A really SICK story  (M,infants,toddlers)

by New Nasty Dad 

     The stupid old whore couldn't have been older than 19 maybe
younger but she looked 45 already from all the crack she was hooked
on. She had just moved into the cheap hotel I was staying at and I
drooled as I watched her quickly drag a car seat with a baby and a
cute little cunt that looked about 15-18 months old tagging along
beside her. The oldest child whore had blonde hair and looked almost
tan if not for the tell-tale stains showing she was filthy. Her dress
was even worse all ripped and dirty, and much to small for her showing
her diaper fully under it.

Grabbing a few items I knew I would need I went and hung out at the
bar that was there in the old run down motel. It was a real nasty dive
but a great hangout for the drug dealers and all the addicts. It
wasn't long before the old mom cunt came jonsing into the bar looking
around. It was easy acting all nice and buying her a drink before
asking her if she liked crack, after that I couldn't have drug her
away. We quickly headed back to her room to my dicks quickly harding

Inside the room the I finally got to see her other baby cunt toy and
was damn near cumming in my pants seeing the about 4mo old baby girl
cunt. She was lying on the bed with an obvisously over full diaper and
crying hard. Their whore mother paid no attention to either of them as
we got the door locked and she was grabbing her crack pipe. I got her
set up with 2 huge rocks which she quickly smoked up, soon as she was
good and high I started talking to her nicely about if she was looking
for a job. She blurted out through the crack high that she usually was
a prostitute but had just moved here and didn't know the area.

That was all the opening I needed, I mentioned that I knew some
friends that loved prostitutes and that they were only like 3 streets
over. She asked me if I let her get 2 more rocks she'd go work the
money up for them quick and that I could stay there at her room until
she got back. I loaded up a huge rock for her to hit on and agreed to
stay there until she got back.

I turned to old whore mother. "Everything you need is at my friends
house." I hand her a piece of paper with an address. "All the food,
booze, and drugs to last you for a while." She gave me a look through
her crack glazed eyes and shook her head a little. She must have known
what I was going to do but she couldn't figure out why I wanted baby
girls over her. That was all the thought she gave it then she was
gone. I didn't tell her about the people waiting for her. It will be
very rough on her, they have extremely sick tastes, but she will get
lots of drugs and she may even enjoy it a little before they finally
snuffed the old used cunt.

I locked the door and turned as I knelt down to admire my prizes.
Grabbing the 15mo baby cunt nicely I pulled her to me, she started
giggling as I ran my hands down her little body. I felt the sway of
her back, and the smooth soft pliability of her flesh that only a 15
month old can have. The tiny child rubbed her legs together, she
squirmed about on the spot performing the desperate little dance. "I
needa wee wee mister." she said.

The child reached up with her right hand and, motioning towards the
bathroom with her head, tugged on my hand. I sighed. "Well baby girl,
you are a dirty little bitch." I told her smiling the whole time.

"Ah-huh," agreed ignorant baby cunt and tugged harder on my hand. 

"Only good girls are allowed to use a toilet," I told her. "You
haven't been a good girl now have you?" patting her overfull diaper
with my other hand. "You've already poopied in your panties."

"I sorry. I needa go now." 

My head spun, this baby cunt was such a beautiful girl. "Yeah," I
drooled. "I know what you are going to do."

I walked over and sat on the bed next to the filthy 4mo old baby. Not
letting go of the older childs hand she was pulled forward a few steps
and mewled. "Nooo, I need a wee," she whined.

"That's what I want you to do," I told her. 

I pulled on her hand and the 15mo old cunt girl was forced to get up
on the bed with me and her baby sister. As soon as the child was close
enough, I reached up and grabbed hold of the little girl's hair.
"Oww!" howled the pre-teen. Pretty tears streamed down the beautiful
child's face.

"Sit on your baby sisters face." I said tapping the bed beside the
filthy baby whore.

The sobbing pre-teen mounted her baby sister with my help pushing her
bottom down until it pressed into the soft fat baby face. Once the
little girl had settled down I released her hair and grabbed hold of
one her ankles. The terrified child was pulled until she sat
straddling her baby sisters face. Her fat little pussy, through the
panties and tights pressed hard against her sisters face covering her
mouth. "Please Mister," whined the girl. "When can I go?"

I giggled. "That's cute baby cunt," she said. "But you are meant to
call me daddy now okay? Okay?"

The ignorant pre-teen sniffed. "Yeah," she moaned. 

"Now you need to ask daddy if you are allowed to do your wee-wee," I

"Ohhh," she sobbed. "Please daddy, can I go to a wee now?" 

My cock was rock hard. I was sure that I had a damp spot in my jeans.
Not that I minded, I liked feeling filthy, but I was frustrated. I
wiggled my hips, wishing I'd not worn these jeans and could get easy
access to rub on my stiff cock. "Do it then," I breathed.

The 15mo baby whore tugged on my hand. "Okay, please..." 

"No you stupid cunt," I spat. "I want you to piss on your sisters

"W-what!" cried the child. 

"Do your wee on her or you aren't allowed to go," I giggled. 

