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Leah goes nightclubbing (MF, MFF, F-solo, NC, DS, mild WS)
Leah S.

This is my first post on ASSM, comments most appreciated.
Email to [despammed] leahs31 at hotmail dot com.

Warning: This story includes sexual content and depictions of non-consensual
sexual activity. If you are potentially offended by this sort of material or
it is illegal for you to view it, please stop reading here.


This is a story about non-consensual sex, and even if you have trouble
believing that a woman would really feel this way, every word is true. The
only exception is that the name above is not my real name, for obvious

Let me tell you where I'm coming from first. I have been fantasising about
being raped for years, in fact since I was thirteen (I'm now 31). I hit
puberty at twelve and grew breasts practically overnight. At the time I was
too young to fully appreciate the implications. I thought it was funny how
all the boys had started staring at me, but not until a few months later did
an older girl take me aside and explain exactly what they were thinking and
what they would like to do to me if they could get me alone. I was appalled
and spent the next few weeks wearing the baggiest, most shapeless jumpers I
could find and crossing the street whenever I saw a boy coming, but after a
couple of months of this I started to find the idea of being held down and
groped strangely attractive. This would have been at about the same time
that I started masturbating regularly.

Since my college years I have enjoyed non-consensual sex play with most of
my boyfriends. I say "sex play" to discriminate from real rape. I have
confessed my rape fantasies several times, to girlfriends or on the
Internet, and the usual reply is "well, if you want it then it's not really
rape". Of course this is true and I understand that, although the idea of
being "raped" is very exciting for many, the reality of rape is a terrible
thing. It's normal for girls to want it to happen to them or at least to
think about it a lot, especially during their teenage years when most girls
are prone to daydreaming, but in an actual rape situation of course things
are different.

In fact I took self-defense classes for several months in 2002 to protect
myself from rapists and other assailants. Not only was the class a good way
to meet people and make friends, it was good for my self esteem, and it left
me with the confidence that I was well equipped to take appropriate action
and defend myself if I ever got into a real life situation.

The only disadvantage of the self-defense class was that it taught me some
trained reflexes that caused problems in my sex life. In the past, when my
boyfriend initiated a 'forced sex' fantasy scenario, I would try and run
away (though I could not usually get very far as our condo was pretty small,
and of course if we were in a car, a hotel room or a public place I would
not be able to run at all). When he caught me, I would struggle a bit and
make it difficult for him to take my clothes off. I might push against him
with my arms or try and hold my legs closed (I gave up on this manoeuvre
when my boyfriend of the day discovered that it was possible to initiate
anal intercourse with me even when I closed my legs very firmly).

However, I now knew some effective defense techniques, and I found it
difficult not to use them during sex. This was especially the case on
Tuesday nights when I came home from self-defense class. I would be all
sweaty and my partner found this very attractive, but after an hour of
practicing eye gouges and knee kicks it was hard to stop myself from using
these techniques on him. On one occasion, my boyfriend had managed to get my
legs open and was kneeling between them, trying to get his penis out of his
boxers (he had a quite large penis and was having trouble freeing it from
his pants while fully erect, especially while trying to hold my hips steady
at the same time) and I reached up and finger jabbed him in the neck. I had
hoped he would respond by coming forwards and holding me down, but actually
it was quite painful for him and we had to stop.

I was very apologetic, but inside I felt quite disappointed in him. It is
hard to sustain a rape fantasy when you feel yourself to be stronger and
more able than the person who is supposed to be "raping" you, and you have
to hold back to avoid injuring them. I had to masturbate myself to get my
orgasm that night, and from then on I started getting my kicks by
fantasising about a stronger lover who could easily overpower me in the
bedroom. One of the male teachers at the self-defense center often featured
in my fantasies. However, after a few weeks I realised that this was an
unhealthy place to be and was interfering in my relationship, so I stopped
taking the classes. I have also stopped seeing that particular boyfriend,
however I do not regret my self-defense training as I think it is important
to have some knowledge of how to protect yourself.

