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Fg, M+M+g, g+g, best, inc, ped, cons

       A New Beginning
       By Annie Teall

Chapter 12

Annie's Challenge

Annie and her sister Sophie were lying in Annie's bed discussing
the events of the previous day. Neither had thought that they had
done anything wrong, as previous to yesterday, there had been no
limits placed on sexual experimentation.  The girls had been
excited to tell their family that Sophie had become Annie's
toilet.  Their Mother was not pleased.  She said that it was
unhealthy for little Sophie to eat her sister's shit.  When Annie
explained how she had researched it on the internet, and had
changed her diet, Jennifer was steadfast.  "Annie, I don't want
you feeding your sister like that, and you," she said as she
pointed at her youngest, "No more shit eating!"  Sophie looked
crestfallen. "What about pee, Mommy? Can I at least drink pee?"
begged the 8 year old.  Jennifer looked at Jack and he nodded. 
She took Sophie in her arms and said, "Yes darling, you can drink
as much pee as you would like, but no more shit.  If you are
caught with a brown mouth, the punishment will be harsh."
Jennifer went on to explain that she had already made doctor
appointments for both of the little whores.

"At least I can still do a number one in your filthy mouth," said
Annie as she handed her sister one of the custom made doggie
buttplugs that their Mom had given them earlier that summer.  The
plugs, which were essentially dildo's with a large 3  inch knot
near the base, were 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.
Sophie grunted as she slid the monster in and out of her preteen
cunt. "Help me out, sis," said Annie as she rolled to her side. 
Sophie set the plug on a towel and pried Annie's asscheeks apart
and gazed lovingly at the dilating rosebud.  She kissed it with
an open mouth and then plunged her tongue in as deep as she
could.  Annie moaned as her little sister slickened her asshole
with slobber.  "I think you're ready now," said Sophie, and she
aimed the lubed up canine plug towards her sister's gaping anus.
The underage wenches performed a perverted 69 while slowly
fucking each other with the doggie dildos.  There was nothing
rushed about this erotic encounter.  The girls took their time,
bringing each other close to orgasm, and then backing off.  The
intensity built slowly until Annie could take it no longer,
"Bring me off this time, baby.  I want it now!"  The eight year
old responded by lapping her tongue up and down her siblings
hairless slit, while simultaneously fucking the dog dildo in and
out of Annie's loose rectum.  "Uhhnggg," groaned the older lolly
as she rapidly flicked the tip of her tongue against Sophie's
clit, while holding all 8 inches of fake dog meat deep inside the
little whore's pussy.  Both girls were moaning uncontrollably,
and as they started to cum, began to cry out each time a wave of
pleasure washed over their bodies.  The sisters laid in each
others arms and gently kissed as they came down from their
orgasmic highs.

	"I don't feel like going naked today.  Let's play dress up,"
said Annie.  "We'll do me first, since we're already in my room."
 The two opened her closet and started picking out things for
Annie to try on.  They decided that she would wear a pair of hot
pink cheerleader shorts, but instead of the matching bikini top,
Sophie wrapped a strip of pink silky fabric around her sister's
chest and tied it at the back.  The stretchy top was just wide
enough to cover the child's nipples.  "Oh, that's hot!" said
Annie as she admired herself in the mirror.  The shorts were made
of lyrca and the snug fit over the 9 year old's pussy created a
pronounced camel toe, while the back of the shorts rode up her
ass like a thong. She put on a pair of frilly white socks and her
mary janes.  "One more thing," said Sophie as she grabbed some
red lipstick from the make up table. She proceeded to write the
words "USE ME" in big letters on her sister's torso. "Oh God, you
look like such a whore," said Sophie as she ran her fingers over
the camel toe between her sisters legs. "Me next!"

