Baby Amy in the Cellar  (Mg,extreme pedo,nepi,rape,oral,creampie)

by AnyPerson

It was your typical night in this suburb of Miami. Families slept soundly in 
their beds, but little did they know that Jack Raphael was in town. Jack was a 
convicted child molester that had just escaped from prison during a work detail 
on the highway. Jack had been on the run for about four days now, and had 
managed to get nearly twenty miles from where he started. He spent his days 
hiding out wherever he could find some solitude and space, and he spent the 
nights prowling the neighborhoods looking for a better place to hide out. 

One day, Jack was walking around a nice looking suburban neighborhood, hoping to 
find something interesting, when his prayers were answered. He was walking 
between a house and the white picket fence that separated it from the neighbors 
when he thought he heard a very familiar and inviting sound. This was the sound 
of a child sleeping, more specifically the sound of a baby sleeping. Jack 
realized that it had in fact been over six years since he'd even seen a real 
child. In prison, all he had were pictures from magazines and catalogues and 
what he could see on TV when he was actually allowed to watch it.

Being curious, and very horny, Jack walked up to the spot where he thought he 
heard the sound. He had walked up to one window of the house and looked inside 
the room and noticed a typical baby's room. It had all the little cute animal 
decorations on the walls and stuffed animals and baby toys on the dressers and 
the floor. In another corner of the room Jack noticed a white crib with a mobile 
hanging over the top. Jack glanced down and just as he had hoped there was a 
small infant sleeping in the crib. Since it was dark it was hard to tell whether 
it was a boy or a girl, but he figured he would find out soon enough.

When Jack was molesting children, he stuck mostly to girls and usually ones 
under the age of five, when he could get them. He found these girls were the 
easiest to deal with and had the tightest pussies. In all his years of molesting 
children, the youngest he had managed to get was a thirteen-month-old girl. This 
was actually the girl that he was caught with before being arrested and sent to 
prison. Upon seeing the infant, Jack felt his cock jump a little bit inside of 
his pants. Jack had already managed to ditch his shackles and prison issues and 
steal some clothes, so at least if he was seen by someone they wouldn't know who 
he really was. Upon further inspection of the child's room, he noticed that the 
window was cracked open a tiny bit. He then realized that this was how the sound 
of the child managed to find its way outside to his ears.

Just then, Jack made the decision that he was going to indulge his desires and 
find out the sex of this little baby in the crib. Jack covered up his hands with 
the sleeves of his shirt, so as to not leave any fingerprints on the window. He 
slowly opened the window so he would make as little noise as possible. The last 
thing Jack needed was for one of the parents to wake up and see him climbing in 
or out of the window of their baby's room. 

Once the window was open enough for Jack to climb in, he hoisted himself up and 
did so. Once inside, he took a deep breath and took in all the wonderful smells 
of a child's room. He could smell baby powder and wipes, as well as baby oil. 
There were also smells in the room that most people wouldn't notice except 
experienced molesters. These are the smell of a young child's skin and hair, and 
sometimes even the smell that a pussy will give off. Over his years of molesting 
Jack had become quite attuned to these smells. He could walk through a crowded 
mall and tell you whether a kid was within ten feet of him with his eyes closed. 
Even on some days he could tell you if the kid was sexually active, and if the 
adult with them was the one who did him or her. But usually seeing the child and 
the adult together was the best judge of that fact.

Jack stood there in the room, tilted his head up towards the ceiling, and 
breathed in all the smells of the room. Just then, he heard the child on the 
other side of the room move in its sheets. He heard the sound of the fabric of 
the sheets and the child's clothing rubbing together. He slowly walked over to 
the crib, looked down and saw one of the most beautiful baby girls he had seen 
in the last ten years, lying there sleeping peacefully. She had very short brown 
hair on top of her round, pudgy head. 

