Baby Boy Fuck (Man/baby, Incest, Scat, WS, Bestiality)

by Jim Miller

   I guess I'm a pedophile.  I mean, if you like to mess with kids, stick
your hard dick in their mouth, lick their assholes, jerk them off - then
that's what you are.  The truth is though, I'm worse that all that.  I
guess they don't have a name for what I am.  Babyfucker- Freak-.Sick Fuck
is my favorite though!  It's all good.  At least I can admit it.  Don't get
me wrong though, I didn't plan any of it and for those of you who are
wondering, this is how it happened.

   I got married early, around 23.  I work offshore for six weeks on and
six weeks off and my wife is a stripper at a local club.  We do pretty well
financially, but I was still pissed off when she told me she was pregnant.
Oh by the way, I'm a selfish bastard too.  Anyway, Andrew was born on Dec
11, 1998.  He was a cute little fuck and my wife said he looked just like
me.  :-)

   My wife worked and went to school, so that left me at home with little
Drew and Killroy, my German Shepherd, Lab mix.  It was okay at first
because they both slept a lot during the day.  One thing I hated though was
changing diapers.  A lot of times after I fed Drew I would just leave him
in the bathtub until he shit himself - then rinsed out the tub.  He'd cry a
lot too but that was just because he missed his daddy.

   Because my wife worked and went to school, she never wanted sex and for
several months I literally walked around with a hard-on all day.  I seem to
be overly needy in the sex department, usually needing to jack off several
times a day.  Several times I'd lay back on the couch with Drew propped up
beside me on one side and Killroy on the other - naked as fuck and jacking
off to porn and shit.  It never entered my mind to mess with them, although
there were several occasions I jacked my dog off.  But more on that later.

   My days off were the worst because there was nothing to do but drink and
watch porn.  It was one of these occasions when it first happened.  Drew
was in his baby bed and I was jacking off watching some group sex scene on
video.  I was almost ready to blow a load when I heard Andrew start to
scream and yell.  I pretty much figured he'd shit his diapers, so I got up,
dick bouncing in front of me and walked into his room.

   There he was, lying in his crib and sure enough, brown smelly shit was
leaking from the leg of his diapers.  Not only that, but the little fuck
had played in it and smeared it all over the bars of the baby bed and his
blankets.  I was pissed but still pretty horny.  I remember sticking my
cock through the bars of the baby bed, liking the way it felt.  My cock is
pretty long - about 8 inches and curves up.  When I get hard I precum like
a mother fucker and this occasion wasn't any different.  I remember
reaching down and running my finger over the slit and collecting a large
drop of precum.  Usually I lick my precum off my fingers, but this time
-for no reason at all - I reached down and ran my finger over little Drew's
lips.  I traced a wet circle over his little puckered mouth.  I stopped for
a second not believing I was really doing this.  Then I watched him smack
his lips and smile.

   "Ahhh that a boy.  You like daddy's cum don't' you boy?" I said softly.
I then reached down and jacked my cock several more times until a stream of
precum coated my fingers.  I then gently stuck my middle finger in my sons
mouth.  He immediately began sucking it like a nipple.

   "Ahh Fuck!" I thought feeling the cum build in my nuts.  This was
fucking hot as shit!  I still couldn't believing I was doing it as I pumped
my finger in and out of his little mouth.  Just the nastiness of it was
driving me nuts.  At that point, I knew I could've stopped but figured -
what the hell.  Who was gonna tell??  Not me!

   I reached in the crib and lifted Drew out and carried him in to the
living room setting him down on the sofa.  The video was still playing and
the room was filled with "oh yeahhhs and fuck yeah, suck that cock, eat
that shit, etc."

   I continued jacking my cock over my kids face when a long stream of
precum fell directly onto my kids face.  I moved and aimed it towards his
open mouth.  I almost blew my load when I saw another stream enter his
little mouth.  He smacked it unknowingly.