	The two ran to Sophie's room and began assembling her outfit. 
"Whatever we decide on, you need to wear this crochet vest," said
Annie as she took it off of a hanger.  The vest was reddish
brown, with lots of gaps in the pattern.  The arm holes hung just
above the tot's waist. "This is very revealing.  Look at the side
cleavage," said Sophie as she posed.  "You're silly, Sophie.  You
don't have any cleavage yet," teased Annie as she put her hand
through the opening and stroked her sister's sensitive nipples. 
"Well, you don't have any boobies either," exclaimed Sophie as
she looped her fingers under the strip of fabric around Annie's
flat chest and pulled.  When she let go, it snapped back against
hussy's skin. "Ouch,"cried Annie. They matched the vest with a
pink mini that hung mid thigh over opaque lace top fishnet
stockings.  She finished her look with a red pair of plaid, high
top sneakers.  "This is perfect.  Mommy said that we could go
shopping at the mall with her.  You coming with?" asked Sophie. 
"I don't know," Annie replied, "Do you know if Grampa, Uncle
Jack, and Steve the stable master are here today?  "Yes, I saw
all three this morning at breakfast," replied Sophie, "Why do you
ask?"  "I feel like fucking and sucking," she explained. "By my
count, there are 10 cocks on this farm.  3 human, 4 doggies, and
3 horses, and I intend to have sex with every one of them before
the day is done."

	Jack was lounging on the couch when the two wenches walked in. 
He stared lecherously at Annie.  The tart had "USE ME" written in
red on her undeveloped chest.  She had obviously used the same
lipstick on her slut mouth.  She was sucking on her thumb as she
gazed at him lustfully. "Use me, Uncle Jack.  Please, use me,"
she uttered in a kitten-like voice.  Jack smiled and patted his
hand on the couch, indicating that he wanted her to sit next to
him.  As the waif sat down, the ribbon that she wore as a top
shifted and the top half moons of her nipples were revealed. 
Jack pulled it down to her belly and caressed her naked chest. 
The underage floozy moaned as Jack guided her head to his lap. 
His cock was hard and poking out the front of his bathrobe. 
"Suck my cock, you little bitch," he ordered.  She looked at him
with her big, brown eyes while her bright red lips were wrapped
around his penis.  He held her head and fucked his cock all the
way into her mouth.  The whore just relaxed her throat and let
him use her mouth as a fuckhole. After a few minutes of
deepthroating, he pulled his saliva soaked member out and
instructed her to close her mouth.  He then proceeded to rub the
head of his prick on the tramp's painted lips.  The thick slobber
created during the deepthroat was an excellent lubricant for the
adult as he slid his big dick all over the minor's face.  The
lipstick was now smeared lewdly around her lips.  Annie had
pulled her cheerleader shorts down so that she could play with
herself.  She had three fingers up her asshole, while her other
hand worked on her clitoris.

	Jack rubbed the mushroom shaped glans of his cock faster and
faster over the child's spit and lipstick riddled face.  She was
groaning loudly as her orgasm approached.  Jack growled as he
released.  The first wad hit the moaning cutie right in the eye.
Fortunately for her, she had had them shut at the time. He slid
his cock back and forth, spraying the contents of his balls onto
the 3rd graders face.  Annie's cum hit her hard.  The hoyden
jammed her fist against her pussy and humped at it.  When Jack
was finished cumming, he abruptly stood, sending the little whore
crashing to the floor.  Jack left the room without concern for
her. The fact that she had just been treated like trash,
triggered a fresh wave of orgasmic pleasure.  Annie lay on the
floor and whimpered as the delicious feeling swept over her young

	She picked herself up off of the floor and made her way to the
bathroom.  She looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Whore!"
she muttered.  She pulled her top up so that it once again
covered her nipples, and then proceeded to gather up the cum her
uncle had shot all over her face.  When she had collected a palm
full, she slurped it up and swallowed it down.  The preteen then
wiped the dried cum away with a wet washcloth, and then combed
her hair. The slut left the lipstick smears on her face as a
reminder of what a floozy she had become.

	Jennifer and Sophie were in the kitchen getting ready to leave
for the mall, when Annie wandered in.  Her Mother had made Sophie
put on a little, white camisole underneath her crocheted vest. 
Jennifer turned on the vibrating eggs that she and her daughter
had already inserted into their pussies.  She and Sophie
momentarily went weak at the knees.  "If you're not going
shopping with us, can you go down to the stables and help your
Grandfather and Steve milk the horses?  I think we have about 5
gallons of horse cum saved up in the freezer," gasped Jennifer. 
"Sure, Mommy, I'll be happy to help.  Will you give me kiss
before you go?" asked Annie.  Jennifer looked down at her eldest
daughter's lipstick smeared face.  "Oh, my sweet dumpling. 
Mmmm," she said as they engaged in a long, wet kiss.  "We'll be
back late this afternoon.  Be a good, little princess and mind
your elders, ok?"  "Ok, Mommy. Oh wait, I have to fart.  Sophie,
please," she beckoned.  Sophie scrambled to her sis and helped
her remove her cheerleader shorts. Annie spread her tight ass
cheeks, while Sophie assumed her place.  