My next boyfriend, Chris, was a very sweet man but quite 'vanilla' in the
bedroom. We had a lovely, romantic relationship which lasted for most of a
year. For most of this time we were a 'long distance' couple, we lived in
different states, about 8 hours drive away (more like 6-7 hours for me as I
am a faster driver and don't like to stop). We would make the effort to see
each other on weekends when neither of us was working, and for the
occasional longer vacation. Of course, it was a bit sexually frustrating,
especially for me, as after several weeks of abstinence, I need sex very
badly and want to be made to take it. Chris was never quite comfortable with
this. Sometimes he didn't realise that my reluctance was just an act, and
felt hurt because I didn't seem to want sex. Other times he would ask
questions like "are you really sure you want to be forced", which of course
is a complete mood-killer. In other respects it was a very good and
fulfilling relationship, and I have nothing but admiration for people who
can keep up the long-distance thing for long periods of time, but
unfortunately we were not able to and we recently broke up. We still talk on
the phone a lot.

Anyway, after Chris, I decided I wanted a more sexually assertive and
dominating lover, and I went back on the singles scene. This brings us to
the present day, or more accurately a few weeks ago. I started going to
clubs two or three times a week, either by myself or with my girlfriends,
and keeping an eye out for guys. I was especially looking for guys with that
sort of sexual presence about them. The kind of look that shows they will be
pushy in the bedroom, or in the back seat of a car if they get the chance. I
suppose I was aware that at the advancing age of 31, I should be looking for
a long term relationship, but I was hoping for at least a couple of one-
night stands first.


So I was out at a club, not one I normally go to. I went there because it
was Wednesday, and one of my friends had told me that they have Ladies Night
on Wednesdays and it "goes off". I wanted her to come with me, but she said
she had work to do and "she'd just get in my way". So I drove over after I
finished work, did some dancing, had a few drinks, and checked out the

So then at about ten o'clock I came off the dance floor and a guy caught my
eye. He was standing by himself, not dancing, just leaning against the wall.
He was definitely checking me out, looking me up and down in quite a
purposeful, sexual kind of way. I thought he was a bit older than most of
the guys in the club, he had that look of a guy who knows what he wants, and
he was quite big and solidly built, just how I like. I smiled at him as I
think I am quite a good dancer and I like to turn heads, and I have to admit
I felt a bit of a 'this could be it' thrill.

Now I don't want to have to chase a man, I want them to come and get me. So
I looked away demurely and went off to sit down and catch my breath. I was
very pleased about a minute later when he pulled up a chair and sat down
beside me.

We talked for a few minutes - or we tried to talk, it was hard because the
music was so loud. I told him my name and asked who he was but I couldn't
hear what he said. I asked again, but he just smiled at me, pointed at the
floor to say "don't go away", and went off to the bar.

I waited while he queued, watching the dance floor and wondering if I would
go home with him. I was enjoying dancing and didn't want to leave
immediately, but I was also interested in sex and I'd got the impression
that he was too. I remember thinking that I had some condoms with me so he
might not even need to take me home.

He was taking a long time at the bar, and the next song was "Dance for me"
by Mary J. Blige which is a favorite of mine, so I was just about to go back
on the dance floor when he popped up by my elbow. Now I had been expecting
that he would buy me something standard like a vodka and Seven-up, but what
he actually had was four shots of tequila, two in each hand. He put two of
them into my hands, clinked glasses with me, and knocked back one shot, so I
felt I should do the same.

Well, I did the shot, but I just about gagged. He seemed to think this was
funny, so I tried to explain to him that I don't normally drink straight
spirits and I never drink tequila at all. But I don't think he could hear me
- he just grinned at me and pointed at the other shot. I hesitated then. I
knew that if I had much more to drink, I would probably lose self control
and be willing to do pretty much anything he told me to. But after thinking
about it, I decided that this wasn't such a bad idea after all. (What I
didn't realise, though, was that it only seemed like a good idea at the time
because I was quite drunk already...)

Anyway, at that stage someone coming off the dance floor bumped into me and
I spilt about half the tequila down my front, so I quickly drank the rest
before I could lose it too. It wasn't so bad the second time. I don't think
he'd had his second shot yet, but Mary J. Blige was still going so I stood
up, grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the dance floor. I really hoped that
he would be a good dancer. I like men who can dance very well.

We did start dancing together, and he was quite good, but after just a few
seconds someone pushed between us and we got separated. I couldn't seem to
get back to him again. Ten minutes later, I still hadn't found him, they
were playing some stupid Usher song and I really needed to pee.

I edged off the dance floor and went to the rest room, but there were lots
of girls in the club so there was a long queue. No choice - I joined the
queue and waited.

