BABY CAKES (MF,g,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,inc,oral,anal,fisting,ws)

by Preteen Pleasures

   I thought I was one of the luckiest women alive when I married Richard.
He was warm, funny, financially independent and most of all, he made love
to me constantly.  I was always an oversexed woman since the age of twelve
when I fucked a boy for the very first time.  Once I discovered the joys of
sex, I couldn't get enough.

   Richard couldn't either and although he wasn't more than seven inches
tops, he knew how to use it better then most men sporting ten inches.  He
could cum back to back with heavy loads and knew just where to hit the
g-spot so I would cum before he even started really fucking me.  Life was
great and then I got pregnant.

   Even during my pregnancy and a while after it, Richard was insatiable
and we made love at least three times a day.  After being married for five
years at that point, that is saying a lot.  Sex was never boring and always
adventurous with him.  I never once thought about cheating on him and
married to any other man I probably would have been in my one millionth
affair by then.

   It was two years after or daughter Ann was born that our sex life
started to plummet in quality and frequency.  I was positive he was having
an affair behind my back and the quality suffered with the quantity.  There
was just one thing I couldn't figure out.  Who the hell was this girl, the
invisible woman?

   Richard worked from home and I was always with him except when I was
working.  We really didn't need the money, but I was a RN and I loved
helping people.  It was my passion.  Sure he could have carried on the
affair when I was at work, but then what was he doing with Ann?  Who was
watching her?

   I played out every scenario, but I was so far from the truth.  Never in
a million years would I ever have figured out whom he was fucking around
with until I decided to come home early and catch him at it.  I sure caught
him and almost caught a heart attack myself!

   I left work early explaining that I was under the weather which was
true, but to get off my shift at the hospital, I had to pretend that I was
close to dying.  I managed to pull of the charade and headed home parking
down the street and sneaking up to my own house.

   I quietly opened the front door knowing the garage door would give me
away and I heard Richard talking to someone upstairs.  Luckily, the stairs
did not creak and as I grew closer I knew I caught the bastard, I just knew

   Richard's voice was loud and clear.  "That's it honey!  Ohhhh you're
such a good little cock sucker!  You could make me cum just by sucking on
the head of my cock!  That's how precious your lips are!  I think I'm gonna
cum!  Oh yeah baby!  I'm going to cum in your pretty little mouth!"

   I had tears coming down my face.  I guess I wanted to deny it all this
time giving credit to his faithfulness where none was due.  I should have
barged in, but instead, I wanted to see the woman who was stealing my
husband and my life before I killed the fucking cunt.

   As I peaked through the door, it was a plain miracle that I didn't drop
dead from cardiac arrest.  The woman who was sucking my husband's cock
wasn't a woman at all.  It was my two-year-old daughter!  There was her
precious little girl with Richard's cock in her mouth!

   Obviously the whole thing wasn't in there, but the head was and it was
clear by the absolute asinine expression on Richard's face that he was
enjoying every millimeter of his cock in her mouth.  He was stroking most
of it as the little naked baby held it in her tiny grip and sucked mightily
waiting for the milk.

   As if Richard sensed the baby's needs, he said, "Ohhhhhh!  Soon baby! 
Soon you will have a whole tummy full of Daddy's milk!  It will make you
grow big and beautiful."

   The girl stopped sucking long enough to cry out, "DaDa!" as she shrieked
with delight.

   Now any sane woman would have calmly walked down the stairs to the gun
cabinet in the basement; walked back up the stairs; and blow her husband's
gray matter all over the nursery walls.  Indeed, that was the first thought
that went through my head, but there was something else.

   I remembered the feeling of my little girl sucking on my tits as I
breast-fed her and how despite my moral and religious upbringing, I would
get wet between the legs as she did so.  Seriously wet.  Now I was getting

   As much as I wanted to kill him; as much as I wanted to stop him from
sexually abusing our two-year-old daughter; I wanted to watch.  I wanted to
see what he did next to her.  He wouldn't dream of trying to fuck a
two-year-old, would he?  Had he?  Would I stop him if he tried?  Or would I
sit there helpless and blubbering with lust as I watched him do it to my
little baby?

   I didn't know.

   All I knew was that I was continuing watching them as my hand went into
my white pants and down into my soaking wet crotch.  I maliciously
bombarded my clit as I leaned against the doorway and watched through the
crack as our little baby sucked her Daddy's cock real good.

   I thought that she never sucked a bottle that hard and the more I
thought about it, the more I watched, the more I played with myself, the
deeper into it I got until there was no rescuing me.  I knew I was doomed
when I came the first time and when I came the second time I knew I was
going straight to hell, but it was so hot!

   The mere disparity in size between Ann and Richard was enough to make me
cum as I watched him unload the biggest stream of cum I ever saw out of his
cock and I saw plenty.  He aimed it right into her mouth with an inch
separating the spurting monster and her tiny lips.

   She got so much in her mouth that she started to choke on it, but she
was not letting go as her hand turned red from all the blood rushing into
her little fist as she held DaDa's bottle of flesh and drank it down.  Her
face was so covered in cum that it was almost as if she was wearing a
translucent mask.

   I came so hard as he dumped his cum all over her face that I bit my lip
to keep from screaming so hard that I felt the blood run down my chin. 
Even Richard fucking me for an hour while his cock rode my g-spot couldn't
make me cum like I did just then.  I had to steady myself against the door
jam as I almost crashed to the floor.

   There was no way that my little two-year-old daughter could possibly
drink down all of my husband's load, but she sure tried as I watched her
pull his cock so hard that the strength in the little toddler's hand almost
pulled his whole body forward as she nursed on her Daddy's cum.

   Of course she did try and Richard just kept cumming and cumming.  Even
during our longest abstinence from sex, I had never seen him cum like that
and I began to wonder if he took some of those pills that you could buy at
the porn shops to be able to do that.  One thing was certain..  It was the
most erotic, disgusting and perverted thing I ever saw in my life up until
that point.  I loved it.

   I didn't know how to handle these feelings going through me.  I should
have felt the protective mother's instinct and saved my baby as I ran in
their punching and screaming until my husband was battered and broken. 
However I loved my husband as well and I couldn't betray him either.  I was
caught in the middle and it was no help that the desire and the lust
flowing through my body betrayed that very instinct.

   I didn't want to save her.  I didn't want to stop my husband.  I wanted
to see more.  Once I saw him cum in my little baby's mouth I had to see
more.  I wanted to see him try to fuck that little baby fat bald vagina.  I
wanted to see him lick her all over.  What was happening to me?  Was I a
closet pedophile or did the show of the last ten minutes pervert me into
that which I most despised?

   I didn't have time to think about it as Richard cooed at our little
girl, "Daddy will be right back for more.  You stay there and wait for more
of Daddy's cock.  You love Daddy's cock don't you sweet pea?"

   He tickled her tummy and she cooed with affection as the cum between her
lips bubbled out as she did it.  It was sick and outrageous and I had four
fingers humping away at my pussy.  I couldn't take it anymore, but I had to
get out of there as Richard turned for the door.

   I quickly hid myself in a hallway closet and watched Richard go down the
stairs.  I opened the closet door and then went into the bedroom and hid in
the closet making sure I could see the bed from the crack in the door.  Now
I had first row seats and I was comfortable, but so horny that nothing
would quench my thirst.

   He came back with our digital cam and I wondered whom he was going to
show the obvious show to.  Certainly not me.  As far as he was concerned,
telling me about his sexual relationship with our two-year-old daughter,
Ann, was the last thing on his mind.

   He opened up Ann's legs as wide as they could go and was fumbling with
the settings of the camcorder as he did so.  Her legs were stretched wider
then I thought would have been comfortable for her, but that didn't stop
her from giggling as her father started the tape as his now hard cock was
pressed upright against her baby fat slit.

   "You and Daddy are going to make a show little sweet ums and you are
going to be the youngest porno star on film.  How do you like that?"
Richard laughed.