The asshole worshiper plastered her wet lips over her sister's
anus.  Annie released her gas into Sophie's mouth.  The younger
girl began moaning as the noxious odor invaded her senses, "Baby,
just give it to me Please," said the ass whore.  She began to
suck on her sister's asshole in a loud fashion, making smacking
noises as she groaned.  Jennifer shot a warning look to her
eldest daughter and Annie knew better than to bear down.  "You
better not do what I think you're thinking about doing," said
Jennifer.  Annie relaxed and a slow fart wisped out of her
sensitive hole into Sophie's sucking mouth.  Sophie crawled out
from underneath her sister and rejoined her Mom.  "You two girls
came dangerously close to getting into big trouble just now.  I'm
going to explain the rules one more time, because you seem to be
a bit thick when it comes to following them.  No. 1 - Physically
harming another person without their consent is not tolerated. 
No. 2   There will always be a safe word.  And No. 3   No
endangering your health, or anyone else's, thru unsafe practices,
(Primarily that means that anyone outside the family that wants
to have sex with us, must first pass a test for sexually
transmitted diseases, but it also means no eating shit)."  "We're
sorry, Mommy," they both said in unison.  "Usually you join in
and talk to us when we discover something new, but this time, all
you and the other adults have given us is cold, unified silence,"
said Annie.  "That's because they don't like hearing about you
girls and your shit eating exploits.  It's as simple as that,"
said Jennifer.  "It's my fault, Mommy.  Sophie can't help
herself.  I'll stop feeding her and that will put an end to it."
Jennifer rubbed Annie's head affectionately and said, "We'll be
home before suppertime." "Bye bye, Mommy and Sophie," said the
anal whore, "I'll see you later."

	Annie Anders got a soda pop from the fridge and she and her dog
Bobby made their way down to the barn.  Her Grampa was manually
stimulating Banjo's cock when she walked into the stables.  "Hey
sweetpea," said Jim to his granddaughter, "I love your outfit. 
It makes you look like a streetwalker.  Do you know what a
streetwalker is?"  "Yes, Grampa.  It's a girl that sells her body
to the night.  An immodest wench that has sex with strangers and
get's paid for it.  In other words, me!  Mr. Bill gave me and
Sophie $250.00 each to have sex with him.  Mommy said that that
was when we became prostitutes!"  Jim smiled as he pulled the
collection bag off of Banjo's wilting member.  "Be a good little
slut and take this bag of cum and dump it into that filter.  Then
I want you to go to Gypsy's stall and help Mr. Steve.  When we're
done milking and all the horse semen has been filtered, you can
have a large glass of it as payment for your services," he
offered.  Annie took the bag and emptied it into the filter.  She
watched as the strained horse jism filled a container underneath
the filter.  She inhaled deeply and her pussy began to tingle.

	The horny nymph did as she was told and went to Gypsy's stall,
where Mr. Steve was just finishing up with the horses final
milking of the day.  "Why do you only milk them 3 times a day,
Mr. Steve?" asked Annie, "I've made Sophie's horse Bolt cum as
many as 7 times in a row."  Steve explained, "Annie, if I milk
the horses dry, they wouldn't be interested in having sex with
you, your sister, your Mom, or your Grama." The two walked over
to the filter and Steve emptied the final bag of the day onto the
screen. "Can I have my glass of horse cum, Grampa?" asked the
little angel.  Jim poured a big glass of warm horse cum for his
granddaughter and handed it to her. The shameless slut took a
mouthful and swished it around in her mouth before swallowing it.
 She took another large gulp and said, "Horse cum makes me so
horny. Grampa, will you and Mr. Steve use me like a common whore?