I was still standing there a minute later, with my legs crossed, when I felt
someone take hold of my shoulders from behind. I turned my head. It was a
redheaded woman, and she was grasping my shoulders, gently but quite firmly,
to go up on her toes and peer over my head to see the rest room door. "Shit,
is this the queue, honey? What are they doing up there - giving head?"

I was a bit surprised that a complete stranger would just reach out and hold
me like that, but at the same time it gave me a sudden warm feeling. Also, I
thought she was quite striking. She would have been a year or two older than
me, quite short (shorter than me even in two-inch heels), slender but toned.
Close cropped red hair, startling green eyes, pale skin, denim shirt and
Levis with a studded leather belt. I thought that she was probably a lesbian
or at least bisexual, but I couldn't have told you why.

"Hi," I said. "Yeah, it's kinda slow. I've been waiting a couple of minutes

"Hell, I can't wait..." She chewed her lip worriedly and then grinned. "Come
on, honey, I know a place." She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me away.

I caught sight of the tall guy who bought me the drinks as she towed me
towards the door. I could see him standing up to follow us, so I waved at
him and mouthed "I'll be back", but I couldn't tell if he could hear me, and
then the bouncers were opening the door and we were outside.

I had thought we were going to go to a McDonalds restroom or something, so I
started off towards the main street, but she said "No, this way" and tugged
me in the other direction. We went down a side street, and then turned off
into an even narrower alley.

By this stage I was worried, even after having had so much to drink. She had
slipped her high heels off because of the cracks in the concrete, and I was
scared that she might step on some broken glass in the dark. Also, there was
no one around and we were quite a way from the main road. I could barely
hear the noise from the club. If someone came into the alley, we might be in
a self-defense situation.

"Hey, where are we going?" I asked.

"There, behind the trash cans," she pointed to the end of the alley. "I'll
watch out while you go, in case anyone comes, and then you watch for me." I
hesitated for a moment and she gave me a little push. "Go on - I'm

Well, we were there now, so I thought I might as well go for it. I walked
gingerly to the end of the street, trying not to trip in the dark. There was
an iron gate at the end of the alley, and a bunch of trash cans. I kicked my
shoes off, dropped my panties, crouched down behind the cans with my skirt
bunched around my waist, held myself steady with one hand on the gate, and
let go.

My bladder was very full and I kept going for what felt like five minutes,
although it can't really have been that long. I just closed my eyes and
tilted my head back blissfully and listened to the soft tinkling sound. I'd
finished and was wondering what I could use to dab myself, when I heard
voices in the alley.

I peered over the can lid, and saw another figure standing next to her. It
was the guy who bought me the drinks in the club. "Damn, he followed us," I
thought, and groped for my panties, hoping he hadn't heard me peeing. I
looked up again and saw them talking. She said something low and urgent, and
he reached out and put his hand on her shoulder, and then he half turned and
I saw the glint of the knife in his hand.


She tried to jerk away, I think she wanted to run, but he yanked her back by
the shoulder and put the knife to her throat. She squealed "Don't cut me!".
He held her fast for a few seconds, then slowly put his finger to his lips
and made a 'zipping' gesture. She nodded, eyes wide and lips tightly closed.

It was clear that I was going to have to do something, or else she was going
to be mugged, or worse, raped. I started thinking about the options. I could
run and get help, or I could verbally confront the mugger, or I could
attempt to disable him. It would be difficult since he had a knife and I was
unarmed; I might need to find an improvised weapon.

But in fact I did... nothing.

Now I'd like to think that I kept still because I was afraid and didn't know
what to do. As they told me in self-defense class, most people's natural
reaction to a dangerous situation is to freeze on the spot. (The important
thing is to make yourself do something, anything, just to break the trance.)
But I'm ashamed to say that wasn't really the reason. If the truth be told,
I wanted to see what would happen next. I felt like a voyeur, or like I was
watching reality TV. It was a strange sensation.

He pushed her back into the shadows with one hand, still holding the knife
in the other. I heard him growl "Get your clothes off," but she only
whimpered, and after a minute he started struggling with her buttons

"So he is a rapist," I thought, "I've got to do something to stop him," but
I didn't stand up or call out yet.