   Of course Ann didn't know what was going on in her child's mind.  All
she must have known was that she loved Daddy paying so much attention to
her and the feelings of his cock rubbing her slit must have made her very
happy.  I knew enough to know that children can experience orgasms at a
very young age.  They know nothing, nor care nothing about society, taboos,
laws, etc.  They have no restrictions in their actions.  All they know is
that if it feels good it is not only okay, but also they should do it as
often as possible.

   "DaDa luv oooo!" She cried as he continued to rub his cock slowly up and
down her slit.

   I could see by his expression that he wanted to do a lot more then just
rub it up and down her slit, he wanted to put it in her, but was smart
enough to know not to try it.  A toddler's pussy can't be stretched that

   But as I watched in total amazement, he certainly tried.  He lined up
the tip of his cock with where her baby vagina was and rubbed the tip up
and down trying to get purchase.  He sucked on his fingers and coated her
vagina in spit until it glistened just like the mask of cum on her face.

   My eyes almost popped out of my sockets and I came hard on my fingers as
his cock slowly made its way inside.  Of course it wasn't even a forth of
it, but he had a good inch in her and he fucked her with it as she ooohed
and ahhhed.  I had to wonder why she wasn't crying, but I assumed that he
had done this so much, that she was used to it by now.

   I wanted to cum even harder and I found an old pair of high heel shoes
in the closet.  I sucked on the heel while I watched and then I sat on it
as the hard plastic heel slowly penetrated my ass.  My fingers never left
my pussy and I felt beads of sweat run down my forehead.

   I heard Richard speaking for the audience who would eventually watch
this tape.  "Hello fellow perverts.  This is my little two-year-old
daughter.  You can see how well I trained her.  So young, so fresh and
already she loves her Daddy's cock in her.  Not all at once and not
instantly to be sure, but her enthusiasm is written all over her face.  I
bet you all wish you were in my place right now, fucking my little girl.

   Her pussy is so tight and hot.  It almost hurts how her little pussy
squeezes down on it in an effort to push it out.  So fucking hot.  I wish I
could stick all seven inches right into her, but I can't hurt my little
girl.  Her enthusiasm is worth the rest of the six inches times ten.  See
how she humps her body down on my cock trying to get more inside of her?"

   He was right and I didn't know which one made me cum so hard that I
almost blacked out.  Was it the desire of my toddler to get more of her
Daddy's cock inside of her?  Was it the nasty and hot words that my husband
was recording into the microphone?  Was it the fact that my daughter would
probably be an Internet slut before she was three?  Was it everything? 
Yes, it was everything and it was too much as my pussy little squirted cum
all over my hand.

   The sweat was so hot and fetid that I must have smelled like I just
finished running a marathon.  I didn't care.  The sweat stung my eyes and
all of my muscles were cramped as I watched this perversity.  I could not
blink.  I could not stop looking.  I was anxious for more.  In fact, there
was nothing I wanted more then for the show to go on and on and on...

   Richard continued as I watched his muscular buttocks move as he humped
the tip of his cock in our baby daughter.  "I can just imagine your rage of
lust.  I imagine your jealousy as you see how my cock fits so snugly in her
pussy?  You jealous bastards wish you were me don't you?"

   Richard ended his dialogue as I watched his expression .  His face
squinted up and he sighed the most luscious sounds of pleasure as he
started shooting into her.  Of course her hymen was still intact, or I
believed it was, so the cum instantly poured down from her baby fat
toddler's vagina like a miniature waterfall splashing on the covers below.

   Richard pulled his cock out and jerked it as he painted a mosaic on our
toddler's hairless vagina.  The cum glistened like a sprinkling of diamond
dust, the lights of the room reflecting over the sheen of cum that covered
her vagina completely just like her face.

   Richard panned the camera over her little body and held his hand out so
the viewers could see the size differential.  It was a hot idea and I had
to admit it had me boiling inside.  I lost track of how many times I came
as I finger fucked myself to oblivion.  The heel in my ass was jabbing at
me so hard that I was sure I would be bleeding from it, but I didn't care.
I was numb to pain and awash with sinful bliss.

   Now Richard put the digital cam down on the corner of the bed so it was
aimed right at Ann's vagina.  I wondered what he was planning next and I
knew it had nothing to do with his cock as it hung drained and limp, but
also covered in cum.  As good as he was in bed; three back to back hard ons
were unheard of at forty-eight.

   I was appalled as I watched him go down and start to lick the cum off
his baby's vagina!  His own cum and he was eating it!  He had never cleaned
me with his tongue after he fucked me and I have to admit that I was
insanely jealous over the attention my little two-year-old was getting.

   I had the urge to go help him lick it off my baby girl, but I resisted
as I just stared and fucked myself.  To me, all my senses were shot, not in
the sense of not working.  They were working too well.  As far as I felt at
that moment, I was nothing more then pussy, tits, ass and eyes to soak in
the scene.  All of my morals and taboos, my inhibitions, were gone never to
come back.  I was lost in the Hades of lust and I was happy there.  No, I
was ecstatic!

   Richard slurped on that little vagina and I watched his huge fingers
against her tiny vaginal lips spread them apart as the cum continued to
wash down to the bed.  His tongue acted like a reservoir as he licked and
sucked the draining spooge from her vagina and then stuck his tongue inside
of her as deep as it could go.

   Ann may not have known what was happening on an intellectual level, but
her body was certainly aware.  She bucked and kicked with her little feet
and I swear I saw her go through tiny seizures as the pleasure rocked her
tiny brain.

   It was so hot!  I jabbed my fingers so hard into my pussy that I
actually started to scrape the lining off with my fingernails.  The pain
was intense, but I had to feel it.  I was so far gone I feared that I would
be reduced to a blubbering mass of twisted fuck flesh by the time this show
was done.

   Richard finished licking her vagina and I watched as he moved up on her
body and licked her everywhere.  His tongue was so big in comparison that
it looked like an anaconda ready to swallow my little girl whole.

   He was about to start licking her face when Ann lost control of her
bladder and pissed all over his chest.  He laughed and if I knew him at
all, I would say that he looked delighted.  He quickly moved back down to
her vagina and his limps clamped around her pee hole as he drank down every
drop of her golden stream.

   The digital cam caught the whole show and I had a feeling that if he did
put it on the Internet, it would be the hottest tape to the pedophile
market in years.  I could just see thousands, perhaps, hundreds of
thousands of pedophiles the world over masturbating in front of their
computer to the sight before my very eyes.  It didn't turn me off at all,
it excited me!

   Richard spoke again for the camera as he smiled into it and said, "Now
that was a special bonus feature my friends.  Nothing tastes better then a
little girl's piss right into your thirsty mouth.  It was as sweet as
nectar.  Then again, wouldn't you care for a taste yourself?" He teased his
future audience without mercy and I knew that would make the tape even

   Richard moved up and started to lick her face as my little girl cooed
and shrieked with delight.  His tongue was so long that he could have
blindfolded her with it as he licked her nose and her chin and sucked on
her neck.  I even watched him lick the cum off her little eyebrows.  He
left the strands in her hair and then kissed her nose.

   "Well my friends.  This is the first of many tapes coming straight at
you.  You know the site so I expect you to download them all.  And don't
worry friends, we take credit cards and the transactions are totally clean
on your bill and offshore as well.  Stay tuned tomorrow when I grease my
darling little toddler's ass up.  Will I be able to work my cock up her
tight two-year-old backside?  Only one way to find out.  Download it."

   With that he went to the desk and proceeded to transfer the data into a
mpeg.  I wondered what site he was talking about.  Did my husband actually
intend to make money by selling tapes of my little girl?  Was he going to
mass-produce pictures of his cock in her?  What about when she got older?
Was she going to be a pedophile's wet dream in real life or was she already

   I was tired of masturbating and just watching the action.  My husband
had his back turned to me so I snuck out of the closet and went up to my
little daughter.  She cooed and said, "Mama", but luckily Richard was too
engrossed transferring the video to notice.

   What was wrong with me?  I had my mouth inches away from my daughter's
vagina and then I did it.  I licked her sweet baby fat toddler's vagina and
proceeded to fuck her with one of my fingers while I gave her clit a
woman's touch.

