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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF-late -- very late] Return to the "Red 5"
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[BSFSF-late -- very late] Return to the "Red 5"

(c) 2004 FranzKafka79

With a special dedication to Jenna Jameson.


A year ago, Mat Twassel thought out the challenge to write Bradley-
Stoke-Flash-Stroke-stories. I contributed four ramblings at first -
all of them contained only lines with the same lenght (67), even it
was not asked to do so. (OTOH, later on I discovered some typos, so
I'd not fulfilled exactly the aim I had. Now I did it again. Enjoy!
Note: this story was not proof-read and written down in ten minuts.

Return to the "Red 5"

This time without my friend I went along the Red 5 -- should I look
in? Some time ago I broke off with Jana (that was the girl with the
sexy tattoo), so I hesitated to go in. Fuck! Why not? I went ahead.
I had luck. This evening was serving another maid -- Ludmila -- she
was about 160 cm high (5'4""). Why care about last summer? As I sat
I remarked another girl... yeah... Radka was there also. Dressed in
a green sweeter, black skirt -- this one was long for her; it ended
two hands abover knees. Her legs stuck in mid-calf boots. Should we
try another fuck together this evening? The sweater was so tight...
I was not sure she was wearing a bra or not. "Do you have whishes?"
The girl behind the bar had no sexy tattoo, but the piercing in her
eye-browe was sexy at all too. Gosh, how should a horny guy be able
to decide between these cockteasers? And I did not want stroke this
night again, as I did all the time since Jana left. "Jameson for me
and a Becherovka for the sexy black cat!" I said. Ludmila smiled at
me. Her ass was sexy, her hips were even more sexy. Oh Dear, please
another Jameson. Oh, where was Jana's mobile number? Life was good!

Yes, I must confess: I like Jameson. Irish whisky Jameson! And also
Jenna Jameson, the most sexy porn star -- this is no commercial for
the book she wrote, but I love her hair, her sexy ass and her eyes!

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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