It was too dark to see what he was doing, so he yanked her back into the
moonlight and kept trying. He got the first few buttons off quite deftly,
and then he lost patience and cut the last two away with the knife. After
that she hurried to take off her own pants, to keep the knife away. The
jeans dropped to the ground, belt buckle clanging on the concrete.
"Everything," he told her, and she reluctantly stripped off her skimpy lacy
black panties and her matching bra, and stood, naked and shivering. She was
a pretty little thing, small but shapely, I found myself thinking that she
must work out a lot to keep her tummy so trim.

Meanwhile he had dropped his own pants. He turned towards her and I could
see his penis standing out from the thick hair at his groin. It was long and
quite thick and fully erect. Now I knew from self-defense class that most
rapists are actually impotent. They want to sexually dominate a woman, but
when it comes to the crunch, they are too nervous and scared to sustain an
erection. Well, not this guy. He was obviously an experienced rapist and his
cock was rock hard and potent. I could tell that he was prepared to give her
a long, hard, brutal screwing, and cum a big load inside her or on her, and
after that he'd probably be ready to do it all over again. I was just glad
that I wasn't going to be his victim tonight, as he had originally planned.

He had sheathed the knife and pulled a length of twine out of his pocket. He
grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around - I saw her flinch as his
bobbing cock head brushed across her buttocks. He grabbed her wrists and
held them fast in one big, meaty hand. She tried to struggle, but he just
gave her arms a savage tug and she stopped resisting. He wrapped the rope
around her slender wrists and tied a knot, holding one end of the twine in
his teeth. Then he pulled a wad of cloth out of his jacket pocket. He turned
her around again, told her to "open wide", and pushed the ball of cloth into
her mouth, then stretched a gag over her mouth and tied it fast at the back
of her head. I could see her eyes rolling in terror and hoped she would be
able to breathe.

He stepped back and inspected his handiwork, making sure to stay between her
and the entrance of the alley. I doubted she would be able to run fast with
no shoes and her hands tied, but he wasn't taking any chances. He looked
around warily, checking that no one was watching. I held my breath in terror
and stayed very still, hoping he wouldn't see my face peeking over the
dustbins. He stared at the bins for a moment and I thought he was looking
right at me! Then we both heard a little gasp and a trickling sound, as if
someone had left a faucet running, and his head jerked back around.

It was the redhead. She was so scared that she had lost control of herself
and started to pee. She had turned away in shame, but both I and the rapist
could see the stream emerging from between her open pussy lips and arching
to the ground. It splashed on the pavement, and she spread her legs wide to
keep from getting her feet and calves wet. She must really have needed to
go, because she stood there, trembling and pissing herself, for over a

The rapist just stood behind her and watched. He must have been excited by
the sexual humiliation of the tied and gagged woman, because after a few
seconds he took his cock in his fist and started stroking his hand up and
down the shaft.

Her flow slowly trickled to a stop. She squeezed out a few last drops and
started to close her legs, but then he was on her. He jumped up behind her,
grabbed her with one arm around her chest and the other around her hips, and
dumped her on her back, right next to the puddle of pee. I remember thinking
it was a nice throw, though hardly difficult for a man so much taller than

In a second he was down on the ground, kneeling between her legs and tugging
them apart. She was struggling and trying to bridge up and roll away, but it
only took him a moment to get her legs over his hips and move forwards until
their groins were together. I could see his cock standing up from her pubic

He pulled back and started to thrust at her. She grunted several times as he
pushed his penis between her labia several times, trying to find the spot.
He shifted down a bit and suddenly groaned as he found what he was looking
for. Then all three of us let out long drawn-out moans, as he rose up and
bore down on her, pushing the full length of his cock between her inner lips
and deep into her vagina.

"So this is it," I thought, "the rape has begun." It seemed too late to stop
it now, although in hindsight I could easily have got away while he was busy
with her. Instead I watched.

He screwed her with long, deep strokes. I could not see the actual sex very
well, because her leg was in the way, but I could see him thrusting. I could
also watch her firm little tits jiggle with each stroke - her nipples were
very hard in the cool night air - and I could see her face. Her head was
thrown back, jerking from side to side as he thrust into her, and her eyes
were closed, so that she would not have to watch this big stranger forcibly
fucking her. I hoped she wouldn't suddenly open her eyes and see me
watching. If she gave me away, I might be next in line for the same

I wondered how his penis must feel inside her. No condom, just a bare, hard
cock. She was little enough that he must be completely filling her up and
stretching her vaginal walls. I had seen pre-cum drip from his penis
earlier, and I thought that this, with her own natural moisture, would be
providing some lubrication. I found myself hoping that it wouldn't be too
easy for her.