   "OOOhhh yeah, that's it ya little fucker.  Eat that cum!"

   Suddenly I decided to get real nasty.  I leaned forward and shoved the
head of my cock up the leg of his shitty diaper.  I pressed forward feeling
my cock push through a load of baby boy shit.  It felt fucking fantastic. I
continued fucking his shitty diaper when I slowed up feeling that I was
gonna cum.  I slowly pulled out, half of my cock covered with brown shit I
reached down and slowly started jacking off with it.  FUCKING GREAT!  I
loved it.  It was so damn nasty and I couldn't believe I was doing it.

   Oh well, what the fuck I though and moved back around to my kids head. I
pressed down on the shaft of my dick pointing the head of my cock directly
at my kids mouth.

   "Open wide - Daddy's got a big surprise!" I said teasingly.  I gently
shoved the head of my shitty dick into my baby's mouth.  To my surprise,
the little fucker clamped his lips around it and began sucking.

   "AAAHHH FUCK YEAH!" I screamed out not believing how good the little
tikes sucking mouth could feel.  He must have thought it was a bottle and
my precum was the milk.  I still couldn't believe he didn't mind the taste
of his own shit, but who knows.  He obviously liked it.  :-)

   After a few minutes of fucking his innocent mouth I was ready to blow
all over the place.  I was wearing a tshirt with I quickly took off.  Then
I went into my bedroom and got some sheets, brought them back into the
living room and laid them over the couch.  I sat down on the sofa and undid
little Drews diaper.  He not only shit himself, but pissed himself as well.
I jacked my cock a few times looking at his little baby dick.  I then
reached down and slowly began massing his shitty balls and asscrack -
sticking my fat middle finger up his asshole several times.  I then took my
shitty fingers and gently began jacking his little baby cock.  I was so
turned on I couldn't breath.  Drew just laid there looking up absently at
his dad not knowing what was happening to him.

   "That feel good champ?" I said engrossed in what I was doing.  Then
suddenly he began to spring a baby boner!

   "OOHHH WOW!  Look at that shit!" I said excitedly not knowing a baby
could get a hard on.  Right before my eyes his little dick grew to hard
like the stub of a little root.  "Fuckin AWESOME!" I said jacking my shitty
cock, a stream of precum running down the shaft.

   The whole while my dog Killroy was sitting watching the whole event,
unable to speak but cocking his head to the side giving me his, "whatcha
doin??" look.  A stupid dumb dog look.

   "Get down Killroy!" I said feeling uncomfortable with the dog watching
me.  Killroy just sat there continuing to stare at us.

   I went back to what I was doing, too horny to stop now.

   I then sat back on the couch and lifted Andrew up and placing his shitty
legs around my hard cock.  It felt so incredible I can't even tell you.  I
slowly began bouncing him up and down until the shit covered my hairy
crotch and legs.  Precum was fucking everywhere.

   "OOHHH GOD!" I moaned using him as a baby fuck toy.  Suddenly, the
little fuck began to pee.  I almost shit myself thinking he was cumming.  A
stream of yellow urine arched up hitting the coffee table and remote
control.  By this time I was too lost to care.  I could feel warm pee shoot
out onto my long legs.  Now I was covered in shit AND piss.  I was still in
pedo heaven!

   That's when Killroy jumped up from his sitting position and began
licking my leg.

   "Get AWAY!" I shouted hitting the dog who only came back for more.  The
damn dog loved the shit.

   Suddenly I figured, oh well, what the hell.  What's good for the goose
is good for the mooseKillroy eagerly began licking my legs and then moved
down to my crotch.  I covered my sons penis afraid he might bite him by
accident.  I then leaned over and gently began jacking the dog with my two
fingers.  In no time his red dog dick was sticking straight out and leaking
dog cum all over my fingers.

   "OH FUCK!" I shouted not believing how nasty this all was.  I continued
jacking my dog then using my free hand to jack the head of my own cock,
then jack my kids cock who was still hard as a little rock.