Jim Anders stood naked before his nine year old granddaughter,
who had also removed her shorts.  She was staring at his erect
penis.  She opened her mouth and leaned forward. He groaned as he
felt her mouth slide down on his cock. Steve spread out a large
blanket on the ground and quickly shed his clothing. He laid on
his back next to Annie and encouraged her to sit on his face. 
The young buttercup took her Grampa's dick out of her mouth while
she lowered her underage cunt onto the black man's face.  She let
out a low moan as he began eating pussy.  She pinched at her
nipples while Jim slapped her face with his rock hard cock. 
Steve couldn't believe how tasty this little girl's pussy was. 
Just like slightly salted water, only better.  He pushed his
tongue deep into her twat and was surprised when the vixen
started grinding her clit against his upper lip.  She had resumed
her cocksucking duties, but her cheeks were pink from the
dickwhipping she had received.

	Annie felt a long, familiar tongue lick her face and opened her
eyes.  She stopped sucking for a moment, "Can we try something? 
I need one more cock right now.  Is there any lube here in the
barn?"  Jim got some from the junk drawer under the bench and
squirted a large glob into his palm.  "Which hole should I smear
it on?" he asked.  "I need it for my slut asshole, Grampa. 
Bobby!  Girly girl needs doggie cock," she said as she patted her
ass.  The dog mounted his bitch with great familiarity and his
cock slid right in.  Steve slid underneath the shameless 9 year
old and inserted his big, black penis into her surprisingly
accommodating cunt.  Jim jerked on his meatpole as he watched his
granddaughter being double teamed by her dog and the stable
master.  The girl was now growling like an animal as the two
cocks hammered in and out of her holes. "More cock, more cock.
Need more," she screamed.  The unchaste cutie opened her mouth
and lewdly rolled her tongue around her lips, offering it to her
grandfather as another hole to be used.

	Jim needed no further invitation.  He held the back of her head
as she gobbled his meat. Steve and the dog had settled into a
pretty good rhythm.  He reckoned that child must have cum at
least 3 times. He licked up her undeveloped chest and clamped his
lips around one of her nipples. She groaned loudly as the dog
knotted to her.  Steve could feel the dogs cock against his own,
as the knot swelled.  The girl's pussy was so fucking tight. He
slowly slid his black pole in and out of the preteen.  Jim pulled
his dick out of the girl's mouth and said, "Keep your mouth wide
open."  He jerked off to completion into the youngsters waiting
mouth hole.  The whore gobbled up her Grampa's seed, but he
didn't want her eating all of it.  When he was finished painting
her face, the little darling sighed and passed out.  She went
still and her body plopped down on Steve's chest.  The cum that
she hadn't swallowed, drooled out of the corners of her slack
mouth.  The anal orgasms that had wracked her body since the dog
had knotted to her were too much for the lollytot.  Jim looked
alarmed that Steve was still fucking the unconscious girl, so
Steve explained Annie's penchant for passing out during multiple
orgasms.  Jim poured another glass of horse cum from the
container and set it on the bench. "Tell the little prostitute
that this is her payment for our enjoyment," he said as left the

	Bobby's knot had deflated enough for his cock to slip out, so he
curled up in a corner and licked himself.  Steve pulled out from
under Annie, who was still passed out.  He kneeled over the
sleeping girl.  She looked totally used. Her face was still
covered with sperm, copious amounts of the stuff was leaking out
of her yawning asshole. His cock was hard as a brick.  He rolled
her over and started to fuck her missionary style.  He was a big
man for 18 years old.  Maggie called him her stud.  Annie awoke
with a cry until she realized where she was.  She embraced the
big man.  Her small hands grasped his buttocks, contrasting
against the dark skin, urging him to fuck her harder.  "One more
cum, Mr. Steve.  I'm almost there." His black cock pounded her
hairless cunt as he groaned out a litany of curses, each in time
with the thrusts, "God!  Damn!  Mother!  Fuck!  You!  Little! 
Fucking!  Whore!"  She cried out right along with him as her
orgasm hit her, "Yeah!  Fuck!  Me!  Fuck!  Oh!  Yes!  I!  Am!"
And then he came.  He pulled out and his first shot of cum hit
her right in the face.  He squirted the rest all over her chest
and belly.  The ME part of the lipstick message on the slut's
chest was totally obscured.

	She sat up and leaned against a post and watched as Steve got
dressed.  He walked over to the bench and picked up the glass of
horse semen. "This is your payment for sex, whore!" He said as he
handed it to the smiling schoolgirl.  "Thank you, Sir," said the
defiled daughter of joy.  She sipped at her drink as she watched
him leave. God, how she loved the taste of cum.  It didn't matter
if it was human, dog, or horse.  She just loved it and couldn't
get enough of it.  She thought about the day so far. Jack, then
Grampa, and now Steve, and Bobby. She still had three horses and
three dogs to go.  I don't think that my pussy can handle the 2
stallions, so I'll have to blow them, but I can handle Bolt. 
I'll go to the house, get cleaned up, and get something to eat. 
I'm sure that some situation will present itself.