"B-but oh I mmmm," moaned the horrified child. 

"Hmmm, I want you to wet yourself all over hr tiny face baby." I

A low whine emitted from child's throat. The little girl wriggled
about desperately on her sisters face. I know it must have felt good.
Why had I worn these fucking jeans!

The child whore hesitated and then moved her hand down under her
dress. "Oi," I snapped. "What are you doing?"

"I-I need to take my panties down," whimpered the little girl. 

"No you don't," I slurred. "Daddy wants you to wet yourself all over
her." I giggled.

"But that's dirty," she exclaimed. 

I grinned. "Yeah, but you are a filthy little baby whore." 

The poor child squeezed her sore red eyes right up and cried loudly. I
reached over and struck the little girl hard across her cheek. "Do it
now!" I screamed.

The poor little frightened child seized up tight. The terrified child
trembled. At that moment I wasn't sure whether the child was doing
what she was told or whether she was just too scared to keep it in.
Nevertheless, I saw the hot liquid spill out and run over her tiny
sisters face and soak into the matress. I put my head closer to see.
"That is a good cunt. Good cunt." I sighed.

My whole body tingled: a mixture of filth and sexual power. I just
wanted to cum now. I needed to cum now. I had to put the girl away and
get them to my special place, and then I could cum. I giggled and
reached up to push the bawling child off of her tiny sister. "Come on
dirty cunt slut," I said climbing to my feet. "We have to go

I grinned down at the little girl. Most of her dress, below her waist,
was now soaking wet from the child's own piss. However, it was not
nearly as wet as her baby sisters face and head. It was all so sexy.
The child turned her head and looked up at me. She pulled her left
hand into her chest and bit on her lip. The baby whore nodded. "Okay
Daddy," she whispered.

Grabbing my few things I loaded the 4mo baby cunt still dripping wet
with her sisters piss into her car carrier and grabbed the 18mo slut
taking off out the door. It didn'ttake me long to get my other things
out of the hotel room and getting them and the baby sluts into my van
quick. It was only a 30 minute drive to my house where we could really
start playing right.

Getting them into the house I took them to the back playroom that had
a changing table set on the floor in the middle. Finally feeling right
I quickly stripped my clothes and theirs. Grabbing some poppers I took
a huge hit and then helped the 4mo and 18mo piglets hit it hard too.
Taking the 4mo slut I tied her lightly to the changing table,
squatting my ass over the babies face I took another hit of poppers
and pulled the naked frightened 18mo whore over to us. Giving her
another huge hit of poppers I told her to watch closely.

The drugged 18mo baby whore stood there - staring and speechless -
unable to ignore such a lewd and disgusting sight. But when I looked
down to the sight she saw between my hairy legs of my hard cock
sticking straight up as it always did against the thin trail of hair
on my stomach, a steady stream of precum running down the shaft, I
could see the half smile from the poppers on her tiny face, "Like
that?" I asked her reaching down and lightly rubbing her bare baby

The drugged baby cunt just whimpered at the first time feelings of the
poppers and having her cunt rubbed taking in the lewd sex act being
performed on her baby sister. "Watch me take a dump on your baby
sister's face." I replied and grinned.

I moved my ass closer to her baby sisters face. She just laid there,
her blue eyes staring up at my hairy ass hanging over her without a
clue of what it really was. Suddenly the silence of the room was
broken by a loud wet fart. I could feel my asshole open up as the
nasty gas filled the air around the baby cunts face.  The wind of it
blew her thin hair as she wrinkled her nose and then turned her face.
I grunted again as another fart blew out of my hairy hole. I moaned
then started mumbling to the drugged 18mo cunt watching it all about
getting off on how perverse this was and then having an audience to
watch it all.

"How'd you like that one?" I asked her turning my head, my eyes
intense and strong.

"Nasty daddy," the ignorant baby cunt replied, which I rewarded her by
giving her and I both another huge hit of poppers.

"Oh yeah, " I said still squatting over her baby sisters little body.
"Well take a look at this!"

Suddenly a thick brown log of shit started to push out of my hole. I
could feel the muscles in my legs strain and the veins in my neck pop
out as I pushed, grunting as the log pushed out of my smelly butt.  It
was thick and hard at the end and smelled worse than anything I could
imagine. "How's that look my dirty little bitch?" I asked.

The wide-eyed 18mo cunt just grunted and said nothing. It looked like
a brown snake pushing it's way out of my ass to her. Suddenly it broke
off and fell right on her sister's face. "Aahhhhhhhhh," I moaned and
let out a loud wet fart right in the 4mo's face. Bit's of shit fell in
her open mouth, which she eagerly was to push the shit out of her
mouth with her little tongue.  She had an utter look of disgust at the
anal assault from me, her new daddy.

"What's she doing now?" I asked her as if she were my commentator and
this were nothing more than one of her school projects.

"She got poo all over her face and in her mouth.  She twying to get it
out with her tongue."

"FUCKIN A!" I said reaching back with my large hands to pull my ass
cheeks even farther apart.  Suddenly another large log began to ease
it's way out of my ass.