The little girl was wearing a little one-piece pair of pajamas that were a light 
pink color, with little teddy bears on both legs and the chest. The pajamas were 
very cute and covered her whole body down to the feet. This was probably the 
most beautiful sight that Jack had seen for nearly as long as he could remember. 
He felt his cock make another leap inside of his stolen underwear. In his mind, 
he tried to tell it to calm down because he knew if he wasn't careful he could 
blow his load prematurely. Just looking at this girl, he knew he had to have 
her. He had to touch her and feel every part of her body. He reached down and 
lightly ran his fingers on her face. 

She had a warmness to her skin that was so pleasurable and her skin felt as soft 
as silk even on Jack's rough prison hands. 

He knew that he wanted to take this girl, but he wasn't sure where he could take 
her and have the privacy and time he needed to fully enjoy her. He closed his 
eyes and started to think as hard as he could. Just then he remembered seeing a 
set of doors at the back of the house that had to lead to some sort of cellar.
He thought that this might not be that great, because usually these kinds of 
cellars are attached to the house and not entirely soundproof. Then suddenly, 
his heart leaped in excitement when he realized that it wasn't attached to the 
house and was separate from the rest of the structure. He then remembered that 
this was hurricane country and this was probably a storm cellar. He then made 
his decision. He would take this girl down there and have his way with her. 
He began to lean over to pick her up and caught a glimpse of something out of 
the corner of his eye. It was a small frame with a picture of the baby's face 
inside. There was some writing on the bottom that Jack could just make out in 
the darkness. The writing said "Our Little Angel Amy, December 10, 2003" and 
this excited Jack even more because now he knew the girl's name and he also knew 
her age. The month was April, he couldn't remember the exact day, but he knew it 
had to be near the end of the month, so this meant she was six months old. This 
would mean she would be the youngest Jack would have the pleasure to fuck.

Jack leaned over and put his hands in the crib and quietly wrapped a blanket 
underneath and around her and picked her up. She felt fairly light in his arms 
compared to the other girls he had picked up in the past. He looked down at her 
and said in a very light whisper, "You and I are going to have a lot of fun, my 
little angel." Jack looked around the room for a clock to get an idea of the 
time. He finally spotted a little old-fashioned analog alarm clock next to the 
crib and it said that it was 12:30am. This was great because he most likely had 
about seven and a half hours before her parents would be up for the morning.
Jack walked over to the window and held Amy above the ground. He then held the 
blanket by the corners so he could carefully lower her to the ground. Once she 
was on the ground, Jack climbed out of the window and closed it to the point 
that it was before, making sure to cover his hands while he did so. He picked 
little Amy up and started to carry her towards the back yard. Thankfully she was 
still asleep in his arms because he knew if she woke up she could make noises 
that would have to be dealt with. Jack walked over to the two big double cellar 
doors, sat Amy down on the grass, and pulled one of the big doors open as 
quietly as possible. He picked Amy up and descended the stairs. 

It was pitch dark, but he felt a chord brush his face and he reached for it, a 
light bulb clicked on above his head. He looked around and noticed shelves with 
cans and jars of food lining the walls. There were also some old looking tools 
on the far wall and some boxes that probably contained the family's old junk. 
But thankfully this cellar had the one thing that Jack wanted the most - a bed. 
The bed went up to a little below knee level, which was perfect for what he 

He sat Amy down on the bed, walked up the stairs, and shut the door as quietly 
as possible. He now had the privacy he needed to fully enjoy this little baby 
girl. Once the door was shut, he walked over to the bed, took Amy out of the 
blanket, and set it aside. 

The sight of this little baby girl sleeping on the bed, completely unaware of 
what he had planned, made his cock rock hard. Jack got down on his knees and 
leaned over and kissed her on the face. Her face felt so smooth and warm on his 
lips which had experienced nothing but prison food and his fellow inmate's cocks 
for the last six years. Jack then grabbed the zipper of the pajamas she was 
wearing and slowly pulled it downward, exposing her bare beautiful chest. She 
had a nice little baby belly and nearly invisible nipples, her skin was also 
fairly white, even in the crappy light. 