	Annie walked down the stairs to the kitchen.  Her hair was still
wet from the shower she had taken.  She was wearing the same
outfit as before, only minus the lipstick message.  Joyce Anders
was at the stove making some chili in the crock pot. "There, now
to just let this cook on low for the afternoon and it'll be ready
by suppertime," she said to no one in particular.  "Hi Grama,
watcha doing?" asked Annie as she sat at the table.  "I just
finished prepping the chili," said Joyce as she took off her
apron.  "You have nice, little titties, Grama.  When I grow up, I
want mine to be small, just like yours."  "Aww, you little
dumpling, that's so sweet of you to say so.  Would you like to
suck them for bit?  I read in Cosmo that small breasts tend to be
more sensitive than large ones,"  said Joyce as she sat down next
to her granddaughter and cupped her breasts in both hands.  Annie
put her lips around the left one and sucked in.  The whole breast
fit easily into her mouth.  She then did the same to the right
boob.  The young girl then rested her head in Joyce's arms and
nursed for a while.

	"I'm hungry, and I'm a girl on a mission," said Annie as she
jumped out of Joyce's arms and ran to the refrigerator.  She made
herself a ham and cheese sandwich while she explained her mission
to her grandmother. "I'll help you, and get myself some animal
cock as well!" exclaimed Joyce.  She called out for Sophie's dog
Charlie, and the golden retriever trotted up to her.  She spread
her legs and patted her pussy.  Annie ate her lunch and watched
as the dog licked Joyce's hairless pussy with his long, wet
tongue.  "Do you get Brazilians just like Mommy, Grama?  Joyce
emitted a low groan, "God yes...Uh no, I had laser hair removal.
It's permanent because it kills the hair follicles below the
surface of the skin.  Umm...It took several procedures because
hair grows in cycles, but I'll be as smooth as you for the rest
of my life."  "Look honey, I'm having a hard time talking right
now. Why don't you attend to Charlie's cock?

	Annie lowered her slight torso between the dog's hind legs, so
her face was right below his cock.  Joyce handed her a pillow
from a nearby chair and she put it under her head.  The little
kitten took the dog's jutting member into her mouth and sucked on
it.  Joyce admired the girls long, tanned legs.  She was close. 
The dog's tongue was gonna get her off.  Her eyes were drawn to
the camel toe in Annie's cheerleader shorts and she imagined the
succulent, young pussy beneath.  The girl moaned as she rapidly
jerked the staff of the dogmeat, while sucking on the flared
head.  Joyce was getting off.  She grabbed her little titties in
both hands and twisted the hard nipples.  A long bestial howl
escaped her lips as she came hard.  Charlie growled in response
to the Joyce's howling.  Then he barked and the cum started to
shoot into Annie's sucking mouth.  When she had milked every last
drop of the tasty dog jism from his cock, the trollop kissed it
one last time and licked her lips, "That was a delicious
dessert." The two dog whores laughed.

	"Now I have a craving for it after watching you, sweetheart,"
said Joyce.  "Hey, I still have half of a glass left of the horse
cum that Grampa and Mr. Steve paid me with to have sex with them.
 You can have it," offered Annie.  She got it from the counter
and handed it to the matriarch of the family.  "Thank you, but
why don't we share it?  Joyce took a drink and handed the tasty
juice to Annie, who drank the rest.  The two then shared obscene
horse cum kisses.  They spit the semen into each other's mouths.
A large rivulet coursed down Annie's prepubescent chest.  Joyce
caught it and smeared the slime all over the child's torso. 
"More, I need more," cried the cum crazed grandmother.  "Red! 
Scout! Come here!" she called out.  Red trotted into the kitchen,
while Scout scratched at the back door.  Annie let him in.  "I
need to get double teamed by these two," said Joyce.  "I'll help
you," said the nine year old as she shamelessly licked up a large
glub of horse cum that dangled from Joyce's left titty. "Five
cocks down, five to go." 