He held her hips and fucked her deeply for about ten minutes. With her hands
tied there was really no way she could resist. I held my breath and watched.
Once or twice I shifted position as quietly as I could, as my legs were
getting stiff.

Finally I heard him let out a long sigh, and he pulled completely out of
her. He stood up, leaving her sprawled on the ground, legs wide open. I
thought this might be the end, that he was afraid that someone was going to
catch them and had decided to run off. When he had left the scene I could
emerge and help her.

But no, I realised, this wasn't the end. He was still hard and showed no
sign of leaving. She had managed to get up onto her knees - difficult with
her hands tied behind her back - and started to edge away from him. Perhaps
she still hoped to escape. He followed a couple of steps and knelt down
behind her, throwing her shirt down on the concrete to cushion his knees. He
grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him. I realised that he wasn't
stopping; he just wanted to change position!

He pushed her down to the ground with one hand. She landed awkwardly on one
shoulder - she would have been on all fours if her hands were untied, but as
it was she was resting on her forehead. "Open for me," he told her,
spreading her legs with his hands. He gripped her hips with both hands,
shuffled forward and started lining up his cock to enter her from behind. He
reached around with his thumbs to spread her buttocks, big hands hooking
into her soft white skin. She let out a muffled little squeal of fear, and
then it dawned on me what was really going on. He was planning to sodomize
her! I was about to see an anal rape!

He had obviously done this before and he wasn't wasting any time. He just
held her with her buttocks open, moved up and placed the slick head of his
cock against her anus, and pushed. Because she was so small, he was unable
to penetrate at first. He grunted with effort and tried to pull her back
onto him.

I held my breath and strained my ears, and I believe I could hear the little
'pop' of his cock entering her anus, above the sounds of his harsh breathing
and her terrified gasps. Still crouching behind the trash cans, I stuck one
finger in my mouth to get it wet, then reached back behind myself, put my
hand up under my skirt and inside my panties, and pushed the finger into my
own anus. My resistance also gave way after a second or two of pushing and I
felt the soft warmth of my rectum tightly grasping my finger. It hurt a bit
since my finger wasn't very well lubricated, but not nearly as much, I
thought, as it must be hurting her.

(A warning to the submissive women out there. Girls, if you are masturbating
while reading this scene, then you are just as guilty as I was. It's wrong
to stand by and enjoy another's suffering. However if you really need to
slip a finger up yourself while you are sitting at your computer, at least
use plenty of lubricant. I have since found that it makes the experience
much more pleasant, although it does take away some of the good rape

She moaned desperately into the gag as he worked his cock deeper and deeper.
I found the sight wildly exciting. I worked my own finger further and
further into my own buttery softness. I had never penetrated my own anus
before and I was loving it. If the inside of her rectum felt half as sexy as
mine did, his cock must have been in heaven. I imagine he was also getting
turned on by her little pain sounds.

When he couldn't go any further, he braced himself and started slowly
thrusting in and out. I fingered myself in time with his thrusts. It felt
good for me but it must have really hurt her as his penis was several times
the size of my finger. I thought about putting all four fingers inside, but
decided against it. But still, something was definitely missing, I needed

I hitched up my skirt and rested the heel of my hand on my pubic bone. It
felt good. I explored downwards with my fingertips. To my shame, my genitals
were wet. I was fully aroused and ready for intercourse or masturbation.
Yes, that was what I was doing to myself already - masturbating myself
anally. And now I should masturbate my clitoris as well. That was what would
give me satisfaction, that and watching the anal rape playing out just a few
yards away. Slowly I reached down and put a finger on the base of my clit
and began to rub. Yes... that was what I needed.

I was masturbating with both hands now, one finger gently probing my rectum
and two rubbing my clit and pussy lips. As I touched myself, the rape went
on, thrust after thrust. I was amazed by his stamina. I thought perhaps he
would be unable to orgasm, as rapists often are, and would eventually lose
his erection and have to withdraw. But I secretly hoped not. I wanted to see
the rape end with his cum. Only, I wanted him to last a long time. If it
went on long enough, I thought I might be able to orgasm as well.