   She bucked and spasmed and so did I as I fingered myself while I
fingered my precious two-year-old daughter.  I could taste my husband's cum
on her two-year-old slit and I felt the ABSENCE of her hymen as I fingered
her.  I had to get him to fuck her deeper next time, I found myself
conspiring of helping him!

   I was totally involved with my little girl when I heard an, "Ahem!

   I turned around and Richard was smiling at me.  "I guess I'm just going
to have to learn to share her, huh?"

   I grinned back momentarily as I replied, "Yep and she is going to have
to learn to share you."

   Richard laughed and said, "Don't stop by any means.  Let me get the

   CHAPTER 2 - The Encore!

   It was the day after I caught my husband, Richard, fucking my
two-year-old daughter, Ann.  Many things happened that night and despite
all odds, despite all initial feelings to the contrary, I was excited about
bringing my daughter into the depths of perverse depravity.

   I called in sick from work and woke before Richard to the sounds of my
daughter crying.  Richard lay beside me in bed oblivious to all noise.  I
could hardly blame him.  Between my two-year-old daughter and I we wore him
out completely.  Somehow we managed to coax out ten loads of cum from his
cock that day and the following steamy night.  No small feat for a
forty-eight-year-old man.

   I could tell by the tone of my daughter that she had a mess in her
pants. I took off the blankets and laid her down on the bed to change her.
I could smell the foul odor emanating from her before I even pulled them
off and when I took off her diaper, at first I was disgusted as usual.

   The brown fetid shit was smeared all over her little bottom and her
whole little cunt was wet in her urine.  She was a disaster and I knew I
had to bathe her.  This became really clear when my adorable daughter moved
her hands down to her bottom and started to play in her own brown mess. 
Her hands were covered in it and of course she brought it to my nice
terrycloth bathrobe and smeared it in before I could stop her.

   "Oh shit!  Damn it all I hate when you do that!" I swore as I took off
my terrycloth bathrobe.  I trembled when I removed it for it was quite
chilly this morning and I was absolutely naked underneath.

   She just cooed and giggled and screeched as she cried out, "Mama!" Her
hand coming back with all the speed of her child reflexes smearing her shit
all over my breast.

   "Ughhhhh!" I groaned as I looked down at my left breasts and saw her
handprint on it etched in brown filth.  I was about to grab her arms before
she could do more damage, but she brought her hands to her mouth before I
could stop her.  I watched her chew on her shit smeared hand and normally I
would have been grossed out, but for some reason I felt the tremblings
again as if an earthquake decimated my body last night and came back today
in an aftershock.

   Without a conscious decision on my part, my hand slipped between my
thighs and discovered that my pussy recorded the event long before my mind
did.  It was sopping wet as I began to drum my clit with my fingers as I

   I made no move to stop her as I watched my two-year-old daughter chew on
her hand as if her shit was the best tasting thing in the world barring
Daddy's cum perhaps.  It was so disgusting and perverse that I should have
vomited, but I didn't feel the slightest bit nauseous.

   Indeed, I almost felt left out as she began to rub her excrement all
over her body.  Not only did I not want to stop her; I wanted to join in.
The stench was overpowering, but then again, so was my lust.  I put my
hands in her diaper and bottom and began to smear her baby but mush all
over my body.

   I inhaled to quickly and gagged as the noxious fumes traveled right up
my nose as I massaged my baby's brown mud pack all over my chest, belly and
pussy.  I then felt my hands moving to my face and I tried to stop them as
if there was an inner conflict inside.

   The lust won as I scooped up more of her remnants in the diaper and
massaged it into my face and hair and then started to rub it all over my
baby.  I didn't scold myself for my perversity; instead I scolded the

   "You are such a naughty little girl!  Look at the mess you made all over
yourself and Mommy!  What am I going to do with you!" I said but didn't
mean a word of it as I had both trembling hands massaging the shit into my
pussy.  It was so sick and hot that I came intensely.  So intensely that I
almost fell on my daughter as my knees gave way from under me.

   I rubbed every drop of it all over both our bodies until it was smeared
into our hair, faces and every square inch of skin.  I then moved down to
my daughter unable to stop as I slipped my tongue in her little mouth and
tasted her own shit on her breath as I made out with her.

   She sucked on my tongue like it was a nipple on a bottle and I brought
her up to my brown-caked breasts as she sucked on it.  I stopped
breast-feeding ages ago, but she still tried to get something out of it.  I
switched her to the other breasts and soon my nipples were like pebbles of
ice with an underlying heat that could melt them in a nanosecond.

   I laid her back down and decided it was time to clean her up.  I really
don't know what I was doing as I gagged moving ever closer to her bottom. I
tasted her attentively and then moved in for the kill as I licked her whole
bottom clean scooping all of her stains and smears into my mouth with my
tongue and swallowing down every perverse drop.  I licked it up off her
pussy and thighs and then I picked her up.

   "Mommy's not going to lick all of you boobykins!  Instead she is going
to take you in the shower and wash you off.  You liked playing with your
potties didn't you?  So did Mommy!" I smiled and the sick thing was is I
was telling the truth.

   She just cooed and smiled at me as I held her shit stained body to my
own and I was about to carry her into the bathroom when I heard the click
of a button and a voice.

   I turned around and Richard was turning off the digital cam.  "Now I
have a sick imagination, but that took the cake.  I can't compare with you
honey I never would have thought of it, but I'm sure there a bunch of
customers out there who would pay top dollar." He grinned.

   "Don't take it personal, but I think I'll pass on the appetizer and go
right downstairs and cook up the main course.  Have fun in the shower!" He
reached over to kiss me, but then thought better of it since I was smeared
in the remnants of my daughter's ass everywhere.

   I laughed as I carried my daughter into the bathroom.  "That's all right
Richard.  I'll take a rain check on the good morning kiss."

   I heard him chuckle as he made his way down the stairs.

   I washed ourselves repeatedly and shampooed our hair three times to get
everything off.  It was a real pain, but for some reason I was looking
forward to doing it again as I dried my little daughter and myself off and
headed downstairs.  I didn't bother to dress either of us for I knew
Richard would want us naked soon enough.

   I could smell eggs and bacon as I made my way down the stairs and our
plates were already heaping by the time I got into the kitchen.  He pulled
out a chair for me and took our daughter into his arms .

   "How's my little Pumky Poo!" He teased her as he nuzzled her neck.  "Wow
you sure smell clean.  I bet Mommy washed you several times." He chuckled
as she balled up her little fists and tried to grab his five o'clock

   Richard slipped her his tongue and said, "Whew, but Mommy forgot to
brush your teeth didn't she?" He said as he placed her in the highchair.

   I just shrugged my shoulders and replied good naturedly, "Ooops." As I
dug into the eggs and bacon.  For some reason even after my little playtime
with my daughter, I was famished.

   Whiskers, our cat came in and started meowing.  I was about to get up
and give him some food but I felt a restraining hand on my shoulder. 
"Don't feed him.  He will eat soon enough."

   I could tell Richard was up to something, but I had no idea what or how
the poor cat was involved.  I felt bad so I slipped him a piece of bacon
under the table.  I was so hungry that I filled my plate with seconds.  I
was never a big eater and it surprised me that I was so hungry, but maybe
it was because I knew I would be expending a lot of energy in the bedroom
today with my husband and our daughter.

   We put away the dishes and headed up to our bedroom as I curiously
watched my husband open up a can of Nine Lives and call the kitty to follow
us.  "What was my hare brained husband thinking?" I wondered as Whiskers
ran up the stairs so fast he almost tripped us.

   I laid Ann down on the bed and then laid down myself as I ran my hand
all along Ann's body and started playing with her little nub almost absent
mindedly while I saw Richard pushing the cat away from the can while he
turned on his digital cam.

   "Richard!  What on Earth are you doing teasing that poor cat!  It's so
mean can't you tell that she is obviously hungry?" I was getting mad.  I
loved our cat to death and the poor thing was meowing up a storm.