	When the telephone rang, Joyce was occupied with the dogs, so
Annie answered, "Hello, no she's not here, nope, he's not here
either.  Can I take a message?"  "Mr. Bill? Oh, I remember you
from the park.  This is Annie."  Joyce had a dog cock in each
hand and was alternately sucking one, and then the other.  She
stopped so she could listen to Annie's side of the conversation.
"Yes, my sister and I are still whoring ourselves out, but you'll
have to talk to our Uncle Jack first.  He's our pimp." Annie
turned to her grandmother, "Grama do you know when Uncle Jack
will be back?  He's not answering his cell." "He's supposed to be
back around 2:30," said the older slut, as she resumed sucking
the big doggie dicks.  Annie relayed the info to Mr. Bill. "Ok
then.  We'll tell Uncle Jack that you called, and I hope it's
alright for you to come over, because I'd really like to suck
that big cock of yours again.  Bye."

	Annie grabbed the fuck bench that sat in the corner of the
kitchen and brought it to her grandmother.  Jennifer had
purchased one for every room in the house, plus several for the
barn and stables.  Joyce laid over it and waited while Annie
prepped Scouts cock.  The expert cocksucker coated the stiff rod
with lots of slobber.  Joyce was moaning in anticipation of the
fucking she was about to receive.  The young girl patted her
grandmother's ass, and Scout mounted her.  His cock hit home
after a couple of thrusts, and the dog growled in low tones as he
fucked the bitch.  Annie looked at Red and called him over.  She
reached underneath and gripped his rocket.  "His cock is hard as
a brick and hot to the touch," she thought.  The dog slut took
the canine tool in her mouth and moaned in satisfaction as she
sucked on it. "I could keep this for myself, but that wouldn't be
fair.  I've already cum 5 times today," thought the selfless
child as she presented the delicious cock to her Grama.

	She had to tap the thing against Joyce's cheek to get her
attention.  The bitch opened her eyes and sighed as she felt the
hot cum spray on her face.  She opened her mouth and held out her
tongue.  Annie aimed the squirting member right at it.  The dog
was spraying jets of jizz every few seconds so, Joyce's tongue
was awash with the stuff very quickly.  Joyce swallowed some of
it, but most just dripped in long strands from the tip of her
tongue onto the floor. Scout was still fucking the hell out of
her and she didn't care about wasting the precious juice, but her
granddaughter did.  Annie cupped her left hand underneath and
when it filled, she either ate it, or rubbed it on Joyce's face.
The older woman's orgasm hit her with full force.  She sputtered
and gasped while she nursed on the cock in her mouth.  Waves of
pleasure, brought on by Scout's hammering meat, shattered the
slut. "I can't take it anymore.  He's fucking me so fast, so
hard. Oh my God!!  I wish I could have multiple orgasms like you,
Honey, but I can't, and my clit is so sensitive.  Please finish
him off," said Joyce as she pushed the humping animal away. 
Annie happily took to the task.  She wrapped her little fists
around Scout's cock and let him hump until he came all over her
face.  Meanwhile, Joyce sucked Red to completion.

	The phone rang again, and this time Joyce answered.  Following a
short conversation, she instructed her granddaughter that Mr.
Bill was passing thru and would be at the house in a half hour. 
He could only stay for an hour or so, and that she was to show
him a good time.  "Aren't you going to get cleaned up?" asked
Joyce.  "Nah, when we had that orgy at the house after the day at
the park, I know that he really likes his whores to be dirty,"
said the little one, as she smoothed the dog cum over her chest.

	Bill arrived at the Ander's household a little early.  In fact,
if he had been pulled over by the police, he would have gotten a
hell of a speeding ticket.  He had met Jack through the
photography business, and one drunken night he had admitted that
he liked very young girls.  "How young?" asked Jack lecherously,
"because I have some pictures you might be interested in looking
at." After that, the two became best buddies, sharing the action
when they found it.  "Well, Jack is certainly sharing the action
these days," he thought. "It's too bad her little sister won't be
here, but Annie was a fine piece of preteen ass, and a dirty,
little bitch as well."