After about ten minutes I was getting light-headed. I was still pleasuring
my anus and clitoris, and I thought I could feel an orgasm approaching. The
anal fuck in the alley was still going on, if anything harder than before.
What a terrible punishment for her tiny little ass, I thought, and that's
when I had my first pre-orgasmic contraction. I just about cried out when I
felt my ass tightly squeeze my finger.

I wanted to see if I could cum just by being anally raped. I stopped
touching my clit and fingered my ass harder, working my hand back and
forwards as if I was spanking my own bottom, and squeezing my thighs
rhythmically. My rectum was starting to pulse. I held onto the cold iron
gate to stop myself from swaying.

I was very close now. My head was spinning with lust and I honestly wondered
if I was going to cum so hard I passed out. I knew that if I did, I'd
collapse into the puddle of pee between my legs, and he'd hear the dustbins
clatter, and come and find me, and I'd wake up with my hands tied behind my
back and the rapist's cock entering me. The thought alone was enough to set
off my orgasm.

It was a glorious cum, it hit me so hard, wave after wave. I wanted to call
out but I knew I couldn't, I had to hold my breath to stop myself. Just as I
was starting to come down, I jammed another finger into my rectum and
started strumming my clit again. It set off a second, more intense orgasm.
Cramping with joy, I slumped forwards until my forehead was resting on the
cold concrete.

After about half a minute I'd got control of myself, though I was still
having a contraction every few seconds, and I managed to turn my head and
peer around the base of the bin to see the rest of the action.

The rapist was obviously near to cumming. His butt was tightly clenched, he
was screwing her with fast short thrusts and gasping "Fuck! Fuck!" I hoped
for her sake that he'd pull out before he orgasmed (was it really for her
sake, or did I just want to see him squirt semen over her pussy, thighs and
ass?). She knew his orgasm was fast approaching as well - I could see her
eyes rolling in fear.

Suddenly she let out a terrified squeal from behind the gag and frantically
kicked out with her legs. Clearly she had felt his penis swelling up. He
grunted, dug his hands into her hip bones and pulled her little bottom up
into his groin, thrusting forward to achieve total penetration. This was how
she would receive his ejaculation - on her knees, with her cheek on the
pavement, pert buttocks flattened by his hips and his big cock crammed into
her ass. (I have not been able to get this image out of my head since.)

He stayed motionless for about fifteen seconds, straining every muscle, and
then I faintly heard the first jet of semen bursting out of his cock, inside
her ass. My cunt pulsed in unison with his spurts. There were about six or
seven more of them and he gave her every squirt deep inside. Tears rolled
down my cheek as I watched.

So that was the finish. I dimly expected him to run off immediately, but
instead he stayed inside her for about a minute, no doubt enjoying the last
orgasm sensations and waiting for his cock to soften. After that he slowly
pulled out of her, wiped his dick clean, and cut the rope tying her hands.
He took off her gag and let her cry quietly, but when she asked him to let
her go, he shook his head. He made her move into the shadows and lie down on
her tummy on the pavement. Following her, he moved on top of her, lowered
his heavy body onto her pale, naked back and rested.

Time passed. I kept my head down. I didn't want to be caught, and I could
barely see them where they lay in the shadows. I knew from my self-defense
lessons that the rapist would soon leave the scene of the crime as he became
aware of danger. We would be safe when he had moved away. I waited behind
the bins, trying to control my breathing and my thumping heart.


Some minutes later, I heard movement down the alley. I looked cautiously and
saw her crawling out of the shadows, back into the patch of moonlight. He
stood up and followed her. He pushed her down, rolled her onto her back and
straddled her, coming down on her chest. Was he going to threaten her with
the knife again, tell her not to go to the police?

With a throb of excitement, I realised he was getting aroused again. The
rape might not be over!

I squinted to make out what was going on. She was struggling a bit, but he
just held her down until she gave up. "Ready for more now?" he asked her
ironically. Then, taking his half-erect penis in one hand, he leaned forward
and slowly guided it to her lips. She tried to turn her head away but he
grabbed the back of her neck with the other hand and held her still.