   He just winked at me and took the cam and zoomed it in on his daughter.
"Ladies and Gentlemen.  Little Ann is back again in a new twisted feature.
If you can find a tape like the one I am about to make with a little girl,
I will reimburse you for all the tapes you purchased so far!" He chuckled
into the mike.

   I was dying of curiosity as he brought the can over and as he approached
the bed I almost died of laughter.  I knew what he was about to do!

   Sure enough he began speaking as he centered the cam over our daughter's
baby fat hairless cunt.  "You may know that films with little girls and
animals are hard to find, but even if you do find them, you will never see
anything like this!"

   He dumped the can of Nine Lives all over our daughter's cunt and
Whiskers flew up onto the bed as if the cat had wings.  He started to
devour the Nine Lives as it ran down our daughter's hairless crack.  My God
how did he think of something that twisted!

   I was masturbating like crazy as I watched and wondered how it would
feel to have the cat's rough tongue licking my pussy and even my clit.  I
shuddered uncontrollably as I thought about it.  I could see the cat's
teeth as well lightly dig into her clit and pussy as it ate off her pussy,
as it was a clit.  It's tongue would run up and down her crack as Ann
giggled, "Kitty!  Gooood kitty!"

   It was so fucking hot and I know that Richard was incredibly turned on
as well.  His cock was so hard that it was slapping his belly as he stroked
it while he used the other hand to steady the digital cam while he recorded
the cat's feeding frenzy while he narrated the event for his clientele.

   "You're seeing it here first.  Imagine how my little toddler feels with
a cat's rough tongue licking at her little pussy and clit, the cold,
canned, mushy food, slowly seeping down her fat baby slit and into her
tight little love tunnel.

   "I bet you are masturbating right now.  Can you feel it?  Can you feel
that rough tongue?  Do you wonder what it would feel like to have a rough
cat tongue licking your sweaty balls?  Now watch as my little two-year-old
daughter cums for her kitty."

   Richard was moaning into the camera now as he watched the kitty clean
our little daughter's toddler pussy.  I knew he was going to shoot as he
aimed his cock over our little girl's chest and soaked it with seven long
streams of heavy cum.

   The cum splattered against her formless breasts and he rubbed it into
her skin as her little two-year-old body shook with undeniable pleasure. 
Whiskers was no longer hungry and hopped down from the bed leaving her
little pussy gleaming with cat saliva.

   I came right with my daughter and husband as I made the most grotesque
face as I shrieked with orgasmic bliss.  My hand was digging my cunt raw as
I looked at my daughter and the body armor of cum that my husband continued
to rub into her soft skin.

   I moved closer to my daughter and began sucking and licking the cum off
her formless titties as she grabbed fistfuls of hair.  Richard was still
masturbating trying to get hard as he set the cam to record a new show.

   "Honey, why don't you get our little girl nice and wet in her back door.
I've been dying to see how far I can get my cock up her two-year-old ass
and I have received so many emails from my clients that I can't even answer
them all.  I bet you this is going to be our top seller."

   I shivered with uncontrollable lust as I thought about my husband
shoving his huge oversized cock up my baby daughter's rear end.  I couldn't
wait to watch him sodomize her deeply as I turned her around with one hand
and spread her ass cheeks.

   My other hand never left my pussy as I continued to masturbate myself
towards another orgasm like a crack cocaine addict always looking for that
better high.  My fingers spread her tender cheeks as I stared at her tiny
little rosebud.  It was so small on her two-year-old body that it looked
like a wrinkled head of a pin.  I had no idea how he was going to get his
cock into her, but I was dying to watch.

   Richard began the narration again.  "Ladies and gentlemen.  You have
asked for it.  You have demanded it.  Now let me show you what it looks
like for a Daddy to ass rape his little toddler.  I give you a money back
guarantee that you will cum with this film.  Who said Viagra is the best

   "Look at how eager her Mommy is to lick her cute little terd hole. 
Wouldn't you love to take her place and dig into my daughter's cute little
bottom with your tongue?  To taste her juicy toddler ass crack?  Stroke it
hard, be it a cock or a clit.  It only gets better from here."

   I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he zoomed in on my face as
I munched on her little rosebud.  So fucking tight it felt like my tongue
was in danger of being ripped off by her clenching bud.  I tasted her clean
hole and was actually disappointed that I cleaned it so well.

   Richard needed to lube up his cock so he showed the camera my dripping
cunt as he aimed his rock hard cock to my dripping lips and plunged in as I
played a tune on my clit like a guitar string.  It felt so good to be full
of cock as he pumped me for a few minutes while I slowly worked a finger
and then two up my daughter's rosebud.

   I heard her howl from the invasion, but that just turned me on more. 
There was no way that my husband was going to get into her without some
balling on her part.  I was about to recommend to Richard that he lube her
up, but I wanted to see my husband do our little toddler raw and hard.

   I was slightly disappointed when Richard pulled out and pushed me out of
the way but I was right there as I licked and sucked on his cock as he held
it against our little girl's rosebud.  I knew he was going to sodomize her
deeply and I wanted to taste every remnant that his cock pulled out of her

   "Look ladies and gentlemen!  Look at the size of my cock head in
comparison to her little tight back door.  Watch her ass go into labor as
her two-year-old body takes her first nice and deep ass fuck.  I bet you're
ready to cum right now.  Don't do it!  Hold back!  Watch it go in and hear
her cries as I impregnate her two year old bowels with my hot incestuous

   My eyes were inches from my daughter's virgin rosebud as I watched him
push in and heard an ear piercing cry come from my two-year-old daughter,
as somehow the tip of his cock popped in that ever so small opening.

   "Dadaaaaaa!  It hurts Dadaaaaaaa!  Mommieeeee!" She screamed as I
watched as inch by inch of my husband's cock tore into her backside.

   I was powerless to help my daughter and I knew by her cries that she was
in terrible pain.  My God!  What kind of monster did I become?  How could
my lust perverse me so?  I was entranced at how her rosebud literally bled
open as my husband ripped into her until FIVE INCHES of his cock was inside
of our two-year-old daughter's ass!

   "Sshhhhh, baby!  I know it hurts but Daddy has to use your little bottom
so he will feel good.  Daddy needs to rape your ass honey and Mommy needs
to watch him fuck you." I told her as I tried to quiet her down.  I knew
she didn't understand and I was not about to explain it.  Strange how I
used the word need instead of want.  I did need it too as much as I needed
air to breathe.  My soul was gone into the recesses of unbridle lust and
there was no salvation for it.  All I craved is sex and the only fix I
needed was for each moment to carry me deeper into mind numbing lust.

   My husband knew my needs and he used them against me to get what he
wanted and the most horrible part is I wanted him to use me, to use our
daughter, to satisfy whatever sexual craving he had.  I needed to be a part
of it and I knew I would be lost if we ever turned back.

   She continued to carry on as I watched the insanely wide cock of my
husband stretch open brutally.  In comparison it was like an adult getting
fisted and I knew her hole would gape open for hours after he was done.

   I moved closer and stuck out my tongue as I licked his cock as it dived
into her nether recesses time and again.  My tongue happily licked up my
daughter's salty, virginal blood and soon I was licking off remnants of the
shit deep in her bowels as my husband chased more and more of his cock up
her tender, two-year-old toddler ass.

   Richard was moaning now as he exclaimed, "Fuck my little baby has such a
tight ass!  I fucking love sodomizing our little girl!  So fucking
wondrously tight!  I feel the tip of my cock deep in her little colon!  I
see her shit and blood on my cock while I ass rape her!  So fucking hot! 
Arggggggggghhhhhh, I'm cumming up her tight two-year-old ass!"

   I saw the sweat literally pour down his forehead and face as he pushed
in so deep that he almost managed to get his whole length inside her.  I
had no idea where it all went as it probably could have punctured her

   I didn't even notice it, but I had become so entranced, so involved with
masturbating while watching my husband and our little girl, that I realized
just then that I had my FIST up my cunt!  I never managed to get more then
four fingers inside at a time, but I was sopping wet, so depraved and
horny, that somehow I slipped my whole hand into myself!