	She answered the door wearing only her skin tight shorts.  Her
face and chest were plastered with cum of some sort and she was
sucking her thumb.  Bill's cock immediately came to life. "Hi,
Mr. Bill.  It's good to see you. Come on in," said Annie.  He
watched her tight, little ass as she led him to the living room.
"Why don't you get out of those clothes," said Annie as she went
to the kitchen.  When she returned with a beer, he was sitting on
the couch.  His huge cock was standing at attention.  Annie's
mouth salivated involuntarily when she saw the monster.  It had
to be at least 9 inches long!  She sat down next to him and
grasped it in both hands.  Bill groaned at her soft touch. "Mr.
Bill, do you want to go down to the stables and have sex with me
and my sister's horse?" When he heard the child ask this, he
almost came.  The underage hussy held his cock and led him by it
to the stables.

	When they entered the barn, Annie bent over and started
fellating the pedophile. "I just want to keep you nice and hard.
Let's go see Bolt." Annie opened the stall door and Bill realized
that Bolt was a miniature. "And you've fucked him before?" he
asked.  "Oh, plenty of times.  His cock is only a little bit
larger than yours, but he's still growing.  My little pussy is
all wet from holding and sucking your wonderful cock.  Mr. Bill,
would you fuck me while I suck Bolt's horse cock?"

	Bill dropped to his knees and inspected the minor's pussy. It
was, of course, hairless, but it looked a little used and
certainly more stretched out than any other nine year olds' he
had ever seen.  In fact, the mouth of her cunt looked loose.  It
hung open; the lips were puffy and reddish around the entrance,
which was wet, pink, and inviting. Her clit was a hard nubbin
that begged to be sucked.  Bill lapped at the hole and the young
girl's knee's buckled.  She grabbed his shoulders to regain her
balance.  The little whore began to hump his mouth with her
pussy.  Her long, dark blonde hair fell around his shoulders as
she hunched over him.  He turned her around and spread the cheeks
of her ass.  The tart's asshole looked just as used as her cunt.
He wet his index finger, inserted it, and pulled to the side. 
The hole stretched easily, so he inserted his other index finger
and pulled on both sides.  Her anus dilated to a nice 2 inch
gape.  When he began performing analingus on the young darling,
she went crazy. "Oh that's right, this one prefers anal sex," he
remembered.  He stood up and said, "I want to see you suck horse
cock, while I fuck your slut ass."

	Annie set the fuck bench to an angle where she could reach
Bolt's cock and began jacking the horse off.  Bill lubed up the
slut's asshole and plunged his 9 inch rod in with gusto.  Bolt
could smell the sex coming off of the sister of his owner and his
cock started to swell.  Annie moaned and lapped at the burgeoning
cockhead.  "I must be in heaven," thought Bill to himself, "This
whore's asshole is eating up every inch of my cock.  She must be
taking it up the ass on a daily basis."  "Annie, how does that
horse cock taste?" he asked.  "Oh God, it tastes so good.  I
can't wait till he starts to cum.  Oh yes!  Fuck that ass, Mr.
Bill.  Ream me out good."  Bill watched her sucking on the now
completely erect horse cock and the sight took him over the edge.
 She could feel his cock filling her bowels.  He kept his cock
inside her until he had shot the last of his seed.  He pulled out
and watched as the sperm seeped out of her dilated asshole.  He
loved watching anal cream pies. If only the girls little sister
was here to eat it all up.

	The girl had repositioned the bench under the horse so it lay
lengthwise. She then laid on it facing upwards.  "Will you help
me get this inside my pussy?  I'll need some lube, as well," said
Annie.  Bill lubed up his hands and stroked up and down the
horses shaft.  He then applied a healthy dollop to the
prostitute's pussy.  He imagined how good it might feel to be
fucked in the ass by it as he aimed the stiff prong at the girls
waiting hole. Bolt knew what to do.  He slowly started to fuck in
and out.  Bill watched as Annie's cunt accommodated inch after
inch of Bolt's cock.  Annie encouraged the horse and Bolt began
fucking his little human mare in earnest.

	It was such an erotic sight that Bill had quickly regained his
hardon. Annie offered her young lips for his use.  He fucked her
deepthroat style and the skilled cocksucker had no problem taking
all 9 inches.  A combined 19 inches of cock meat were fucking in
and out of the hot nympho.  The horse had already ejaculated once
and Annie's pussy overflowed with the juice. "He just came inside
me, Mr. Bill.  It'll take a few minutes, but he'll be ready to
shoot again.  Oh there it is.  He's swelling up. Quick! Pull me
forward and off of his cock."  Bill helped the girl adjust her
body so that the swelling horse cock rested on Annie's torso. 
When Bolt thrust forward, his cock slid along the preteen's body.
 The base of the shaft slid right over her sensitive clitoris,
while the mushroom shaped head rubbed against her chest and
nudged her chin at the upward part of the thrust.  Annie felt the
staff enlarge, so she lowered her chin to her chest and opened
her hungry mouth for the torrent that was about to begin.