"Mmmmmmmm," I moaned as it broke off and fell on already filthy 4mo's
baby neck and chest.  It was followed by another loud nasty fart as
bits of wet shit exploded from my filthy anal cavity.

"Ahhhhhhh FUCK!  This is hot," I said.  Suddenly a thin runny string
of shit and ass juice dripped from my asshole directly into the little
cunts tiny mouth.  She smacked it unknowingly and then closed her eyes
and turned her head in disgust. That's when I lowered my ass and began
rubbing my asscrack all over the 18mo's little sisters face while she
watched through her drugged glaze. Her babycunt sister's face was
covered with my shit and I was in fact getting more shit in my own ass
crack by doing that than if I hadn't. At one point I wondered if the
4mo slut could still breathe.

"Fuck it feels good too kid. Rubbing my dirty shit covered ass all
over your little sister's face and mouth. "Goddamn." I said staring
down at her with my intense blue eyes.  The 4mo's entire body was wet
and messy and brown but remarkably, she wasn't even crying.

I could see that my cock was dripping precum.  "Fuck this is nasty," I
said reaching back toward my ass with my hand and wiping it across my
shitty hole.  I brought it back, my fingers caked with shit.  Sniffing
it a bit and then bring it to the 4mo's face  and then ran myfingers
across the tiny babycunts mouth.  I suddenly inserted them and slowly
began sliding my thick shit covered fingers in and out of her little
baby mouth. Then to my surprise the little baby whore began sucking on
my shitty fingers!  They went in brown and came out white.

"Fuckin little bitch likes it!" I hollered and grinned.  "She's a
natural little shit eater."

Then I took my long middle finger, smeared it in my shit and
then slowly stick it up the tiny 4mo's cunt.  I watched in amazement
as I fingered her hairless bald cunny. I then reached up with my
shitty fist and began jacking my hard adult cock.  The sight of me
kneeling there, my shit covered cock dripping cum while fingering her
little sister was too much and the 18mo babycunt started puking. I
just grinned again and grabbed my slimy shit and vomit covered cock
by the base and waved it at her like a weird treat.  "You did it - now
you eat it." I said.

The poor little 18mo cried hard but leaned forward and again began
sucking my hard cock into her tiny mouth, vomit and all. After a few
minutes I was grunting like crazy.

"That's enough," I said pushing her away.  "Get your little sister."
When she stopped, I watched her.  Her baby sister looked up at her
through a dark brown mask.  It was already turning hard and drying on
her tiny immature face.

She handed her to me and in once quick plunge shoved the abused 4mo
down on my hard 7 inch cock. The tiny babycunt let out a yell that
almost split my eardrums.

"AAHHHHHHHH FUCCCKKKKKK YEAH!" I screamed bouncing her up and down
on my cock.  Suddenly there was blood gushing and it was coming from
around the ripped 4mo's abused cunt. It began leaking from around my
cock shaft and running down my hairy balls and onto the floor below.

"OOOHHHH GOD YEAH!!! I moaned through clenched teeth.  "FUCKIN THAT

brutally slammed the babycunt all the way down on my hard cock, the
cords of my neck straining like they were gonna burst.

My legs suddenly kicked straight out as I came, blood shit and cum
erupting everywhere. Suddenly everything came to a stop. The horrified
18mo slut looked at me and her baby sister impaled on my fat cock. The
puddle of blood below a bright red.

"Oh fuck," I said as I pulled the raped and used 4mo off my cock with
a sick 'plop' sound.  As I did, runny shit that was red and yellow and
white spilled out of her immature cunt onto my deflating cock and
balls. I simply dropped her on the floor.  She wasn't moaning, wasn't
crying, wasn't doing 'anything'.

I just sneered at the 18mo's horror like it was natural. I nodded and
then spread my legs and pointed with my thick finger to the bloody
glob between my legs.

"Lick me clean," I said and smiled.

The terrified 18mo babycunt just shook her head with disbelief when I
grabbed her hair and pushed her teary eyed face down between my legs. 
Her tiny mouth opening on my cock and instinctively pushing out her
tongue and wrapping it around my thick blood coated mushroom head.

"Mmmmmm," that's it you filthy cunt, Clean that dirty fucker off. Suck
off all that blood and cum and shit.  Make sure you get it nice and
clean.  Yeah slut, that's it.  Taste your sister's bloody guts on that
cock???  You like that don't you whore?"

By that time she just looked up at me, lost in a daze, her tiny 18mo
face covered in a mask of blood.

"Yeah, do it good for Daddy.  Get me real clean , ya hear?  And maybe
won't do the same to you."

She did as I said and even pushed my legs apart further and ran her 
tongue all over my big hairy balls and then down along my nasty ass

"OOOOHHHH Fuck YEAH!" I said getting hard again.  "Clean out that
fuckin ass.  Get all up in there you immature toilet cunt."

After she was done cleaning off my baby raping cock to my
satisfaction, I simply got up and left the room.  The 18mo then turned
to look at her 4mo baby sister and suddenly wondered if she was dead. 
She must have wondered if I had fucked her to death.  Blood was still
running from her tiny abused pussy that was now a funny shade of red.