Announcements - January, 2017

Hello to all our fellow nepiophiles out there.  Sincerely wishing 
all of you a safe, prosperous, healthy, and horny New Year!

I am pleased to announce that we had a record number of nepi story
submissions beginning in November and lasting to this present day.
The vastness and variations of nepi story themes being submitted
run the gambit from soft and mild, to the most disgusting and 
hard-core. We welcome ALL fetishes, fantasies, and ideas that are 
baby and toddler related.

I am also pleased to announce that I am adding two new additions to
the main directory: The "Nepi Author Recognition Page" which will
highlight some of our more recent and prolific authors who have 
been generous with their time and effort to submit their work(s) to
the Nepi Stories Collection for other infantophiles and nepiophiles
to enjoy and receive great pleasure, and give a general idea of their 
story themes.

The other page will be a "Nepi Phone Sex Testimonial Page" for those
who have been lucky enough to indulge in phone sex with "Nepi" - one
of our dearest and longtime contributing authors to this cherished
site!  No private information will be given out - as none is available
for any of the callers (Nepi is VERY protective of the privacy of 
those he speaks with).  However, you will get to read some of the 
comments of praise and gratitute they have sent to both him and me
over the past month.

Lastly, we are greatly saddened by the removal / banning of our first
meeting place on chatstep - known as the "nepi" chatroom.  Due to
some who don't approve of our sexual tastes and inclinations, it was
closed down.  To the best of my knowlege, there is no replacement at
this time.  The best that I can offer is to refer you to the wonderful
experience of baby and toddler phone sex with "Nepi."  He is truly the
best at what he does, and does not judge anyone's fantasies - no 
matter how sick or depraved.  We must pay our respect to him, as he
is being very brave and generous in offering this kind service / outlet
for those of us who need to get our feelings and urges out in a safe
environment that will NOT get shut down - as phone sex is completely
legal and protected by the First Amendment to our beloved Constitution -
The Freedom of Speech.  This is our best alternative to the chatroom
that was closed down.  You can read up on it in the Nepi Phone Sex
Link on the Nepi Stories Collection main page / directory.

To conclude, I am VERY proud of ALL of our readers, writers, and
followers.  It takes a certain degree of mental fortitude and bravery
to persue what you truly enjoy and are aroused by - no matter how
negatively society frowns upon us.  We will persevere, and we WILL
carry on until we are accepted in society - just as other people of
various sexual persuasions are now becoming accepted. Patience to all,
the time will come.

Pamper Lover (Nepi Stories Collection Moderator)

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