	On this particular afternoon, Bolt outdid himself.  The little
miniature was a Stallion!  Annie had never seen anything like it,
and Bill the pedophile would remember it for the rest of his
life.  The horse came at least 10 times within 15 minutes.  The
first was inside the adolescent whore's pussy, and the rest were
on her face and body.  Annie went cum crazy!  She was babbling
incoherently as she ground her clit against the horse's
cockstalk.  She was trying to tell him something, but every time
she opened her mouth to speak, the horse shot another giant load
of cum into it. "Therbs z caaaba nn dbezz," she gargled as she
pointed towards the work bench. "What about the bench?" "Therbs
za cambra nni," she repeated.  Bill thought he understood,
"There's a camera on the bench? And you want me to film this?" 
"Yessssss," replied the cum whore. Bill ran to the bench and
found the camera.  It was an old fashioned VCR video camera. 
Thankfully, the tape was rewound.  First he turned on what he
thought might be 2 light switches, and the stall lit up like a
movie set.  Jennifer has asked her father to have extra lighting
put in the stalls, for just this purpose.  Unfortunately, the
digital cameras she had ordered hadn't yet arrived.  Bill picked
up the camera, turned it on, pressed record, and proceeded to
film the little horse that could. 

	As he filmed her, the little slut began to perform for the
camera.  When she sensed that Bolt was about to shoot again, she
pursed her lips tightly around his urethra.  The force of the
semen as it ejaculated into the slut's mouth caused her cheeks to
puff out because she couldn't swallow the slime fast enough. 
Bill caught it all on tape as the cum shot out of Annie's
nostrils and from the corners of her mouth.  She wantonly lapped
at the erupting horse meat.

"Why don't you push yourself forward a bit, so that his cock head
rests on your bellybutton.  That way, when he cums, it will
splash all over your flat titties," suggested the pornographer. 
Annie and Mr. Bill came up with many erotic ways for the totty to
play with all of the cum that Bolt produced.  "Make sure you get
a shot of me covered in all this fresh cum," said Annie.  She was
so covered with the jizz that she left a visible trail of it
wherever she walked.

	"Come here, Annie.  We have unfinished business," said Bill as
he pointed to his cock.  "You are the dirtiest, nastiest, and
youngest whore that I've ever met."  When Annie lowered her head
to take his cock in her mouth, her cum soaked hair landed on his
thighs with a wet smacking sound.  She looked up at him with her
big, brown eyes.  She needed his approval.  Bill took her long,
wet hair in both hands and twisted.  He wringed the cum out, and
it splashed all over his cock, and her sucking mouth.  The whore
used the cum as an extra lubricant and began rapidly fucking her
face on his rigid meat.  Bill twisted a different section of the
hair and a fresh deluge washed down the 3rd graders back.  He
groaned and forced his cock all the way down her throat.  She
choked for a moment, and then mastered her reflexes.  She used
her burning nostrils to inhale, as the lucky photographer shot
his wad down her throat.

	Bill and Annie walked hand in hand back to the house.  He had
stayed much longer than he intended.  "I have to go now," he
said, "Annie that was easily the hottest scene that I've ever
been involved in.  Give this envelope to your Uncle.  This is $
500 as your payment.  He will give you your cut."  He kissed her
goodbye and left.  Annie was exhausted.  She laid on the couch
and promptly fell asleep.

	She awoke to the strong aroma of chili and her family talking. 
Annie was too tired to rise from the couch, so she called out to
her little sister.  "Sophie," she cried out.  Her voice was
hoarse and her nasal passages still burned from all the cum that
had cascaded out of them.  Sophie sauntered into the room wearing
a sexy little number that Jennifer had purchased for her.  "How
was your day?" she asked.  Annie smiled wanly and said, "Well, I
challenged myself and I thought I did good, but I'm still not
quite the whore that I want to be.  Oh well, nine cocks out of
ten ain't bad."


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