Jack ran his fingers and hands across her chest and her nipples and they felt so 
soft and warm on his skin. He then leaned over and gave her right nipple a lick 
and it tasted so good. When he did this he noticed that she stirred a little and 
kicked her legs.

So he did it some more, and the more he did it, the more she kicked her little 
legs and made her little baby sounds. Jack then licked the rest of her chest and 
her neck taking in her soft skin and wonderful taste.

Once he had his fill of licking her chest, he pulled her small arms out of her 
pajamas and slid it off her legs. Her arms and legs were very cute with little 
folds in them and a nice concentration of baby fat throughout them. Jack knew 
the parts of her body that he really wanted to get to, so he spent a little time 
licking her arms and sucking on her fingers. He then kissed the outside of her 
diaper and sniffed and, despite all the other smells, he could smell her pussy 
underneath. He worked his way down her legs and sucked on her toes and licked 
the bottoms of her feet. She stirred a little more than before when he did this.
He knew it wasn't too long before she woke up. 

Now for Jack it was time for the main attraction. He reached up and undid the 
Velcro straps on each side of her diaper and pulled the front down exposing her 
little puffy pussy. This was easily the most beautiful pussy he had seen in his 
life. It was surrounded by baby fat and was puffy and pink and had the perfect 
heart shape to it. Thankfully the concentration of baby fat was perfect for her 
clit to stick a little out of the top of her pussy. 

Jack leaned over and gave her pussy a lick from the bottom of the heart shape up 
to where her clit was and it tasted like a hundred gourmet meals. When he did 
this, he heard her give a whimper and wake up. Once she was awake she started to 
cry a little bit and wiggle her arms and legs. He knew that he was really going 
to have his fun now, because one of the things that turned him on about such 
young kids was listening to them cry while he forced himself upon them.

Jack knew that he had to feel what the inside of this girl's pussy felt like. 
Jack put his middle finger in his mouth gave it a nice lick to get it good and 
wet. He took his finger and ran it over her little slit. It felt so warm on his 
finger and he could feel it slide inside and rub against her clit. He could also 
feel the lips pressing against his finger and it felt unbelievably soft. Jack 
could tell that Amy didn't like this because her crying became louder and 
steadier when his finger started to go inside the lips of her pussy. 

Jack took his fingers and spread the lips of her pussy apart and looked at the 
tiny hole inside. It was the deepest pink color he had seen in his life and the 
clit was so small and beautiful. The pussy-hole itself couldn't have been much 
bigger than a nickel. Jack put his face down to her pussy again and gave her 
clit a nice lick and even nibbled on it a little. He then proceeded to lick all 
around the outside of her hole, and then buried his tongue as deep in that 
little baby's pussy as it would go. Once his tongue was in as far as possible, 
he let go of the lips and let it close down on his tongue. The feeling was so 
wonderful and he began to fuck her little pussy with his tongue. 

This feeling was nearly enough to give him an orgasm right then but Jack found 
the will to hold it back. He knew if he blew his load the rest of his activity 
with her wouldn't be nearly as good. He must have tongue-fucked her pussy for 
five or ten minutes when he felt her body start to shake and she raised her hips 
up and pushed lightly against his face for about five seconds. Once the shaking 
and pushing stopped, she settled down and started to piss and have other liquids 
come out of her pussy. This made Jack feel so good because he knew he had just 
given this little baby girl her first orgasm.

He took his fingers and rubbed the combination of piss, pussy juice and saliva 
around her pussy and started to slide his middle finger inside her pussy. The 
inside of her pussy was so much warmer than the rest of her body and the walls 
pressed like a small vice on his finger. He could also feel the pussy juices 
inside this baby's tight little pussy. 

