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Subject: {ASSM} [post-BSFSF] One Snowy Night in the "Red 5"
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[post-BSFSF] One Snowy Night in the "Red 5"

(c) 2004 FranzKafka79


Since it is a flash-stroke-story-festival I used the word stroke in
the story. All lines of the story have same lenght (67?), even this
note, therefore I eventually mixed up British and American English.
Also this story was not proof-read, but written down in short time.

[post-BSFSF] One Snowy Night in the "Red 5"

It was one of the first evenings in the new year, Jana went to work
in the "Red 5" bar. Since I was forced to take off old holiday next
day was no problem, so I decided to look after her. Don't drink and
drive, especially in this country! I walked through the heavy snow-
storm, 20 cm fell down within two hours. About eighty metres ahead,
a girl was walking the same way, wearing knee-high boots and a very
short mini-skirt. Could that be Radka? I wasn't sure 'cause I could
not see any hair. She wore a light windcheater with a hood. Now the
flakes fell more intensive and I lost her. I didn't loose my way to
the "Red 5" and about 5 minuts later I was there. I went in, sawing
Radka standing at the left end of the bar. Jana stood in the middle
and I went to her. She smiled at me and said "I knew that you would
come when I saw Radka arriving. To stroke your cock at home got you
annoyed, didn't it?" "I came for looking for you smiling to me, and
for some whiskey", I answered. "You came for fucking her!" Shit. "I
came for fucking you!", I insisted. "All you want is fuck us both!"

You can believe it or not, this story-series is no try to advertise
the "Red 5" bar, especially because I don't get a cut nor any other
advantage, i.e. free drinks, free condoms, free fucking, sucking or
hand-jobs, though I really would not ommit any of t

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