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   Big fat flakes, but falling fast. Quickly Molly pulled off her 
clothes, letting them drop along the way to the hall closet. 
Shirt, dungarees, panties, socks. Naked, she reached up to the 
top shelf for the folded up fluffy beach blanket. Dan loved the 
way her legs looked as she stretched. Her lovely little bottom! 
"What are you doing?" he called out.
   Molly didn't answer. Blanket bundled against her breasts, she 
walked quickly to the back door, and out, outside into the 
wilderness of snow-filled air. In the center of the backyard she 
spread the blanket of swirling orange suns and then she lay down 
on it, facing the falling snow, eyes open, hands at her sides, 
legs very slightly spread.
   The snowflakes which fell upon her skin burned gently at 
first. The snowflakes which fell into her hair added quiet white 
weight, and then took it away.
   From the upstairs window Dan watched in silent wonderment. 
Then he took the pictures.

by Mat Twassel

This is an example of a Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke story. A BSFS story is 18
lines or fewer including title and blank lines, and no line contains more than
70 characters, including spaces.

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