   My husband noticed it too as he panned the camera to show the audience
my cunt lips swallowing my wrist.  "I hope my dear audience is as taken
aback by the show as my wife seems to be, but hold off we are not done

   I could se his semen leak out from my daughter's shredded asshole and I
wondered if he was going to fuck her again as my daughter finished
screaming and just softly sobbed.  I should have felt horrible.  I should
have felt remorseful as I looked at her tiny torn and ripped rosebud and
listened to her sobbing, but I couldn't.  It was not in me and there was no
room for anything else within my should but pure one hundred percent lust.

   I saw my husband make a face that had nothing to do with cumming and I
was confused for a moment and then shocked when it dawned on me what he was
doing!  Holy shit!  He was starting to piss up our daughter's ass!

   Richard spoke in a shaky voice for the anticipated crowd as he said,
"Now that I sodomized my little toddler I have to clean her out, don't you
think?  Look at how the piss just springs from her ass like a dam that has
a high-pressure leak!  I bet you think it is fucking hotter then sin, don't
you?  Imagine how it feels inside of her.  A gallon of her Daddy's piss
flooding her bowels with no place to go.  Are you cumming yet?" He laughed

   Ann was carrying on like crazy as she screamed, "I gotta go pottty!  I
gotta go potty bad!"

   Richard understood that the pressure must have been killing her so he
pulled out and zoomed in as the piss, semen, blood and remnants of her
bowels spilled out onto the bed.  The smell was like nothing I could
possibly explain beyond lustfully disgusting.

   My husband rubbed his cock around in it, still hard and excited.  He
moved to me and I thought he was going to stick it in my mouth, but
instead, he forcefully bent me over and shoved it in my cunt as he ripped
my hand out.

   "Now you dirty cunt you can have some real garbage in there.  You like
the idea of your baby's blood and shit and your husband's cum and piss in
your cunt don't you?" He asked as he fucked me brutally, but sloppily as
well.  His cock banged around the sides for my cunt was still stretched
wide from my hand.

   He kept fucking me and moved my body so my head was laying right in our
baby's mess.  "Felch her honey!  Felch our daughter and drink the beautiful
and disgusting mess from her ass.  You know you want to clean her don't

   "Yes!  Yes I want to eat her mess!" I screamed as my whole body shook
and my tits jiggled with my husband's insistent thrusting.

   My face dived in to her little torn ass and I stuck my tongue deep
within her and locked my lips around her rosebud as I sucked like a Hoover
vacuum.  I could feel the load go down my throat and when there was no more
to be had I started lapping it up like a dog from the bed covers and her

   I felt my husband pour his fertile seed into me and I hoped that he
knocked me up.  Since my husband stopped fucking me before I realized he
was spending it all with our daughter, I stopped taking my pills.  All I
wanted now was another little baby for my husband, boy or girl.  It didn't
matter for my husband would surely use both.

   "Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  If you didn't explode
with that film then do yourself a favor.  Take a gun to your head an blow
your pathetic brains out.  Cause if you can't come watching this you can't
come at all.

   "So what's next?  What do we do for an encore?  You will just have to
hold your dick in your hand and wait and see."

   The digital cam went silent.

   CHAPTER 3 - Baby Cakes' Birthday Bash

   My daughter, Ann's, birthday was going to be unlike any other.  She was
turning three today and my husband Richard set up a birthday bash for her.
You may not find this strange, especially if this is the first time that I
have told you about my daughter.  Let me fill you in.

   I suspected that my husband was having an affair behind my back ever
since our sex life started going down the drain one year ago.  I finally
had the nerve to try and catch him in the act since I was almost positive
that the infidelity was taking place in our marriage bed.  Where else could
it be when he always watched our daughter while I was at work.

   Sure enough I caught him cheating on me.  I cam home early from work and
I found another woman sucking his dick in our bed!  What was even worse is
that it wasn't a woman at all, but our two-year-old daughter!

   It turns out that he was not only molesting our little girl, but he was
also fucking her.  If that wasn't enough, he was also fucking her
two-year-old toddler pussy!  At first I was going to kill him, but as I
watched dumbfounded I realized that I was feeling something quite different
than a need to cut up my husband in little pieces.  I actually found that I
was becoming aroused!

   That was almost a year ago and things in the lives of my family and our
marriage took a turn that some would find hard to believe.  I became a
pedophile just like my husband and helped him molest our little baby and
have sex with her.

   Richard also filmed almost all of our sexual activities with our
daughter and downloaded them on the NET.  Apparently, he was becoming quite
the opportunist when it came to making hundreds of thousands of dollars on
the child porn circuit.

   Well there is a rehash and over the last year, my husband Richard and I
made love with my daughter at every opportunity.  There was nothing I loved
more than seeing my husband's huge cock stretching out her little baby
pussy lips or expand her little pink puckered asshole.

   Now I really didn't know what Richard was planning for her birthday, but
knowing his wild imagination, I could hardly wait.  I knew that he not only
had a wild time planned out for our little girl, but that hundreds of
thousands of people would be there to celebrate with her in real time.

   I didn't know a lot of Richard's friends, but I met a few of them on my
daughter's third birthday.  As sson as the doorbell rang and Richard
introduced us, I knew that they were friends of his over the net that
traveled a long distance to help celebrate my daughter's sexuality.

   Ann not only learned a huge vocabulary over the following year, but
quite a nasty one and as soon as Richard introduced his friends to An and
myself, Ann looked up at them and asked, "Are you gonna fuck my pussy for
my birthday present?"

   Paul, one of the men, looked down at her and asked, "Is that what you
want for your birthday little girl?  Do you want Daddy's friends to shove
their penises in your little body?" I could tell that he was already fully
erect.  Knowing that he was a pedophile, I bet that he had been fully erect
since he boarded the plane in Frankfurt.  He was very handsome with a
distinct German accent.

   Ann replied excitedly, "Ummm yes!  That is all I want for my birthday!
And it's not a penis!  It's called a cock and I want lots of cock in my
little pussy and butt hole!"

   Richard laughed and looked down at our little angel.  I was sure that he
was thinking that his little girl was growing up exactly like he expected.
As much as our toddler loved sex, I would have to say that she grew up to
become more of a little nymph than he ever expected in his wildest dreams.

   "And you'll get lots of cock today my little angel."

   Ann was so excited that she had her hand rubbing her pussy in
anticipation of her presents.  She looked up at Daddy's other friend Jose
and touched his penis through his pants.  "I bet you have a big cock
Mister! I want it now!  Give it to me!"

   I picked her up and kissed her cheek.  "Now that isn't polite Ann.  You
will get your presents soon enough."

   Jose just gave out a deep laugh and said, "Ahhh nina linda!  You are
such a beautiful little girl!  I bet you will be a magnifico fuck!"

   My husband and his friends were laughing as he led them to the bar in
the living room and gave them a drink.  We had to be sociable, but I was
almost as impatient as my little girl.  The only thing I wanted to see was
my daughter's three-year-old toddler body getting used and abused by a
bunch of men that I have never met before.

   Richard confided in me before the party that he would have loved to
invite a dozen men over to abuse and use our little girl, but I had to
agree when he told me that he only trusted these two.  One word to the
authorities of what we were doing to Ann on a daily basis and we would go
away for a long, long time!  Hell, they would throw away the key!

   Richard suggested as he handed the men their drinks, "Why don't you and
Ann give our guests a little entertainment before they give Ann her

   I smiled at him and Ann jumped up and down.  She knew what her Daddy
wanted to see.  "Goodie!  Goodie!  I love to kiss Mommy's pussy!"

   She took off her nightie and panties as I completely undressed.  The men
were looking at both of us and although Richard and I never discussed it, I
wondered if the men would fuck me as well before the day was out.  Would
Richard and An become jealous?  Even so, for the first time in my life, I
thought about breaking my marriage vows right in front of my husband with
his friends.

