings. I move my face down towards her 
little bottom and stick my tongue out. With one long languid lick, I move 
up the full length of her tiny little slit.

‘Oh I am in heaven,’ I think to myself. I drop a hand down to my clit to 
tease myself for just a moment. I can feel that I am so close to coming. I 
then reach up for her pacifier and take it from her sucking lips. I then 
lower it to my dripping pussy and start to fuck myself with the pacifier. 
I could probably cum without even touching myself, but I keep thrusting it 
in and out until I cum all over the pacifier. After I recover, I bring the 
pacifier back up to this precious little doll. I offer her the dripping 
object and she willingly sucks on it.

“Do you like this Baby Alison?” I ask her. 

She wiggles in delight. The sight of her enjoying herself fuels my desire. 
I slide my hands up underneath her tender little bottom. I pull her to my 
face. I breath in the heavenly scent of this baby. I lightly push my tongue 
into her tiny little pussy. Oh she is sooo tight! I lick her little slit and 
move down to her tiny little ass. I kneed her ass checks in my hands they 
are so soft and pliable to my touch.

The orgasm once again building deep inside my pussy, I take my pinky 
finger and press it against her opening. I can feel the warmth of this 
tiny little pussy. My finger seems to almost be pulled into Alison. I move 
my finger in and out being careful not to go too deep. I am licking her 
clit and slowly finger fucking this little girl’s cunt!! Oh what a sight 
this is!!

All of a sudden Alison’s legs start to shake. Her ass is wiggling more and 
more. Then, it happens!! Her tiny little legs go completely straight and 
they get stiff. This is just too much for me to handle. My legs turn to 
jello and my knees buckle. I am having the most intense orgasm of my 
life!! I keep cumming it seems to go on and on. The sensation is so 
intense I feel I am ready to pass out. A look down and I notice that the 
front of the changing table is wet and there is fluid dripping down the 
inside of my legs. MY GOD!! I squirted!! I can’t believe it.

When I finally come to my senses, I make sure that Alison is safe on the 
changing table and I get a new diaper to put on her. As I am taping up the 
diaper that is now covering my most prized possession, I think to myself, 
‘I have got to make sure I can keep sitting this little girl. I have so 
much to teach her.’

I take her downstairs, sit on the couch and put this angel Alison into my 
lap and hold her as she drinks from her bottle. ‘Little girl, we are going 
to have so much fun, you and I,’ I think to myself.