Baby Butts (Fb,Fg,extreme pedo,nepi,anal)

by Lanell

I am Bobbie's Aunt Nel. If you read the story about him earlier, you know his
poor mother passed away and he lives with his Dad. Once my brother became full
time care provider for his son, I took the pressure off him by having Bobbie
over at my house 2 or 3 nights a week. Usually Friday and Saturday. He plays so
well with my sister's daughter Donna. He just started kindergarden. 

I'll never forget the day I came into Donna & Bobbies room to check her and
found her masturbating in front of the TV. I didnt know a 3 year old would do
that. It consisted of pushing a little pink stick pen up her rectum and dancing
around the room. I dont know what she thought she was doing. The cartoons were
playing, and suddenly I felt so horny. Bobby had fallen asleep on  his sleeping
bag on the floor. His pants down around his knees as I had seen Donna pull them
down so many times before,   to his gales of delightful laughter. 

I told her she need to take a quick bath before bedtime. She began to whine,
and I offered to bathe with her, something she loves, to bathe with Aunt Nel.
So, out of our summer clothes and into the tub. I finished my one beer, and
wished my boyfriend were there to put an end to my hornyness. Donna splashed
water on my big breasts and pulled at the nipples. "Stop"  I laughed, "you'll
hurt my titties and my future babies wont be able to suck them."
It was getting dark outside on this warm September evening.
I soaped her up and sprayed her off. Then she wanted to wash my back and my
chest. She got a lot of joy scrubbing my breasts. I know she was a breast fed
baby. And soon as she got me all clean
she gently put her mouth on my right breast in the fading light, and sucked a
long time. Kept frowning, and couldnt figure out why there was no milk there
for her. I laughed and chuggalugged my 3rd beer. I was feeling no pain. I
thought that small cylindrical soap bar might feel good up my ass, so while
Donna wasnt looking, I lovingly treated myself to a bit of anal delight.It
slowly melted. My judgement was a bit off.  
 I finished rubbing Donnas back, and reached down around to her anus and
stroked it, making sure it was good and clean with plenty of soap and water.
She giggled. She liked to be touched there. Any kid who loves to stick inkpens
up their butt and dance around obviously is very anal in personality. So, when
her rectum was all purified. I sat her on my lap and we made kissy face. I
tickled Donna to hear her cute laugh. But when my soapy slick finger approached
her ass hole, she was stone still and making a funny sound as if she were
demanding more. I rubbed her bung hole in a circle fashion and went in about l
inch. She squealed like a little monkey with delight. Apparently she had been
played with this way before, maybe by her teenage brothers. I worked my finger
all the way in her bottom and she stood astride my lap in the tub,  rubbing and
fucking her cute little bottom on my finger which impaled her. I couldnt
believe my eyes. I kissed her tummy and then raised her up     above my head so
I had access to her pubic area. Her tiny hairless pussy was so cute. I had to
sample it with my tongue. Again she squealed in delight. Deciding that was
enough for now, we towel  dried, dressed in our night gowns, and I put her to

Bobbie was just waking up. I could tell by the lack of cum on his sleeping bag,
that he had not had any sexual activity tonight. Donna must have just pulled
his shorts off after he fell asleep.

"Aunt Nel," I wanta soda.

"Oh, this isnt soda honey, its beer" (my 5th one for the night).
I decided to try some experiments with Bobbie to see if he had been "messed
with" like Donna obviously  had by her  big brothers.
I had the suspicion because I had endured it as a child. Most of the time I
enjoyed it. But sometimes, when I was older, I knew it was wrong and had a hard
time accepting it.

As I went to the fridge to look for something for Bobbie to drink, he turned up
my 1/2 finished can of malt liquor beer and finished it. I prayed it didnt make
him sick.

"Bobbie, what are you doing . NO NO."

He grinned and finished the beer.

Soon he was a very giggly and tipsy little 5 year old boy.
He asked if I could make tinkle-tickle. Oh oh. There was my first clue about
his treatment. I asked him to show me what it was, but first he had to go to
the bathroom and pee out some of that beer.

While he was gone I was flipping the TV dial around and the Porno Channel was
showing some interesting activity that got my blood circulating even faster. 2
people were engaged in 69.
I felt my crotch lubricate, engorge, and twitch. What was taking Bobby so

He had taken all his clothes off and taken a dip in our still warm bath water.
My he smelled so much nicer. He brought a towel and asked Aunt Nel to dry him.
I did so. And then took the baby lotion and lotioned him all over. The skin on
his knees was especially dry and rough. His little dick seemed a bit red so I
lotioned up his diaper area, front and back. When I lotioned his crack, I could
see it was dry, maybe from soap irritation? I didnt know what. I put plenty of
lotion on his butt crack and in the rectum. This excited him, I realized too
late, as his penis had become quite stiff and errect.
He began to twang it up and down, like some sorta toy. 

I said, "Dont do that  youll hurt yourself." He laughed. and asked me if I
still wanted to do tinkle-tickle. I said yes, show me.
He took a bit of lotion and began masturbating his penis tip.
I stopped him. Not wanting to make matters worse. But he said, that wasnt all.
I asked him what more was there to show me.
He pulled  up a foot stool bent over it, and looked over his shoulder
expectantly. He grabbed my hand and mashed it into his bottom from behind, as
if he had been approached by another male this way. The shock, mingled with my
pms horniness and the 7 beers, made me pray to very bad judgement. 

He said, "Do me Aunt Nel, give me the BIG tinkle-tickle." I was starting to
cream my pants. So I did the only thing I knew, I pushed him back over the foot
stool, and used my tongue for a penis. I used both hands to spread his butt
cheeks while I licked his cute anus over and over, and pushed in as far as I
could. He smelled all fresh from his bath. He giggled and grabbed his penis til
he came.  Then I had a yawning little boy who was ready to go nite nite.

With  2 kids tucked in, I decided it was time to take care of myself. I got a
thick broomstick, lubricated the end with Bobbies bath lotion, and shoved it up
myself. Then lay across a pillow masturbating my clit til I came. I had an anal
orgasm, a vaginal orgasm, and then a clitoral orgasm. I was all orgasmed out. 
Removing the stick, I fell asleep in the nude and didnt stir til sun up.


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