   Jose especially tuned me on.  He was a dark Hispanic with that macho
look that just screamed from his barrel gun hairy chest.  His shirt was
unbuttoned and I could see the dark hair underneath his gold chains.  He
even had two gold teeth that you could see clearly when he smiled.  I
wondered how it would feel if he took me doggy style while he shouted
Spanish slurs in my ears.

   Paul was also handsome with his Aryan looks of icy blue eyes and wavy
blonde hair.  He had chiseled facial features and a handsome smile and I
could envision him making love to me whispering how I should fly back with
him and leave my husband.

   I couldn't tell what excited me more.  Fucking these strange friends of
my husband or watching them fuck and use my little three-year-old daughter.
They came all across the world to do just that and I couldn't wait to see
their cum leaking out of her pussy and ass.

   I laid down naked with my legs spread in front of two strange men.  They
looked lecherously at my shaved cunt and I could feel the heat of the
stares transferring to the depth of my pussy.  I also noticed how their
eyes went from roaming my own naked body to the naked body of our little
girl.  I wondered how other mothers would feel if strange men were giving
their little three-year-old girl the once over with their eyes knowing
their hearts were brimming with lust.

   Ann got between her Mommy's legs and kissed her pussy as I watched Paul
and Jose begin to stroke their cocks through their pants as they sipped
their drink with one hand.  Richard beamed with lust, but I could also
sense pride as he watched his daughter and wife naked on the floor.  I knew
he felt that he was very lucky to find himself a wife who not only bore him
a beautiful little girl, but also one who understood his need to fuck and
sodomize her on a daily basis.

   I never confessed this to Richard, but having Ann, our lovely
three-year-old daughter lick and kiss my pussy turned me on more than
Richard's tongue ever could.  I didn't know if it was the taboo of the
situation or what, but whatever it was, Ann always brought me to multiple
orgasm as she kissed and licked my pussy.

   There was nothing like feeling her little three-year-old tongue try to
push into my pussy as her little, tiny hand rubbed my clit just like her
Daddy showed her.  It was so hot that I was cumming on my little girl's
tongue as Paul and Jose commented.

   Jose turned to Richard and said, "Mi amigo!  I don't know how to thank
you!  I have never seen anything like this!  Look how she cums when her
hija poca licks her pussy!  Magnifico!"

   Richard beamed with pride and if I didn't know him better I would have
guessed that he was blushing, but I only caught part of their conversation.
Most of my attention was on my little girl as she brought her Mommy's body
to one soul wrenching orgasm after another.

   "I love licking your pussy Mommy!  It tastes so pretty!" She giggled as
her little tongue ran up between my lips and licked in my cum as it seeped
from between my legs.  My daughter feasted on her Mommy's cum and her
tongue kept the faucet turned on as I continued to seep cum from my pussy
for my little toddler to drink.

   "And I love when you kiss and lick Mommy's pussy angel!  Keep kissing
Mommy's pussy!  Make Mommy come." I cried as another orgasm tore across the
fabric of my soul.

   An turned back to Richard and he winked at her giving her a signal that
I didn't even realize until I felt it.  Ann giggled and said, "Daddy told
me to do this in front of his friends."

   Ann and Richard laughed as the mouths of his friends dropped open.  I
didn't know what was happening unti I felt my pussy swallow the little fist
of my daughter.  Before I comprehended that I had been set up, Ann's whole
arm pushed up my pussy until I swear that her fingers were tickling my

   Paul almost choked on his drink.  "I don't believe it Richard!  I have
seen sex shows all over Europe and the far east, but I have never seen
anything like this!  Look at that!  Your little girl has her entire arm up
to her shoulder in her Mother's cunt!  Fucking unbelievable!"

   Jose just muttered, "Incredible!" with a Spanish pronunciation, but I
knew exactly what he meant.

   My daughter's arm may have been small in comparison with an adult's arm,
but it was much thicker than a cock.  In fact, the only thing I could
compare it to was a horse's cock going in me as my pussy lips hugged the
top of her forearm.  I could feel my cunt cover her entire arm in cum as I
screamed and bucked so hard that I scared my little daughter for a second.

   Richard could tell that I startled Ann and encouraged her to go on.  "Go
ahead my precious little angel!  Fuck Mommy with your arm!  Move it like
Daddy moves his cock in your pussy!"

   All three men were rubbing their cocks so hard that they seemed a blur,
or perhaps it was from the tears in my eyes as I came over and over again
as my little three-year-old daughter fucked me with her arm as I screamed
and pleaded!

   Richard instructed our child further in the abasement of her Mother. 
"Go ahead angel.  Give her some more!"

   Ann giggled and I wondered for a fleeting moment what they had devised
behind my back until I felt her other hand push against my asshole.  "Dear
Ann!  Noooo!"

   She just laughed as I felt her push harder and my sphincter reluctantly
give up the vain effort to keep her hand out.  Her hand popped into my ass
with a sickening plop and her arm chased in after it followed inch by inch.

   All the men had their cocks out by now and were stroking them with both
hands, their drinks long forgotten.  I knew that they were incredibly
turned on watching a three-year-old child arm fuck her Mommy's ass and

   Jose's cock shook and shot forth as he moved forward and covered my
daughter's head and back with his entire dripping hot load.  Paul and
Richard also moved closer and continued stroking until they too shot their
loads all over both myself and my little girl.

   This didn't slow down Ann at all as she continued the onslaught of her
arms.  I could feel her shoulder blades against my thighs as she continued
to fuck my asshole and cunt with her arms.  Her fingers seemed to reach out
and stroke my vital organs deep inside of me.

   I was blubbering like a whale, crying as the orgasms overcame my ability
to think.  I was a pile of used flesh as my three-year-old little girl
abased me to a level that no other human has ever had the ability to do,
not even my husband, Richard.

   My eyesight was blurred.  My heart fought off arrest.  My brain fought
off stroke.  My body screamed for help as the currents of pleasure and pain
ripped through the fabric of my being until I was absolutely lost in a
deep, wrenching orgasm that made me see starts in front of my eyes as my
whole body buckled and spasmed.

   I somehow heard Jose in the background of my clouded mind as he said,
"Ella es caliente!" Their cocks were growing hard again as they watched us,
but their eyes foretold their lust far more than their cocks ever could as
their hard stares devoured our bodies and they watched Ann finally pull out
her arms.

   I felt a final release as her hands came out.  The "plop" of her hands
as my body let go of them echoed throughout the room as the men gasped.  I
just laid there and could have been set a fire and still not be able to

   "Ewwwww Mommy!  You made a mess on my arm!" She giggled as she held her
right arm up that was covered and streaked with my bowel movements.  I
couldn't help myself.  She reached into me so deep that my ass had cleaned
itself out with her plunger like arm.

   Richard hushed Ann and replied, "Daddy will take care of that."

   Jose and Paul were caught speechless, but I expected nothing less
disturbing out of my husband's warped brain as he took Ann's hand and
stretched out her arm like a cannibal.  His mouth was salivatating as he
licked off the stains of my shit with his tongue.

   "Ooooo Daddy!  You are so bad!  That's Mommy's poopy you are licking!"
He just smiled with his shit stained teeth as he licked and sucked on her
arm for a good fifteen minutes until her arm was totally clean and
glistening with his saliva.

   "You are a sick fuck mi amigo." Jose laughed.  He must have been
speaking figuratively, for his cock was so hard and high up his chest it
looked like the head of his cock was trying to excavate his belly button.

   Paul replied, "Good God you people are seriously disturbed!  I
absolutely love it!"

   Ann looked up from kissing Daddy and sharing the remnants of my asshole
with him between their tongues.  "Do I get my presents now Daddy?  I've
been a good girl and did like you told me."

   Everyone laughed and as Richard looked at his friends, he replied, "I
don't see why it would be fair to make you wait longer than you already
have.  Let's go to your bedroom.  You can get your presents on your new bed
with all of your stuffed animals watching you take huge cocks in your
pretty little body."

   "Goodie!  Goodie!  Goodie!" Ann clapped her hands.  She took the hands
of Paul and Jose and dragged them excitedly to the staircase.