"Look at me," he grated. He held himself there for about half a minute,
staring her straight in the eyes, with the tip of his penis lying on her
closed lips. The terrified look on her pretty face was bringing him back to
full arousal, I could see his cock growing back to its former size. The
glans, still glistening with body fluids, was swelling and pushing between
her lips. I heard one scared little mewl from her, and then, never taking
his eyes off hers, he slowly started pushing forwards, entering her mouth.
"You don't have to suck," he muttered, "just open your throat." I lost sight
of his cock as he leaned forward over her face and began to fuck.

I ducked back down behind the trash cans for a moment of inner debate. With
the rapist down on his knees. I could easily escape the alley now. I could
escape my bizarre sexual fetish and go and fetch help. If I hurried, the
rapist could be stopped before he managed to complete this second violation.
I thought about this for a moment and then came to the horrific realization
that I didn't want to stop him. I wanted to witness the whole thing, right
up to the finish.

Right now I was finding this forced oral sex tremendously exciting. I had
been ordered to perform oral sex by several of my boyfriends, but none of
them had ever used me like this. My hand dipped down between my legs and
glided between my vaginal lips. I was wet, wet, wet, and my hand came away
glistening, with strings of lubricant trailing from my fingers back to my
pubic bush. I moaned silently, grabbed the gate with one hand and plunged
the other hand into my pussy, frantically rubbing my clit. I could still
hear muted little slurping and grunting sounds from further up the alley,
and cautiously peered over the bins to watch the rest of the delicious oral

He took her for what felt like half an hour but must really only have been
five or ten minutes. For most of the way, he was intently watching his penis
sliding in and out of her cute little mouth, and the tears rolling down her
cheeks (and so was I). Once he started at a sound at the entrance of the
alley, and hunched down over her to avoid being seen. I stopped masturbating
and held my breath, in case someone was coming, but it was just a cat
sneaking past.

Suddenly, without warning, he pulled out and got off her. I ducked down and
watched through a crack between the bins as he dragged the redhead up to her
knees and stood over her. Holding her head still with his hands twined
through her short hair, he guided his penis back into her mouth. He gave her
every inch. He started thrusting with his hips, grunting with each stroke
and obviously enjoying the sensation of his cock head punching in and out of
the entrance of her throat. One hand was on the back of her neck, the other
was holding the knife. She was moaning and weakly trying to pull away, but
her resistance was basically broken.

Me, I had three fingers in my mouth by now, sucking on them and rubbing my
clit for dear life with my other hand. With her back to me, I could see her
tied hands, her taut little bottom trembling and a sheen of her pee on the
backs of her legs. I strained my eyes, trying to see the semen trickling out
of her anus, but I couldn't make it out, I wasn't sure whether it was
because he'd deposited it so deep inside or just because it was so dark in
the alley.

Well, neither of us was going to last long. I was desperately trying to
delay my orgasm to wait for him (normally I have the opposite problem with
my boyfriends) when I saw him tremble all over. He dropped the knife
(fortunately it landed on the concrete rather than on her), grabbed her head
with both hands and pushed her away. He was holding her mouth open with his
big rough palms clamped on her jaw. I saw his belly convulse and the cum
squirt out of his cock and into her open mouth. Four long, white streaks.
What a fucker, to be able to cum four hard shots on his second orgasm of the
night. I bit down on my fingers and pinched my clit and I came, oh God help
me, I came so bad. I lost it for a few moments, I was seeing stars.

When I came to my senses, the redhead was lying face down in the alley, and
the rapist was gone.


I went to help her, of course I went to help her. I got up, slipped my shoes
on and staggered towards her, hopelessly shaky. I knelt down beside her and
stroked her hair and told her that he was gone and that she was safe now.
She was crying. "Where were you?" she asked. "Where were you when he was
raping me?"

I told her that I'd gone around the corner to look for help, which of course
wasn't true but I hoped she was too dazed to think about it. I untied her
hands, helped her to stand and to get her underwear and jeans on (it wasn't
easy, the jeans were quite tight and her legs were cramping). We put on her
top, and I wiped the tears and cum off her face with the only rag I could
find (my panties). "We'll get help," I told her, "you'll be all right." I
picked up her shoes in one hand and put the other arm around her shoulders
and we limped off down the alley together.

I was glad to be able to help and protect her, and make sure she got to
safety, but at the same time I felt a terrible guilt. I knew this was all my
fault and that if I had gone to get help, instead of watching the entire
scene, then she would not have had to submit to the whole ordeal.