Once his finger was up to the middle knuckle, he felt one of his favorite things 
in the whole world, her cherry. If there was one thing about doing little girls 
that Jack enjoyed, it was popping their cherries. This was one activity that 
filled his masturbation fantasies in prison, knowing that he could deflower and 
take the virginity away from girls who had no concept of what sex could possibly 

Amy continued to cry as Jack moved his finger around inside her pussy. Jack 
pressed his finger against her cherry, which felt like a wet piece of wrinkled 
paper, and heard her cry even louder. Jack moved his finger back a little bit 
and then gave it a quick jerk forward and felt it go through her cherry. He now 
had a little six month old girl that was no longer a virgin. She was crying so 
loudly now that her face was an almost crimson red and he could hear voice 
cracking a little as her little vocal chords strained from crying so much.
Jack noticed a small trickle of blood start to come out of her pussy and drip 
onto her diaper. This was normal when you popped a girl's cherry. The diaper 
soaked up the blood pretty nicely but he needed something else to get rid of it. 
Jack looked around and under the bed he found a nice open box of diapers. This 
was great because if Jack could put a new diaper on her the parents would never 
know what he had done. 

Just then, he noticed some baby wipes in the box with the diapers so he took a 
few of the wipes and held them against her pussy until the flow of blood from 
her pussy stopped. He also ran a few along her asshole to make sure it was nice 
and clean. Once all this was done he lifted her up by the legs and started to 
lick her little asshole and tried forcing his tongue inside it, but it was just 
too tight. So Jack held her legs with one hand and slid his middle finger inside 
her asshole. This truly felt like a weight pressing on all sides of his finger 
and she continued to cry as he moved it back and forth inside her asshole. He 
finger-fucked her asshole for about five minutes and slid his finger out and 
noticed her asshole stayed a little bit open, and then started to slowly close 
back up.

Now Jack knew it was time for the best part of all this, it was time to fuck 
this little baby girl. Jack undid the button of his stolen jeans and looked down 
to see a nice looking tent that was made by his cock stretching the fabric of 
his underwear. He pulled down the underwear and his cock jumped up and slapped 
against his belly. He pulled the underwear the rest of the way down and took the 
jeans and underwear off from around his ankles. But he decided to leave them on 
the ground because he didn't want to kneel on the cold floor with his bare 
knees. This would remind him too much of the late night fuck sessions in prison. 

Jack knelt down on the floor and noticed that his cock was at the perfect height 
for the bed. Jack took his warm, throbbing cock into one hand and slid Amy 
closer to him with other hand. At this point she was still crying but it was 
becoming a little quieter since he had popped her cherry. He could tell that the 
crying was hurting her as she was trying to do it in bursts. Once she was close 
to him, Jack took his cock and started rubbing the head of it on her little 
pussy lips. She really started to squirm around on the bed as Jack's cock ran up 
and down her pussy. He took his free hand and tried to hold her down without 
applying too much pressure to her chest. He knew that if he pressed too hard, he 
could leave a bruise or break ribs.

With the hand on his cock he put the tip up to the spot over her tiny hole and 
started to work his cock back and forth while he pushed forward at the same 
time. It took a little bit of work, but her pussy lips started to spread and his 
cock started to go into her pussy. 

From experience Jack knew that there was no way he could get his entire cock 
into this little girl's pussy, despite how badly he wanted to. If he did try to 
put all six inches inside her, he would rip her up inside and possibly kill her. 
Despite all the stuff he did over the years he never seriously harmed or killed 
any of the kids he molested. That's why at his trial, he protested his sentence. 
There were people in jail for murder doing less time than him. All he did was 
have sex with people he found sexually attractive. 

After working his cock a bit more, it got to the point where about half of the 
head was inside her pussy. He could feel her pussy like a vice on his cock. This 
was the most wonderful feeling in the world; it had to be better than any drug 
man could produce. Amy was really screaming at this point and he knew she was at 
a point where she was about to lose her voice. This turned Jack on even more 
because the thirteen month old girl he had fucked didn't cry this much. 