   She was halfway up the stairs with her new friends as Richard helped me
up off the floor.  He put his arm around my waist as my knees buckled. 
"Easy there.  I have you.  Tell me.  You want Paul and Jose to fuck you too
don't you?"

   It was so uncanny for him to read my mind like that that I didn't know
what to say.  I was also trying to get pregnant again with another little
girl or boy for our loving family and our sexual games, but so far
Richard's sperm didn't take root.  He knew that I was fertile too and I
wondered what he would think if I had a baby with one of the men upstairs.

   I had to be honest with him and I said, "Would it upset you if I did?"

   He just laughed and said, "Don't you know me at all by now?  If I don't
mind sharing one of my girls with my friends why should I mind sharing my
other one?"

   I kissed him as we took each other's hands and walked up the stairs.  I
could already hear the party getting under way as I heard Ann's little
voice say in amazement, "Your cocks are so big!  Can I suck on them like I
suck on Daddy's cock?"

   We walked in to see Ann holding one enormous cock in each hand as her
head went back and forth with her little blonde curls hanging in her eyes
as she kissed one hard cock and then the other.  She noticed us as we
walked into the bedroom.

   "Mommy and Daddy!  I can't make up my mind!"

   Richard beamed at her and said, "Well, you have a lot of time to make up
your mind.  Paul and Jose are staying all week and they can keep giving you
your presents all week long."

   He never told me that!  Even though Richard seemed to stage this whole
thing without much of my consent or acknowledgement, I could hardly be mad
at him.  If my daughter had three cocks to play with all week that meant
that I did too!

   Ann still looked like she was having trouble making up her mind.  Her
head went back and forth as she sucked on one cock a little bit and then
another.  The men had their mouths hanging open and their eyes closed as
they relished in their fantasy being fulfilled.  I mean how many pedophiles
had been giving the opportunity of having their way with a little
three-year-old blonde haired, blue-eyed while her parents watched happily?
That's what I thought.

   I was also excited as well to see how my little girl would pleasure my
husband's friends.  She decided to start with one and finish him off before
the other.  Jose ran his hands through her little curls as she devoured his
cock as if we never fed her.

   "Ohhhh, mi amor!  How I love your little lips on my bicho!  Suck nina!
Suck!" He demanded as he started to use his grip to face fuck my baby girl.

   Ann didn't complain at all for Richard trained her very well.  She took
his cock right down her little throat.  I couldn't help masturbating as I
watched my little girl actually kiss his pubes while she took his cock all
the way down like a sword swallower from the Far East.

   Paul sat there amazed at how the little girl worked over this man whom
he was fast becoming friends with.  They just met hours ago yet they shared
a common bond, traveling thousands of miles to fuck a little girl.  My
little girl.

   I could feel the soreness in my pussy from my daughter's arm fuck, but
that didn't stop me from continuing to masturbate in a frenzy.  It was all
coming back to me as I thought of the day I hid in the closet and watched
my husband fuck my two-year-old daughter.  That was a year ago and now all
those feelings flooded back as I watched Jose, a big burly Spanish macho
guy face fuck my toddler.

   I could tell Paul was desperately trying not to touch his cock.  He was
having a hard time contolling himself as I watched his hand jerk by his
side as he fought with the powerful urge.  I knew he wanted to save every
drop of cum for my little girl and I hoped that he would also save some of
his fertile seed for me as well.  I couldn't use either way.  If one of
these men knocked me up, I would either have a German beauty with all the
golden beauty of my little girl now or a Spanish Mona Lisa.  If it was a
boy then I would have a strapping young man either way unless her turned
into a cock loving faggot.  I was sure that my husband would have fucked
and molested our children regardless of whether they were girls or boys.  I
knew I would get off on watching either way.

   Ann stopped sucking his cock momentarily and looked up at him.  "This is
the best birthday present I ever had!  Do you like how my kisses make you
feel?  Is it nice?" She asked as she planted little kisses on the jumping
head of his uncircumcised cock.

   "I am glad you like it mi senorita!  I will have another present for
your beautiful little face soon enough."

   That was all Ann had to hear as she went back to deep throating her new
friend's cock.  It was so erotic watching her little lips slide up and down
on this strange man's cock as her little head bobbed with her golden curls
flying about.

   "Ahhhh mierda!  Here it comes my nina poca!" Jose moaned in a mixture of
Spanish and English as he flooded her mouth and then painted her face with
a translucent sheen of his hot manly seed.  It dripped down her chin as
Anna laughed and giggled.

   I couldn't help myself and both the men and my husband watched with a
renewed lust as I bent down and began to French kiss my three-year-old
daughter.  She sucked in my tongue like any horny adult and her hand played
with her bald and fat pussy as she chuckled while I licked her face clean
of Jose's sperm.

   Jose looked at Richard who smiled proudly at his beautiful wife and
daughter.  "You are a very lucky man senor.  Most men would die for a
family such as yours who shares love so freely."

   Richard thought for a moment and said, "You are right my friend, but
what good would it be if I couldn't share them with my friends?  I hope
that you not only accept my hospitality of my house and my daughter, but of
my lovely wife as well.  She is dying for some seed in her fertile cunt."

   I hated it when he embarrassed me as I blushed.  Ann was as smart as a
whip and she laughed when she realized that her Daddy set me up.  Both men
looked at me with a smile, but it was much more than that.  I could tell
that they found Richard's offer not only generous, but arousing as well.  I
knew that I would be the next on their list after they gave many presents
of hard cock to my little toddler.

   Ann went to reach for Paul's cock to suck him down her throat just like
she did to Jose, but he stopped her.  "I would much rather fuck you my
little Angel."

   Ann clapped her little hands.  "Oh goodie!  I love getting fucked!" To
hear such a vocabulary come out of her little three-year-old mouth was
really too much for me!  I knew that she not only knew what it meant, but
that she really did love it.  Still, to hear a little toddler cry out such
words with enthusiasm was so sinfully hot!  I knew I had to get fucked.

   Paul laid down my little naked three-year-old down on the bed.  It was
so strange to see all of the stuffed animals on her bed and her naked with
a grown man naked as well climbing on top of her.  Most parents would be
horrified at the thought, especially if it was their child, but I was
excited beyond belief.  Here was a man I only met three hours ago and I not
only let him crawl on top of my daughter naked with his hard man sized cock
sticking out like a weapon, but I was also masturbating to the sight!  What
kind of Mother was I?  Was I a monster?  Despite being involved with my
husband molesting our little girl for almost a year, I still had the
occassional feelings of consuming guilt.  But my lust was all powerful and
I watched with my heart consumed by it as Paul held open my daughter's bald
toddler pussy with his fingers.

   "Hurry!  I want my Birthday Present Paul!" My little daughter almost
begged the grown man to fuck her.  The size of his penis in comparison to
her little body was obscene enough to get me off all by itself.  When he
actually started to work it in to her small and tender cunt, I was beside
myself with lust.

   Richard was watching me with an amused gleam in his eye.  I think he
knew me better than I knew myself as he came up behind me and started
playing with my nipples.  He knew that that drove me absolutely wild.  To
make matters worse, he started to push his hard cock up my sore, used

   I did not complain for a second as I felt my husband's cock penetrate my
anal ring and go i dry.  It hurt as much as I was getting off on it, but I
was a good wife and I was not complaining.  Hell I wanted to feel the pain
with the pleasure just as my three-year-old child was feeling it now
getting fucked on the bed deep and hard by a strange man.

   Her cries were anything, but painful.  She had already been fucked by
her Daddy at least a thousand times and now she could take cock in her
small little three-year-old body as well as any woman could including

   I moved with Richard still inside of me and had my hands on Paul's
moving ass as he thrusted into my little girl.  As I got sodomized dry by
my loving husband, I pulled apart Paul's ass cheeks and stuck my face deep
into his strong scented crack.

   "Oh yeah!" Paul exclaimed.  "Stick that tongue in my ass wench while you
watch me fuck your three-year-old baby!  See how she gets off on my
eight-inch cock inside of her little pussy!  She would make a great whore
on the streets of Berlin!  Even you fraeulin!  A Mother and daughter team!"