We made it to my car, a few blocks away, we must have shocked a few passers-
by but I really don't remember. I got her into the passenger seat and then
went around to the driver's side. I wanted to take her to the hospital and
to file a statement at the police station. They'd need to examine her and
I'd have to make a statement as well, since I'd seen the felon at close

Actually, I was getting increasingly worried as I drove away. Would the
police want to examine me as well? I wasn't sure what story to tell them. I
could repeat the line about having gone to look for help, but if they went
to the crime scene, they'd see that there was no way out of the alley. What
would happen if they found out I'd been there all along? Could they use some
kind of DNA evidence to find out what I'd been doing? Had someone been
watching the whole thing from a tenement window?

It was not until a couple of minutes later that I had an idea. We were
stopped at a red light, she was crying softly and I was absently stroking
her hair and wondering what to do. I thought about going round the block a
couple of times to give myself some time to decide. Then the idea just
popped into my head. It was an awful idea but compelling. I immediately
rejected it but it stuck in my head.

When the lights changed, I pulled into the left lane, ignoring a honking cab
driver, and accelerated off around the corner. "We'll go this way instead,"
I told her, "it's quicker." She didn't respond.

"Where are we going?" she asked dully after a few minutes.

"Somewhere safe, honey," I told her. "Er... we'll go to my house and get you
cleaned up. You can have some of my spare clothes. Here, take those dirty
things off."

She didn't move so I reached over to unbutton the top button of her shirt.
She reflexively batted my hand away, but started taking her own clothes off.
She dropped the blouse and jeans into the seatwell and sat in her bra and
knickers, arms and legs crossed and shivering slightly.

About five minutes later we were there. The back streets were pretty quiet
and I only had to stop once, to turn on the overhead light and check the
map. I pulled up to the kerb and reached past her to open the passenger
door. "OK, this is my house. Out you get," I told her.

"Wait! Let me get some clothes on?" She fluttered her hands helplessly at

"We'll get you some clean clothes in the house." I gave her a little push.
"Quickly, before someone sees you!" She turned and levered herself gingerly
out of the seat (leaving a little wet spot behind her) and stepped up onto
the sidewalk.

I quickly leant over and closed her door - then stepped on the gas and
pulled away from the kerb, fast enough to spin the wheels. Leaving her
standing alone on the sidewalk. In the worst neighbourhood in town. In the
middle of the night. In nothing but a skimpy little bra and panties...

I watched her in the rear vision mirror as I cruised away. She ran after me
for a few steps, then gave up. I could already see dark figures converging
on her, ambling towards her slowly, taking their time...


I drove for a few minutes, avoiding major streets, taking abrupt turns to
shake anyone who might be following me and once doubling back to make sure
no one was on my tail. Once I figured I'd got far enough from the scene, I
turned down a dim suburban street. I drove along for a couple of blocks,
checking that no one was around, and pulled over.

I was aware that I was far too drunk, shaky, and sex-high to drive. My left
knee wouldn't stop trembling. Besides I wanted to stop and think about what
I had just done to that poor woman. I felt tremendously guilty, but at the
same time totally excited. I had certainly sentenced her to another terrible
ordeal of rape. It would already be beginning. The first cocks would
probably be entering her now. My hand drifted down between my legs...

I rubbed myself through my skirt for a few seconds then slipped my hand
underneath, spreading my legs and slouching down into a more comfortable
position. Thinking about the forced penetrations I had witnessed (and all
but taken part in) and the sight of the cum squirting into her mouth and the
new fucking that she would now be receiving. I had gone past being ashamed
of myself. I still had no panties on so my fingers went straight into my
hot, squelching, swollen, throbbing cunt. I closed my eyes and tilted my
head back in ecstasy.

My masturbation was suddenly and rudely interrupted by the sound of a car
door opening. My door! I'd forgotten to lock it. There was cold night air
spilling across my bare legs. I opened my eyes to see a hand reach down and
take the keys from the ignition. I couldn't gather my thoughts in time to
stop it. I looked up and froze in shock. There was a tall man standing next
to the car, jingling my car keys in one hand.

I stared up at him. Dark eyes stared back from a hooded face, white teeth
suddenly gleamed. I wanted to pull my fingers out of my pussy and reach for
the horn but I couldn't move a muscle. Another man opened the passenger door
and started to climb into the front seat.

I realised that I had no escape and that they were going to do just what I
had always feared and wanted...


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