   I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot, so I had the nastiest idea I
think I could've ever had.  I glanced up at the tv to see a woman doing it
doggie style.  An evil grin crossed my face and I began to laugh.  By now,
Killroy was humping my hand.  I then leaned all the way over and gently ran
my tongue over the tip of his dog dick.  He let out a yelp of surprised
excitement.  A human was licking his damn dick!!!  I then slowly closed my
lips around the head of his veiny cock and began to use my tongue and lips
to suck him off.  Before long the dog was panting like a fucking race
horse. I knew if I was gonna do it I had to do it now.

   I then moved away from Killroy, my lips and face wet with his dog juice.
I moved Andrew down and spread his legs and pulled them up so his shitty
hole was open for the dog.  Without any hesitation or prompting from me,
Killroy lurched forward burying his hairy rod up my little kids asshole!!!

   "OOHH FUCK YEAH!!!" I screamed as the dog began to pump my kids ass.  I
reached down and began massaging Killroys nuts.  I even moved up, lifted up
his tail and lighltly ran my tongue along his asshole.

   He then rared back and snapped at me.  Oh well, I thought, I guess he
doesn't like that.  I conintued watching him fuck my son - all the while
jacking my cock like crazy.

   Drew had started crying the instant Killroy mounted him, but now he went
back into that nowhere place babies go when they don't quite know what's
happening to them.

   I moved back up toward his head and stuck the head of my fat adult dick
back into his mouth.

   "Suck that fucker!" I said sadistically.  Little Drew was too involved
in Killroy's fucking to suck, so I pumped his mouth on my own, shoving my
dick down his little throat.

   "OOHH FUCK YEAHHH!  This is so fucking nasty!" I moaned fucking my kids
mouth while my dog fucked his ass.

   Suddenly I heard Killroy start to yelp and bark like crazy.  He almost
sounded like a human and I knew he was gonna cum.  He began chomping his
mouth as if biting the air and lunged forward one last time before howling
like a damn banchee.


   Suddenly Killroy pulled out, scared by who knows what - a stream of dog
cum leaking from his dick.  I had the suddenly desire to bend down and suck
it dry but didn't afraid he might bite me.  Instead I leaned down and
looked at the gaping hole in my kids ass.  Blood and shit and dog cum
leaked out in a pool between his legs.

   "Oh well," I said fisting my cock.  I moved around, pressed my cockhead
against the hole and in one lunge shoved my cock up my kids asshole."

   "OOOOOOOOOHHHH FUCK!!!!!" I screamed not believing how great his little
hole felt.  The dog cum, blood and shit squeezed out around my cock.  I
leaned over him and began sticking my tongue in his open mouth.  My dick
was only 1/2 was inside but before long I knew I was gonna cum!

   "AHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSS!!!!" I screamed again feeling my load blow.

   "GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKIN JESUS CHRIST!" I screamed blowing my hot adult
load all up my little boys ass!!!!  I could feel the cum continue to spurt
out and each contraction felt like fucking heaven.

   Finally I leaned back, my shitty, bloody, cum covered cock plopping out
with a slick popping sound.

   I smiled again before I did the next thing.  God I'm a sick fuck!  :-)

   I laid down on the sofa, picked up my kid and held him directly over my
open mouth.  Suddenly a stream of HOT shit, blood, and cum sprayed out into
my open mouth and face.  I closed my eyes as the sick mixture bured my
eyes. As the trickle subsided to nothing, I sat Little Drew down on my
mouth and slurped out the rest from his little shitty hole.  I smacked it
greedily sucking out as much as I could down my nasty throat.

   For some reason, that's when he really began to cry.  So I picked him up
and carried him into the bathroom, Killroy following close behind.  Could
he still be horny??  Hmmmmm I thought and smiled.

   I put Drew under the shower as we both cleaned off.  Me holding my
little baby in my arms, between my long hairy legs.

   And needless to say, I no longer mind it when he shits-.