   Hearing his words and thinking about whoring myself and my
three-year-old daughter to strange men was all I needed to go over the
edge. I came so hard that my teeth sunk into Paul's anal ring as he
screamed out, "Shit!"

   His cum poured into my little girl just as I bit into him and Ann
shrieked with all the enthusiasm of a little girl as she felt the strange
man's scalding hot seed shoot deep into her three-year-old body.  I looked
below his buttocks and saw his cock resting buried inside of her at least
six inches as his cum leaked out of her.  I had no idea where six inches
ended up in her body but the thought of his cock head deep inside her womb
set me off again.

   Ann cried with pleasure as her little three-year-old body was wracked
with orgasmic poundings.  Her little body penetrated by a grown man's cock
as she squealed and shrieked.  "I love cock Paul!  I love your cock!  I can
feel your seed in me just like Daddy's seed!  Thank you so much for my
present!" She reached up and kissed his baby smooth face.

   My husband grunted and pinched the shit out of my nipples as I felt him
purge himself in my barren and dry asshole.  His cum was such a welcoming
relief in my asshole it was like a cool ocean breeze on a hot sandy beach.

   We all dismounted, but I went right back to my daughter as I began to
lick Paul's dripping seed out of her swollen pussy.  If there was one thing
that tasted better than my daughter's three-year-old bald pussy or my
husband's hung cock, it was the taste of a man's sperm dripping out of my
little girl.

   My ass was up in the air as I continued to eat my little girl and I saw
Richard wink at Jose out of the corner of my eye.  Jose got the hint real
fast and I soon felt the huge and fat uncircumcised cock of Jose push past
my pussy lips and enter me.

   You will have no idea of what I was feeling at that moment.  How could
you possibly, but I will try to convey the feelings that flooded through
me. There I was licking out the sweet sperm of a grown man out of my
toddler's pussy.  I stood there and watched while she got fucked by a grown
man.  If that wasn't bad enough in your eyes, I not only got off on it, but
I hardly knew the man!

   Now I was breaking my marriage vows for the first time in my life.  I
felt whorish as a man I met hours ago fucked me like a bitch in heat.  I
could not even look up at my husband.  How could I tell him that I came
faster on this strange man's cock then I ever did with him?  How could I
just expose my lust in front of him while I let a strange man use me for
his utter and immense satisfaction?  How could I tell my husband that I
loved the way Jose fucked me with his fat cock and how his uncircumcised
head kept hitting my g-spot over and over again?  How could I tell him that
I wanted to be knocked up by this stranger and bare his child more than the
thought of bearing a child for my own husband?  I was a whore and a slut,
but I could not help myself and what was a million times worse is that my
little baby toddler was going to turn out to be worse than her own Mother.
I just knew it.

   "Ahhhh, fucking a child is beautiful, but it can not compare with the
heat and depth of a woman." Jose moaned as his manly hands held onto my
hips as he fucked me.  I was denied the pleasure of responding because my
tongue was buried in my little girl's pussy.

   At least it was momentarily.  Richard pulled up my little girl from my
hungry mouth and said, "Sorry Honey, but Paul and I are going to give our
little girl a real treat."

   I was wondering what he was talking about until they situated themselves
and her body among the mass of stuffed animals on the bed.  I couldn't
believe what I was seeing, but I knew exactly what they were trying to do
as they both placed their hands on her body and moved our little
three-year-old baby between their waists and their large, hard and erect

   "My God you can't be serious!  She's only three-years-old.  She'll never
be able to take both cocks at once inside of her little body!"

   I didn't know what to think.  I knew that Richard would never hurt her,
but I couldn't see how two male grown up cocks could possibly fit inside of
her to the depth that both men obviously wanted to go without ripping her
apart.  Still, I was powerless to stop it and more importantly, I wanted to
see it.  May God forgive me, but I wanted to see my little toddler get
double penetrated by two grown men.  What was I becoming with this lust
that was taking control of my mind, my soul, my heart, and a Mother's love
for a child?  I know what I had become.  A monster.

   Jose was into his own thing and although he watched Richard and Paul get
Ann between them and line her up for their cocks, he was more interested in
fucking me as I felt his uncircumcised cock fuck me with long and almost
desperate strokes.  Desperate to cum and fertilize me I assumed correctly.

   "Ohhhh, senora!  Tell your husband that he is a monty cong!  Tell him
that he knows that his wife is nothing but a whore and how bad you want me!
Tell him how much you like my Spanish bicho in your chocha!  Tell him

   What was I going to do?  He knew it was true and so did my husband as he
looked at me.  I could tell that he was full of lust at the idea, but I
could also see deep into his soul.  The part of him that loved me and
possessed me and the father's love for a child as he was about to share his
only one sexually with a man he hardly knew.  Somewhere inside the guilt
consumed him and he was tortured just like I was for his own ever consuming
lust against everything that was decent and wholesome.  Sin is a terrible
adversary.  It makes you do things you don't want to do as I cursed and
mocked the man I loved while I got fucked like a two dollar whore by a
Spanish Hombre.

   "You worthless gringo!  You can't fuck me like a real man because you
are two busy fucking little kids like our daughter you bastard!  What's the
matter?  Can't get it up for a real woman anymore?" I spat at him and
instantly regretted it.  What was I doing?

   I couldn't help it.  Jose was doing something to me that I had resisted
for so long.  All the times I lay in bed with my husband and pretended it
was another man.  While now it was and my husband just sat there and
watched it.  I could tell Jose was turned on by it for he mocked me further
as he pounded my aching cunt.

   "Tell your gringo husband how much you want a real man to knock you up.
Tell him how much you want to give me your body and how good mi bicho makes
you feel inside of your chocha!  You want my bastard bebe inside of you
don't you?  Tell him!  Tell your husband!" He mocked me further until I was
almost caught on the crossroads between tears of shame and another orgasmic
upheaval that rocked my body.

   "What do you think of that Richard?  Do you want to see your wife's
belly swell with a bastard child?  Do you want me to have a Spanish baby so
that every one will know what a whore your wife is?  That your wife has
fucked men and gotten pregnant by them behind your back?  That you're a
fucking pussy for knowing it and staying with me?"

   I saw deep into his soul through the windows of his eyes and I could
tell that he was both tormented by my words and incredibly excited by his
lust.  I kept asking myself what I had done to my family or what I allowed
to have happened.  It was Richard's fault for abusing our little girl to
begin with, but for some reason all I thought and felt told me it was my
fault.  However I was a prisoner to my lust and I knew deep inside as Jose
came like torrents and gushed fertile seed into my womb that I would never
escape the grasp of unadulterated lust.

   Ann was screaming, "Daddieeee!  Paulll!  I can't take both of your
cocks! It hurts!" Her voice fell deaf on the ears of her very own father
and Paul who were totally encaptured with the idea of cunt fucking and ass
fucking a little girl together.

   I could see through tear stained eyes the huge cocks stretch and tear at
my little girl's holes as their cocks literally hugged one another's so
close they touched as they stretched my daughters holes until they became
like one.

   I couldn't believe how sluttish and whorish I acted.  I stuck my face
between that entanglement of their sweaty bodies and started licking their
cocks as they went in and out of my little girl's asshole and pussy.

   My three-year-old baby girl held out her hands to me and pleaded,
"Mommy!" But I was powerless to help her until these men sated themselves
with their lust and came in my little toddler.

   I watched and licked and sucked and heard them moaning, but it was their
cum dripping out around their cocks that was the first acknowledgement that
they had cum up my little girl's pussy and ass.  They pulled out and looked
at each other like two men would after winning a game of football.  It was
as if they conquered something and I was not privy to their male bonding or
the feelings that ran behind it.

   The whole week was like that as our little girl and I were ravaged by
these two insatiable men and their cocks, fingers, hands and tongues.  I
feel so guilty saying this, but I hope with all my heart that Richard
invites even more men over for our little girl's next birthday bash.


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