Jack pushed a little further into her pussy and felt that nearly all of the head 
of his cock was inside her. He knew this was about as far as he could go without 
hurting her, so he just stayed there and stroked the shaft of his cock, feeling 
her pussy press against the head of his cock. 

After about a minute of this, he felt an orgasm coming on. He stroked faster and 
then felt a wave of pleasure like he hadn't felt in years flow through his body 
and come out of his cock. He felt the first blast of hot cum go into her pussy. 
He tried to keep his cock inside her pussy but he just couldn't, so he just held 
his cock over her pussy and stroked the remaining cum out of his cock and onto 
her pussy and chest. Once he was finished, he had blown the biggest load of his 
life on this little girl. He just stayed there on his knees and enjoyed the site 
of his molester cum all over this little baby girl. He looked down at her pussy 
and was thankful to not see any more blood coming out. This meant that he hadn't 
gone in too far.

Jack looked down and noticed that his cock was still semi-hard and still had cum 
dripping out of it, so he grabbed Amy and turned her around so she was facing 
sideways. Jack took his cock and put it up to her lips and let his cum drip all 
over them. He took his other hand and forced her mouth open as much as he could 
and stuck the tip of his cock into it and stroked some more cum out of his cock. 

She choked and spit as his cum went into her mouth, as with most children she 
did not like the taste of his cum in her mouth. He continued to rub his cock 
over her face and mouth until he was sure that he was empty. Even though he 
wanted to wait until he recovered and do her again it was Jack's personal rule 
to not do a kid more than once in a night because it always felt better the 
first time and he did want to ruin the experience with mediocre orgasms.

Jack stood up, pulled on his underwear and jeans, and stared down at this little 
baby girl covered in his cum from nearly head to toe - well from mouth to pussy 
at least. Jack got back on his knees and started to lick as much of his own cum 
off of her as he could. He also looked at her pussy and noticed cum dripping out 
of it, so he put his mouth around it and sucked as much of it out as he could. 
It gave Jack tremendous pleasure doing this. He wasn't too fond of the taste of 
his own cum but licking it off a child he's just molested was so wonderful to 

Once he finished with that, he started to examine the bed and her clothes for 
any traces of cum. Luckily for him, he had set her pajamas to the side, so they 
didn't have any cum on them, but the sheets of the bed had spots of cum, tears 
and sweat on them. Jack noticed a bottle of water on the shelf and he took it 
down, took off the cap and ran it over her and on the spots on the bed. 
Once he was satisfied it was clean enough to not be noticeable when the parents 
finally went into the cellar, he turned his attention back to Amy. Jack took her 
diaper, with the cum and blood on it, out from under her, reached into the box 
of diapers, found one with the same little teddy bear pattern on it, and put it 
on her, but not before taking some baby wipes and cleaning up her pussy and 
asshole as well as he could. Jack had years of experience with this, and it 
hadn't been evidence on the kid that had gotten him caught. 

The last girl's parents just had to have one of those Nanny Cams set up and it 
caught him coming out of the baby's room toweling off his cock. Jack had 
otherwise become a master at leaving no evidence of his fucking. Once she was 
cleaned off and diapered, he put her pajamas back on her and zipped them up. 
Jack gave her a kiss on the cheek, fixed her hair, and said, "I hope you enjoyed 
that, my little angel, because we'll do it again sometime real soon."
Jack waited until she fell asleep, wrapped her in the blanket, and took her back 
to her room. Once inside, he put her in her crib, in as close to her original 
position as he could, and climbed back out the window. After closing the window 
as before, he walked away very pleased about his fuck session with Amy. Jack 
walked back towards the woods where he had slept the past night and was ready to 
either stay in this neighborhood and fuck Amy again or move on to another 
neighborhood and hopefully find another little Amy to fuck and deflower.


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